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    graphic designer Ka përfunduar left

    help me draw my design on computer

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    Alter some Images Ka përfunduar left

    Just give me an give me an give me an give me an give me an outcome.

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    One of the most required skillset is blending images using mask luminosity with bracketed Equirectangular images. We will shoot 3 images with EV-2, EV0, EV+2 and we expect you to blend images to hide shadows and mask over-exposed areas. Visit Link See Point no.2 - World Class Editing () for better understanding.

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    ...thats provided: def water_flow_out(water_pumped_daily, water_base_mass, time_interval): 2 """ 3 Parameters: 4 water_pumped_daily (float): water transferred to upper 5 reservoir during the day [kg] 6 water_base_mass (float): the mass of water in the reservoir at 7 the start of every day (i.e. before upward pumping 8 commences) [kg] 9 time_interval (float): discrete time increment used during the 10 computer simulation [sec] 11 12 Returns: 13 tuple[float]: tuple of the outflows of water out in 14 each time interval as water is released under gravity [kg] We have also been given this code aswell to help: #Task 3 from math import sqrt GRAVITY = 9.81 WATER_DENSITY = 1000 # [kg/m^3] RESERVOIR_FOOTPRINT = 200 * 200 # [m^2] OUTLET_AREA = 1 # [m^2] MAIN_PROMPT = "&q...

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    We have some production server running Apache2 web server with arund 100 virtual host per server. We want to be able to monitor the workload generated by each single virtual host in order to identify it a specific customer it is geneating too much load. We need help in order to properly configure apache and to activate monitoring tools so that we can achieve this goal. Wou'll NOT get access to production server so we need instruction on what to do. Thank you

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    Hi Arif, we have another small job. It's just 3 images and should be easy deepetch. Link below. // Jo

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    "Anyone from Bangladesh, do not apply" I Need to add some functions and speed up the website, There is no mention of specific tasks and can run for long periods of time. my website 01. Need Website Speed Fast (Mobile 80+ and computer 90+ performance minimum on ) 02. Need Auto Product Reload on Home Page, 03. Some color changes. 04. And another function is required, this function name I don't know. But I know how it works. This will be discussed in more messages. Job Proposal First Write "Bigazoo" To Make Sure You Read All Of The Message

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    Trophy icon Build a simple GIF generator 2 ditë left

    Here is a simple CSS GIF I made: Using a free, stable, and legal GIF generator, please build and share a script (via JS Fiddle or something) that can capture a CSS animation. 25-30 frames per second (FPS), please. Attached is an acceptable example (I used Snagit to make it... but Snagit isn't scalable - I need to do this p... 25-30 frames per second (FPS), please. Attached is an acceptable example (I used Snagit to make it... but Snagit isn't scalable - I need to do this programmatically). It should record the smallest space possible, but get all the animation in there (we're going to be generating a lot of GIFs and it'd be nice if they were small :D). For this contest, please upload and submit the GIF you generated using your code.

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    Hiring Afiliate Marketers 6 ditë left

    We are looking for affiliate marketers to help promote our products/services and generate sales. As a company, we specialize in Jewelry and are looking for individuals who have a proven track record in ...Ability to work independently and manage their own affiliate network. Experience in using various marketing channels to promote products/services. Familiarity with affiliate marketing software. The selected candidates will be provided with the necessary promotional materials such as banners, links, etc. to help them promote our products/services. They will also receive a 10%commission for each sale generated through their affiliate network and a 40% discount code for them and for any one who uses their link. We are looking for dedicated and experienced affiliate marketers to join...

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    Patent drawings 6 ditë left

    I'm looking for an experienced freelancer to help create patent drawings for a project I'm working on. The drawings will be of a mechanical nature and will be done using computer aided designs. Please note that I have a specific deadline for this project, so any applicants need to be able to work quickly and accurately. If you believe that you have the experience and expertise needed for this project, please apply.

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    As part of a job related assessment, I urgently require assistance to complete the tasks specified in the PDF file. It requires using Microsoft PowerPoint to complete a 15 minute presentation. I am unable to do this personally due to my health preventing me from sitting in front of a computer for a long period. I need this task completed no later than end of Sunday 2nd April, 2023 as the content used in this presentation will be presented to management next week. For the second part of the task, I have also attached the MS Word job description for reference. I am looking for a professional with strong attention to detail, excellent writing skills (UK English), is able to follow the above guidelines and information contained within the attachment in order to create a visually appe...

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    Custom PowerPoint and images 6 ditë left

    I need to build a professional, high-quality, looking PowerPoint with automatic m...really would like to collaborate with somebody as I build the PowerPoint overtime and may need adjustments. I will also need approximately 10 to 15 custom graphics that explain the various concepts in a visual format. I’m looking for somebody that’s not just an individual but has a team of graphics people that can help do multiple images at the same time. I will describe the idea of the image, and will need to collaborate and make edits with each of the images to get it, right. I will add the Contant text and speaking notes to the slide, and then will need the graphics people to create graphics that match the text for each slide. I will need the PowerPoint, Photoshop, and desi...

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    We are looking to find someone to retype and convert 104 written images that are in English into a word document for an existing business. The estimated word count is under 1000. The right freelancer should have superior typing skills, as well as attention to detail, so accuracy is not compromised in the final document. A speed of completion would be appreciated, but quality of work is first priority. Please denote any applicable experience in your proposal.

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    You are to test a website. Write for details in chat. Also state in your bid please whether you have a computer or not

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    Need a graphic designer right now to create some ad images for a law firm 3 Graphics Needed

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    We are looking for senior IT Engineers to support in house projects and customer networks. Primary work will be performed remotely. Must have excellent internet service and reliable working computer. We are primarily looking for engineers in North America or able to work with our clients between 4:00am - 6:00pm PST. Must be able to speak and write proficiently in English. If you meet the criteria below and are interested in complex IT projects let me know. We have enough work for 2-4 full time team members. I will need a formal CV/Resume for all applicants before you will be considered. If you send me a generic chat you will not be considered. This posting is for individuals only. We cannot hire other organizations for this position. This type of position requires signifi...

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    I have several thousand JPG files I need duplicated and renamed. Step 1: I have 1,548 jpgs. I need these images duplicated and renamed. Each image needs to be duplicated 12-16 times. In total, I need 23,626 images with new names. I have a folder with the original 1,548 jpgs and an Excel file with the 23,626 new names. Step 2: I need the 23,626 images created in Step 1 duplicated and renamed. The first portion of the name will be the same, but the extension will change. For example, image needs to be duplicated and renamed B08WVGKBS4.SWCH.jpg. In the end, I should have 23,626 files with new names ending in and 23,626 files with new names ending in

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    CORRECT VALUE 9 ditë left

    Correcting 30-32 A.I. generated photos and adding a realistic touch

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    I am looking to find someone to retype and convert 104 written images that are in English into a word document for an existing business. The estimated word count is under 1000. The right freelancer should have superior typing skills, as well as attention to detail, so accuracy is not compromised in the final document. A speed of completion would be appreciated, but quality of work is first priority. Please denote any applicable experience in your proposal.

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    Photo correction 6 ditë left

    I created A.I. generated photos and they came out great but they need a little correction. Mainly in the eyes, teeth and hands. I also want the pictures to look as real as possible so maybe adding some grain or some effect to make it look genuine

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    Have an internal web page that is visible on the local WAMP server. The url is (internal use only). When we try to access from any computer other than the WAMP (localhost machine). We get permission denied. Goal is to allow this web site visibility at local computer in our building (*not public internet). The WAMP machine is a Windows 10 Pro and the WAMP version WAMP is 64 bit Apache v 2.4.54 PHP v 8.0.26

    €36 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Required at least 50 reviews & 98% completed Work from 8:00 to 12:00 CET or 13h00 to 17h00 CET Monday to Friday 20 hours per week ---- No Breaks, whenever we contact must be replying Available to work using: - Whatsapp group where we discuss the tasks, collaborate, answer questions - Anydesk installed if needed to show or fix something on the freelancer computer - Trello, some knowledge of how works - Google Meet Research Product Information / Specifications - Laptops - Desktops - Parts Data Entry - Create Products and/or Listings - GS1 - Shopify - Ebay, Amazon, and other marketplaces - Able to write text summary from bigger texts Payment weekly, so please select the amount on the BID per hour

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    Various community sketch designs 6 ditë left

    architectural urban conceptual sketches I am looking for an artist that can create custom sketch designs for tiny home communities, similar to the sample provided. I do not want computer generated graphics unless they can match the architectural look and feel of the sample. These are concept designs that we will use for proposals, and when we move to the next phase of a development, we would look for a 3D version, possibly with a fly-through. Sample artwork showing your style is required.

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    We have a website, from which users can book hotels or packages. 1. We need a coupons feature to be added that can be generated from the backend and can be applied from the UI during checkout 2. Rating feature is needed where users who have stayed in hotels can give rating to the hotels and same will be reflected in the UI for the hotels. ExpressJs Framework for building RESTful APIs with Node js , NextJs, Matx-react tech needed

    €263 (Avg Bid)
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    You are to test a website. Write for details in chat. Also state in your bid please whether you have a computer or not

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    I'm making translation videos as a hobby, but I'm getting busy, so I'd like your help In this project, you are required to correct and add a text file that has already been automatically generated from English. The job entails listening to audio or watching video recordings of English game commentary and transcribing every spoken word into written English. The transcription should be accurate, thorough, and free of errors. Basically, one project consists of 12~13 videos,Each video has 8~15mins and if I find a good person, I would like to continue asking the same person to help me. Thanks

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    a draging images react webpage 6 ditë left

    I want to build a webpage for users to edit and design an image with provided images. let's say in this example, here will be 4 shapes, like shown in attachment. The image for each shape will be provided by us. I need code written in ReactJS to do the following: - Allow users to drag elements from the library on the right onto the area on the left - When dragged on the left, the elements must clip to the bottom line like shown above - The elements can be dragged horizontally - When an element is dragged, push the other elements to make space for the element that’s being dragged - Elements should touch each other, leaving no space in between and no overlapping

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    We are looking for a Java developer who can do Technical reviews, Code reviews & Mentor the Team Well-versed with Java language, Core Java, Client-side programming, Server-side programming, and J2EE technologies. Knowledge of presentation languages such as JSP, HTML, Style Sheets, and JavaScript. Familiarity with AJAX, JQuery, and equivalen...products to ensure strong functionality & optimization. Recommend improvements to existing software programs as necessary. Required Experience, Skills, and Qualifications. Qualifications and Skills Should have good written and verbal communication skills. He/ She should have managed a small team of developers and should possess the ability to mentor developers and guide them Education:- , Computer science, , B.E, MCA or any IT-relevan...

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    ...transformation projects which includes the application of latest technologies concepts like re-factoring of apps, implement Microservice Architecture, Micro-frontend etc. *Please bid with your per month charges* - Role is a full time role - 40 hours per week. - Fluency in english is mandatory. - NDA will be signed before the contract will be offered. Requirements: Bachelor's or Master's degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related field At least 8 years of experience in software development Strong programming skills in at least one of the following languages: Java, Python, JavaScript, Lua, Ruby, or C++ Knowledge of NodeJS, Redact, JavaScript ES2016+, CSS Experience with RESTful API's Experience with agile methodologies and project management t...

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    ...clients. They are looking for a freelancer with experience in 3D modeling, animation, rigging, and texturing. // YOUR TASKS // - You create real-time interactive scenes for augmented and virtual reality in Unity 3D. - You work with 3D modeling, animation, rigging, texturing. - You prepare CAD models. - You are responsible for co-designing visual concepts. // THAT'S YOU // - You have a degree in computer visualisation, 3D design or a comparable field. - You bring experience with 3D game engines, preferably Unity 3D. - You have outstanding skills in at least one 3D modeling software, preferably Blender or Maya. - You have experience creating PBR materials in, for example, Substance Painter and Designer or comparable software. - You bring experience in creating mid and low-po...

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    Computer usage by the hour 10 orё left

    We are running a golf simulator business, and we need a software that a client when starts the pc introduce a code and the computer will run with the simulatores for the time bought, after that it goed in hibernating mode. When a new cliente comes, he inserts the new code that he bought from our website and it will run for another hour ( or the time he bought )

    €250 - €751
    I cilësuar Urgjent I vulosur
    €250 - €751
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    I am looking for an experienced developer to install and help me run a public python program from github. The purpose of the program is Analysis & Visualisation, however, I currently do not possess relevant coding knowledge but I would like to learn while working on this project. The program already exists; I just need it to run on my own computer, the developer must provide ample instructions and support in getting it to work. If you have the relevant experience, I welcome your application and look forward to working with you!

    €16 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    We are looking for a developer to work with OpenCV and create a demo app inspired by the provided video. The goal is to develop a proof-of-concept application that demonstrates the capabilities of the technology in a similar manner as showcased in the video.

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    Content Writer 6 ditë left

    Selected responsibilities include: 1. Conducting research on various topics and industries to create ...opportunity to work with a team of experienced professionals, learn new skills, and gain valuable experience in the field of content writing. We encourage you to use any tools or resources at your disposal, including ChatGPT, to help you create high-quality content that resonates with our clients and their target audiences. However, it's important to note that all content generated by our interns should be human-generated and not rely solely on automated programs or algorithms. Additionally, we would like to inform you that this is a 2-month internship with a payment of 100 rupees per article. This payment will be made on a monthly basis for the articles that are ap...

    €11 (Avg Bid)
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    I am looking for someone to set up a startup valuation and stock options structure for my new business. Not only do I need advice on creating an equitable compensation structure, but also need some help on valuation of my startup. My startup is at stage where MVP is launched and early customers are using & revenue is being generated. Since this is a new venture, I need help figuring out the necessary steps that will lead to successful results. My goal is to establish a fair and efficient framework that creates value for my stakeholders. With your help, I am confident that together we can build a strong foundation and fruitful future for my business.

    €219 (Avg Bid)
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    OpenCV Developer for Flutter App 6 ditë left
    VERIFIKUAR in implementing OpenCV in our mobile app. The ideal candidate should have a strong background in computer vision and image processing, as well as experience with OpenCV libraries and tools. Responsibilities: Collaborate with our Flutter team to integrate OpenCV into our mobile app Develop and implement computer vision algorithms using OpenCV libraries and tools Optimize and refine code for maximum efficiency and effectiveness Create high-quality documentation for all code and projects Participate in code reviews and testing to ensure the highest level of quality for all projects Provide technical support to team members and clients as needed Requirements: Strong background in computer vision and image processing Extensive experience with OpenCV libraries and...

    €19 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €19 / hr Oferta mesatare
    26 ofertat

    i need someone who can install in my VPS a docker image and assign it to a subdomain

    €114 (Avg Bid)
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    11 PNG images 6 ditë left

    I have a PDF document with 11 characters. I need them to be extracted individually and saved as a high-resolution PNG image - 11 PNG images in total. There are thin red circles that also need to be removed. Job to be completed within 24 hours. Thank you

    €21 (Avg Bid)
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    I am looking for someone to file a research and write an academic paper on computer science with me as a first author, specifically a journal or conference paper. The language of the paper should be English and the targeted audience is industry professionals. Your responsibility will be to conduct research, develop a topic, and write the paper and publish it. I m gonna use this paper for my visa process so I expect the paper to be published with atleast good number of citations. Money for the filing process could be provided separately. Please remember you are responsible for entire work from start till paper is filled with my name as first author an citation number as decided. Please don't bid blindly without understanding the work.

    €2002 (Avg Bid)
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    ...freelancer to upload 120 plant images to my WooCommerce-based nursery website. Each image will need to be uploaded to an individual product. In addition, a single image needs to be uploaded to all products, resulting in each product having two new images in total. The images are already optimized for web use, so no optimization is necessary. Each image is labeled by its botanical name, which is part of each product title. Requirements: The freelancer should have experience with WooCommerce and be comfortable working with image uploads. They should have a good understanding of how to upload images to individual products. They should also be able to accurately match the botanical name in each title. Deliverables: The freelancer should deliver 120 uploaded pla...

    €49 (Avg Bid)
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    117 ofertat

    I need a Patent to be filed under my name to meet a visa requirement. I need someone who can think of any idea related to computer science field, file the patent with me as first owner and provide the references. I will use this publication for making my visa process stronger. I m willing to pay only if you take care of everything from start to end. I m also interested if you can file a research paper with me as first author with citations over 100 somehow. I can pay extra amount as long as you justify if it is been used properly.

    €1764 (Avg Bid)
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    22 ofertat

    ...and share short-form videos. As you gather feedback and improve the app, you can add more advanced features and monetization options to grow your user base and generate revenue. Continue with the Basic UI computer programming code for the MVP of the best TikTok alternative with User login • Social network accounts • Email and password User profile The app user can modify • Profile picture • Password • Contact details • Name • Gender • Phone number Geolocation features Users can share the location where users took video content or photos. Image and video creation Users can post • Images • Videos Users can apply editing tools • Effects (lip-syncing, stickers, and text) • Filters • Smileys • Emotic...

    €1818 (Avg Bid)
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    I need to create a beautiful 7-10 pages website, niche is ( computer classes or other courses classes) i only need 7-10 main pages rest pages will be created by my team only, content I will provide only images part freelancer needs to take from free sources, WordPress theme also needs to provide by the freelancer only. I will pay 1500 for website creation and for further support for completion of the website I will pay 500 rs where all i need support if my team hot stuck in any part. Start your bid with "understood and agreed 1500" without this I wont consider your bid. Thanks!!

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    Rewrite AI-generated document 6 ditë left

    Rewrite an AI-generated text document (~10 pages) using human language. Delivery acceptance criteria is <50% AI probability score of any document section as per evaluation by the following AI-detection tools:

    €22 (Avg Bid)
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    ...analyze data Work with cloud platforms and data analytics tools to process and visualize IoT data Collaborate with other engineers and stakeholders to ensure successful project delivery Prepare documentation, presentations, and planning materials for IoT projects Provide technical support and maintenance for deployed IoT systems Requirements: Bachelor's or Master's degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or related fields At least 3 years of hands-on experience in designing and developing IoT solutions Strong programming skills in languages such as C/C++, Java, Python, or JavaScript Familiarity with IoT protocols and platforms, such as MQTT, CoAP, AWS IoT, or Azure IoT Experience with data analytics tools and techniques,...

    €506 (Avg Bid)
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    add logo to images and watermark 6 ditë left

    Need someone to add a Logo and watermark to images, there will be about a 250 images and 20 videos

    €18 (Avg Bid)
    €18 Oferta mesatare
    113 ofertat

    ...High Ticket Sales Rep to join our team to identify and secure new clients for our services. You will be selling our annual marketing plans worth $30K, $60K, and $120K, and will need to be able to find leads and close them on our high-ticket packages. is our website, we own two other agencies as well, Firebird Viral and Search Lotus. Commission: 15% commission on each sale generated, which with our packages will be $4,500, $9,000, or $18,000 as a bonus on each annual sale. As for potential earnings, we have some reps making $30,000+ a week. BONUS: this is a probationary period. It is time to prove yourself. After your first sale, we can discuss adding you as a permanent sales rep and giving you your own CRM access with leads, business emails, and other resources. After your

    €18442 (Avg Bid)
    €18442 Oferta mesatare
    1 ofertat

    Please do not apply if you don't understand the scope of the project as explained below... I need a web app created where others can signup and launch an already-made salesfunnel in only few clicks, choosing from any of the themed-designs we make available, and they can even connect their own domain name if they choose to not use the auto-generated free sub-domain, and they should also have a provision to add custom header tags for marketing service such as Facebook pixel, Google tag manager etc.

    €438 (Avg Bid)
    €438 Oferta mesatare
    45 ofertat

    I am looking for an experienced artist to create an AI generated image of an anime character that looks like me who makes beats using a musical beat machine. After completing a questionnaire, the character should be created with a modern style and be very detailed. The image should be publishable on printed items. The artist should be well versed in anime and manga art, as well as having some knowledge of AI and graphics editing techniques. The artist should be able to accurately represent the features of the client to create a lifelike anime character that is true to the clients' personal style and tastes. The artist should use a combination of AI software, graphics editing tools, and traditional art techniques to create the image. The image must be well proportioned, easily...

    €77 (Avg Bid)
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    Hello, I'm looking for someone who can create a Desktop application that can Move 2D images in a X,Y position within a panel. Need to be a Server and multiple clients.

    €121 (Avg Bid)
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