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Krijimi i një konkursi në ju lejon të shihni qindra ide unike dhe të paguani vetëm për atë që ju pëlqen më shumë. Ne mundësojmë lidhjen me mbi 27.3 milionë profesionistë freelancer që janë të aftë në fusha të tilla si Projektim Logosh, Kartëvizita, Projektim Grafik, Projektim Uebsajtesh, Projektim Kartëvizitash, stilim për Facebook dhe për rrjetet sociale e shumë të tjera. Nuk ka nevojë që ju të bëni reklama apo të ofroni ambjentin e ​​punës, thjesht postoni një konkurs dhe ne ju sigurojmë zgjidhjet më të mira.

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Illustrate/draw the HERO section of a marketplace. I need someone to create a beautiful image/drawing that will appear in background in the HERO section (the first thing people see) of our marketplace . The size should be : minimum width : 1600px . minimum height: 1200px . aspect ratio: 4:3. You should create a 2nd image, exactly the same as the first, just with the slogan added and description added (you can see here : [url u hoq, identifiko... 2 Karikatura & Filma vizatimorë, Projektim Grafik, Ilustrim, Photoshop Feb 19, 2018 Sot21o 27m €81
Professional Powerpoint Pitch 5 slides for a pitch 1 of the slides (slide 2) will require a rich 'strategy map' type graphic - sourcing images to build. Consistency of template, layout, font, anchoring icons throughout. Content and draft slides will be provided with some sketches. Will only consider entries that show 1. evidence of design/graphic rich professional .ppt please 2. that confirm they can deliver by e... 9 Projektim Grafik, Illustrator, Projektim Logosh, Photoshop, Powerpoint Feb 19, 2018 Sot20o 18m €609
A2 poster and flyer advert design Hi there, I'm looking for a roadside A2 poster design and an A6 flyer design introducing central London's newest 24/7 alcohol (and extras) delivery service. The advert is to encourage the user to visit the site '[url u hoq, identifikohuni për t'a parë]' or download the IOS/Android app. The message must be clear. We are London's Fastest and most pocket frie... 18 Krijim Reklamash Feb 19, 2018 Sot19o 37m €73
Personnalised Mothers day wrapping paper I need to create a design for a mothers day wrapping paper which need to include the 2 pictures attached and a dedicated space where we can write "Lots of Love from Alex and Alicia". There are website doing these kind of papers for example [url u hoq, identifikohuni për t'a parë] or [url u hoq, identifikohuni për t'a parë] I need to be able to amend the tex... 17 Projektim Grafik Feb 19, 2018 Sot16o 52m €16
Krijim Reklamash, Projektim Pamfletesh, Projektim Grafik Feb 18, 2018 Sot3o 22m
Creation of visuals - Trophies I want to create visuals of trophies which evolve according to the level for a game. There are 9 themes of trophies and 5 categories by themes Themes of trophies : - Master of cards (cards you have shared) - Explorers (maps you have created) - Traveler connected (cards I downloaded) - Cultural Ambassador (my maps that have been uploaded) - Olympic runner (kilometers traveled) - Paparaz... 0 Projektim artistik, Projektim lojrash, Ilustrim, Illustrator, Botë virtuale Feb 19, 2018 Sot6d 23o €49
Identitet Korporatash, Projektim Grafik, Projektim Ikonash, Projektim Logosh, Projektim Uebsajtesh Feb 19, 2018 Sot30d
DESIGN 10 PORN GIFS ANIMATED 300X250 PIXEL BANNERS We have an escort site, so we are going to use 10 designs, for different banners we usue for advertisement in [url u hoq, identifikohuni për t'a parë] here in the attached files, you can see the designs we are using now. the gifs must have 300x250 and a maximum 512,000 bytes 0 Projektim Banderolash, Projektim Grafik Feb 19, 2018 Sot7d 22o €81
Design a Flyer in English I have recently opened a German office for my social media business, and need some flyers designed. I need eye catching design, which explain CLEARLY what we do, how we do it, the price and contact details. I would like some of the images from our instagram account [url u hoq, identifikohuni për t'a parë] and also one of our customers [url u hoq, identifikohuni për t'a p... 0 Projektim Broshurash, Projektim Pamfletesh, Projektim Grafik, Projektim Logosh, Photoshop Feb 19, 2018 Sot6d 22o €56
Looking for food lable design focused on the user experience not on marketing We are developing a product line of products like beans, grains, seeds and spices. All are simple not processed food and in order to make it easy to use for the customer we develope a system that provides easy to understand information how these foods can be combined. We use icons and colors. The system is already developed but I am looking for nice design. If you have UX design expereince on labl... 0 Projektim Broshurash, Identitet Korporatash, Material mbështjelljeje & Paketime, Projektim Grafik Feb 19, 2018 Sot9d 22o €81
ebook design voor egg hatch guide Hey Guys, I would like your help with a new style for my e-book that informs people about the hatching of chicken eggs (hatching guide). I need a few things: • Cover for e-book • Mockup for ebook for promotion use (a least two nice versions) • Layout for inside the e-book (theme for Microsoft word) I want to up-date the current e-book to give it a modern look. I don&rsquo... 0 Libra elektronikë, Illustrator, Skicim në Photoshop, Word Feb 19, 2018 Sot6d 21o €50
Thanks :):):):):):):):) Burley Brothers - Outdoor supply co 1 Projektim Grafik Feb 19, 2018 Sot6d 21o €12
LOGO RE-DESIGN Logo changes: Mostly Gold with silver trim Ferris wheel: larger balls in silver, 6 spokes in silver Pyramid: silver between lines Building: silver where windows are (not all windows) Statue of liberty: silver torch Larger star Silver globe inside star Silver lettering (Worldstar and Hosting) VIP in Gold Silver stars in background Logo placement: centered, sized from border to ... 0 Projektim Grafik Feb 19, 2018 Sot2d 18o €24
logo for new company company name: Toy4u company work: Boat repair, Boat build, Boat transport company motto: we build, repair and transport boats for you 70 Projektim Grafik, Projektim Logosh Feb 19, 2018 Sot6d 13o €16
Build or customize a plugin for WooCommerce Hello We need a job done on our website that creates a front end functionality similar to Zappos. You can see what we need on this page - [url u hoq, identifikohuni për t'a parë] Basically, their review system is advanced in that customers can enter in additional data about the product, and then that information shows up beneath the product image (see attached screenshot) This ... 0 HTML, Javascript, PHP, WooCommerce, WordPress Feb 18, 2018 Sot19d 12o €31
Help our niece by creating an app for us! We are a company that usually works with Cardiac Arrest patients, but we have recently received the tragic news that a close family member is suffering from a terminal disease. Our little niece is struggling with writing down details about her diet and toilet visits. We would love to create an App that does this in a much easier way for her. And then we want her to be able to send the statistics t... 0 Mac OS Feb 18, 2018 Sot6d 6o €200
Nous recherchons un développeur pour créer/améliorer des sites internet Bonjour, notre société recherche un partenaire développeur spécialiste/expert Wordpress pour réaliser des sites professionnels et soignés avec chargement rapide, dynamique, en phase avec les standards actuels et compatible avec tous supports ordinateurs, tablettes et tous types de mobiles/smartphones. En outre, les sites devront être optimis&eacu... 0 Projektim Grafik, HTML, PHP, Projektim Uebsajtesh Feb 18, 2018 Sot6d 2o €10
New Podcast Logo for Interview Show We need a new logo for a new podcast and we want YOU to design it. Please make sure it comports to standards for a podcast logo (minimum 1400 × 1,400 pixels, maximum 3,000 × 3,000 / RGB color space / JPG, JPEG, or a PNG / Under 500kb). We will also need the vector files. "Jaw-Jaw" will be a new interview series focused on geopolitics, diplomacy, and war. The title comes f... 69 Projektim Grafik, Illustrator, Projektim Logosh, Photoshop Feb 18, 2018 Feb 18, 20185d 23o €153
create a motivational animation video the video should be upto 3 to 5 minutes.I Need Motivational White Board Animation Videos to be created with background Voice for my Youtube [url u hoq, identifikohuni për t'a parë] Videos Should Be Easily Understandable. Don't DeliverCopied or Downloaded Videos . sample: How To Become Rich [url u hoq, identifikohuni për t'a parë] Self Discipline : [url u hoq... 0 After Effects, Animacion, Redaktim Videosh, Prodhim Videosh, Shërbime video Feb 16, 2018 Feb 16, 20187d 12o €8
3D Modeling Land, Air, Sea forces for 3D printer board game I'm looking for a cool new design, futuristic, but low poly set of pieces for a board-game. Unique design is more important than huge polys. Make it a hi--tech and sci-fi design. Sample pic is from [url u hoq, identifikohuni për t'a parë] The winner not only wins the money for the contest, but is likely to be the primary choice for continuing the project, if the winner so... 3 Modelim në 3D, Printim 3D, Renderim në 3D , Projektim lojrash Feb 15, 2018 Feb 15, 201824d 4o €61
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