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    I have an old classic ASP online shop that I need help converting to PHP. I've started the conversion but don't have time to learn more PHP and finish the project. There is one primary page "[login to view URL]" that handles displaying the various products. There is also a search engine page to be converted. The [login to view URL] file might have to be adjusted

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    ...or [login to view URL] or [login to view URL] 1. Strong front end HTML5/JQuery/ASP.NET + DESIGNER!!! using latest ASP.NET/ ASP core 1.0 capabilities building sophisticated GUI editor and runtime engine such [login to view URL] or [login to view URL] or [login to view URL] using latest Comprehensive

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    I'm looking for someone that can convert our designed PSD's into responsive html/asp files. Attached is the layout.

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    We have a web application written in classic ASP that we wish to convert the programming layer to PHP. We want to keep the UI, HTML, JavaScript, JQuery and SQL Server Database the same. The goal would be to do a direct translation of the website. Please see the two attached files for examples of the code that would need to be translated.

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    This is the html page [login to view URL], this is just an example i don't want you to set up anything in my server, all you need to do is convert this html to an page. My page uses bootstrap and a inline script, it has to be considerer. I'll send you all files and you have to send it back to me converted to aspx write "potato" in your entry

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    Hello , Splice Convert PSD to htmlCSS 3dCART I am looking to talk with a developer whom has experience with 3dcart software. I believe 3d cart requires asp and .net knowledge, as well as usual PHP. I will provide you with psds of HOME page which you must implement with my instructions. I will be online daily to guide you EXCELLENT attention

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    I need help a ASP NET developer to build me a templated ASP NET control. I already implemented the control as a UserControl, and now need to convert the UserControl to a WebControl. For this reason, all I need is a relatively barebones implementation. Attached are 2 files: * vcontrol [login to view URL] - contains sample control instance/configuration

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    ...tell me that they can do everything!! So read this description and only apply to this job if you are able to do it! I'm searching for a very good PHP ASP AJAX Developer to convert my HTML/CSS files to a [login to view URL] theme. You can find the software info over here: [login to view URL] Please note that i don't do

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    ...classic ASP that are hard-coded in English. We need to "internationalize" our web files so professional translators can translate our sites into various language. Internationalizing the web site code means extracting all of the English text and place it into "resource" files. The web pages then simply [login to view URL] the resource files i...

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    ...this is a problem since Google Chrome Frame is no longer supported. Ericom Access Now provides you with the html files and supporting jquery and css files that are needed to access your AccessNow server from the web. If you can convert these files to be compatible with I.E.8 then that would be great. (We have a page that sits on a web server that is actually

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    Migrate a simple classic ASP application to ASP.NET MVC, preferably version 4 or above. This application manages the records of 1 table of contacts, with 5 fields. It has 3 basic functionalities: search, insert and update (edit) 1 table: tblContacts. It runs under the domain [login to view URL] and it is active at the moment, but is not accepting

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    Hi, I have two websites that I need to convert to a CMS fully functional websites. The websites contains, html, javascript, css and php files. I need to have those in a CMS to change text, images, etc. Could be a Drupal, ASP or Wordpress. The #1 is an eBook, this is the link. [login to view URL] The #2 is more simple. This is the link. http://riverside

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    ...Windows Desktop Application that was developed in house using VB.NET that we use internally. The program is now showing its age and we are looking to move with the times and convert it over to ASP.NET with a web presented front end. A complete user interface overhaul is required. New icons, colour schemes, buttons and form design is required suitable

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    Convert our web based, parts stock app, from access to MySQL. The app is written in classic ASP, HTML and some javascript/jquery with AJAX. No changes should be required to the html or javascript. All that is required is to go through the ASP code making changes where required to enable the MySQL db to be used. The scripts must remain in “Classic

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    ...that come up occasionally. This is a sample project. More work to follow. (In the past, I've done all of our ASP coding. I'd like to outsource those occassional tasks (especially since we're using **TASKS** Convert the attached .aspx page from an input by selecting from a Drop Down List to buttons. There are 4 choices in

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    ...project will involve converting an existing ASP webpage (using vbscript) and a Microsoft Access mdb database into to a PHP webpage using mySql database. Winning bidder - I will send you URL so you can see what it looks like and how it runs currently, and I will give you all html, css, asp and vbscript files, and a portion of the MS Access database

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    Final files must be HTML and optimized to load as fast as possible. No PHP, ASP, etc. Must be willing to sign a nondisclosure agreement Convert existing flash menu to non-flash with rollover effect. Text of buttons should be editable in html not embedded in the rollover images. Banner will be 3 layers (css, not image layers) 1. Scenic Background

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    ...project I am working on that needs so professional experience. Please bear with me as I do my best to explain the project. The current site is located at [login to view URL] (ASP site) The new site, which we are working on is at [login to view URL] (PHP site) The software used to manage the Pool can be downloaded (as a trial) here: [login to view URL]

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    We are looking to convert an existing Classic ASP site into Drupal, the current site is built using VBScript and MS SQL plus external XML lookups which are transformed using XSLT. The site currently has approx. 30 pages some of which are static HTML which can become nodes in Drupal, some are external XML lookups with matching XSLT, however the vast

    €170 - €254
    €170 - €254
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    This Project is to convert a website to Joomla, insert the content and make a few adjustments. The site is [[login to view URL]][1] ## Deliverables This Project is to convert a website to Joomla, insert the content and make a few adjustments. The site is <[login to view URL]> . The design/layout must be kept exactly the way it is

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    ...photoshop files that are ready to go, i need someone to slice them according to my specs and format/convert to html template pages for a website. Theres 2 pages (one main page, and another that will be used for website inner pages) Each page contains a flash header, which i will also give you. The finished project will be ready to upload html files that

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    ...and a final test/quiz after the last chapter. All of the student information is currently sitting in a mySQL database and the website currently utilizes ASP, VBscript, javascript, some ajax and HTML. The basic flow of this site goes like this: student finds website, student signs up for class, reads 10 chapters of text, takes a quiz after each of

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    I have a site on a Windows server which has VBScript code in the html. I want to migrate the site to a Linux server and convert the VBScript code to whatever so that it works on the Linux server. The existing html files are in fact .asp. The code works fine so no logic problems just conversion to whatever works on a Linux server. Step 1, ask the

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    ...that can convert the images we provide into html and css files. Details: We are a software development company and we are looking for an experienced and skillful provider that we can outsource our html/css tasks. As a trial, we are posting captures of two screens from a web site we like and we want them to be converted into html and CSS files. T...

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    ...the source files (html and flash). I need someone to help me convert the template into a Joomla template (compatible with version 1.5.x) in such a way that in the future I will update only the article sections. You can preview the template here: [login to view URL] (I already have the source files) There are

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    ...followings:- ASP Install and configure an online store as a demo, database using 1)MS Access 2)MS SQL (We provide software) PDF Using [login to view URL] A PHP class to generate PDF files from HTML with Unicode/UTF-8 and CJK support Enable PDF fillable form we created ( We'll create form by MS Word, then convert it to PDF format

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    Hello ! We have a class in PHP that we'd like to use in an ASP application. The class has about 300 lines of coding and we need that rewritten to work in classic asp (not .net, but asp 3.0) ## Deliverables The coding is used to track real time visitors on different websites. It has a main include file with a class and we run a command in the

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    ...template The PDF Files will be the PDF versions of the 3 excel files and the 1 html file EMERGENCY: This is a holiday weekend for me and with family in town, I am not able to finish this work, most of which should be done by Monday 10:00 a.m. 70% has been done(but in some cases not tested) and/or can be copy pasted from other files included in zip.

    €25 - €127
    €25 - €127
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    Need CSS/HTML guru I am working on developing several HTML pages for a website which will later be programmed into ASP. My job is to create the artwork comps and convert to HTML/CSS. There a total of 7 pages (homepage + 6), and I have already converted the homepage to HTML. Now I need your help converting the remaining 7. I will provide a

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    I want a Text Ads Generator script that convert the words to a hyperlink for a site like Clickbank. Here's an example for you. Let's say you have a website about self-improvement; [login to view URL] On your website, you have an article about "mind programming". It reads: "... One of the best self-improvement methods

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    ...My application was originally using ghtmldoc to convert HTML files to PDF files, but the application does not work on godaddy in an ASP 3.5 environment. Why, the ghtmldoc requires Full Trust and godaddy servers can only offer Medium Trust in the 3.5 environment. I cannot convert my application to ASP 1.1 for Full Trust, so I'm seeking an...

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    Hi, I am looking for people to convert my asp files to html. I want it in 1 day 24 hours. I am ready to pay $50 for this project. I will provide the files and i want them back in exactly 24 hours. Thanks

    €25 - €212
    €25 - €212
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    ...has four frames. I have managed to 'convert' three of them to asp. However, the company listing in the right hand frame is controlled by a cgi script and is slightly more complicated than the rest! There are roughly 60 lines not working script including some straightforward database queries and the html output. I will be responsible for

    €25 - €4240
    €25 - €4240
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    I have a website in developed in ASP .NET for which I need to implement Helicon ISAPI_Rewrite to translate internal dynamic links to generate the external structure that we require. The website is a working website with links like the following for instance: [login to view URL];cat=tips Using Helicon ISAPI_Rewrite

    €25 - €212
    €25 - €212
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    ...GEDCOM file to HTML. GEDCOM files are created by software such as: [login to view URL] Learn more at: [login to view URL] In need of this file format to be converted to HTML displaying a family tree, I know that there are many software applications out there that convert it to HTML, but i need

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    I have a classic asp application which I want to be converted to ASP.NET (C#). The application demo is at [login to view URL] It's a web based file manager. The app contains about 60 asp files. Most of them are a page or two of code & html. Requirements: - Convert code and html into (C#) - all C# code must be in code behind -

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    Need a skilled CSS/HTML person to code 4 pages. Very simple job for someone who knows what they're doing. The actual files to convert are done in ASP but you don't really need to know ASP to do this job - but it would definitely be an advantage. Click the below to view the screens we need done: [login to view URL]

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    ...button controls labeled “Process?? and “Done??, and? a multi-line text box on a different page that is hosted inside of an iFrame 2. When the page is initially displayed, the ASP code (“code behind??) should open an XML file stored on disk and parse a line of text from that file.? The XML tags in the file do not matter as long as it is syntactically correct

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    Hello, Please see the attached 4 graphic files. The client already has a shopping cart built, in ASP .NET. They just want to take the attached design, and make their shopping cart look like this. Basically, you will need to convert it to CSS / HTML, but since the cart is in ASP .NET it's important you have that experience to be able to work with their

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    6 ofertat selling files & donwloading it after paying using paypal & googlecheckout. Means. a SImpl works for someone master in php along with e-commerce projects. Actually it will be a kind of scripts manipulations. Work is to make an exiting site which is in asp to convert it in PHP. Designs will be provided with the html and 1 inner

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