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    22 asp script list files directory punët e gjetura, me çmimin EUR to the server. Sending Data to the final server should not happen transparently as button-action. The data should be send to a proxy-script which is placed on the same server like the form. The proxy-script itself should send the data to the final destination. The intention behind this way of data-collection is to keep as much information as

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    563053 Sitemap Generation Ka përfunduar left

    ...Python script is no longer generating the correct links. I need a program/script that will walk through my database and generate active links, making xml files that contain no more than 50,000 links each, and then and then save them to a directory on my website. I would like the program/script to run on a schedule. I will have a list of static

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    Need a simple asp classic VB script. It will be a very simple search engine. I will put the search form on our internal website. When the user enters a search term and clicks submit it will: 1. Open all the text files in the root directory of the site. They will all have an .asp, .html, or .htm extension. New files will be added over time

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    ...approximately 10 I am very concerned. Attached you will find the current [identifikohuni për të parë adresën URL] file for the old website (which is being relocated into a sub-directory "asp" such that it is accessible at [identifikohuni për të parë adresën URL] and should continue to operate seamlessly) and a new (php)...

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    ...ranging from Health Care to Law. As of today we are using a directory script that was written over 5 years ago, using ASP and MSAccess, I have come to believe through my research of new markets that this solution is outdated, and we have out grown its current capabilities. Right now our directory is one client exclusively per county, this is way to limited

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    406691 PHP scripting error Ka përfunduar left

    ...intranet made in asp a script makes a list containing the names of files in a specific directory. These names are linked to the corresponding file which are all pdf's. There is a bug in the script because some of the displayed names are not linking to the corresponding file (which are all pdf). See attached the ASP file that makes the ...

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    262389 image upload script Ka përfunduar left

    ...version of 9. Currently, I create and upload all of these files manually. What I'd like is a script that would perform most of this for me. I'd like to click a browse button that would allow me to chose a directory on my hard drive. The directory would be the item name. In that directory, there will be file 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9. Example: a10...

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    ...Need code or script to allow an .shtml web page to display the files names of the content in a specific sub-directory. As files are added to that directory, the .shtml page will automatically display in list form the names of the new files, adding them to the existing file name list. This web site is NOT running on a microsoft server (no ...

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    Program takes a list of keywords and creates HTML files using the keywords as filenames. It also gives the user a place to insert HTML to be included in the file. The program is a windows desktop application. The user enters keywords into a text box (one keyword per line, can have multiple words in a keyword), then below the box, checks off which

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    As discussed: Asp script to list files in directory

    €26 - €220
    €26 - €220
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    ...coder needs to make a script for me which will do the following: Grab a list of all the php files in the root directory of a web site as well as the title tag. I ONLY want pages listed that have a title meta tag, if there is no title meta tag then the page does not belong on the site map. The purpose of the script is to drop that script into a /[identif...

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    I need a script that will compare files in an image directory and compare them to an Access DB table. If there is no record in the db for the image file then delete the file. **It would be nice to have a web page that would show the orphaned files and the prompt to delete them. ** This maybe tricky, the DB name is [identifikohuni për të parë adres&eum...

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    ...largest player and guild directory for world of Warcraft players and guilds. The Data will be parsed from the game files but not limited to user entry and edits. Player Name Player Rank Server Name Guild Name Inventory Information Equipable items Bank Items Need Items Buy/Trade Items Quest Items Quest List Guild Roster Guild Forum

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    Web-based web-page editor. Ka përfunduar left HTML online. This would be convenient since I could login from anywhere to make changes. All I need are three main fields: A list box where all available .html and .php files will be listed from a specified server directory from which I would choose which page to edit, 2. A text box where the code will appear, 3. A text box where the file name (example:

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    Hi, I am in need of an upload script / user account management system for a music download web site that is capable of handling 10,000-20,000 uploads per day (10mb average file size), with unlimited number of user accounts. I am using a windows server with asp, php, mysql and mssql capability. I am open to all just as long as it is simple, straight

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    Simple ASP.Net script Ka përfunduar left

    Hello, We need some ASP.Net scripts created in Visual Studio 2005 that will do the following: 1. The user can upload and delete files with either FTP or using an upload-script. 2. There must be a MS-Access database with the following structure: * Table “File??. Fields “filename??, “date added??, “title??, ??description?? * Table “Author??. Field

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    The video metafile repository will be used to allow admins/publishers of an already exisitng ASP based CMS system to upload video files to a directory or database during this process a metafile is created and used to access/view the files elesewhere in the site. The purpose of this mod is for the ability to upload a news or subject video clip of say

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    Overhaul Ka përfunduar left

    ...have to worry about the design of the script(s). You should focus on the barebones of each script not the template design . You can add some images of your own while creating it to help you visualize certain thing but you will not be working on design or templates at all. All you have to worry about is the script. *** Live Audition *** We need

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