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Krijimi i një konkursi në ju lejon të shihni qindra ide unike dhe të paguani vetëm për atë që dëshironi. Ne mundësojmë lidhjen me më shumë se 28.0 milionë profesionistë të pavarur që janë të aftë në fusha të tilla si Logo Design, Graphic Design, Website Design, Business Card Design, Facebook & social media branding dhe shumë më tepër. Nuk ka nevojë që ju të bëni reklama të punës apo të ofroni ambjentin e ​​punës, thjesht postoni një konkurs dhe ne ju sigurojmë zgjidhjet më të mira.

Fillimi është i thjeshtë! Pasi tё jetё postuar konkursi, ju mund tё shihni punimet qё dёrgojnё profesionistёt freelancer, t'i vlerёsoni ato, dhe nё fund tё konkursit tё zgjidhni fituesin.

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Projektim në 3D, AutoCAD, Arkitekturë Ndërtesash, Dekorim shtëpish Apr 20, 2018 Sot21o 54m
Create Branding for my Shopify Store Hi All, I will be creating a Shopify Store for the summer season coming up and will be needing branding for the whole site. My company's name is mySunSoaked! What I need is... - Logo - Favicon/Icon - Banner Please remember to use summer colors when designing a brand. 78 Projektim Banderolash, Projektim Grafik, HTML, Projektim Logosh, Projektim Uebsajtesh Apr 20, 2018 Sot21o 53m €69
Projektim Grafik, Projektim Logosh Apr 19, 2018 Sot4o 49m
Design a Logo: "The Perfect Week" I need a graphic designer who can help me with ongoing design. I want someone easy to get design work done 0 Projektim Grafik, Projektim Logosh, Photoshop Apr 20, 2018 Sot4d 23o €32
Screen recorded with visual studio I would like a basic screen capture software with a couple of settings. please use visual studio .net with c# 0 .NET, Programim në gjuhën C# Apr 20, 2018 Sot2d 23o €11
"Best" full time designer to help me make PDF forms and tools I need a full time resource to help me design and build out all of my PDFs. 0 Projektim Grafik, PDF, Photoshop Apr 20, 2018 Sot4d 23o €32
Create a Logo Intro and sting We are church in need of a nice Logo intro and transition sting made for our video content we are starting to create. Attached are logo files of different sizes 0 After Effects, Animacion, Transmetim video, Shërbime video, Videografi Apr 20, 2018 Sot6d 23o €155
Bitcoin 100$ needed. I ll pay here 200$ in advance for them . Its urgent matter ! If you have the needed amount of 100$ exactly 0.012btc let me know so i can provide my offer how to proceed . Thanks ! 0 Bitcoin, Marketing Interneti, Magento, Photoshop, Projektim Uebsajtesh Apr 20, 2018 Sot2d 23o €81
Need Data Visuals on Tableau Software I have a raw excel file containing information obtained from a survey distributed to a sample population. I would like to have this data display visually on Tableau to show any relationships, correlations, or other significant details particularly focused on the demographics of the sample population. I need the Tableau file by 7 pm PST today. 0 Inteligjencë Biznesi, Data Analytics, Excel, Tableau Apr 20, 2018 Sot2d 23o €16
stove offer leaflet Hello, I require a 2 sided leaflet or 1 sides if you can get everything on the front page. I have attached a leaflet I would like it to be similar too but not identical. I have also attached all details required and also my logos. if you require anything else please let me know. If you could keep to the same colours as the company logo that would be great. Leaflet size - A5 high resolution Lay... 0 Krijim Reklamash, Projektim Broshurash, Projektim Pamfletesh, Illustrator, Photoshop Apr 20, 2018 Sot6d 23o €34
Poster and flyer designing I need to design Poster, flyer and fb event cover photo for my upcoming clothing Exhibition. Below are the details, logo and some pictures to include in the poster/flyer. I am also attaching flyers from previous years as a sample. You can use All, one ,two or non of the photos. we just want attractive design. I need to add both logos to the design. below is the information to added to the flye... 0 Projektim Grafik Apr 20, 2018 Sot2d 22o €9
Easy Money - BEST Video Subtitles We need you to add subtitles to 11 videos we have. We have the videos and the scripts for the videos here [url u hoq, identifikohuni për t'a parë] That link is an index with the file link. Click the links and download the files. Things to do: 1. Add the subtitle text from the script into the video. Match it with the video actions. 2. Remove the music and add soothing backgro... 0 Redaktim Videosh, Prodhim Videosh, Shërbime video, Ngarkim videoje, Writing Apr 20, 2018 Sot13d 22o €8
AdWords displayads (small job) I need to make new AdWords Display ads. I have two main groups "Polterabend" and "Firmaevent". I would like to implement my logo in the ad, and some background pictures. The ad have to give the consumer the idea of sun and summer. Ads are made for remarketing. Check my webpage for ideas/theme: [url u hoq, identifikohuni për t'a parë] 1 Projektim Grafik Apr 20, 2018 Sot6d 22o €65
Photoshop My Baby Picture Existing Album Art I am requesting an image in the same 1000x1000 pixel size as the album art image while using the face from the "New Baby [url u hoq, identifikohuni për t'a parë]" image to make it look like a white baby from a personal picture. I am looking for the following requirements to be achieved: 1. Use "New Baby [url u hoq, identifikohuni për t'a parë]" ... 2 Projektim Grafik, Ilustrim, Photoshop Apr 20, 2018 Sot4d 22o €33
Create a good products marketing video. Designing a good video related to my new products.(Mattress) Information can be discussed. Smoothing video with nice music is plus point. Video must be attractive and have the effort of calling for action. 0 Diagrama informative, Përpunim fotografish, Skicim në Photoshop, Shërbime video Apr 20, 2018 Sot6d 22o €12
Youtube Logo I am looking for someone that can design my YouTube logo and YouTube Intro and outro.. I would like my YouTube name L.M.3 (Likemask3) to be designed. My main colours are black and yellow however I am down for any other matching designs. The name came from me liking masks if that helps :). My channel is a gaming channel. Thanks 0 Projektim Grafik, Projektim Logosh, Ngarkim videoje Apr 20, 2018 Sot6d 21o €34
Help with PostgresSQL- Version 2.1 / pgAdmin Version 4 Help to set up in pgAdmin DB and import data into them. Create “Columns” in tables without entering manually with a SQL. Simple SQL graphical interface help as not used before. 0 PostgreSQL Apr 20, 2018 Sot6d 21o €33
Graphic Design for a Trade Show Booth -- 2018 Our company, [url u hoq, identifikohuni për t'a parë], needs graphic design for a trade show booth. We need 2 graphics - the main graphic (for the big piece) and a small graphic (for the small piece). This is the display we have purchased: [url u hoq, identifikohuni për t'a parë] We just need to change the graphics from the ones we used last year as we hav... 0 Projektim Banderolash, Projektim Grafik Apr 20, 2018 Sot6d 20o €81
3 Comic Book Covers Design three comic book covers using pre-existing artwork, generating an appropriate font for title, mocking up a company logo and filling in any unused space in a creative way. Work with client revising under a tight deadline. 0 Apr 20, 2018 Sot3d 20o €147
Criar folheto comercial para produto PBO Criar folheto comercial utilizando as informações do arquivo em anexo "Informaçõ[url u hoq, identifikohuni për t'a parë]". Utilizar imagens, vetores e fotos que estão anexadas. 0 Projektim Broshurash, Projektim Pamfletesh, Projektim Grafik, Illustrator, Photoshop Apr 20, 2018 Sot4d 17o €72
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