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    Project Overview I would like to have an SAP ArchiveLink HTTP 6.4 content server prototype created in Python. I'm okay with the prototype using any free python packages. It needs to run on both Windows and Linux. Since it is Python this should not be a problem. The prototype needs to properly handle SAP (BC-SRV-ARL) requests. It’s a simple protocol, but one component of the requests (the secKey) is complex. I am looking for the prototype because I don't know how to decode and use the secKey. You need to develop and test this prototype on your own systems and with your own SAP. I only want to be sent code you believe meets the requirements. Prototype Requirements I need for the prototype to accept the key sent by SAP by the putCert request and use that to deco...

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    Need to Check & Complete C++ project if anything missing & write code comments according to code Structure guidelines This project readme file missing . you need to done this also if anything missing you need to done this also this Submit: You must have at a minimum t...also this Submit: You must have at a minimum the following files for this project: a. , b. , c. , , d. e. Makefile f. README running video file Remembered:you can't do anything outside this requirements Must be complete all file code must run be linux server All files & requirements in attach section.I attached main requirements zip file also i attached code done zip file

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    I am apart of a web hosting company that provides shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated servers. We are looking to hire additional talent, to fulfill vacancies for full time Linux systems administrator to join our operations team. This is a remote position. You may work from anywhere in the world as long as you have a stable and reliable Internet connection. The ideal candidate has great familiarity with the below: - Able to type quickly, and multi-task efficiently - WHMCS Ticketing System - KVM Virtualization - SolusVM Control Panel - cPanel/WHM Servers - Linux Servers - Understand and know how to use Supermicro IPMI and Dell iDRAC / similar - Familiarity with the SSH command line in CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian environments - Communicating with internal ...

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    Linux+Hadoop cloud migration azure Data and on prem Data (Cloudera hadoop) to AWS Cloudera Azure AWS DEVOPS Database Migration from on prem to AWS

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    Linux Script 6 ditë left

    Simple 3 tasks in linux script

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    Hello, For this job, I need an expert with the Linux base system, who understands the ins and outs of the kernal very well. I will give a zip file, with a C soure code and other 3 other files located in it. There will be 9 asked, those questions will be based on the functionality of these files. This is a very small job, and needs to be done by December 5th. Feel free to view the sample code, the questions will be given once the job has been accepted.

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    dell laptop for linux 5 ditë left

    my iessues; 1. My dell laptop Alienware Area 51M has RAID On as default, which conflicts with Linux AHCI 2. Dell doesn't support linux so I need their drivers to work on my linux. (so far luckily all the major drivers are okay, but I am not sure, especially about FX and Tobii sensors) 3. I want to access linux files from Windows 10 When I boot, it says UUID=xxx does not exist. Dropping to a shell my current setup Nvme0n1 for windows 10 (partition C & D) Nvme1n1 for Linux (ubuntu 22.04) Sata E is for Data (partition #) Drivers link:

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    I want to download this file to cli, works from browser but not cli User-Agent: Wget/1.14 (linux-gnu) Accept: */* Host: Connection: Keep-Alive ---request end--- HTTP request sent, awaiting response... ---response begin--- HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden Date: Sat, 26 Nov 2022 14:52:35 GMT Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8 Content-Length: 16 Connection: keep-alive X-Frame-Options: SAMEORIGIN Referrer-Policy: same-origin Cache-Control: private, max-age=0, no-store, no-cache, must-revalidate, post-check=0, pre-check=0 Expires: Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:01 GMT Set-Cookie: __cf_bm=9yXYZ1l7rYomxFtOzYsEleo2_c5l.AWm3XEyzCKQ_RY-1669474355-0-AZ9VfGvd0+aeeVUQwdMDL/NPKKoGlde2Yi070oFTvdHRsN

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    Python + Django 5+ years of development experience with Python and Django (DRF). Very comfortable in Linux environments. Experience with relational databases (PostgreSQL, MySQL). Understanding how to optimize ORMs. Experience with caching systems. Experience in testing Python and Django. Experience with queueing systems such as Celery or RabbitMQ. Regular use of Git as a version control tool. Experience with Docker. Good level of technical English. Great organizational skills. Excellent teamwork skills. Passion for learning and mentoring. Ability to easily context switch. It is understanding the importance of following the defined SDLC. You will score a lot of points if: Experience with NoSQL (Redis/Mongo). Experience with any Python REST frameworks. Experience in...

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    i need someone thats expert on .sh (bash) or python to create an automated program that will run some commands on the linux terminal and get an output

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    ...users to cancel their booking anytime. The system provides an additional feature of calculating monthly earnings of doctor. Doctor has to just feed the system regularly with daily earnings and the system automatically generates a report of total amount earned at the end of the month. The application uses PHP Framework Laravel as a front-end and MySQL database as the back-end. Hosted in Share Hosted Linux Server...

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    Experto Linux 5 ditë left

    Tengo un Vps en digital ocean (este es un FreePbx), he aumentado el el tamano de su disco duro pero no se actualiza en mi FreePbx, necesito alguien experto para ampliar la particion de mi servidor sin perder la informacion que tengo en esa particion

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    Se requiere crear un sistema para facturacion electronica en web con la estructura de microservicios, docker, angular, java, spring, postgress, en servidor vps linux, ubuntu, para ello se inciara el desarrollo desde cero, la persona que aplique que tenga la experiencia necesario para este tipo de desarrollos y que ademas domine el idioma español para poder mantener una comunicacion efectiva.

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    A back-end developer is required to inspect, audit, and review a project at the completion stage (As if It was Your Own Project) This project is developed on Linux and requires knowledge of Django, API Integration, Stripe Payment Gateways, etc... The objective is Find more efficient methods that reduce the dependency on a Back-end Developer for future changes or adjustments to current web development. The project is developed in a way that allows it to operate functionally and continue its development, even if it is necessary to replace the current developer immediately. Carry out a Full Back UP of the project under development so that it can be fully developed by any other Back-End. Eliminate any obstacles or dependencies of a specific developer in the current project's develo...

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    I need help with creating Rhel9 Vm, DHCP server, DNS server and File server

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    We came here to find a senior Full-stack developer with Javascript and Python skills Framework : React + Django Ubuntu, Linux, Docker

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    SPAM Applications will be ignored.. show me you can do this job !! The project is to create a copy and rotate routine to fast copy from one label class to another. The detail is written in the code.. I want someone who can start and finish this quickly. See the attached project Detail below... The routine to create is like this.. CopyAndRotate( sourceX0, sourceY0, sourceX1, sourceY1, destinationX0, destinationY0, rotation , overwrite); sourceX0 - The xmin coordinate in label source sourceY0 - The ymin coordinate in label source sourceX1 - The xmax coordinate in label source sourceY1 - The ymax coordinate in label source destinationX0 - The xpos coordinate in label source destinationY0 - The ypos coordinate in label source rotation - Rotation can be only 0, 90 ,180 or 270. The ...

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    Need latest version of Zabbix installing on Alma Linux 9 clean build VPS please.

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    TIG Need help setting up Influx,Telegraf and Grafana on linux server

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    Build a desktop application that has a login form, after successful authentication, it should show a few applications icon preinstalled on the PC and those applications can be launched by clicking the icon. These applications should not be launched independently by the user other than from our application screen. Primary Os - Windows Secondary OS - Linux & MAC

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    I am seeing this error when I launch my C/C++ server application using VS Code. Can anybody help me in fixing this error? DM me if need any more information, thanks. ==46285==ERROR: AddressSanitizer failed to allocate 0xdfff0001000 (15392894357504) bytes at address 2008fff7000 (errno: 12) ==46285==ReserveShadowMemoryRange failed while trying to map 0xdfff0001000 bytes. Perhaps you're using ulimit -v

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    operating systems project -- 2 4 ditë left

    Develop a client/server application using Linux TCP sockets and c programming language

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    Linux outsourcer, Linux Expert 4 ditë left

    Hello, We need to hire an Linux expert in way to manager our ubuntu server linux good and set some paramater on it. Ready to hire you now. Thx you.

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    Linux Systems VPS implementation 4 ditë left

    I need a linux guru to build out Debian 10 or 11 systems from scratch please be well experienced and ready to start right away

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    UNIX command 4 ditë left

    1.1. Download and drop in your LINUX virtual machine the following file which is a dictionary of French words that you must search using Shell functions: You must use the filter function grep (___?____) to perform the following searches: 1.2. List of words ending with the letters "cot". 1.3. Words starting with "av" and ending with "t". 1.4. Words containing 2 letters "a" and no letter "e". 1.5. Words starting with a letter in the range [a-l] and having only 5 letters in all. 1.6 Count the number of words beginning with “V”.

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    Develop a client/ server application using Linux TCP sockets and c programming language

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    This is a high level job that needs an IT expert. Someone that know linux fully and can move about in a very complex network array of servers.

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    We are using an outdated version of Debian and Plesk. We have a virus on our server, that redirects customers to Russian scam websites randomly. It affects all websites on the server, and we cannot see it in the PHP files. So we believe it is in the server somewhere. We require somebody who can find, identify and remove the virus. We also need to update Debi...on the server, and we cannot see it in the PHP files. So we believe it is in the server somewhere. We require somebody who can find, identify and remove the virus. We also need to update Debian and Plesk without breaking our websites. We have many complex OpenCart websites operating on this installation, so we must not cause any damage, and we must limit downtime. Looking for an experienced Linux developer who can start r...

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    Busco experto en servidores que trabaje por horas. Manejo de linux, ubuntu, plesk

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    Modulo Facturacion 4 ditë left

    Se requiere desarrollar facturacion electronica desde cero con microservicios de la parte del banckend con java , spring y de la parte del frontend con angular 9, bd postgres, con docker, ubuntu en linux. La persona que aplique debe dominar el idioma español para asi mantener comunicacion efectiva

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    ...variety of customer situations. ● Outstanding written and verbal communication skills. ● Good working knowledge of computers and the Internet; strong ability to develop new skills. ● Avid Internet User, with strong inclination towards technology. ● Highly motivated and energetic team player, with excellent interpersonal skills Tech Knowledge required: ● Networking and DNS basics ● Basic knowledge of Linux/Windows Operating Systems. ● Basic knowledge of Hardware ● Basic knowledge of Software ● Basic knowledge of Web and Email servers. ● Configuration and troubleshooting mail clients using IMAP/POP/SMTP. ● Troubleshooting server-side scripts. (Good to have) Technologies involved (prior knowledge of these would be a plus): ● Domain name system (DNS) ● Domain names and domain name ...

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    I'm looking for a django/python developer to work on my website - My website was developed a couple of years ago. The website is for US based investors to research and understand different companies liste...documents) of the company - Subscription management using Stripe integration I'm looking for someone who can help me make updates and improvements to my website. I have several features that I would like to add. My website is hosted on VPS. You should have: - 5+ years of python/django experience - 5+ html/css/js experience - SaaS website development experience - comfortable with Linux server management - good writing and speaking skills - be available on WhatsApp and zoom for calls and messages The work is for 20 hours per week at a rate of $15 per hour.

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    Ec2 Linux based server having issues with SSH connection Having errors-

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    I have five debian based Linux servers distributed over several datacenters. They all got public IPs and can communicate freely over the Internet. I want you to set up a graphical monitoring (Grafana, Checkmk, Nagios, whatever) on a Debian server that monitors CPU, RAM, HDD, DNS (on two servers only) and most important: the network interfaces which include GRE and Wireguard tunnels. I need to know if the connections are up, if the counterpart can be reached aswell as latency and traffic including historical data. No renegotiation, your bid is your fixed rate.

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    ready made C assignment. 3 ditë left

    I have a ready made Linux C Multithread Tcp socket program using semaphore and CRC error detection and HAMMING error correction. Have a look at respective requirements and live screenshot and projects. Budget for 25$.

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    Tenemos 2 APPs WEB desarrolladas en Scriptcase por un programador que ya no esta y queremos contratar programador que le de mantenimiento a las mismas, la principal queremos que se monte en un VPS Linux, se pueda hacer funcionar (actualmente funciona en una Web pero no podemos replicarla en otras), se le solucione unos bugs, se le documente y se le de mantenimiento en el tiempo, tengo todos los fuentes en PHP, las tablas que usa en MySQL y explicacion operativa de como funciona el software, tambien el reporte de lo que se debe solucionar, solo personas que hablen Castellano por favor

    €18 / hr (Avg Bid)
    I cilësuar Urgjent
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    We have an existing LAMP / WAMP stack which needs to connect via php "new PDO()" to a snowflake server to read data into a locally hosted database. drivers on github @ looking for step-by-step install instructions for xampp and linux / ubuntu 20, as we don't seem to be able to understand the install procedures on the above page.

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    Linux server down 3 ditë left

    My Linux server is down, need your help.

    €22 (Avg Bid)
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    I have installed PHP 8 and PostGres database on Linux Mint 20. I have enabled extensions in and installed pdo-pgsql, however my script returns 'could not find driver'. I would like an engineer to Teamviewer into my computer and resolve the issue (and explain to me the fix).

    €20 (Avg Bid)
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    FIX LINUX server Error 3 ditë left

    when I try to APT update my linux server I get error ************************************** dpkg: unrecoverable fatal error, aborting: files list file for package 'linux-modules-5.4.0-110-generic' contains empty filename E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (2) **************************************************** access will be provided through screen-share app

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    We have multiple oracle database(RAC setup with primary and standby) in our environment for that we required to create a shell script which will automatic send the required data in html format to our email id, following are the scripts which has to be configured in our setup. server os:Sun OS,Linux set serveroutput on set timing on set echo off set time on --Tablespace Output: set lines 999 pages 999 select a.tablespace_name, round(assigned_space) "ALLOCATED (MB)", round((nvl(free_space,0) + INCRM)) "FREE (MB)", round((assigned_space - nvl(free_space,0) - INCRM)) "USED (MB)", round( ((assigned_space - nvl(free_space,0) - INCRM) / assigned_space)*100) "% Full"from(select  tablespace_name, count(*) num1, sum(DECODE(SIGN(maxbytes - ...

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    Develop a client/server application using Linux TCP sockets and the C programming language. Your solution will respond to service requests by clients. Such requests may be by either providing the IP address of the server or the name of the host where the server is executing. Transmission errors will be handled by applying the CRC algorithm to detect errors and Hamming to both detect and correct a single bit errors.

    €42 (Avg Bid)
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    operating systems -- 8 2 ditë left

    Develop a client/server application using Linux TCP sockets and the C programming language. Your solution will respond to service requests by clients. Such requests may be by either providing the IP address of the server or the name of the host where the server is executing. Transmission errors will be handled by applying the CRC algorithm to detect errors and Hamming to both detect and correct a single bit errors.

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    VPN on Linux 5 ditë left

    Hi Kazi N., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    ...sshCommand (gitlab is working fine, not worried about those keys) really should be quick and easy here Got my keys and all should be fine but have sections working fine and others perhaps syntax issues. Can share my Jenkinsfile and perhaps we can do desktop share? using private / public key - (using withCredentials) got all 3 working when a "friend" used putty to export RSA ? I am on mac / linux - how can I do this? What is my solution to roll this out to many Targets? Doing a training and wants be to add "Execute shell script on remote host using ssh" However, the host can not be added as "SSH hosts is not available in Manage Jenkins? Any thoughts? Let me know your thoughts and any questions While this is hourly; there is a max of $10 th...

    €10 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    cpanel server admin level III 2 ditë left

    Please read before replying: 1. be able to communicate via chat and voice over skype / google in english 2. expert level experience in setup/ tuning / troubleshooting shared hosting servers running cpanel & Cent / Cloud linux. 3. have experience tuning email servers for optimal deliverability 4. reply with your time zone in gmt and desired available time window that you can interact with us .

    €19 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    i disabled the hardwere safety. did all the steps writen in

    €24 (Avg Bid)
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    when i connect HDMI to armbian (in my case orange pi pc plus board) i see those logs ( check image) how can i hide them

    €12 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Terraform Expert 2 ditë left

    I need a terraform expert who is good with Linux servers .

    €39 (Avg Bid)
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