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    me interesan programadores de golang arduino php mysql node.js c++

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    ESP32 Deep Sleep Wake Stubs 6 ditë left

    Code need to work on Arduino IDE with espressif/arduino-esp32 1.0.6 I need to detect a very fast pulse end moment (10-15ms lenght) but since ESP32 takes +200ms to start up, it's must be done from wake stubs 1. Esp32 it's in deep sleep or hibernation mode 2. HIGH pulse interrupt and wake up 3. Wake stub looking for LOW/Falling 4. Wake stub detect LOW/Falling , take the time into variable and wake up as normal 5. Normal operation, print how many microseconds elapesed from LOW time Note: Your stub code must be boot up in less 10ms, otherwise it will not be able to capture the moment from HIGH to LOW Use what ever gpio number for interrupt (DEVKIT-C) Image included for better understanding

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    Hello there! I need someone to help me with a Nextion+Arduino project that I am working on. What I want you to do is to check the files that I have already made using Nextion Editor and Arduino to talk to each other. I'd like you to check them, improve them in terms of looks, operation and help me with what's undone. Basic idea is we have a display and Arduino and we want them to talk to each other all time and make the changes on Arduino side, I also have an I2C based battery fuel gauge IC so I'd like you to help me to track it's SOC as well. If you are someone who has worked with Nextion Displays and can do this, kindly bid. I'd prefer it if you have the display at your end and can test the firmware on Arduino and test the HM...

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    Project for ESP32 6 ditë left

    ...the Wifi has been set, the board shall remain connected to the chosen wifi network, and if the connection is lost, it should be able to try connecting again at regular intervals until the connection is restored - If, for some reason, the board freezes or goes idle, it has to be able to reset by itself, looking again for the connection Additional conditions: - The code must be uploaded using the Arduino IDE - Provide in advance the list of necessary libraries (if any) - The code must open the possibility to develop the code further using sensors and making HTTP calls over the internet. - indicate if buttons must be introduced in the project (and how many) to reset or access the wifi configuration page (if necessary - better if it can be avoided). Please ask questions if you want...

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    ipk: We are in the final stage of development and there are few issues which are required to be resolved, for this we are looking for a python developer who had prior experience working in IoT, lora and mqtt service, Problem Statement 1- We are able to send the command by manually pressing button from...device in aws and then it will be sent to the device and that schedule will be saved to run everyday until any change made in those times lots in the application, Action point :- Schedule the execution of function on daily basis, while getting time slots from app once and — function should run everyday until there is change from the app, 2- Integration of physical buttons with either with Arduino or rugged board, which will execute a function when a button is pressed...

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    Program an arduino mega on a simple application, 2 start buttons and activate 2 valves with a timer.

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    programmation of ESP 32 -- 3 5 ditë left

    we need to to generate a firmware wifi / bluetooth /cloud services for mobile APP. The firmware has to be indipendent from Arduino applications . Free rtos . Eclipse

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    programmation of ESP 32 -- 2 4 ditë left

    we need to to generate a firmware wifi / bluetooth /cloud services for mobile APP. The firmware has to be indipendent from Arduino applications . Free rtos . Eclipse

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    A closed path is to be followed. For example, A White, Paint filled Shape :: Square , Rectangle or a Circle drawn on floor. All captured Images are to be stitched simultaneously to form a shape of path traced. Simple GUI with start , stop and a 2 picture boxes to display live Image and real time stitched Image of path . Any practical issues at the time of trials must be supported through Any desk or Team Viewer. Stitched Image to zoom in or out depending on number of pictures snapped. Any doubts, Please ask before bidding!!

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    I have a sketch which I would like adapted to work with a new LCD Keypad Screen. Please note, new buttons on screen keypad has an additional button (select) which I would like to now use. //Screen//

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    arduino CNC help 3 ditë left

    Hi i need help with a GRBL CNC and programming the arduino i cant seem to figure it out.

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    I have a arduino mega code for a fingerprint based voting system , I need to interface the arduino with wifi module ESP01 and send the fingerprint data over wifi to a thingspeak channel. I need help with the ESP01 and thingspeak part.

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    I need a very simple 3D CAD design for 3D-printing a component for an Arduino-based project.

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    the project involves writing code to store and send lat & lng data via MQTT

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    Requirement for Arduino expert 2 ditë left

    Our project is contactless dustbin(AM Dustbin Product) which works on Ardino.

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    I made an ESP32 receiver-webserver program (ESP-now protocol in Arduino IDE) but what is missing from my code is the following: I want when we make a refresh on the receiver's webpage the data to be preserved (imagine that 10 senders for example send each of them just a string as their own id for being recognized by the receiver and a char message like "free" or "duty" which make the corresponding region-square for the particular sender green (free) or red (duty) on receiver's webpage. What now happens is: If I refresh the page all the squares start from green. I thought as a solution: the senders to send every for example 30sec the last message that they have sent but that means the senders all the time are awaken up (via timer) so as to send again the...

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    Looking to set up a DC motor speed control with a 128 X 32 OLED 0 - 100% bar graph using a rotary encoder switch. Arduino Beetle (Leonardo) Rotary switch encoder; Push ON/OFF, rotate clockwise ti increase speed (counterclockwise to decrease). 3 inputs. OLED, 128X32, SDL/SDA 2 outputs. LED, Green, 1 output, HIGH when on. Mosfet, NPN, 1 output. If you have any questions please let me know...

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    Looking to set up a DC motor speed control with a 138 X 32 OLED 0 - 100% bar graph using a rotary encoder switch. Arduino Beetle (Leonardo) Rotary switch encoder; Push ON/OFF, rotate clockwise ti increase speed (counterclockwise to decrease). 4 inputs. OLED, 138X32, SDL/SDA 4 outputs. LED, Green, 2 output, HIGH when on...

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    Looking to set up a DC motor speed control with a 128 X 32 OLED 0 - 100% bar graph using a rotary encoder switch. Arduino Beetle (Leonardo) Rotary switch encoder; Push ON/OFF, rotate clockwise ti increase speed (counterclockwise to decrease). 3 inputs. OLED, 128X32, SDL/SDA 2 outputs. LED, Green, 1 output, HIGH when on.

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    Necesito programar el Nodemcu esp8266 Arduino para que envíe a través de wifi las pulsaciones de 2 botones distintos a una base datos instalado en mi Nas Synology. Y otro de botón de reset para poner los contadores de las pulsaciones a 0. Debe de disponer de un pin que cuando llegue corriente indique que el aparato entre encendido. En la base de datos deben figurar Id. Fecha y hora del conteo de los botones, en número de veces pulsados los botones y fecha y hora de encendido y/o apagado

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    ...The rich cpu is ATSAMD21G18, 32-Bit ARM® Cortex® M0 + used on the Arduino Zero or Arduino MKR zero board. The development environment is Arduino IDE. The SD card is up to 32GB and includes the library #include <SD.h> Fat32 Audio input can be selected from depending on the setting of a GPIO pin (A3): LOW = A0 analog input, 12Bit sampling HIGH = stereo or mono I2S input from digital microphone sampling up to 44Mhz 16 bit Start audio recording from Gpio (4) Pull up low and stop from Gpo (4) High. Audio file format: .wav Incremental filename RTC timestamp date: the time is acquired from the RTC timestamp and the file takes the mone from the actual recording time. Required: release of .ino source code for Arduino ide development environment and rela...

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    Hello ,we have to make automatic load controller and sharing system project with the help of ardiuno programming. Automatic load controller and sharing system demo video link - In this video you will see the project and same programming we will required for over project those how will make this type of programming in arduino dm fast.

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    ...actuator. The motor should stop and steering centred when joystick released. It should have a 6mm sprocket with 11 teeth and be brushless I would need a battery level indicator and charging point. Key to turn on/off A kill switch on remote controller and top of train to stop all functions. You should provide simple instructions/drawings on how to connect the parts. From my research I believe an arduino would be used and would need to be programmed. I would need support to do this. Your part of the project is to identify parts and how they connect to work. I would like advice on which motor to buy and comparison prices it needs to brake. The instructions/communication should be in good English. I would not allow access to my computer. I would carry out the work in my spare tim...

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    Writing a Critical Review 6 orё left

    ...two sources, as well as reflections on similarities and differences between them, and it must follow the correct format. Please read the following two research papers and use them as a guide to writing a report critically evaluating them: • Laštovička-Medin, Gordana. (2020) Visualizing “Coronavirus”: Engaging with Invisible Threats through Prototyping Air Pollution Demonstration Tool with Arduino Paper presented at the 9th Mediterranean Conference on Embedded Computing (MECO), Budva, Montenegro, 2020, pp. 1-5. • Tervoort, Tom, de Oliveira, Marcela Tuler, Pieters, Wolter, van Gelder, Pieter, Olabarriaga, Silvia Delgado, Marquering, Henk. (2020) Solutions for Mitigating Cybersecurity Risks Caused by Legacy Software in Medical Devices: A Scoping Rev...

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    Hi there , I have gone through the detail and and after discussing , I believe I am quite capable of doing this job within the time frame in the budget mention . I hope you will find me helpful for this project and for your similar project in future

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    Arduino programming Ka përfunduar left

    Hi i'm looking for help for my next project. I´m working on a "board game" that work with 3 electronic dice. I see a similar project in arduino webpage ( ) but i need to connect to a smartphone and a special reader. Also, i need to add a lipo battery and wireless charger.

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    Relay optocoupler arduino Ka përfunduar left

    I am having problems with my relay modules when a load is connected the relay does random things, when there is no load the relay behave correctly, I am using the optocoupler as well

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    Help me "translate" this library: from Arduino Due to ESP32 I have few Tesla batteries with the integrated BMS, also the connectors, etc, so I can test the setup in real time. However, I do not have the know-how to port this library to the ESP32. I would need most importantly at least the following functionality: - read each "cell" voltage from the battery module (7S) - read the temperature - read the fault codes (if any) - start/stop the balancing Please read the description on the github page, also there are several hints here: Thanks! best regards,

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    Looking developer for a project. Lets say that i want a traffic light signal in LED panel format (64cmx32cm). Hardware/panel will receive inputs by rs232/485 comm. Will display received simple words or word pile (by rs232) on panel in red or green during certain seconds. Accept arduino, rapsberry or other solutions.

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    Project Scope: Function Description: Breakout/control board with Arduino Nano socket and two stepper motor drivers: TMC5160_HV Input Voltage: Motor voltage: ~42VDC Input signals: For each stepper driver: Step pin, Dir pin, Sleep pin and GND. Output: 2x 4 pins connectors for stepper motors. General requirement: Project requirement: Your bitbucket email account will be added to a forked version of followcamsolutions tmc5160_breakout base project. Project have to be developed with usage of GIT, commits to be pushed to account. All parts used, have to be in stock at All symbols, footprints, 3d step files, to be stored in project_lib. (Project have to work on a clean installed kicad version without any libraries installed) 3D step file required for

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    Hi, I need to build a tiny mouse-like controler for smartphone (android, if posible IOS too) based on a smd joystick, 2 smd buttons and a controller (Bluefruit EZ-Key, PRJC, Arduino or other). The final tool must allow to smoothly emulate most of the functions of the touchscreen of the smartphone (move left-right / updown, left click, right click, scroll up/down, scroll click...) The bluetooth connexion must be easy even for anyone The final goal is to wake up the connected smartphone, log-in, open and control the camera app

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    I need to make a single/multiplayer simon memory game, using dome push buttons, lcd display, buzzer, led strip I have the code written but its around 50% done, so i would like some help finishing it??

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    CAN BUS J1913 PWM Modulator Ka përfunduar left

    Scope of the project is to power two seperate PWM motors via CAN BUS. We will need to filter and read only two specific CAN ID's, and depending on the CAN value our logic will drive two separate PWM motors. The CAN data will need to be converted from Hex to Integer and then to PWM value based. Using STM32 controller and Arduino IDE. Utilizing J1913 protocol Must be located in USA and sign NDA agreement.

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    I need an application in which can receive data from my arduino (sending data via BLE 5.0) I have a BLE 5.0 dongle on my PC and my arduino (Seeed BLE Sense) is sending data. So this is not the about othe old Bluetooth connection (which I can do myself) . I need application for BLE 5.0 .

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    Hi, I have uploaded my code that I'm currently working on myself for a project and I have a word document with the changes I want to put into the code. If you could make it look more professional looking and upload what I want, something cool to add to my existing code.

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    and French in all languages and countries in cultures results Journalist: Cricket news and articles ghostwriting in Indian English Journalist: Cricket news and articles ghostwriting in Indian English need someone who really familiar with cricket news cricket ongoing matches should… more Copywriting Technical Writing 3 more 0.0 0 1 minute ago Adding features to Arduino IDE project using C++. Code I have done so far is attached to this and what I want done is in the word document. Thanks! I want to add some new features to a project I'm working on. Only minor details but If you could implement them and make it more professional… more C Programming C# Programming 3 more 5.0 1 1 minute ago Logo, branding identity, packaging identity for a Restaurant Budget $80 &...

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    we need Simple arduino ide code for arduino uno with rs485 chip for bacnet mstp object need is -ai1>read only>room temp>any pin free -av1>r/w>room setpoint -av2 BaudRate (1= 9600 2=19200 3=38400 4=76800) default=4 -av3 DeviceInstance (1 to 4194304) default=mac -av4 NetworkNumber (1 to 65534) default= 153 -av5 MacAdress (1 to 99) default=10 -bv1>r/w>valve relay>any pin free -any other bacnet mandatory object ie: devices Please don't place a bid if you are not familiar with Bacnet protocol Thanks

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    Tengo un arduino UNO R3 con un modulo PZEM-004T para medir potencia de consumo. Necesito poder almacenar esos datos, especialmente la potencia consumida y que el valor se muestre en una pantalla de 3.5 pulgadas conectada al arduino. Necesito configurarle al arduino un botón de reset del valor consumido ya que cada 30 días debo reiniciar el consumo de potencia. Me gustaría que cuando el valor de la potencia consumida sea de 0 a 220 watts el color de la pantalla sea verde, cuando el valor de la potencia consumida sea de 220 a 280 watts la pantalla se ponga color amarilla y cuando sobrepase los 280 watts la pantalla se ponga color rojo. En todo momento el valor consumido también se debe mostrar en la pantalla.

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    Arduino Lighting Program Ka përfunduar left

    We have programmed lights to turn on and off in our showroom with Arduino MEGA 2560. We need someone to remote into our desktop that is connected via USB 2.0 to the Arduino boards. The contractor that did this project for us no longer does this type of work, so we are trying to hire someone new we can have fix current issues, and can be used for future maintenance work (when we change lights in our showroom we need assistance in changing the icons in the GUI). I would like to set up a video call with whoever we hire, so I can explain the overall situation and how it is set up to the best of my knowledge. As far as the arduino software, and how the GUI is set up and how all of it ties together, we are not experts in this. That is why we need your help!

    €20 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Diseño y fabricación de circuitos electrónicos/PCB. - Programación de sistemas embebidos y microcontroladores (esp32, arduino, stm32...). - Programación de aplicaciones en lenguaje PYTHON y C. - Bases de datos relacionales y no relacionales. - Instrumentación electrónica y laboratorio (métodos de soldadura, uso de aparamenta electrónica y mediciones, interpretación de los datos...). - Tratamiento de datasheets. - Desarrollo IoT: sensores y plataformas CLOUD. - Desarrollo de memorias para patentes y modelos de utilidad electrónica. - Certificaciones electrónicas (marcado ce, compatibilidad electromagnética, grado de protección ip, ensayos...). - Programación de Redes Neuronales (I...

    €168 (Avg Bid)
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    ...setpoint e.g. 25°C 3. configuration parameter in piece e.g.: 1,0,-5,2,50,8 Data to be sent Publisher 2 (can be done via MQTT Explorer, topic: /chip-id/cmd/....) 1. temperature set point e.g. 24.0°C 2. configuration parameter in piece e.g.: 1,0,-5,2,23,7 If the Publisher 2 sends changed data, these are to be taken over from Publisher 1. MCU: ESP32-S3-WROOM-1 IDE: PlatformIO VS code Framework: Arduino/RTOS The freelancer should be familiar with ESP32, WiFi, MQTT, SSL/TLS and WebSocket. Knowledge in Home Assitant for later projects is an advantage....

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    Swift/C Integration Ka përfunduar left

    ...project. The library's function is to establish secure communication between a server entity and a client entity. The library already contains a demo implementation (for Arduino) in C++ (about 800 lines including comments and boilerplate code) for your reference (it establishes a secure connection between two Arduinos using BLE) We need this C library to be packaged in an existing XCode Project (we will send it to you), using Swift types, and properly memory managed using best practices for manual memory management of the C code. You don't need to expose every single API, just enough interface to be able to write the demo Arduino implementation in Swift excluding any BLE stuff. For someone who has experience with writing Swift Packages, C - Swift interoperabil...

    €520 (Avg Bid)
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    Programação Arduino -- 2 Ka përfunduar left

    Solicito porgramação em arduino para game.

    €234 (Avg Bid)
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    PB Throwing Machine Ka përfunduar left

    I need this done by the end of the week, I have PLC programming, and understand Arduino enough to edit, so, someone gets me close I can edit and tweak as needed on my end I have an Arduino Mega, it will be receiving 6 channels from an RC receiver, the signal from the RC receiver will be a PWM signal with a range of 1000 to 2000 pulses. There will be 8 physical outputs 4 outputs will be analog with a signal of 0 to 5 volts, the remaining 4 outputs will be discrete, on/off, two with timers and the remaining two outputs will be high when two of the PWM signals are at 1500 pulses.

    €34 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I need to change Teensy 4.0 in my project to ESP32 or STM32F104 (blue pill). Actual firmware is Arduino. My project use external EEPROM, Canbus, few I/O pins, UART for communicate with Nextion display. Please look on code in attachment.

    €88 (Avg Bid)
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    Atmega328 UniqueID Ka përfunduar left

    atmega 328 UniqueID I want to change the data here. I want to write the number I want in that section. sample data UniqueID: 59 34 37 31 33 38 11 1F 26 Sample Arduino Uno Code :

    €159 (Avg Bid)
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    programmation of ESP 32 Ka përfunduar left

    we need to to generate a firmware wifi / bluetooth /cloud services for mobile APP. The firmware has to be indipendent from Arduino applications . Free rtos . Eclipse

    €519 (Avg Bid)
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    Arduino Keypad Ka përfunduar left

    I need code for an Arduino Uno to use a keypad module, to control 4 relays with 4 different codes, the relay will have a delay before it resets,

    €25 (Avg Bid)
    €25 Oferta mesatare
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    We need to read any car data with ODB protocol and ESP32.

    €296 (Avg Bid)
    €296 Oferta mesatare
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