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Professional invoice template for watch company I would like a professional invoice template for a watch company, I have added the company logo and all the company information that I would like on the invoice. # I will also need a table with model code, qty, sub total and total on the invoice layout. PDF format many thanks Ryan 0 Projektim Broshurash, Projektim Grafik, HTML, Photoshop, Projektim Uebsajtesh Jun 19, 2018 Sot23o 5m €102
Projektim Grafik, Ilustrim, Illustrator, Projektim Logosh, Photoshop Jun 19, 2018 Sot22o 12m
Design a Powerpoint template Business pitch! Power point templete in dark blue and light grey and white colors we are a company that is focusing on housing for International master and MBA students. the name of the company is Nou-BCN 6 Projektim Grafik, Powerpoint, Prezantime Jun 19, 2018 Sot21o 31m €9
Change existing PowerPoint slides to 1920x1080 I need this power point deck to be converted from the existing size to 1920x1080 so that all the images and text are the correct size and aren't distorted. This slide deck will be used in a HD 1920x1080 video so that's why it needs to be the correct screen ratio and elements in their correct ratio. Note: There is a corrected slide three ppt file as well. Please substitute the new o... 19 Projektim Grafik, Powerpoint, Prezantime Jun 19, 2018 Sot19o 49m €43
Build a Similiar Website [identifikohuni për të parë adresën URL] We would like a similiar website to attach on our website . [identifikohuni për të parë adresën URL] . This is to offer our in house professionals ( DJ Photographer Photobooth Videographer ) for the events that we have at our location. ******If the website can be done in Adobe Muse it would put you on top ... 9 Projektim Grafik, HTML, PHP, Projektim Uebsajtesh, WordPress Jun 19, 2018 Sot16o 46m €86
Create a Logo Haggle is a currency conversion application on iphone and android. The app is designed for travellers and business travellers. The name of the app is "Haggle". We are looking for a logo for the app and design for the homepage. Characteristics: We want it to be simple, clean. Features: It is innovative, safe and reliable 853 Android, Projektim Grafik, iPhone, Projektim Logosh, Mobile App Development Jun 19, 2018 Sot11o 20m €88
Create a WordPress Template Hi, I have a legal and licensed cannabis client who needs to expand the web presence, mainly delivery. The contest is for 2 designs. One for a desktop browser and one for a mobile iphone version. These should be done in photo shop, and be of very very high quality. The Website platform is WordPress and will use WooCommerce as the store front so all designs should be desgined to work wi... 21 Projektim Grafik, HTML, Photoshop, Nga PSD në HTML, WordPress Jun 18, 2018 Sot7o 56m €173
Rap Poker game cover art Looking for an illustration from the perspective of a card player. sitting across from him at the table are the likenesses of Drake, Jay Z, J Cole, and Kanye. Not their whole entire face but just kind of the lower half of their [identifikohuni për të parë adresën URL] should be able to tell who they are. The rest is in the shadows. They have already played their cards and ... 18 Projektim Grafik Jun 18, 2018 Sot3o 46m €56
Logo Design Company Overview: This site will act as a sub-project/brand of our parent site [identifikohuni për të parë adresën URL] which sells a complete real estate investing system that walks you through every step of flipping a home while at the same time providing the capital in which to do so. The focus with Do Hard Money is on funding while we would like to shift gears and have ... 0 Projektim në 3D, Projektim Grafik, Projektim Logosh, Photoshop Jun 19, 2018 Sot6d 23o €86
Brand Redesign Ideas We've got a few different designers looking at this project right now. We're a national fraternity that has continually defied typical fraternity stereotypes – allowing members regardless of race, religion, creed, sexual orientation, and banning the pledging/hazing process that fraternities are known for. Most recently, we passed legislation for all our fraternity houses to be 100%... 0 Projektim Grafik, Projektim Logosh, Bluza Jun 19, 2018 Sot6d 23o €9
I need some Graphic Design Looking to update our logo. It should say Remember the Time Photo Booth We are attaching our current logo, but we want it to reflect all of our products, not just our mirror. We are also attaching our other photo booths. 0 Projektim Grafik, Projektim Logosh Jun 19, 2018 Sot6d 23o €35
I need some Graphic Design Please see attached This label is going to be printed and pasted on to medicine bottles. Please use the format attached and make a new design using the art work on attachment #1. 0 Projektim Grafik Jun 19, 2018 Sot6d 23o €9
Funny poster with drawing/illustration I need a poster design. If a succes i might need alot of thoose. Here are the facts: White background Black text Choose the font you like 50x70cm 300 dpi AI or psd file The poster should be build like this. TEXT: At lukke vand ud af ørerne Then The graphic should be a drawing/illustration of a boy with wather poring out his ears. (should be funny expression or etc.) A... 0 Adobe Illustrator, Drawing, Projektim Grafik, Ilustrim, Illustrator Jun 19, 2018 Sot4d 23o €43
Graystone Hills Flyer I need a flyer designed. The target audience is going to be Real Estate agents. It needs to include: pictures that have been attached. Text that has been attached Text of the website [identifikohuni për të parë adresën URL] Logo Will need the artwork files in Adobe illustrator or PS as well as PDF with full bleeds ready for printing. 0 Krijim Reklamash, Projektim Grafik, Photoshop Jun 19, 2018 Sot4d 23o €130
LOGO design I need a simple, creative, memorable, enduring, versatile, appropriate logo for my venture -Name Bombay kitchen -Industry details Bombay kitchen is a restaurant, food delivery, catering business for last 5 years, with our main motto is to give superior quality food, reasonable price, we are maintaining both Indian and Chinese menu. COLOR choice give the best color which suitable for this type of ... 0 Kartëvizita, Projektim Grafik, Illustrator, Projektim Logosh, Photoshop Jun 19, 2018 Sot2d 23o €12
Tshirt TypoGraphics Require 5 typographic designs to be printed on t shirts based on the theme "believe in yourself" Must be eye catchy designs. 0 Projektim Grafik, Projektim Logosh, Photoshop, Skicim në Photoshop, Bluza Jun 19, 2018 Sot9d 23o €19
Make a Mobile game ad video Hello, I have recently developed a new game called Guess The Population. The game is now currently on google play and will be on App store within few days. I would like to promote my game to get it popular. Basically what I need from you is to create short (30 sec) video ad that would be on instagram/ Facebook. The video should be dynamic and should have an epic music in it. There should be... 0 Adobe Premiere Pro, Redaktim Videosh Jun 19, 2018 Sot6d 23o €20
The Innkeepers Wife Illistration I need an illustration for a musical play. Called "The Innkeepers Wife".... I have attached a picture that has the innkeeper, but I need it highlighting the Innkeepers WIFE more.... 0 Karikatura & Filma vizatimorë, Projektim Grafik, Ilustrim, Illustrator, Photoshop Jun 19, 2018 Sot2d 22o €173
voice over for a presentation we have a video presentation where we will need a voice over for the video. the voice over will consist of reading the text in the presentation so that the viewer will not have to read the information in the video, the voice over will do that for them aligned with the visuals 0 Prodhim Audio, Shërbime Audio, Muzikë, Shërbime video, Zёra tё talentuar Jun 19, 2018 Sot6d 21o €9
Data Compiling Hello, We require a list of full contact details (genders/salutations, names, positions, tel number, e-mail address, city, country) of Learning & Development (L&D) Directors, Managers and Officers for a list of top Banks, Insurance companies and other large businesses, in Europe, the Middle-East, Asia and North America. Lists of targeted companies will be supplied to you for all the coun... 0 Regjistrim të dhënash, Data Extraction, Nxjerrje të Dhënash, Përpunim të Dhënash, Excel Jun 19, 2018 Sot6d 20o €56
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