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    Tyre Retreads Machine & Matrix work.

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    1. I need an Autocad (version 2020) dynamic block for windows. It has to be exactly as described in the attached file. 2. Scale a Autocad drawing based on pdf dimensions

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    I want to 3D print a copy of an old vase for flower arrangements. The outer diameter shall be 450 mm. In order to print in Ultimaker 2+ it will be necessary to print out e.g. 4 parts and glue these together after the printing. So the .stl file(s) should reflect this. The attached photos show how the old vase looks. I want to get a 3D print file which can allow me to print a vase as close to the one shown in the photos as possible, but it does not need to have exactly the same measurements.

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    Literature review on smart cities 6 ditë left

    Contact for more details. The project is related to computer engineering

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    Can you help me understand how to determine the forces acting on this frame when resting on the ground and when being lifted via the lifting yes

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    Trophy icon Cool Earth Project 2 ditë left

    We need a logo for a new research organization that will address climate change through balancing the earths temperatures. The project will develop new types of solar cells that directs heat into space. The goal is to move heat fro...semiconductor materials, and climate modeling while assessing the human and biological impact. The outcome of the research will lower climate temperature, improve agricultural production, and generate more renewable electricity in a manner equitable to all. We are open to a new name and acronym if someone can come up with a creative solution. Key words: climate change, climate adaptation, climate engineering, global warming, photovoltaics, solar cells, climate emergency, solar irradiation, social justice, climate justice, societal impact, network, c...

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    Dalmatia Exotics 6 ditë left

    I need a cartoon Dalmatian drawing giving a middle finger salute with a gold bong between his legs.

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    a friend drew a picture of me and some friends years ago but I lost it and all I have is photo of it. I was wondering if anyone could redraw it.

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    ...task is completing a missing data in excel sheet from exciting papers that I will share. Abstract : Requirements engineering is one of the earliest software engineering domains to emerge and develop within the past four decades. A massive amount of research has shaped the way it functions today. Requirements engineering is concerned with how requirements may be related to business objectives, software architecture, and testing and validation. In order to achieve the successful development of a software product, requirements expressed by various stakeholders must be prioritized due to resource constraints. Requirement prioritization is an important part of requirements engineering but is sometimes overlooked or performed in an ad hoc way. Without a well-plann...

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    BilFinger.Inc 6 ditë left

    ...appropriate systems, tools and techniques Report and escalate to management as needed Manage the relationship with the client and all stakeholders Perform risk management to minimize project risks Establish and maintain relationships with third parties/vendors Create and maintain comprehensive project documentation Great educational background, preferably in the fields of computer science or engineering for technical project managers Proven working experience as a project administrator in the information technology sector Solid technical background, with understanding or hands-on experience in software development and web technologies Excellent client-facing and internal communication skills Excellent written and verbal communication skills Solid organizational skills including a...

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    masonry design 6 ditë left

    I have complete an assignment in civil engineering master about masonry design and i have plagiarism of 59% according to the turnitin. I would like to reduce plagiarism to 20%. Do you undertake this kind of project?

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    We are looking for someone to hel...3D model should be compatible with Unity (fbx file) - Around 5 000 - 10 000 triangles (not too detailed) - Around 4K texture files (color map and normal map) - Semi-realistic look, similar to for - Should include editable 3D model file (Maya compatible) and textures (Photoshop compatible) - Logos on vehicle (see attached drawing) should be easy to edit in Photoshop (should be able to type in 2D text in texture file with no distortion on 3D model - We can include high-resolution reference photos and are available for questions - No animations, rigs or renders needed Expectations - Delivered as specified - Would be happy to discuss work in progress (iterative and collaborative process)

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    House ventilation 6 ditë left

    Hi. I need a CAD drawing of our property in order to get a ventilation system designed. I have attached a floorpan of the property. Thanks Alan

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    Hello everyone, I am looking for someone who can help me locate or get in contact with an old friend. I have attempted my own searches, however am not an expert and only came up with minimal information. I currently have their full name, some emails (may not be active), phone number (may not be accurate), pictures, city and state, and some usernames to old social media accounts they are in. I can give the right person for the job the information to continue research. End goal is for me to be able to get in contact with this person. I am willing willing to negotiate payment, I just dont know how much something like this cost.

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    3D Character & Game Item Drawing 6 ditë left

    Hi! ---------- *4x 3D characters will be drawn. ¨1x man, 1x woman, 1x alien, 1x cyborg ¨ *55x 3D game items will be drawn. ¨10x player costume, 5x wristwatch, 5x luck coin, 5x luck wing, 5x ring, 5x headdress, 5x earrings, 5x necklace, 5x gloves, 5x glasses ¨ (1st Gen) ---------- (** Additional item drawings will continue as 2nd Gen, 3rd Gen.) Additionally; *Different scenes in which the characters take place will be drawn. E.g; Different space casino scenes will be drawn. Move away from standard casino themes. The tables may be clouds of fog floating in the air instead of standard gambling tables. Characters will hang in the air instead of landing on the ground. Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Venus casinos will be drawn. **Characters will be used on the casino gaming plat...

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    We are looking for residential representative in following country USA, Canada, Brunei, New Zealand and Australia for the Design & Detail Engineering Consultant (2D Drafting & 3D Modelling) For Oil & Gas Plant, Industrial & Infrastructure Projects, High Raised Buildings, Engineering Man-Power Support And Technical Training For Fresh Engineers.

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    Engineering task 9 ditë left

    Hi Haider A., this is a milestone for the project we discussed in the chat window.

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    a post for social media for my company including a photo of a building I designed and the logo of the company and the contact information , slogan in Arabic رؤية محليه بخبرات عالمية تصميم و اشراف مباني تصميم داخلي و حدائق ارتش للهندسة

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    SNEPS TECHNOLOGY 6 ditë left

    Writing a book 1 on the theoretical physics of the magnetic particle energy. I am looking for someone to make diagrams better than I did. Basically it is drawing pyramids and it is drawing spiral formation like a vortex. The Vortex represents the energy

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    Basic views handled by CI - looking for ideas on speeding it up and making views more SPA dynamic for end user (sales - so must be quick and easy to access data with views and make data updates). Application deficiencies: minimal user level access - ...posted orders for that user or company (if have permissions to pull), UPDATE user's own posted orders and DELETE. Currently code base is not working correctly - connections are not handled correctly for multiple users for each service. Must work well on team and be accountable for your code style and documentation. Also looking for mobile software architecture specialist for help in service engineering for mapping, tracking, message and document storage transaction app that ties in with the base web system being actively devel...

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    The project is to re-draw these 4 pixelated images in high definition, using the same colour format and design structures. The most clear re-creation of these 4 logos will win the contest. The image is provided in the attachment. Please note that the image provided is quite pixelated. Therefore you will need to improvise to figure out the 4 logo deisgns shown in images when re-drawing them.

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    Basic views handled by CI - looking for ideas on speeding it up and making views more SPA dynamic for end user (sales - so must be quick and easy to access data with views and make data updates). Application deficiencies: minimal user level access - ...posted orders for that user or company (if have permissions to pull), UPDATE user's own posted orders and DELETE. Currently code base is not working correctly - connections are not handled correctly for multiple users for each service. Must work well on team and be accountable for your code style and documentation. Also looking for mobile software architecture specialist for help in service engineering for mapping, tracking, message and document storage transaction app that ties in with the base web system being actively devel...

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    ...scenarios. Evaluating Architecture Diagrams: Component that can understand complicated technical diagrams that breaks down the diagram drawn by the student and understands the diagram using the process flow components such as arrows and links between drawing elements. The outcome of this step is to generate definite statements that describe the diagram and this is evaluated against the architecture diagram submitted by the question author as a solution. An example of this process can be understood below: If there is a diagram where two drawing components are connected through a process flow element like an arrow, the machine learning algorithm can break the diagram down and generates an output that says A talks to B. The same process is done on the architecture diagr...

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    3D model required of 6/37Tooth spiral bevel gear set using MITCalc or similar software. 2d drawing will be provided as well as any additional measurements required for model.

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    3D DESIGNER 6 ditë left

    I have some images of some drawings and I need the same images but in a 3d design. I would need a drawing of the complete Hyena, I need it to later use it in a 3d printer

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    Trophy icon Cloudoric Logo 6 ditë left

    ...- No Black & White ! Color guidance: - Dark grey blue (Facebook palette) - Burn Orange - Dark red (no light red) - Gradient of primary color allowed. About our company: The name of the company is Cloudoric. • Cloud refer to our domain of expertise, Cloud Native Infrastructure (AWS, Azure, DevOps, Agile). • Doric was one of ancient Greek and later Roman architecture pillars. Since engineering is based on empiric knowledge, we made a direct reference to old Greek architecture, specifically to a Pillar, which act as a foundation to a building. • Similarly, we created an innovative 4 pillars framework, that we use as a foundation to help simplify a complex technological ecosystem and processes. You will find more information about what our company does...

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    Trophy icon Izumi dougo 6 ditë left

    drawing of a random cartoon girl

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    ...dashboard is a tool that provides a centralized, interactive means of monitoring, measuring, analyzing, and extracting relevant business ... 1) What Is a Data Dashboard? 2) What Is The Purpose Of A... 3) Data Dashboards Examples... 4) Benefits Of Data Dashboards › blog What is a Dashboard? - iDashboards Feb 27, 2017 — Charts help viewers approach data intuitively by drawing the eye to what is important. Dashboards provide a central location for all users to ... › blog What is The Purpose of a Dashboard? | iDashboards Sep 26, 2016 — In today's data-driven environment, business dashboards generate a lot of ... That means you can immediately see a detailed overview of your ... People also search for Data dashboard software Data dashboard software

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    Trophy icon HRPS Insert 1 orё left

    We are trying to get the bow out of the housing as you see in the drawing before we epoxy it. So I like to make a 3D part for a 3D printer after we approve to make the housing rectangular but on DRAWING 1 make the 1/16 to 1/32 inches and the outside 4.5 by .8 inch and the wall thickness 3/32. I do have the step file or eh SLDRW file. Also I like a 1/2 inch lip around the part so epoxy don't spill over. also I like 4 tap on each side verse going 1 long . some modification may apply

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    I need to create a preset that can turn a photo into a drawing. It can be 3D or 2D. The point is that it has to be unique, not that already exists for general access. I want to turn my photos into a cartoon character.

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    Make a floor plan from the drawing that I have

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    A Detailed Engineering report is a document that informs the interested party about a certain project or a technical process. Engineers prepare such document every time they start working on a new design, plan or construction. The paper has to be organized and written neatly and carefully to make it easy for the reader to find the section he or she is looking for. The outline is individual for every report and depends on various factors such as purpose, initial data, and a concept.

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    Do not waste your bid if you have no experience in electro mechanical equipment. New freelancers welcome. Skills required (Mandatory): 1. Mechanical Engineering Design 2. Systems Engineering Design 3. AutoCAD or alternative for shop drawings 4. Electrical Engineering Design 5. BOQ - Bill of Quantity without pricing Attributes required (Mandatory): 1. Open minded and risk taker 2. Hardworking and determined to succeed 3. Good hearted, transparent and ethical 4. Innovator and visionary We are looking for a good turn around time. Mechanical engineers are welcome to submit a bid, however, we are looking to work with one individual/organization, so outsourcing the electrical part is fine with us as long as it is reliable and trustworthy. Once success has bee...

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    structural design 5 ditë left

    I need a structural design for a building consisting of basement and two stories ( cad drawing attached0 all slabs to be hollow block

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    Scope of Work: - HVAC Design for barber shop - Restaurant Design - 3D Cottage Rendering - Renovation of the house (335) - House layout (2400 sq ft)

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    Hello We are looking for a materials scientist with experience in the field of audio technology who will help us to put together the right material for our project as well as do all the calculations for the housing thickness etc.

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    Hi All, I am looking for a creative person to create an interior design for a house. This is a back and forth project, candidate must be professional and have good communication skills. You must be able to provide general concepts/ideas. Payments will be released in phases based on work. I can only provide drawings of the house. If you need pictures of specific areas this can also be provided to give a more detailed idea. Walls can be removed if needed. What is requested 1)3D without furniture. 2) 3D with furniture. 3)Power outlets, electrical sockets. To apply for this you will need to. 1)Introduce yourself. 2) Provide previous work. 3)Briefly explain your general concept for the house. Those who apply without reading this will be blocked. Good luck bidding! Thanks...

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    I am looking forward to make motorcycle add on parts with precise engineering and durable product.

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    Initially, I'm looking for a line drawing or comic book-style drawing of a crashed UFO. Something along the lines of the crashed Millennium Falcon shown here: I would like a traditional saucer-shaped UFO, with a trench behind it from skidding along the ground. The UFO should be resting against the dirt that it has piled up from the crash. Maybe at a 30 degree angle or so.

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    Trophy icon Logo Design 3 ditë left

    A logo designed for our engineering firm. JS Engineered Services We are looking for a creative logo that embraces our products and services. Business location : Ohio

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    We have a tech design drawing for a product and need STEP conversion for manufacturing purposes.

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    A caricature drawing of the two people in the foreground of the photograph, please ignore the background. Main focus is on the people with big heads etc.

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    building drawings 5 ditë left

    i am looking for someone to make me few home drawing. Parking plan, Home plan, Floor plan etc.

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    ios swift senior dev 5 ditë left

    ...established via process documentation Participate in continuing education and training to remain current on best practices Knowledge of design patterns and architectures Providing technical mentorship to encourage the growth of team members via pairing opportunities, and code reviews Required Skills Degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or a similar relevant field Working autonomously and being excited by product-focused problems Years of professional software engineering experience and specifically have recently been focused on building native iOS apps in Swift UIKit, Foundation, Core Graphics, Core Animation Core Data, Auto Layout, Dispatch Queues RestKit, RxSwift SOLID, Clean Architecture Deep understanding of iOS design patterns, best practices and platform-specific...

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    ios developer swift 5 ditë left

    experienced ios/swift engineering focused on ios UIKIT 6 years plus experience . leadership down to publishing

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    ...process that meets customer requirements. The key responsibilities of a Product Manager includes: Set up the product vision, roadmap and strategies Gather market information, industry trends and determine customer requirements Provide insights on product planning Review product requirement and specifications Evaluate new product ideas Work in liaison with other teams like sales, marketing, engineering to ensure that business objectives are achieved Analyze competitors by understanding their products Collect user experience data Define marketing communication objectives of the products Prepare short and long-term product sales forecast Determine product price by analyzing similar products Requirements Proven experience as production director Deep knowledge of production man...

    €149 - €447
    €149 - €447
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    Make a drawing of timber cabin with the old building in new condtion. 3 people working with timber and a horse with timber on a sleigh

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    Hello, We are looking for someone to create from scratch a video by drawing scribling style or cartoon style. Send me your realisations

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    Trophy icon Graphic design for room decoration. 13 ditë left

    I have an idea that I want to accomplish to decorate my room. I have two huge frames that will be hanging on top of my bed, on them I need two images (50 cm wide x 70 cm height) that would be two hanging feets one in each side. I need the design to take into account this sizes so when I go and print them, the image does not lose resolution. The feets must have a drawing style, be approximately a third or a fourth of the full image. I don't have any specific idea about the background of the feets, nor the colors of the entire scene, I leave this to the artist but it must match with the bed and surroundings. I don't want it to be completely minimalistic, but more or less a simple image. Finally I will explain the concept, so you can align your creativity with the idea. Th...

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