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    See attachment. hfghjhgfghjhgfdsdgklkjhgfghjklknvbnmnbvcvbnm,.mnbvertyuytrertrghjugfdghjkjhgfdgkjhgfdfgjkjhg

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    Django project with a User Model , there are 3 types of users (Admin,Teacher and Parent) each user has his Mobile Application with flutter , need Rest API for the mobile app. The API must include - use a stable fcm django library well documented (we can discuss this) - save the token for each user in the database - send a notifications to a group of users (ex: type==teacher) - send a notification ...

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    Hi Vishwa, please do this task like before- add dotted lines to 35 Vectors and save in EPS format.

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    I would like to program an android Java app that accesses a USB mass storage device connected to an android phone, fetches all the video files in a specific list and shows me thumbnails. User can then select a file by clicking on it and play it back. The user can also select the beginning and end pointer to trim the video and save it locally on the phone. I will provide screenshot to depict the u...

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    Logo design (illustration tipe) 6 ditë left

    It involves making a logo, Multiple Initial Concepts and all pertinent revisions until the work is completed. If we talk about the level of complexity and type of the logo, I attached an image of something that could serve as a close reference Some additional information: -The title consists of 2 texts: "Save the Empire" and "Stop the Christians" -It is a rectangular horizont...

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    Hello, Recently our programmer has passed away due to COVID. Before he was hospitalized, he provided us with the IONIC source code of the mobile app. It is based on a magazine-subscription WordPress website. Most of the works are already done, save for a few more revisions we need to finalize prior to publishing. We aim to publish the app on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Thank you...

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    I need to create a folder in root folder of android device(storag3/emulated/0/myFolder). And then in this folder create text file.

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    Download demo apk below link aap ye demo apk and admin panel ka demo dekh sakte he ki kaisa ui he app or admin ka [identifikohuni për të parë adresën URL] Jo baat samaj me na aaye vo aap puch sakte ho Meri ek or app he usko dikha ke practicaly samja dunga 1 app name, waah Gujarati Sidebaar me jo image he vo delet kardeni he package name, [identifikohuni për të pa...

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    Native Mobile App 6 ditë left

    Design and build 2 versions of native mobile business app in iOS Swift and Android Kotlin/Java with forms, web services, local data save and load, photo, GPS map location and simple draw ability. This is not a very large app but usability is important so please give us example of complex mobile business apps you have done that are appealing. Games and Media app development experience have no rele...

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    I have this batch of 200 images that are actually screenshots. For each one you need to do exactly the same operations: 1) crop it to something like 1000x1000 (I still have to figure out exactly). 2) Change the background to a random color (I dont care what color). Color can repeat, no need to find 200 hues. 2) Add one layer with one word, that changes each time Save the final file to a jpg. ...

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    I garantuar
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    Real time image identification 6 ditë left

    The target is create a software who identify some image in real time. The video will recorded in live, so the software should have the capacity to identify and save the gps location of the specific image looked.

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    [identifikohuni për të parë adresën URL] Adding following functions to the messenger app: Ability to create group chat, with contacts, without users in group being able to see the contact ID or ability to contact each other outside of group. Assign admin privileges to group members in chat, so users who have admin privilege, can add and remove their contacts to group. Close ...

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    Looking for help (I will implement myself) on topics related to Salesforce web chat/ Omni channel , Lightning interface,etc. I am looking for clear DIRECT SOLUTION. I mean a set of steps clearly stated either in any website (if the steps are lengthy, you have to check if its working and then share with me only if you are sure its working) or you giving me the steps to achieve the requirement. ...

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    ESC POS Library 9 ditë left

    Hi Caleb E., I am developing a ESC/POS library in VB6 and came across your profile. I was wondering if you already have such library (or class) that I can use to save time.

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    Google API Search and save 6 ditë left

    I need to collect some data like images, business website, business open hours and other information when search google. and there is some search API out there offer this services. If you have experiment with google search API please discuss with me.

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    BOTS will be BLOCKED!! I will pick someone in 48 hours. So take your time reading this. Must know: -- HTML/PHP -- SQL Database knowledge is a must -- create search box with autocomplete -- get a form to ADD and SUBTRACT, and display the calculation on screen (without a submit button required) -- the Submit button will only Save to the database, and print to a printer at the same time ---------...

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    Macro for Google Sheet 6 ditë left

    1. I would like to highlight a range in google sheet and create a new tab with the that range copied into the new tab. System should ask what the name of the new tab should be and then create the new tab and paste the information. 2. Then the system should prompt a save as CSV action *for only the new tab that was created*.

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    Masar logistics 6 ditë left

    Masar is a service that connects freelancer sellers & freelancer couriers for shipments delivery. If you’re a courier you’re able to earn income by delivering packages that fit within your route and start earning money. Our flexible service allows you to bid your reasonable price on the shipment. We offer you 100 EGP bonus credit to your wallet to start delivering shipments as so...

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    H REAL ESTATE 6 ditë left

    i have Small Real estate Company i need CRM just application between the members to save clients numbers , writing Notes , schedule meetings , reminder Calls ,, also it will be good if we can send emails from the app number of members ( users ) will be maximum 10 people i need every member have CUSTOMER LIST with its updated actions and i can release new clients to any member i can choose als...

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    Project in xamarin for mobile 6 ditë left

    I need a mobile application in xamarin visual studio 2019 with the following characteristics: - scan qr code with xzing library - take two landscape photographs of different faces with a guideline format on the camera - make a preview of both photographs on the mobile - confirm with a button and upload them to an asmx webservice in .net with the qr code obtained to save them on the server - show ...

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    Help with Flutter 6 ditë left

    I'm learning how to create my own app to publish to the Apple App Store, and Google Play store using Flutter. I'm looking for someone who can help me re-code the data structure so the app is more efficient. Some of the problems I'm facing are: - too many calls to Firebase. Multiple calls are made rather than a single call to save on costs. - a lot of jank in the app. - setting up a...

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    Testenium operates an Online Test Automation Platform for testing software and websites without any additional installations on the user’s device and Searchable Encryption platform to transform the industry’s plain data to searchable encrypted data and to provide the necessary user interface to operate the applications. We are a growing tech firm based in London. Our team has over 35 y...

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    The task is to integrate a payment gateway in python (odoo erp solution) Write code to post the required set of parameters to a given url, after saving the same to the transaction table. Parameters are merchant_id, username, password, api_key, order_id, total_price, CurrencyCode, success_url, error_url, test_mode, CstFName, CstEmail, CstMobile, payment_gateway, whitelabled, ProductTitle, Produc...

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    I need a design for a car from top to bottom. In Catia or Autocad 3d 2. After the car is finished, you will have to save hole project and split every part like bumper, front grill, roof, doors, lid, trunk in pieces with a maximum height of 40 CM and a lenght of 40 cm 3. Car dimensions will be: Lenght 500 CM, Wide 220 cm, Height 130 cm 4 The spider web grid to be placed on the front bar, the spide...

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    We have a project data modelling cross platform application that we are in the early stages of building. The application will be storing data in both transactional databases and in a data warehouse where we will be looking to build various Power BI dashboards and reports from. Presently we have a blank AWS free tier account and some simple table data in Excel / Access, and need to move this into...

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    I would like to integrate the TradingView Charting library in my web portal which is developed in VueJS. We have live data coming up through websocket and the same should be connected. All backend APIs are available. Scope of work 1. Integrate TradingView 2. Integrate Websocket Data for Live Feed 3. Integrate Other API for Chart save and load and templates.

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    need to be able to click a button on shopify that will save user selections for model/year/trim/color and append it to the end of a url or our choosing so that we may read those values off of shopify after. for example if our webiste is [identifikohuni për të parë adresën URL], we need the button to provide [identifikohuni për të parë adresën URL](selections...

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    Automation PS Script 5 ditë left

    Powershell script that will set persistent settings for windows 10 upon reboot - specific browser pages & bookmarks - enhanced security settings to browser - whitelisted URLs, blocked URLs, block executables - clear cache - don’t allow save password - always open in-private - set idle time to 10 minutes - wallpaper - adjust sleep time (never sleep) - disable screen lock - if a pdf file...

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    Trading Bot 5 ditë left

    please read all the details of requirements carefully, and make sure you are able to complete the project, I have gotten 3 sellers telling me they can 100% delivery , finally they fail to complete the project and cancelled the work . To prevent wasting both time, please seriously read the requirements and make sure you have all the required APIs that I don’t provide other than the link from ...

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    I would like someone to redo/ resize a logo for a shop awning signage. There is an existing design but needs to be modernized and resized. I need ownership of the file for future use. I would also like to use the colour scheme to save into Canva so I can use the same colours for my POS material such as price tickets for shelving. I need this done in Canva so I can reuse the colours if I need to pr...

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    Kannaway projects 5 ditë left

    We are looking to hire a couple of work from home DATA ENTRY , You’d be able to tend to your kids (or pets), avoid having to plan outfits every morning, and save on commute time and gas money. Excellent Work ,Great Pay , Guaranteed Pay, bonuses ,flexible schedule and holid ayTemporary and Permanent Positions Available. No Experience Needed! We Train! Bonuses! Paid Weekly via Direct Deposit F...

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    powershellrp 5 ditë left

    I am need of powershell script for querying AD LDAP connect to AD query LDAP to retrieve user groups create list of user,group save the result in a CSV file SFTP file to target server

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    Laravel app 5 ditë left

    I want to use this framework to build a laravel app. [identifikohuni për të parë adresën URL] To test your habilities, please recreate sample apps in main page. Just do it asap, all the process must take less than 1 hr for an experienced developer. So please start with this prepared boilerplate, to save some time. [identifikohuni për të parë adresën URL]...

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    I want this drawn in Adobe illustrator. No more than 8 colors, each color please use Pantone color. What’s and 7 different Pantone colors (gray and black shades. Each little box size is 3.5cm x 3.5cm. Save each color in separate layer and group each color. Example all white boxes will be in same group and own layer. So if you use 8 colors create 8 layers. Please choose the Pantone colo...

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    Azure Training 5 ditë left

    Project base training with hands on: WVD project creating a pools and configure fslogic to save users profile to a Storage Account container file share when users login to the VM's. Setup Extension to install and manage the VM. #Azure hands on with setting up VM's and securing them, Setting up Log Analytics for monitoring VM's #Setting up NSG, load balancers, Configuring VPN, an...

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    Build a React Native functional component to crop an image. It should work similarly to the circular profile picture selection tool in the Twitter iOS mobile app. See attached image for example This component should allow the user to pan the image and zoom in/out. The input image will be a remote url. It should overlay this image with a circular mask showing the anticipated crop. It should expos...

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    We need to translate a set of documents describing a novel computer technology for the general audience. The set ranges in difficulty from app descriptions (general audience) to a white paper (technical marketing). Please provide a translation of a fragmented 192 paragraph below as a sample. ****** NewNode avoids the slowdowns commonly caused by many devices attempting to access the same content...

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    web scraping tool 5 ditë left

    The program will accept a list of URLs which it will save until removed by the user. It needs the ability to add and remove URLs. It first will take a search term When ran all the URLs would open in their own tabs. What and how to scape will be told to the bidder.

    €42 - €59
    Vulosur MRS
    €42 - €59
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    I have two designs which should be converted into an Outlook emailing. Both design should be compatible with the latest Outlook versions. One of them is a typical "save to date" and other one with more info about some event. I can't provide the designs right now. Before to finish the project, we have to test them

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    I have SAAS ERP website and all API ready also i have online POS , need windows version same like online , this features i need in win version : working with SAAS website Multiple location for same account Download date from Web account (prodcut , category , price ... etc (Syn with online website (maine ERP)) Touch screen compatible Powerful searching facility ( Name , SKU , Scan Bar code) view p...

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    web scraping tool 5 ditë left

    The program will accept a list of URLs which it will save until removed by the user. It needs the ability to add and remove URLs. It first will take a search term When ran all the URLs would open in their own tabs. What and how to scape will be told to the bidder.

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    I need a stand alone scraping tool that I can use over and over to scrape menu's from one popular delivery platform. The scraper needs to: - scrape the menu and images - scrape modifiers - save data in our strict format to UTF-8 .csv files - have some kind of interface so we can enter the URL that we want to scrape Furthermore it is important that you are available in the future to keep the...

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    minor edits for wordpress site 5 ditë left

    for some reason, when I make and save changes to a page on this site it does not show the changes on mobile or tablet version, it only shows them on my desktop. [identifikohuni për të parë adresën URL]

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    Copy from pdf 5 ditë left

    Freelancer Data Entry Work We want data entry Oprator (Freelancer) For Copy typing from Scanned Images Pdf into [identifikohuni për të parë adresën URL] Who know English Basic Level. for our project. This is a typing project and requires 2-3 hours of work Per [identifikohuni për të parë adresën URL] receives this project from our clients its totally APP AP...

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    I need a React component for market data visualization (OHLCV) - candlestick, compatible with real-time updates, user-configurable technical indicators and light / dark mode. ZERO-DEPENDENCY FROM OTHER REACT COMPONENTS OR THIRD-PARTY SERVICES (like TradingView). Implementation requirements: - Use of TypeScript. - Free from third party dependencies. - Clean code & Clean structure. Functional...

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    Java project -- 2 4 ditë left

    I'm working on a personal program in order to research steganography. I have existing code in 6 classes but I need 2 modified to do what I want it to do. I need someone good in java with some understanding of steganography to help me make my modifications and make the program operational as required. Some items work and others work but not as intended. Expected functionality: 1) Embed a tex...

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    I have readymade source code. which i bought from codecanyon. you just need to change logo , icon and some image and add my admob then save it as android apps then upload it to my playstore . I have to start right now. if u have time then bid one this thanks

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    We are a credit card processing company that specialises in business-to-business sales. We are looking for freelancers to set appointments for myself and my new sales rep to close. We are willing to pay the freelancer for each appointment set, this is why we have marked this as a micro project since the freelancer will be paid a set amount if the criteria below are met: - The merchant/decision-ma...

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    Videocall for a medical software 4 ditë left

    Currently we have deployed a medical software (cloud of course) and we need to make videocalls to our patients and make take if is it necessary. The patient will recieve an email with a link and they open it and the video call starts. Also we need a button in the screen to take photos and save them into a folder in the server. The project has been developed with HTML PHP CSS JAVASCRIPT MYSQL.

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