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    Implement Access Security Ka përfunduar left

    ...documentation/ MSDN, etc. 2) Creation of a paragraph or two summarizing capabilities of VBA to provide additional/advanced security - for example can be it be used to control the behavior of forms (hiding, locking controls or other manipulation). If so, provide a very basic example. Plus include general info concerning controlling/managing error handling for

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    ...among processes. Do not forget to create different keys for the shared memory. Using the same key on the same computer may lead to user interference and inconsistent program behavior. Create multiple threads and use the join primitive. Get used to mutex locks. Use time measurement (gettimeofday). What to hand in You should hand in both the source

    €67 (Avg Bid)
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    ...can read on page 6 of this article. <[identifikohuni për të parë adresën URL]> I will provide a website template, top of the page will be the items I am selling then under it the RSS feeds. I am in a health related industry. I want the feeds to archive daily as static HTML pages that

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    ...down boxes where a user selects 3-4 products then hit a button that says compare. Then below the drop down boxes the comparison chart and list of features 15-20 features side by side. At the top of the comparison chart is has a picture of the product then all of the features are compared side by side bellow in a column. The user can then compare row

    €174 (Avg Bid)
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    Web site stress tester Ka përfunduar left

    ...compatibility, etc. Please do not bid this project unless you are confident you have the skills to do the job well and quickly. You will need a PC with a fast CPU to see realistic behavior. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Deliverables must be in

    €2170 (Avg Bid)
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    ...that is very similar to [[identifikohuni për të parë adresën URL]][1] This is a mind mapping software, similar to flow charting. **Please Download this software before you bid. ** **Flow chart nodes should be created automatically as you type**. If you think you can develop something similar or better, as this software, please bid.**This should be unique and ...

    €147 (Avg Bid)
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    PHP Server Heartbeat monitor Ka përfunduar left so that I can easily query the status through PHP scripts. I should be able to specify to the script the number of MySQL servers, their ip/port combinations, and the frequency in seconds in which to check them. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done

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    frequency/amplitude control Ka përfunduar left

    A frequency/amplitude control written in [identifikohuni për të parë adresën URL] frequency range form 0 to 20000 [identifikohuni për të parë adresën URL] amplitude from - 50dB to +200dB.A graphical representation of the control. ## Deliverables Rent A Coder requirements notice: As originally posted, this bid request does not have complete...

    €18 (Avg Bid)
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    ...identified ad banners, popups, etc. - Output name of site, time, date, image file name, and RESOLVED target url to output file (csv, e.g.) - Requery web page based on frequency setting for page or else retrieve next web page on list ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source

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    volume control Ka përfunduar left

    A volume control to place on a visual basic 6 [identifikohuni për të parë adresën URL] must show decibels and frequency ranges on [identifikohuni për të parë adresën URL] volume control must have a range of - and + when referring to [identifikohuni për të parë adresën URL] I need a graphical explination of the control. ## Delive...

    €103 (Avg Bid)
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    Need a dynamically created Gantt chart to integrate into existing ASP-based project management software (demo available at [[identifikohuni për të parë adresën URL]][1]). Must graphically represent relationships between tasks in the project flow, and differentiate critical-path from non-critical-path tasks. Must also graphically represent percentage of work done for each

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    Search Engine / Spider Ka përfunduar left

    ...need a totally web based solution using an admin panel. I need the ability to add/edit/delete all links from within a domain. I need the ability to slow or speed up the frequency of the spider collecting info. I need to be able to add individual links (no follows) and add weighting based on search terms defined by me to produce higher rankings (affiliate

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    popup software Ka përfunduar left

    I need a little software that open a popup in a expected time. The time must be gotten from a webserver (xml or txt file with the frequency of popups per day and info about the urls to be open in the popup and size of the popup). The program must update the info about popups every 15 minutes if internet is reachable. This software cannot show any error

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    Messenger Application Ka përfunduar left

    AOL like messenger a...users using peer to peer technology 2. Ability to display online user status 3. Display ads in the main messenger screen and chat screens as well 4. Ability to track user behavior from a centralized web site 5. Ability to inform users of new updates 6. Ability to transfer files between users 7. Incorporate icons and smilys

    €17 - €86
    €17 - €86
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    cache memory simulation Ka përfunduar left

    ...submission must be accompanied by a README file that includes i. Instructions on how to make an executable from source files. ii. A simple example indicating the expected behavior of your controllers. 4. All code must be well-documented which means that each line of code must have comments. Undocumented code will be returned without credit.

    €26 - €4319
    €26 - €4319
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    Child Accountability Ka përfunduar left

    The accountability program is a web site written in Java to provide a communications hub for teachers, parents and the doctor to track a child's behavior and academic performance at school and at home. It uses role-based log on to allow users to access these three role specific parts of the site. The functionality is 95% complete. However, a prior developer

    €380 (Avg Bid)
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    Web Site Content Writer Ka përfunduar left

    I am looking for a writer to write key word focussed content pages for my website which addresses child problems, learning, behavior etc. I am a psychologist. Each article should be 500 -800 words. I am looking for a warm, converstaional but professional style and a couple of research resources to support the work, although I could look for the research

    €79 (Avg Bid)
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    Building of Bankcard with 3-D (Visa standard) equivalent website performing simulated behavior and a simple testing merchant website for payment using the payment system. 1) Registration of card in Bankcard website (inspiration of Visa). 2) Integration to Issuer bank. 3) Simple Merchant website to the payment gateway and Issuer bank. 4) Administration

    €17 - €86
    €17 - €86
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    ...The successful bidder will design and build a .NET control (VB or C#) including well thought out properties, methods and events. The control must be configurable. This .NET chart control will be used in two WinXP WinForm (not web) environments: • An 800x600 touchscreen w/no physical keyboard or mouse. • A full desktop/laptop, with keyboard and mouse

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    ...I don't seems to be able to make them to do what I want. I need to be able to have poeple to click on subscription link (which I already have) on my site and select from frequency of the news and country of their choice, then when we enter news into CuteNews for each country, it will automatically be available for those whom chose to receive news from

    €26 - €86
    €26 - €86
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