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    ...features that default available in Google Chrome official browser. Additionally, I want one file in this browser's installation path, that is called "" or "" or something like this, so that through this file I am able to change the Chrome browser default styles CSS for my all  Chrome profiles together. As this feature was already in the old version of Chrome I want it in the new version also. Nowadays it is possible through any "styles Chrome extension" but I don't want to use Chrome extension, I want this feature in default Chrome installation setting so it may be applied for all created new profiles in Chrome in the future automatically. Some Resources:

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    €17 - €142
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    Description: I am seeking an experienced Google Chrome plugin developer to create a tool that integrates with LinkedIn Sales Navigator. The objective is to streamline and enhance the prospecting process by enabling the automatic download of prospecting list results, including email addresses, into a CSV document. Key Responsibilities: Develop a Google Chrome plugin that is compatible with LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Ensure the plugin can automatically extract prospecting list results, including names, job titles, companies, and email addresses from LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Enable the plugin to export the extracted data into a CSV file format. Ensure the plugin operates efficiently and securely, maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of data. Provide post-development...

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    Refused to load the script ':634138686420:web:d5edd5686aafcade62dc41' because it violates the following Content Security Policy directive: "script-src 'self'". Note that 'script-src-elem' was not explicitly set, so 'script-src' is used as a fallback. Anyone here to resolve this error

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    Transcritor nativo de português para áudio basco (mais de 30 minutos) Habilidades e Experiência: - Falante nativo de português com fluência em basco - Experiência em transcrever arquivos de áudio de mais de 30 minutos - Atenção aos detalhes na transcrição de terminologias ou frases específicas no áudio - Familiaridade com os seguintes formatos ou modelos específicos para transcrições Detalhes do Projeto: - Procuro um transcritor nativo de português com fluência em basco para transcrever um arquivo de áudio com mais de 30 minutos de duração. - O arquivo de áudio pode conter terminologias ou frases específicas que requerem aten&cce...

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    #2 projeto vendas de servicos 6 ditë left

    Sistema online de registro de prestacao de servicos, uma empresa de massagem, precisando registrar os servicos e produtos que vendem. Registrando o valor, nome do cliente e quantidade em estoque (dos produtos). Usando javascript react, C# e mySQL. projeto simple, pode usar bootstrap para front-end, formulario simples, registrar a venda com esses dados e mostrar em uma tabela. POde usar uma banco Fake.

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    post project 6 ditë left

    I am looking for a IOS mobile app developer expert (I am one and this stumped me) building for IOS 16 Proficiency in iOS app development - the hard stuff getting app with firebase/all pods to build I have building for IOS 16 Proficiency in iOS app development - the hard stuff getting app with firebase/all pods to build I have the many necessary API keys to run the app. I just need you to get it building then to me via dropbox. You can start but downloading the project and deleting the padlock file then delete derived data, bump the podfile os version to 16, then pod install, then attempt build contact me when you get this far -then fix all build issues

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    I am in need of a Selenium script to be developed to interact with a website. Specifically, the script needs to be able to automate navigation and clicks for me. I have a specific preference of Google Chrome for the script to run on. If you are able to help me develop this script, please let me know and we can discuss the project in more detail.

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    I need a software developer sp...(Or registers a sale), the windows service should automatically retrieve the details of the transaction (Name of the items sold, their price, quantity, how much was paid, the change, the name of the cashier and the name of the customer if registered). The service should also indicate if the printer is connected, then this should be displayed on the web application which runs on a Web browser like Chrome, Edge or FireFox. If you can design the JavaScript to work with the receipt printer’s SDK (Which has been written in C and C++). For online, you can design the windows service to check for the transactions to print in the online database. If a transaction has been printed out, the service should not print the details again unless, the transactio...

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    ...OIDC/SAML? If yes: Plan PBI 2 to develop it yourself or request it with the vendor If not: Contact MFA4Applications team If your application already uses OIDC/SAML: Is MFA enabled within the IDP (Azure AD/ADFS)? PBI 2: Develop - Use case OIDC Make a backup of the current source code using any version control tool (e.g., TFS, SVN, Git). Document your application details, such as application type, OS version, environment, current mode of authentication, details about current application calls into other applications or APIs, any relevant network requirements (e.g. firewalls), application URL, current deployment method (e.g., on-prem, SaaS, PaaS, Azure Cloud) and other relevant details. Understand the OIDC Provider documentation suitable for your application Microsoft identity plat...

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    ...attentive, having good multitasking skills and experience from WooCommerce is a plus. A suggested way to complete this task: 1. Login in on the admin pages of the new site and open the old site in a different browser window. 2.) Collect the 3 types of data needed for each accommodation (33 accommodations) -- product images (about 10 per accommodations). I would suggest this image downloader for chrome. select (only images from links) or it will show a lot of not relevant images. --The general description visible directly when entering the property page. --Attributes (about 25 per accommodation.) Click "Mer information"-tab to see the attributes. 3.) Upload the images and enter the information to the

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    I need a remote session such as google meets to fix the following problem tby your instructions: I have 2 docker images I run 2 containers from them they depens on each other. They work fine in local on docker using docker compose up. : version: '3.8' services: selenium-driver: image: selenium/standalone-chrome ports: - "4444:4444" - "7900:7900" shm_size: 2g networks: - gridnetwork container_name: selenium-driver-container cloud-crawler: build: context: . dockerfile: ./Dockerfile networks: - gridnetwork container_name: cloud-crawler-container depends_on: - selenium-driver networks: gridnetwork: WHAT IS THE TASK FOR YOU? I need to deploy them to AWS as fargate ta...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can encrypt my Android device running on version 12 OS. The purpose of this encryption is to improve the device's performance. I prefer using full disk encryption for this project. I have specific instructions for the encryption process that I would like the freelancer to follow. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge and experience in Android device encryption - Expertise in full disk encryption techniques - Ability to follow specific instructions for encryption process Thanks

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    I need someone to enter product data manually from website to excel sheet *** THE TASK IS FOR 50 ITEMS ** SEND ME YOUR BEST BID Here is an Example From this link i need you to generate Title=White modern bed with chrome accent and led light white gloss Description =Elevate your bedroom's ambiance instantly with this enticing bedroom set. The standout feature is the ambient LED lighting along the platform bed's edges, evoking a vintage neon glow. Chrome accents on the headboard complement the case goods, all finished in glossy white for a timeless fusion of futuristic aesthetics with a touch of nostalgia. Keywords = Modern bed, white bed, led bed, modern white bed ,

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    My GCP VM machine runs on Debian OS 10 from 2021. Therefore, it is limited to only run older versions of packages such as PHP, Maria DB, Apache.... There are two virutal hosts running in the machine and one is running on PHP and Maria DB. I need someone to help me upgrade the OS to the latest 12 and all other packages to their latest including PHP and Maria DB. Once completed, following must be checked. - 2 virtual hosts run OK - Wordpress no longer complaints older PHP - The Wordpress form editor WPform loads and works OK Requirements: - Experience with Debian OS upgrades - Proficiency in PHP, MySQL, and Apache upgrades - Knowledge of the latest stable versions of PHP, MySQL, and Apache Skills: - Debian OS - PHP - MySQL - Apache

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    I am in urgent need of a Chrome extension maker who can create a custom extension for me. The specific functionality that I need for the extension is form filling. The extension needs to interact with a specific website, so the developer should have experience in creating extensions that can interact with specific websites. The timeline for this project is immediate, within 1 week. So, I need someone who can start working on it immediately and deliver it within the given timeframe. Skills and Experience Required: - Experience in creating Chrome extensions with form filling functionality - Knowledge of JavaScript and HTML/CSS - Familiarity with Chrome extension APIs and development process - Ability to create an extension that can interact with a specific website G...

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    We are looking for an experienced Freelancer to optimize the performance of our website. Currently, our website loading times are more than 5 seconds. We are also experiencing performance issues due to JavaScript & CSS errors. Our goal is to speed up the loading time and optimize the overall performance of our website so that it is compatible with Chrome as well as other web browsers. Hi There I have my website, which is currently working, in general terms I would say that is ok but not that OK. As I am not a developer, mostlikely I have some errors on configurations, maybe with the server, etc, so what I would like to ask you for a budget would be: 1. Cheking general configuration, files and errors on the site and server (for example I am getting some 404 and some errors on ...

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    mobile car wash 5 ditë left

    I am looking to hire someone who can provide a basic exterior car wash for me on a one-time basis. I am flexible with both date and time, so it's up to the provider to propose the date and time that works best. The job will involve washing the car exterior, including removing dirt and on a one-time basis. I am flexible with both date and time, so it's up to the provider to propose the date and time that works best. The job will involve washing the car exterior, including removing dirt and debris, and applying detergent and water to clean the vehicle. Once the car has been rinsed, it should be dried using towels. Minor detailing can also be done including cleaning wheels, chrome, and window trims. You should be able to provide these services in a face efficient and ...

    €12 - €23
    €12 - €23
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    Access to XMLHttpRequest at 'https://xxxxxxxx:8443/' from origin 'https://xxxxxxxxxx' has been blocked by CORS policy: No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource. I need a freelancer who can resolve the CORS policy issue on my Laravel platform. The ideal candidate should have experience in server configuration and be familiar with all major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari). LARAVEL VERSION WITH Laravel Framework 10.6.2 WITH Requirements: - Experience with Laravel and server configuration - Knowledge of CORS policy and how to resolve it - Familiarity with Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers Please provide examples of previous projects where you have successfully resolved CORS policy issues.

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    Criar um site e aplicativo. 5 ditë left

    Desenvolver um novo UI/Uix e desenvolver o mesmo, pronto a funcionar com os elementos presentes no link acima.

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can assist with resizing the virtual machine disk and ensuring the operating system disk is recognized correctly. The details of the project are as follows: Virtual Machine Type: VMware ESXi Operating System: Linux Tasks: - Resize the virtual machine disk - Ensure proper recognition of the operating system disk Additional Information: - This is a one-time task and does not require future disk resizes Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience working with VMware ESXi and Linux operating systems - Proficient in disk resizing and troubleshooting disk recognition issues - Strong knowledge of virtualization technologies and best practices

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    I am looking to migrate a VB.NET 2003 application, with the possibility of making significant changes and introducing new features. I am open to suggestions about which platform to migrate it to. The primary purpose of this project is to take the existing VB.NET application and migrate it to a different platform. The outcome I am hoping to achieve is...hypermarkets and shopping centers. The system was developed in non-VAT environment and needed mainly following enhancements in total. 1-Separate all modules for individual installation - POS into touch screen enable, Inventory and accounting to be converted to cloud based,- all can be subscription model. Integrate VAT & related reports Create a dashboard Prepare the system to be installed in all OS Upgrading Licensing generation ...

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    Estou procurando desenvolvedores para me ajudar a criar um sistema de múltiplos usuários no WhatsApp que permitirá que usuários se comuniquem diretamente entre si. O objetivo do sistema é permitir que os usuários enviam mensagens de texto entre si. O limite do sistema seria de 6 a 50 usuários. A assinatura do sistema não foi determinada. Sua ajuda será muito importante para a realização deste projeto. Se você tem experiência em codificar sistemas para o WhatsApp, então estou procurando por você! Precisa de todas as funcionalidades do sistema abaixo

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    Buenos días, desde nuestra empresa estamos preparando un evento para el puente de navidades para el que vamos a necesitar una web de venta de entradas, en la que aparezcan los días en los que hay funciones, los horarios y la disponibilidad y ubicación de las localidades. ...aparezcan los días en los que hay funciones, los horarios y la disponibilidad y ubicación de las localidades. En principio debe de ser una web sencilla sólo para ese evento y sólo para esa localidad, en la web, aparte de lo anteriormente indicado, debería haber un apartado en el que se explicase en qué consiste el espectáculo y un apartado para resolver las preguntas mas frecuentes. A modo de ejemplo os paso ésta web: La necesita...

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    Quero montar um site estilo Zoom, Buscapé, Bom de Faro. Que puxe por uma API os produtos e divulgue no meu site.

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    Hi Vimal, we worked on an outlook addin before I just need a small update to add a message please let me know this os urgent. I can pay you extra for urgent

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    Precisava de um consultoria para entender quanto vale a minha loja se eu fosse vender e analisar onde posso dedicar mais os esforços para crescimento, analisando o demonstrativo financeiro.

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    I am looking for a TypeScript developer with experience to help me set a value to an input field in a protected iframe element (TypeScript Code in Chrome Extension). Specific requirements for the project: - Must have experience working with TypeScript - Familiarity with Chrome Extension is required - Knowledge of working with protected iframe elements is a plus Project deadline: - The completion of this task is required within 24 hours If you have the necessary skills and experience, please bid on this project. Thank you.

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    I am looking for a skilled freelancer to create a chrome plugin which works as a reminder tool. User is able to type in and save text which he can set a reminder on a specific date. Upon clicking a button the chrome plugin records on which page the user is and adds the link to the reminder set by the user. Basically I want to be able to set a reminder which when time arrived will allow me to open a specific link which I saved earlier. Design: I do not have a specific design in mind, but I can provide guidelines to ensure the plugin matches my brand and aesthetic preferences. Technology: I do not have any specific preferences for technologies or programming languages. I trust the freelancer's judgment and expertise in choosing the most suitable technologies for the pr...

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    ...with the Amelia booking plugin coupon codes not working in Google Chrome. The issue is intermittent and occurs specifically in the latest version of the plugin. Detailed Description: - The problem is that the coupon codes are not being applied correctly in Google Chrome. - I have taken screenshots of the issue, which I can provide to the developer for reference. - The issue seems to be specific to Google Chrome as it is not occurring on other browsers. Skills and Experience Required: - Proficiency in WordPress and experience working with the Amelia booking plugin is essential. - Strong knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to troubleshoot and fix the issue. - Experience in debugging and resolving issues in Google Chrome. - Attention to detail an...

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    Chrome Extension for Receiving DCP Cash Payments - Requirements General Explanation: The extension will allow payments with DCP Cash on any desired website. Site identification will be done through one of two options: either a site that embeds identification within it or a domain that is registered and verified in DNS. Upon entering a website, both options will be checked to ensure identification. The extension will display a message upon entering the site (on any page) but only once per visit. Additionally, a payment window will open on the relevant page. Registered users will have the option to fill in the following information on a dedicated website: Domain Page URL for displaying the message (default: entry page of the site, the first opened page) (marked with an asterisk, m...

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    ...can create a stripped-down Linux OS for the Orange Pi 3 lts. Purpose: - The desired purpose of this custom OS is to serve as a terminal environment to connect to a Windows RDP server. Features: - The OS should include a minimal desktop environment and basic utilities. Security: - Standard security protocols should be implemented in this OS. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge and experience in Linux OS customization and development. - Proficiency in programming languages and software development tools. - Familiarity with Orange Pi 3 lts and its specifications. - Understanding of security protocols and best practices. Please note that the freelancer will be responsible for creating a custom OS tailored to the client's speci...

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    This is a 3 hour job if you are...Government website. ... how to raise monies here in Australia as a PRIVATE Company and stay within the guidelines of the Corporations Act 2000 Sections 706,707,708 see here Your task is to fully research this section Please read the sections and only apply if you have the intellect to comprehend these difficult sections for us. We will pay a nice Bonus if you want to be challenged by this task as its not an easy job.

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    Tôi muốn thuê làm một Extension Chrome theo yêu cầu. Đơn giản như đường link kèm theo:

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    ...trazer TODOS os meus produtos registrados no TinyERP da empresa (mas futuramente irei precisar de alguns filtros na tela) em formato de lista (ver anexo 1). Atualmente eu tive a idéia de desenvolver isto em Google Sheets conectando à API, e trazer todos os produtos cadastrados (ver anexo: Image ) Eu já iniciei esta planilha, então será bastante útil para entender o que realmente é preciso ser feito. Acho que ficará bem melhor ao invés de usar a planilha, gerar uma página web (html) e não apenas uma planilha no google sheets, pois dessa forma dá pra colocar um pouco mais de design e deixar o catálogo mais bonito. A planilha que me referi já se conecta à API do Tiny ER...

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    Preciso desenvolver um site em que certas paginas quando venho de um link especifico ex um site de filmes, a pagina fique toda preta exibindo apenas os anúncios do google Adsense e outros parceiros e que o filme só apareça quando a pessoa clique em um anuncio.

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    Create Google Extension - URGENT 4 ditë left

    ...deadline of within 3 days for this project. I am looking for a freelancer with beginner-level experience who can handle this task efficiently. Key Requirements: - Develop a Google Extension that can automate tasks for the user - The extension should be able to perform repetitive actions and save time - It should be user-friendly and easy to navigate - Ensure compatibility with various browsers (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) Ideal Skills and Experience: - Basic understanding of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS - Previous experience in developing Google Extensions is a plus - Knowledge of browser APIs and web scraping techniques - Attention to detail and ability to troubleshoot and debug issues If you are a beginner-level freelancer who is confident in their skills and can deliver within the ...

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    ...again, my team does not have the time to dedicate to doing them... Here are some resources that we recommend when completing a site speed audit: • Improving your online store speed. • Improve Your E-Commerce Site Performance and Speed to 2X Conversions. • The Ultimate Guide to Site Speed. If you are working with a developer, you can recommend that they use the Shopify Theme Inspector Chrome Extension and you can share these resources with them: • How to do an In-Depth Liquid Render Analysis With Shopify Theme Inspector. • How to Debug Liquid Render Performance with Shopify Theme Inspector. Here are some general suggestions that you can implement when trying to do high-level speed optimization: • Make sure images have bee...

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    I am looking for a chrome extension coder who can develop a chrome extension with the following requirements: Features: - Browser toolbar integration - Customizable settings - Automatic data syncing Website Interaction: - The extension needs to interact with a specific website. User Authentication: - The chrome extension should have user login functionality. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in developing chrome extensions - Proficiency in JavaScript and HTML/CSS - Knowledge of browser toolbar integration - Familiarity with user authentication and login systems.

    €6 - €61
    I vulosur
    €6 - €61
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    Hi, I've got a Wordpress website running the Elementor theme. When i login to my admin panel panel on my site for some reason it doesn't display properly. Please see the attached screenshot. I have tried logging in on Firefox and Google Chrome web browser and it's the same. This will be an easy fix for someone experienced in Wordpress and i am not willing to pay more then $5 for the fix so if your bid is higher then that don't bother wasting your time. Once the coder has established what is causing this issue i need you to tell me so i can stop it from happening again in future.

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    estou a formar um site para vender os meus produtos cosmeticos. preciso de um site com PORQUÊ COMPRAR, Condições de Vendas, Perguntas Frequentes, POLÍTICAS, Termos e Condições, Política de Privacidade, Livro de Reclamações, CONTACTO, Quem Sou, Contacto e Onde Estamos. possibilitamos venda em multibanco, transferencia bancaria, mbway, visa e mastercard. ligação para a nossa conta no tik tok, instagram e facebook. Cliente Satisfeito Mais de 1000 feedbacks positivos e pode ver tudo isso no nosso Instagram! 24/7 Chat Tens dúvidas? Estamos aqui para ti! Envia-nos mensagem e respondemos-te na hora. Envio Gratuito Em todas as compras superiores a 80€. Site Seguro Com o protocolo HTTPS e certificado S...

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    42 ofertat building custom roms/firmwares, specifically Android Watch/WearOS. Project Details: - the client has lost the developer who was responsible for custom rom/firmware building and thus we look for you with: - multiple years of experience with Android Firmware development and packaging for Android Watch If you have experience in Android Watch Firmware development, particularly with Android Wear OS, I would love to hear from you. Please provide examples of your previous work in this area. The milestones for working: ms0: after award we go into a call and discuss about best approach to get control back to be able building the rom / firmware ms1: fix the firmware issues along with repackaging new firmware/rom Deliveries? - in our on premise git (access will be granted to you...

    €15 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    19 ofertat My main problem is being blocked after refreshing the page three times. Browser: I am specifically using Google Chrome, so the solution should be compatible with this browser. Requirements: There are no specific requirements for the solution, so the developer has the freedom to choose the most suitable approach. I want to still manually do the work myself so do not need to have a bot or script just something like proxies but the ones I tried do not work. Skills and Experience: - Strong proficiency in web development and browser extensions - Experience with resolving website blocking issues - Familiarity with Google Chrome and its extension development - Ability to troubleshoot and debug web applications - Proven track record of delivering high-quality soluti...

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    Chrome Extension for SNOW 3 ditë left

    I am looking for a skilled developer to create a Chrome Extension for ServiceNow. The extension should have the following functionality: - We have set of buttons with Pre-defined dropdowns (template) - Selecting the specified template should auto-populate the Incident fields in Agent workspace in Latest version of SNOW The timeframe for the project completion is 3 days. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong proficiency in Chrome Extension development - Experience in creating customizable user interfaces - Ability to work quickly and efficiently to meet the 3-day timeframe

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    We have attached one button on the Linkedin. which is connected via our google chrome extension. Now we need to add new functionality. for example we need to open one window when click on our extension. By that we can show complete data of that particular user. There are many websites are using above method such as Lusha, zoominfo, apollo, easyleads. When click on button we need to show to user its mobile number, email. This feature will make easy to get a single person mobile number or email.

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    ...Platform Android + iOS: Flutter coding. The map in the app must be OSM - OpenStreetMap. So we only require from the mobile phone the Longitude + Latitude. Important for Android Developments So it is of importance that the Android development has to be GMS (Google Market Services) independent. No use of Google Services or Google Play or other Google-Android services. It must be Native Android / AOSP OS (Operating System) operational. Local Logging + API Connectivity So every X-Time the GPS Localisation + Map App must transmit its location with the exact time stamp. Our dashboard has the ability to correlate the time stamps and bind the detections to the exact location. With Login + In-side App Capabilities We have a detailed project description available for you. Including sec...

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    I am looking for a Chrome extension developer to create a chrome extension that allows users(google chrome profile) to switch between network adapters on Windows. Functionality: - The extension should provide a list of available network adapters for manual selection for each google chrome profile - It should not automatically switch between network adapters based on certain conditions. Compatibility: - The extension should be compatible with all versions of Chrome and Windows. User Interface: - Basic functionality is all that matters, so there are no specific design preferences or special user interface requirements. - However, the extension should be user-friendly for easy navigation and usability. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in de...

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    Procuramos profissional freelancer e/ou independente que assegure participação e colaboração em projecto com cliente, com qualificações e experiência para implementar e assegurar em duas obras, uma em Braga e outra em Viseu, para execução das actividades e funções propostas pelo dono de ob...cliente. Aos interessados queiram enviar curriculum vitae e apresentação para assim como as condições e honorários em regime de prestação de serviços que está interessado/a para realizar durante um ano com rotinas no limite e no máximo semanais, salvo situações extraordinárias que será assim consideradas e suportadas. Consideramo...

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    Chrome Extension Devloper 3 ditë left

    You will be having A extension files Your task is to identify the hook from where coupon data is fetched within our Chrome extension. The hook currently returns JSON format data. However, instead of the hook returning the data, we want you to save the same data and configure the extension to read it from your system, localhost, or any other URL, such as GitHub or any public hosting location. Instructions (Step-by-Step): 1) Identify the Hook: Start by examining the Chrome extension's codebase to identify the specific function or hook responsible for fetching coupon data. 2) Modify the Code: Once you've identified the hook, modify the code to save the fetched data to a JSON file. 3) Host the JSON File: Host the JSON file containing the coupon data on your pref...

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