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    ...of a shrimp fisherman with a bucket hat in the ocean fishing with human bait as the human is holding on to the reel and looking at infested shark waters he is trembling and sweating up a storm, the shrimp is bigger than the human in the drawing and he makes a remark saying (Lets Change This Up A Bit) i also want the graphic to have my comoany's abbreviation

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    ...representatives, protectors of nature, people with active life rhythm, or with certain physiological features, who need an increased level of foot hygiene, namely lack of sweating, swelling or odor, softness and antibacterial effect. Must be written in English (US) without spelling and grammatical mistakes. The total should be about 2500 words. Initially

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    I personally struggle with an excessive sweating problem. I’ve tried several deodorant products to help cope with the problem including regular deodorants as well as natural products with no success. I’m not willing to turn to prescribed medicine or surgery to solve my sweating problem. So, I’ve decided to tackle the problem on my own. The mission is

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    I personally struggle with an excessive sweating problem in the armpits. The sweating usually begins when I’m in a high stress environment such as a business meeting (I’m a Commercial Banker in my day job) or social settings with large groups of people. I’ve tried several deodorant products to help cope with the problem including regular deodorants

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    [Buff Buds] 2 buds of Marijuana happy positive logo Fitness with cannabis Big Muscular characters shaped like cannabus colas that looks like a trimmed Cann...shaped like cannabus colas that looks like a trimmed Cannabis Buds. In detail I would like the veins of the characters to look like cannabis pistols, with both characters Sweating sticky Terpenes

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    We are formulating an all natural deodorant that will fight excessive sweating. No more being self conscious in social settings or high level business meetings. Our product will allow you to avoid harmful chemicals or surgical procedures to fight excessive sweating.

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    Trophy icon New Logo Design Ended

    ...machine that treats excessive sweating (hyper hydrosis) in the palms and sole of the feet. We are considering brand names such as 1. No Sweat 2. Dri Derma The tagline options for the 1st brand name - [login to view URL] Sweat or The Sweat Stops Here The tagline options for 2nd brand name - Sweat No More or Stop Sweating. Start Living The designer

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    ...ride from the heart of LA. We are on the lookout for an individual who seeks a position at the cutting edge of web development. All candidates must work with speed and enjoy sweating over tight deadlines. They must live to code and not be happy until they’ve seen a project through from insemination to birth to that first day at kindergarten. Who are

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    ...tell from the expression that this is significantly harder. Maybe the character is sweating or puffing. And finally the expert illustration could then feature the same character again lifting a really heavy barbell. Now the character is totally red in the face and sweating a lot. This is seriously hard. Please note, the illustrations doesn't have to be

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    ...has 5 Frames Frame 1: The character is shown running slow. He is huffing, puffing, sweating, and has a frown on his face. He is turning a bit red. He says something like 'ummph' Frame 2: His running increases to a medium pace. He stops huffing puffing and sweating. The frown turns to a slight smile. He is no longer red. He says something like 'ok'

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    I need a logo designed. I want to sell ten unique items and want the logo to be a cartoonish man struggling and sweating carrying a box full of goodies . Also it is very important that the TenEssentials is either around the object or centered and prominent .

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    ...[login to view URL] "...because it exposes the truth of how anybody who spends hours working out. Sweating in the gym… Killing themselves on fancy machines… Are all WASTING their time. " Footage to overlay: [login to view URL]

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    Deals with environmental physio...both normothermic (T=21°C) and hyperthermic (T=35°C) conditions at rest and during moderate-intensity exercise. More specifically, the cardiovascular, cardiorespiratory, sweating and temperature responses will be evaluated. Measurements are available. Comparison of the two is required and evaluation of results.

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    ...should show - HIIT training (for example somebody who is doing burpees) - Add the tags "STRENGTH", "POWER", "ENDURANCE" - Show for example a trained back during workout (sweating) - Add the Text "C-FIT - HIIT & CORE TRAINING" - "JOIN US AND CREATE YOUR BEST YOU". Music and Dramaturgie like this video: [login to view URL]

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    ...stand out, you can place one, three, etc on the design. Use any imagesm textures or colors you want for background Retouch the photo(s) to make it look like the glass is sweating You can also retouch the photos to boost the colours, but keep it realistic look. We are looking for elements and colors that could create the sense of thirst and desire

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    ...carefully handpicked, tried and tested to ensure you are only offered the best. Prices: Anti Wrinkle Injections : -1 area £170, -2 areas £240, -3 areas are £270 -excess Sweating from £400 Dermal Fillers from £195 ProfHilo £295 Perfect Peel £350 Fire and Ice Peel £99 IV Vitamins from £150 Skin Care: reason...

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    ...Plugin, Unlimited Fully Configurable Invoice Formats, Multi Company management, Intelligent Outstanding Analysis. This means you will not have to spend your valuable time sweating over details of any inventory related or accounting related issue. With “Business ERP”, you need to ensure the accuracy while keying in your invoices, thereafter all documents

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    2 ofertat weight lift. I do it for my own personal enjoyment. One of my biggest struggles is trying to find workout clothes that fit how I like, clothing that isn't to thick I'm sweating before I even begin my workout, something that is not see through when I squat, tights I don't have to pull up every time I take a step and thay are not $90.00 an item. I

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    Need 6 illustr...4th page will be all of us smiling (just head shots with the sea in the background). 5th page will be mummy and daddy running and sweating. 5th page will be the little boy in the pram with daddy pushing behind, sweating and a smile on the little boys face. 6th page will be the little boy in shorts singlet and little nike running shoes

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    85 ofertat can pull code, merge, commit and push back without hestiation - Deployment 101 - you know enough about servers to deploy Wordpress between a stage and live site without sweating that the live site will go down forever Bonus skills: we're small and lean and value lots of hats. Make sure we know if you can also: - Know Wordfence plugin well =

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    design book cover A4 2 designs to choose 1 brownish beige theme about (pilot , stress. cabin, canopy, sweating face of pilot , military ..etc) its cover for my book tited : " operational combat stressors among pilots) budget = 15-30$ time = 2 days

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    ...reasonable support and comfort for the breast, and hide the nipples in all situation (cold, excitement...). - Made from polyester fabric - Light (don't cause over-heating or sweating) - Invisible under the t-shirt - Cost efficient - Freelancer should have a background in Fashion/textile design and/ or be a modelist/stylist Additionally, the freelancer

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    Trophy icon Cartoonic Artwork for Gym Ended

    ...“CERTIFIED PERSONAL TRAINER” certificate, a protein shake bottle and a vape (which is a vaporizer with large rectangular battery and a nozzle). This person has no towel and is sweating profusely with visible sweat stains all over the workout bench. 2) The mother of the guy above wearing a “NUMBER 1 MOTHER” or “BEST MOTHER” apron. She is holding a to...

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    ...the model 2) rig 3) animated it weighing itself, then doing certain exercises like running, lighting weights, wheel chair basket ball, golf, soccer, tennis, rugby and sweating as it loses weight at the end as it scales again after all the exercises, Tips: there needs to a lot of morphing between the balls from the different spring codes

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    Hi rolandval, I want just to keep in touch with you for future projects. I like your style and I'm starting a small business soon (still sweating for the financing, bank loans ...etc.) In few weeks I hope we can talk about how you can contribute to few projects. It's basically it's a small motel in nature. The business is not attractive enough

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    ...animation? The animation I’m thinking of would be for online purposes – possibly TVC. We would like a 10 second animation showing the cockatoo walking in extreme heat, sweating and head down, tail dragging. An air cooling unit then falls from the sky landing next to him with a thud and blasting him with cool air. He then spins around finishing in

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    I need some graphic design. I have a children's book called "Cleaning for a Cookie". It's about a boy who is about 5 or 6 who wants...For the Mom I just wanted a cartoon mother with an apron. For each cleaning part I wanted the boy to dust with socks on his hands or when he is taking out the trash he is sweating and his face can tell it is heavy, etc.

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    Looking to make a movie poster. Attached are two sample ideas. I like the darker one. But the text of the PDF file....sample ideas. I like the darker one. But the text of the PDF file. I would like for her to be retouched and made to look thinner and give her more of a wet look like is is sweating, and sexier. Maybe even a bit bloody. Grungy is good.

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    Hi, I recently started a fitness apparel line called Active shapers. We currently sell leggings that help people lose more weight by sweating due to the special fabric its made off. i have the product listed on [login to view URL] but i need help making my product seen and getting traffic to my product page. I am looking to get some help from an expert in this

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    I would like an animation that illustrates a man that have difficulties that have difficulties lifting a round bucket. The man shall bend over while grabbing the bucket with his hands. It's important to illustrate that the man is suffering/sweating. The man should look funny and maybe fat :-) . I need the file to be in vector and printable.

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    Need a mascot for a technology company. We are a timekeeping solution provider ...The phone shows "You are currently outside of the location where you are allowed to punch." 4. John shows up at the same construction site (showing Joe at work; maybe John sweating). John holds his phone to clock in to work, with a big grin and little "Oops" bubble.

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    ...from each one of you, I will start working for the rest of the 37 websites with all of you, 2 of you or none of you. So yes, this is not about only 1 project. You're not sweating to get "some" money. I need you long term. I need someone that will understand my crowd and keep me happy for years. Your job will be to write an Email Followup sequence

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    ...whiteboard, pen on napkin - Mastery of one or more prototyping tools: Framer, Flinto, Principle, Pixate, Origami, HTML/CSS/JS, After Effects - Passion for motion design and sweating over subtle microinteractions - Strong visual design skills and background designing for systems (Styleguides, Patterns) - Experience designing for responsive web & native

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    ...we discussed. It should be at least 1024 x 768 in size It will be printed on the front of a white t-shirt Cartoon man will be offering hugs (arms extended) and he will be sweating heaps and have a funny look on his face with his tounge hanging out. The words in larger font of "FREE HUGS" should be on the image and in a smaller font in between the words

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    We took some pictures (13), one of our client was sweating a lot. I need an expert to remove the sweats from the picture. I have attached a sample for you to fix to prove that it is possible to remove the sweat.

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    ...animation, I will provide the voiceover and music as well as a detailed storyboard. The premise is that a person is trying to open a jar and they are unable to open it after sweating and straining. They go to a computer and take an online survey and then are presented with the resolution, which is a container that is easy to open. Also, I need this done

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    Trophy icon Design me a Product Ended

    ...easy. There should be no demos or how to videos on how the band functions. The second is comfort. How comfortable the band is against the skin while the athlete is moving and sweating must be taken into consideration when choosing the material. The band is, ideally, no wider than a wide watchband, but open to suggestions. Style is important as well. Colors

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    ...incident – Possible Food Illness/Foreign Object/Food Allergen/Quality What time did symptoms start what where symptoms – Nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhea, Stomach Cramps, Fever/Sweating, headache, Dehydration, OTHER-input box (drop down box/check box, ability to add more multiple select What did customer believe caused illness What allergen was involved

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    1. Sending an air kiss 2. Driving a car (facing us), smiling 3. Wearing an American football helmet, aggressi... With a Pinocchio face, embarrassed 15. With star glasses, smilling 16. “It wasn’t me” face 17. Wearing rubber boots, standing under an umbrella in the rain, sad 18. Sweating in the heat 19. With a crown with an important face

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    "Work without leaving your couch!" Create a logo for - thus he is in an "armchair" but he is still a mechanic. A mechanic laying on a couch answering questions is an example. It is meant to appeal to mechanics who are sweating on a shop, who would rather just answer questions from the comfort of their own home or office.

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    ...inguinal, inframammary, genital, and perineal areas of the body. It is also referred to as acne inversa (AI). HS Explained: [login to view URL] > Dermnet Skin Disease Atlas Image Database [login to view URL] ...

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    ...inguinal, inframammary, genital, and perineal areas of the body. It is also referred to as acne inversa (AI). HS Explained: [login to view URL] > Dermnet Skin Disease Atlas Image Database [login to view URL] ...

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    ...inguinal, inframammary, genital, and perineal areas of the body. It is also referred to as acne inversa (AI). HS Explained: [login to view URL] > Dermnet Skin Disease Atlas Image Database [login to view URL] THE PROJECT: Logo design REQUIREMENTS:

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    ...aesthetic medicine. We provide high quality anti-wrinkle treatments using BOTOX® and Dermal fillers. In addition we also specialise in lip enhancements, treatments of excessive sweating and mole/skin tag removals. Our clinic is based in Harley Street, London. We are now able to provide our anti-wrinkle treatments in the comfort of your own home. Discounts

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    ...aesthetic medicine. We provide high quality anti-wrinkle treatments using BOTOX® and Dermal fillers. In addition we also specialise in lip enhancements, treatments of excessive sweating and mole/skin tag removals. Company contact details such as phone number 020 7164 6165, website and email address for booking an appointment: bookings@[login to view URL]

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    ... Unlike most workout gloves on the market, you can actually wash them! As I see it, Fashion and fitness are merging. Everyone loves a good sweat and my goal is to make sweating sexy. PROPS will be available at the high end fitness studios and gyms like Exquinox, Barry's Bootcamp, SLT, and high end fitness apparel retailers like Bandier and online

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