Android OpenGL-ES 2.0 ball animation

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The objective of this contest is to draw a ball trail animation in an Android OpenGL-ES 2.0 application.

An example of a trail effect that needs to be generated is shown in the video ball.mp4. The objective is to do the same with OpenGL-ES 2.0. The ball goes through a magic wall in the middle so there is an intentional discontinuity.

An Android application example is provided on which the green rectangles are drawn in OpenGL-ES 2.0 as well as the balls in yellow. See [login to view URL] and run the [login to view URL] on a recent Android device.

The contest consists to draw the balls with the trail in pure OpenGL-ES 2.0 using the provided Android application as a base.

The Android application example is composed of:

- [login to view URL], the whole eclipse project

- [login to view URL], the compiled version

- [login to view URL], a simple manifest

- [login to view URL], a text file with the locations at each frame of the green rectangles and the balls using the following format: rectangle_left_x, rectangle_left_y, ball_left_x, ball_left_y, rectangle_right_x, rectangle_right_y, ball_right_x, ball_right_y

- [login to view URL], the whole java / OpenGL ES 2.0 source code drawing the green rectangles as well as the balls. Read the code to better understand the application example.

Use of "complex" frameworks such as Unity is not acceptable. Ideally, the trail should be drawn from scratch in OpenGL ES 2.0. If you have in mind a framework that is open-source and can be integrated into an Android application, it will be considered. Please, provide details in your submission. Also, very important, only version 2.0 of OpenGL ES needs to be used. No other version will be accepted.

The ball trail should be "simple" and clean with a blending alpha effect. This is not a game, so no explosion or spark... It should be as smooth as possible.

To compete in this contest, you need to provide a screenshot of your modified Android application and a copy of your modified apk binaries.

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  • gregoiregentil
    Krijuesi i Konkursit
    • 3 vite më parë

    I encourage people who want to submit to read the source code of It's not that long. And you will understand what you are getting, aka. the balls positions. If the application doesn't run on your Android device, please let me know. It's a very simple application just leveraging OpenGL-ES 2.0.

    • 3 vite më parë
  • gregoiregentil
    Krijuesi i Konkursit
    • 3 vite më parë

    This animation is integrated in a large (very complex) framework so it needs to be in pure OpenGL-ES 2.0 or in something that can be compiled with java and C++ but at the bottom of the stack, leveraging only OpenGL-ES 2.0.

    • 3 vite më parë
  • gregoiregentil
    Krijuesi i Konkursit
    • 3 vite më parë

    @MichaelLee55 Note that we do provide the positions of the balls over time so there is no need to simulate gravity. You might want to interpolate through the ball positions using a Bezier curve or similar but you don't need simulate physical phenomenons. That part of the work is done elsewhere in our architecture.

    • 3 vite më parë
  • shubham2dawra
    • 3 vite më parë

    Hi i can make it in Cocos2dx or LIbGDX

    • 3 vite më parë
  • MichaelLee55
    • 3 vite më parë

    Please use the framework cocos2dx and box2d. It is very usefule to simulate physical phenomenons with OpenGL.

    • 3 vite më parë

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