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Logo Design Hello, I have team of network marketers involved in the Health and Wellness Industry. We have had a pretty generic logo for the last few years, and I'm ready for a re-brand. I need a new, exciting logo to make a statement. I have attached our current logo, which I do not love at all. I have attached a logo of the company we represent, if you'd like to tie that into the logo somehow. ... 798 Projektim 3D, Identitet Korporatash, Projektim Grafik, Shëndetësi, Projektim Logosh Nov 24, 2017 Sot17o 51m €168
I need a Logo for my Dental Photography Business I am a Dentist and I give dental photography courses, I need a Logo that I can use for most things I will do. Print, Social Media, Website. I need the logo and variations of the same design for different purposes. The logo should depict or reference my name possibly, and maybe dentistry and photography altogether, I understand that might be impossible or/and impractical so Im not set on stone on i... 220 Projektim Grafik Nov 24, 2017 Sot14o 37m €210
Build a Website I have a working website for my startup. It is It uses Bootstrap framework. It has its own set of CSS, JS files. I need a landing page for this website for my e-mail campaign. The mockup and a brief for the proposed landing page is attached. 8 Bootstrap, CSS, Projektim Grafik, HTML, Projektim Uebsajtesh Nov 24, 2017 Sot8o 54m €210
Content Writing Creative Sales Writing We are into real estate and I need impactful email content for below context. 1. First touch we send an email proposals after speaking to our enquiry/ leads. For this I need 1st email we send after understanding clients requirement and I need 2nd touch follow up email if the client isn’t responding and 3rd email content for a client who has seen some properties through us and then gone in... 0 Article Writing, Shkrim Materialesh, Copywriting, Shkrim anonim Nov 25, 2017 Sot14d 20o €25
Acrylic / flexiglass Projector screen rendering Need help in Photoshop image of projector screen from rigid plastic / acrylic / with a company logo on the lower part of the screen ( similar to you see on typical lcd monitors) I have attached on example of one borderless/frameless acrylic projector screen below. Our screen will have lower border to include logo preferably metal brush. I am attaching logo vector/image file . Freelancer can ... 0 Renderim në 3D , Ilustrim Nov 24, 2017 Sot6d 18o €13
Design a Website Mockup I need an interface that includes two images and a logo for my website. The website is focused in insurance. We are insurance sellers and we need to create new website based on Wordpress. The first image, and also the logo, should be created from a universe in background and the left hand will touch this backgroung. This image will have a phrase in the front. The hand must be crated representi... 0 Projektim Grafik, Projektim Logosh, Ndërfaqe përdoruesi / IA, Projektim Uebsajtesh Nov 24, 2017 Sot6d 16o €17
Design a new website - Bootstrap Please see our new landing page. [url u hoq, identifikohuni për t'a parë] See these sites for inspiration: [url u hoq, identifikohuni për t'a parë] [url u hoq, identifikohuni për t'a parë] We use the Primer theme from Godaddy here : [url u hoq, identifikohuni për t'a parë] I need to have the video on the landing page h... 0 Animacion në 3D, Renderim në 3D , Motion Graphics, Redaktim Videosh, Projektim Uebsajtesh Nov 24, 2017 Sot6d 16o €52
Design a Logo for Developer Belt Developer belt will gonna be the batman utilities belt for developers. It will be a web and mobile open source apps to be used by developers around the world. I'm looking for a nice logo, modern and extroverted, but please, it should not contain the batman sign as it would be a copyright infringement. It would be nice if you could attach the logo and a favicon from the logo. UPDATE: ... 12 Arte & Zeje, Projektim Grafik, Projektim Logosh, Photoshop, Projektim Uebsajtesh Nov 24, 2017 Sot9d 15o €42
NSFW Product looking to build a light-hearted video for re-launch Erosscia turns your electric toothbrush into a vibrator! After an unsuccessful initial launch 2 years ago, we went back to the drawing board and designed an elegant, sexy product… the Erosscia Allore. Our goal is not an “adult content” campaign, rather a video that is lighthearted and picks up on our competitive advantages. We think that the tone in the Poo-Pourri viral vide... 0 Krijim Reklamash, Animacion, Projektim Grafik, Prodhim Videosh, Shërbime video Nov 24, 2017 Sot6d 15o €838
I`m in need of an UX-designer I need a detailed wireframe for my website concept, I need it to very understandable for people who is not very talented with programming. 1 Axure, Projektim Grafik, Projektim i Eksperienës së Përdoruesit, Krijim Ndërfaqeje të Përdoruesit, Skeletë 'wireframe' Nov 24, 2017 Sot6d 9o €60
build a online store ************************READ ALL THE REQUIREMENTS FIRST********************************* BUDGET IS 270... BUT I WILL ADD BONUS FOR THE ACTUAL FULL DEVELOPMENT OF THE SITE*********** Dear Freelancers. I am looking to build my ONLINE STORE for my own COSMETIC products. The winner of this contest will automatically be invited to another two projects I have. READ ABOUT THE REQUIREMENTS: ... 6 Tregëti elektronike, Projektim Grafik, Parallax Scrolling, PHP, Projektim Uebsajtesh Nov 24, 2017 Sot27d 8o €235
Global Internet brand business idea Submit your business idea and business plan based on global internet brand. The main focus is this, I want to open a reputed famous global internet brand, so keep that in mind and submit idea and business plan based on that. 0 Plane biznesi, Sipërmarrje, Studim Tregu Nov 24, 2017 Sot6d 6o €8
Design Responsive frontend webpage | AngularJs | 30 pages Existing Website; [url u hoq, identifikohuni për t'a parë] Work;To design responsive web-designs with kickass user interface and user experience. 25 to 30 Pages. Revamping existing portal. [url u hoq, identifikohuni për t'a parë] SKILLS REQUIRED: • Fluency in HTML5/XHTML, CSS. • Strong knowledge of Image Editing Tools (Photoshop/Fi... 0 Angular.js, Projektim Grafik, HTML5, Ndërfaqe përdoruesi / IA, Projektim Uebsajtesh Nov 24, 2017 Sot29d 4o €8
Video on Selling Mutual funds in India We are a financial services portal selling mutual funds and insurance in India. The video with audio has to be in a animation format in English and Hindi. The designer needs to be well versed with the way mutual fund selling happens in India. To identify the needs of the customer based on the age and risk profile of the customer and suggest mutual fund investments. The idea is to communicate the i... 0 Animacion, Shërbime video Nov 24, 2017 Sot4d 2o €8
Design a simple UI for a mobile horror game Indie game developer building a point 'n click adventure puzzler for mobile platforms. Game has a mature/horror theme; frequent use of blood, dilapidated rooms/buildings, general sense of dread. Menu Stuff: Need a pause button, a button that displays a tool that assists players with some puzzles in the game, an icon to represent player's hand is empty, a button where players go to v... 1 Projektim lojrash, Projektim Grafik, Projektim Ikonash Nov 23, 2017 Nov 23, 20178d 16o €84
Design a logo design a logo 87 Projektim Grafik, Projektim Logosh Nov 19, 2017 Nov 19, 201724d 6o €8
Design a Website layout -- 2 I want to make to design pages for a wedding site. For wedding cars and decoration. I have already make a start, see the attachment. I want an improvement of the example. Step 1: the menu above (the header) see the pictures/ images of the menu in the attachment. Step 2: other creative ideas I want to make the changes inside this original psd below: For more information see this link below:... 41 Projektim Grafik, Fotografi, Photoshop, Ndërfaqe përdoruesi / IA, Projektim Uebsajtesh Nov 18, 2017 Nov 18, 201723d 1o €419
Wedding & Events Planner Logo Design I need a graphic update of my own logo, used to promote my activity of wedding and events planner. The logo "Simona Chiavaccini" has to be revamped, adaptable for digital and off-line implementation (website, window stickers, flyers, depliant, vcard, etc). The logo proposal has to be developed in positive and negative format (black/white), gold and sage-green. The logo has to be origin... 351 Adobe Illustrator, Projektim artistik, Projektim Grafik, Projektim Logosh, Photoshop Nov 17, 2017 Nov 17, 201712d €199
Animacion, Prodhim Videosh, Shërbime video Nov 14, 2017 Nov 14, 201710d 6o
Do some 3D Modelling for my home i am attaching my home drawing in DWG format. i like to see a front face and inside walk through in 3d. for some ideas i am also giving an reference house link [url u hoq, identifikohuni për t'a parë] [url u hoq, identifikohuni për t'a parë] face is samilar colour and design you are more then welcome to through your ideas in the pattern. i am happy with th... 3 Animacion në 3D, Modelim në 3D, Renderim në 3D May 30, 2017 May 30, 20176d 19o €83
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