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    I have developed a face recognition application on python for surveillance cameras, i want the system to work in real time so i want to apply multiprocessing and threading: 1. Set up a separate thread to read frames from the camera: This thread will continuously read frames from the camera and put them into a queue. 2. Set up a pool of processes: Create a pool of processes (one for each CPU core) that will process frames from the queue. 3. Modify the pipeline to use multiprocessing: The pipeline should be modified so that each process takes a frame from the queue, processes it, and returns the annotated frame to the main process. Each process should run the entire pipeline for a single frame. 4. Annotated frames: The main process should display the annotated frames from each...

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    An Advanced Driver Assistance system that build using yolov5 to detect specific yolov5 classes (cars,bus, trucks, trafficlight, pedesterian, motorbike, road signs, bicycle, pit, any object that might face a car in the street) + lane detection to markup the lane of the driving car + distance calculation between the driving car and the other cars and objects and when the distance decrease to 1 meter an alert on the screen should be pop up like (WARNING!!) or any other alert. Test this system by applying it to a recorded video with a driving car.

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    I need a python script that does the follow: 1. Acts as an smtp server to receive an email with an attached image. 2. check the image for a face and if face is know or not if unknown save image to file with format or if known save image to file 3. Call url (CAMNAME-YYMMDDHHMMSS/person).jpg Here is some code I found to act I think as SMTP server: and here is some code which I think or at least looks like it does the face detection I would like:

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    Trophy icon Logo Design for Canbii Comedy 6 ditë left

    Hello! I am looking for a talented and creative designer to help create the perfect logo for my business. Canbii Comedy is a web project that seeks to bring joy, laughter, and entertainment to people all over the world. There should be a happy/sad face in the style of crystals like the attached logo. Both faces should merge as 1 inside the hexagon. The text "Canbii Comedy" should also be in the logo. Here is my website: Thanks, Van

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    Need web 3D cabinet application. 6 ditë left

    Hello, am looking for a 3D KITCHEN PLANNER for my e-commerce business. I need an application similar to the attached one. Deatils about application :- user inter face :-

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    I have two pictures, I would like half of Sidhu's face and half of Jas's face merged into one, with what looks like a paper tear down the middle. Sidhu's face including turban on the left, Jas's face including hair on the right. I would like their faces straightened so it looks like they are both looking at the 'camera' directly, with a paper tear down the middle.

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    Hello, I am looking to hire someone to help me produce a video using a script. The type of script I need will be educational in nature, so experience creating scripts for educational purposes would be preferred. I do not require professional voice talent to record the script, as I will be having actors record the script instead. I am looking for someone with the necessary skills to craft an effective and engaging script, suitable for the video I have in mind. Experience in creating videos with scripts would be a bonus, as well as an understanding of how scripts contribute to creating engaging videos. I would be very appreciative of someone who could provide me with the script I need to make this video happen. Thank you for your consideration.

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    Beyond Conviction Casting Call 6 ditë left

    ...humanity. The story opens on our main character, Ellie, living on the edge of starvation within an 1840s frontier-like lifestyle. A draft of the blurb is copied below: “Adroa is a bleak, backwater world on the edge of known civilisation, with every day a struggle to survive for Ellie and her two siblings. Yet when a heavily armed Conviction soldier falls from the sky and into her lap, she must face dangers even greater than the ravenous Rike swarms that threaten to consume her and her entire colony. Something is stirring in the dark between galaxies as the greatest military power humanity has ever known empties its garrisons and leaves its worlds undefended. Can a simple melon farmer rebuild her shattered home in peace, or will Ellie and her family be dragged into a galact...

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    Basically I want to have a camera in a car that uses facial recognition to mark off a role on a phone. With other things included, but that’s the main purpose. It will also need to detect and send a notification if there is someone is left in the car when the car turns off. I really only need less than an hour for someone to tell me the steps I need to take to undertake this project.

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    We are looking for a developer to work with OpenCV and create a demo app inspired by the provided video. The goal is to develop a proof-of-concept application that demonstrates the capabilities of the technology in a similar manner as showcased in the video.

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    YouTube Animation 6 ditë left

    ...stock footages Channel 3 Lots of memes and clips, you can use an avatar to substitute for me before my ultimate face reveal B. Work with pre-existing animation compilations or create new animations ALL under a voice over, use an avatar for the channel and social media C. Face Reveal at 1 million subscribers, we are building the curiosity of our followers and eventually my face is going on our product so we’ll keep this in mind. I would like for the voice over to be a sexy woman so that the face reveal will be shocking. C. Embed calls to actions for more intimate interaction with me on my other social media platforms: Patreon, Personal Instagram, etc. D. Embed calls to actions to buy products

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    ...the user journey. Wireframe development: Using a tool or Sketch, create wireframes for the main screens of the app, such as the home screen, property dashboard, and tenant communication screen. Explain the rationale behind your design choices and how they align with the user personas and user journey map. Problem-solving exercise: Given a hypothetical problem that a property manager might face, such as a tenant reporting a maintenance issue, explain how the app could be designed to solve this problem efficiently and effectively. Include potential features or functions that would be necessary to support this solution....

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    Taped Mouth 6 ditë left

    I would like an outline of a mans face with black tape over his mouth in an X shape.

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    We are migration agents and lawyers in Australia. We are seeking to expand our Education Seminars and Visa Consultancy into the Philippines, Thailand, Japan and India. We are looking to attract about 200+ per year students to Australia from our marketing efforts in the Philippines, Thailand, Japan or India, that have heard about us through our face to face seminars, video seminars or direct contact. We are targeting international students age 18-35 that want to study Diplomas, Degrees or Masters in any city in Australia. We can help with student visas, skilled or semi skilled wor visas and also visa refusals, cancellations, and partner visas. We are seeking an agent/affiliate marketers/marketers in Philippines, Thailand, Japan and India that can connect us to the best mar...

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    Thiefimage -- 2 6 ditë left

    Trying to get facial images enhanced well enough to use facial recognition software

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    I need a youtube thumbnail created similar to this first picture. A 1280 x 720 thumbnail using the last 3 pictures. With a before picture of the woman face (picture 2 ) in a circle and a after picture of the scream face (picture 3) in a circle picture. You can use all of these pictures. Use the last picture of the person laying down as the main background or you can get creative with the background

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    I need a new thumbnail created similar to this first picture. 1280 x 720 thumbnail using the last 4 pictures. With a before picture of the woman face (picture 2 ) in a circle and a after picture of the scream face (picture 3) in a circle picture. You can use all of these pictures. Use the last picture of the person laying down as the main background or you can get creative with the background

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    logo for company 5 ditë left

    Need a rendering of a picture I already have. I really like this pic, just want my own original. I can purchase this online, but so can everyone else. It is for a logo. Same elements: Bear smoking, wearing business shirt and tie with entertaining(pleased with himself) look on his face. Cigar can be more stogie-ish if you like. Also can have lit cigar in visible bear paw instead of in mouth. Open to interpretation.

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    Trophy icon Tech Company Logo 3 ditë left

    ...recognizable enough! - Read the rest ABOUT: - The phoenix logo is for a tech company called "F3N1X". - The logo may be in the form of a minimalistic phoenix or the letter "F" or a combination of both CREATIONS: - The logo or Letter "F" may incorporate flames or feathers - You may propose the logo in different color sets LOGO GUIDELINES: - Maintain simplicity and cleanliness in the design for easy recognition and memorability. - Utilize geometric shapes like circles, squares, or triangles to convey stability, order, and balance. - Ensure all letters of the company name "F3N1X" are capitalized. - Use a unique and modern typeface to showcase the company's personality and help it stand out from competitors. - Adopt a minimalist design t...

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    I need some ideas for my signage for my physio clinic. We are based in cavan, what we do is we plan as step by step rehab plan to get our patients out of pain and back doing the things they love to do. Playing sport or lifting their grandkids etc. what we use is the clinic is an image of a sad face which is the patients current reality and then a happy face at the top of their rehab plan showing them where they can be once the plan is complete. We also run strength and wellness classes and pilates classes in the clinic I want window signs to show this message above.

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    ...una vez ejecutado el comando de activación del sistema. We have a system with 6 Raspberry Pi 4. One of the Raspberry Pi (raspberry 0) acts as a server, and the other five act as a client. All the Raspberry Pi take pictures, and the Raspberry server demands the other 5 to send the pictures that have been taken to it so that this Raspberry (raspberry 0) can send all the pictures to a server. We face a situation in which the code of raspberry 0 gives errors constantly (syntax, indentation…) so that it cannot be run properly and all the system stops. We need to review and fix the code immediately and we are willing to pay a high value for this fee....

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    I am looking for a skilled graphic designer to help me with a photo manipulation project. The project consists of manipulating a specific group photo, where people are lined in a star formation (see attached pic for...project consists of manipulating a specific group photo, where people are lined in a star formation (see attached pic for reference). You have to provide the group picture yourself. All people within picture should be strictly Eastern European / caucasian. The photo should be taken from above (like a chair or table) in a casual setting (bar, office etc). One person face in the middle should be swapped (I will provide the face for swapping). The successful freelancer should include past work in their application so I can see the quality and skill level o...

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    1) MUST BE a state of colorado certified structural engineer 2) Deck Structure size 5X12 3) Carries Roof above deck with 2/12 pitch 4) Home is Balloon framed with floor joist face nailed to studs to the inside, with no rim joist on the outside 5) would prefer a filch plate design and/or blocking to mount ledger blocks to push lvl ledger outside foam insulation layer 6) will require wet seal plans (5 copies) for building dept approval

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    I need a dedicated wordpress plugin that can use OCR text analysis and insert them in specific fields/meta fields in wordpress. We are using WP sheet editor And the event calendar With the WP sheet add-on. Many custom table are created and we can add many as we want. We need a plugin where an « operator/user » (via the admin panel) (not the end user/customer) Can upload an event ticket like this one : and the plugin/OC system will analyse the first page of the .pdf All tickets/.pdf will be designed the same way. This is an exemple, we’ll need the following datas to be retrieved and inserted into specific tables in the database : Are you wordpress friendly, .pdf and OCR expert ? Ideally we would like to be able to customize the OC...

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    I am looking for a skilled logo designer to create a logo for promotional gifts. The logo should be a combination of text and graphics which will help with brand recognition. Multiple variations of the logo should be provided. I am looking forward to seeing what creative ideas you come up with!

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    I have some pics of 3 jain monks taken secretly, but they won't allow us to take any pics of them, so i need their images created digitally that i can print in any resolution

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    I need help making modifications to the code to fix the wake word detection and the voice recognition. I installed the pico voice wake word and STT library but I am having issues where the wake word stops listening after the STT engine is used as well as the pico voice stt ending not detecting full user inputs as well. I want to change to a stt ending with auto stop instead of the pico voice STT. Summary: Fix wake word implementation Change speech recognition to library with Auto stop.

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    I am looking for an experienced video editor to put together footage for publishing on YouTube. The editor needs to be proficient in using royalty free videos and images for the project. I will provide voice over and face video. Editor have to use royality free videos according to script by searching on internert. He must also provide link of video clips used if asked. The video is for youtube shorts.

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    Build a web page 5 ditë left

    If anyone needs face book page please find attached file

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    i have attached a UI_sketch and maya video. all the manipulation must be smooth . it shouldn't create distortions in the mesh. i made a screen record in autodesk maya. each manipulating should be smooth.

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    I. Project Requirement Overview 1.1 Objectives and Vision This project aims to design and develop a system that acquires a large amount of content through web crawling, converts audio from videos to text, rewrites the acquired content using ChatGPT, and then mass-distributes the rewritten text content as short and mid-length videos across various platforms and related websites. The system should also have the ability to monitor and manage distributed content and adapt to future developments in internet technology, such as automatic learning and optimization, data analysis and visualization, etc. 1.2 Functional Requirements 1) Web Crawling: Able to selectively crawl text, images, and video content from specified websites 2) Video Audio to Text: Convert the audio from captured videos ...

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    ...Programme in Madurai/Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India Roles and Responsibilities: -Research and Identify new business opportunities - including new markets, growth areas, trends, customers, partnerships, products and services - or new ways of reaching existing markets -Seek out the appropriate contact in an Organization -Generate leads and cold call prospective customers -Meet with customers/clients face to face or over the phone -Develop relationships with customers/clients -Understand the needs of your customers and be able to respond effectively with a plan of how to meet these -Think strategically - seeing the bigger picture and setting aims and objectives in order to develop and improve the business -Work strategically - carrying out necessary planning in order to implem...

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    Trophy icon Design a Standard Deck of Cards 12 ditë left

    ...outer space themed, or traditional BICYCLE BRAND style. Both are used in the game. 4. Cards do not always have to be white fronts. They can be black or other colors as well. Contrast tends to look great in the is game 5. Since this is an app, make sure numbers and symbols are readable at smartphone level. Don't make fonts too small. For your submission, please at least include a number card, a face card, an Ace, and a backside. We have attached some examples of the card sizes are US standard poker size cards which are 2.5"x 3.5". For inspiration, think deep outer space. Beautiful stars, contrasting brights. Also, in the files, I have included our avatars from the game. You do NOT have to include these in your designs...but if you'd like to use these, you ...

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    Hello, I am looking for someone to write a Python script to add skin texture to a drawing of a human face contained in an image file. The script should simply take in one parameter, the image file from a local file system directory (windows preferred, but Linux is ok too if there's a technical reason that it's necessary), and then utilize some type of machine learning based algorithm (GAN or otherwise) to render a realistic looking skin texture on the drawing contained in the source image. I'm ok if this requires something like Tensorflow or Pytorch installed first in order to run. Once the render is complete, the script should produce a new image file (jpg, png, etc..) with the skin texture overlayed on the original source drawing. The output should look as photoreal...

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    Job Description: Need to hire 1 freelancer We're a rapidly expanding tech start-up in the field of logistics and delivery. We are trying to look for local field researcher to conduct on-site face to face surveys with local drivers and user shops, competitor testing and translation of local feedbacks into English.

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    Pong Game 74 5 ditë left

    ...achieve these modifications. What issues and/or challenges did you face completing this project? How did you resolve them? If you did not face any issues and/or challenges in completing this project, what do you think are some issues and/or challenges someone new to scripting might face in completing a project like this? Note: Your reflection should describe issues and/or challenges related to completing the project itself and not to setting up the project, such as downloading/opening the files needed for the project, or issues in the online classroom. If you did not face any issues and/or challenges in completing this project, what do you think are some issues and/or challenges someone new to completing this kind of project might face in completing a ...

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    The Baduy people are an indigenous community located in the western part of the Indonesian province of Banten. They are known for their traditional and simplistic way of life that has been p...established a system of self-governance and have resisted outside influences as much as possible. In conclusion, the Baduy people are a unique and fascinating community that has managed to maintain a traditional way of life that is virtually untouched by modern technology. Their strict adherence to customs and beliefs has enabled them to preserve their unique culture, but also poses challenges as they face modernization and globalization. Despite these challenges, the Baduy community remains committed to preserving their way of life and values their sense of community, self-sufficiency, and s...

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    Hello, we are a tech company based in Honduras, our core product is an ERP that we commercialize as SaaS, we also provide consulting services for Microsoft technologies such as a Power Apps, Microsoft development, integrations and web service development. We recently finished some specialized systems, we have a Hospital Management System, also we have developed an integration to the Texaco systems used in Gas Stations at the pump, nos owners have real time info about their sales and accounts receivables among other things. We just signed a partnership with a company that has a Facial Recognition app for the banking system and public sector. They have different projects in Latin America. We already have a website but the information is outdated and inaccurate.

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    Trophy icon Build a Logo for a jewelry store 1 ditë left

    Need some logo ideas for a jewelry store called: Gold father i would like the logo to have a face of a mid age man with beard, wearing a cuban gold necklace, the necklace has a pedant with the logo Gold Father Logo should be all gold, or im open for some creative ideas both on colors and design

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    We require exterior designs for our residential home. The house is a small back split bungalow located in Ontario Canada. We have the preliminary architectural drawings for the new build and some 2D design ideas for the front elevation. We would like some modern 3D renderings of the front face of the house. Looking for Modern/ Midcentury design using cladding, wood finishes, possibly incorporating the existing brick if feasible. Not opposed to board and batten. Black window frames. High/Med contrast look but leaning toward the lighter side. The new front design should blend with the sides of the house as well. I have a few online images I can share that have some features that we like. Attached images are existing front view and two possible options from the architect. Let me know i...

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    I have some pictures of a (30 days old) injured Baby donkey, his name was Jilo. He and his mother was overrun by a truck, his mother died and Jilo was badly injured, with broken legs he wandered around, someone even poured oil on ...but unfortunately he died a few weeks later. Now we want to keep him alive by creating a illustrated Jilo to tell the story in books and in a later stage videos... We think that the illustrated Jilo, will be small and thin, young (30 days) with the long yellow plaster on one leg, a shorter plaster on one leg below the knee, and the yellow plaster around his neck. We should keep him thin in his face and sad eyes like "Eeyore" (Disney), slightly down bended neck (not as musch as Eeyore ... But in another in one way happy with one ear up and ...

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    Answer the following questions: - What skills, knowledge or capacities do you need to conduct your tasks? - Describe the main difficulties you face in getting tasks done. - How do you overcome the difficulties? - What are the causes of the difficulties? - If you were a management consultant, what changes would you implement to overcome the difficulties in your work tasks? More details will be provided.

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    ... laptop, or desktop computer. - Use a bright, clear, and creative background that doesn't distract from the computer screen. - The device screen is the focal point of the recording and should start with a close-up view of the website URL in the address bar of your browser, followed by showcasing a demo or some visual/informative parts of the website. - Don't use stock footage. - Don't show your face, or any person in the recording. - Record without sound or audio. - Keep the video duration to 10s - 30s. * More entries from you exploring another website = More chances of winning. * You can view an example here Submit your entry to be considered. Good luck, and happy browsing! : : : : : V E R Y I M P O R T

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    Hi Songül T., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    1 ofertat or feel in inadequate at doing and put to bottom of priority list even though its necessary to grow their business such as: 1. finding quality people that want to work 2. Having time to qualify and train an individual 3. Busy working, running business and worried about missing calls 4. Not sure how to advertise efficiently 5. No systems in place to nurture clients 6. Want to increase local recognition and growing through SM 7. how do you know if you had a successful day? Quickbooks doesn't show what you really need to see- KPIs. 8. Lead Gen: where does it come from (FB, google, ads, referrals) and how do you know? Picture a guy in bed, not sleeping, clock image showing 2am - because so much on his list and not sure how to do it. He is GREAT at his job (plumbing, concrete...

    €23 (Avg Bid)
    31 kandidaturat

    I'm looking to Build SAAS website and a KYC ID Facial Recognition + Document Verification System so that my customers will have secure access to the data and services they need. This system will use facial recognition and document verification to ensure that user authentication is secure and reliable. Documents such as driver's licenses, passports, and national ID cards will be verified to allow for secure access. To store customer data, I will be employing a cloud-based database for scalability and reliability.

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    Demo system for face recognition 4 ditë left

    Demo for Face recognition system In this project we are required to provide a demo system to generate face images using a per-train model. Requirements for the project: 1- Assemble a system that takes an input image and produces an output image using a per-train model. 2- The project requires writing program files with TensorFlow, Keras, and Python. There are already existing files that I made long ago that you can use and modify or write your own. 3- You may provide a webcam system that can capture real-time images and generate them using a per-train system. 4- Provide a landmark detection foe the generated image. The T-GAN model is used in this project. It is not necessary to download or modify the T-GAN model or develop a method or integrate a method into the exis...

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    Trophy icon logo for dog kennel 4 ditë left

    PLEASE READ THE GUIDELINES We're a Chow Chow dog breeders and we are looking for an experienced freelancer to create a logo f...freelancer to create a logo for our Kennel. The contest winner must provide the logo in png, jpeg, psd and vectorial format. Our kennel name is Notorious Star and our dogs are named with cinema and music stars so we need something very special and original. The idea to start from is the following (but we're open to any idea as well as it's refined and that stands out from the others): - Chow Chow dog face shape (possibly hand-drawn) - a star - our company name. - color The logo must be: - eye-catching - elegant - stylized. NOT so much elaborated, NOT comic style and absolutely NO GIF please. Attached you can find one of our dog you ...

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    Titre du projet : Création d'un Bitmoji personnalisé avec le corps de Livai Description du...utilisant une image de mon visage existante, et en y ajoutant le corps du personnage de Livai, avec les deux épées brandies vers le bas. Le résultat final devrait ressembler à un Bitmoji de moi-même avec le corps du Caporal-Chef Livai. Je recherche un artiste créatif et talentueux qui peut réaliser cette vision pour moi. ( j'ai deja deux images effectué avec le corps du caporal livaï mais pas de face cela vous donnera une idée) Livraison du projet : Je souhaiterais recevoir un fichier image numérique haute résolution de mon Bitmoji personnalisé, qui peut être utilisé...

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