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    I have a linux server running asterisk running Chan_sip which only support UDP, and can not be upgraded. The asterisk Server communicates to Phones and SIP TRUNK Providers on UDP port 5060 using the LAN Public IP X.X.X.X interface. I need to have some new phones connect to the Server over TCP Port 5062 I need to have some new phones connect to the Server over TLS Port 5089 We will need to have kamalio or Opensips centos 7 to run on the same server as asterisk, and should allow the following: 1) The Proxy should communicate with the asterisk server on UDP SIP port 5060. 2) Listen for incoming SIP TCP traffic on 5062 on the LAN IP X.X.X.X. and proxy this SIP TCP Traffic to and from the Asterisk server on UDP Port 5060 using the interface. 3) ALL TCP SIP traffic on

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    Ju lutemi Regjistrohuni ose Identifikohuni për të parë të dhënat.

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    About the Global Battery Alliance The Global Battery Alliance (GBA) is a public-private collaboration platform founded in 2017 at the World Economic Forum to help establish a sustainable battery value chain by 2030. The GBA brings together leading international organizations, NGOs, industry actors, academics and multiple governments to align collectively in a pre-competitive approach, to drive systemic change along the entire value chain. Independently incorporated as a not for profit organisation since 2022, the members of the Alliance collaborate to achieve the goals set out in the GBA 2030 Vision and agree to the Ten GBA Guiding Principles. The GBA’s multi-stakeholder governance structure aims to ensure inclusivity in decision-making and strategic focus. Action Partnership...

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    Web Crawling Website Reports 6 ditë left

    I’m looking for a web crawling expert to collect data from a large public website of reports (~175,000). Crawling will need to be done in an authenticated session. We would like the data to be formatted into multiple excel spreadsheets or CSVs based on our specifications - each spreadsheet or file should be by year and by type, for example, we would like one file for all 2022 reports of Type A, one file for all 2022 reports of Type B, one file for all 2021 reports of Type A, etc.. You should be experienced in web crawling, Javascript, adept at navigating complex public websites, and able to extract, clean, and structure data accurately. I’m expecting the project to require additional work depending on the complexities of the task, so I’ll need you to be fle...

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    We are two wine bars and would love to host an evening of poetry on the 23rd April

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    We are a medium sized cleaning company that is brand aware. We are looking for a pr consultant to promote our brand throughout Shropshire and Chester.

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    Have an internal web page that is visible on the local WAMP server. The url is (internal use only). When we try to access from any computer other than the WAMP (localhost machine). We get permission denied. Goal is to allow this web site visibility at local computer in our building (*not public internet). The WAMP machine is a Windows 10 Pro and the WAMP version WAMP is 64 bit Apache v 2.4.54 PHP v 8.0.26

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    ...source code must be part of the delivery, so that we freely can make changes our self. The system is intended to run on both Windows and Linux. This link has an example of a signed a xml file (the file signed is in this example is the "ns2:Declaration") I have attached a the guide for connecting here in English.. All Documentation exists in english on: The following links may be usefull Maybe this can simplify the signing process. This project seems way to

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    I'm looking for someone to assist with a data collection project. The primary data sources for this project should be research databases. I'm not yet sure which public entities or websites to consult for data, nor do I know what format the data should be presented in. If you have the skills and experience to help me out with this project, I'd love to hear from you.

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    I’m looking to get some articles published about my company on search engines so I can I get my verification on social media. I’m looking for 8 to 10 publications on the web for different news blogs and media outlets that would pop up On a google search.

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    sales pitch 6 ditë left

    We are a startup company. We would like to find anyone capable of doing sales pitch to a local company here in Malaysia. Our target market is Malaysian Training Center, TVET, either public or private.

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    I am looking for an experienced developer to install and help me run a public python program from github. The purpose of the program is Analysis & Visualisation, however, I currently do not possess relevant coding knowledge but I would like to learn while working on this project. The program already exists; I just need it to run on my own computer, the developer must provide ample instructions and support in getting it to work. If you have the relevant experience, I welcome your application and look forward to working with you!

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    Looking for a lawyer based in Morocco that would help me with an issue that i needs some attention. Would like to discuss details of the problem with the attorney rather than putting it out here in public. So any interesting good attorney based in Morocco with good in depth knowledge of internet, contract, and employment law ready to know and discuss more details about the issue is welcome to apply to this post. Requirements: 1. Must have a good and pleasant personality to work with. 2. The said attorney must be proficient in English. 3. Strong written and verbal communication skills. 4. Strong project management, planning, and organizational skills. 5. Strong prioritization and time management skills. 6. Excellent and unparalleled attention to detail. 7. Be flexible a...

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    My company need to My expect outcome is: 1. an additonal ip address is acquired from the DH...remote-desktop-ip-virtualization My expect outcome is: 1. an additonal ip address is acquired from the DHCP server and the new remote session has assigned an IP address 2. when that remote user open a browser to access the internet, it will use the new assigned ip, not the origional server ip I will provide a remote console (dell idrac enterprise) to access the server and the DHCP (A class C public IP address) is properly configured already. You need to install the windows 2019 by yourself and accomplish the above outcome. The project should be completed within 2 days after both side agreement.

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    Looking for Shopify App developer 6 ditë left

    Hello, I am looking for a developer who is experienced with Shopify public app development. The goal of the project is to create a public app that can be listed on Shopify market. I'll share the details with the shortlisted candidate. Thank you for your interest and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you

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    For this project, you will be making another full CRUD app using the technologi...(models, controllers, routes in separate folders) Uses React Router (but you can have as many pages and components as you need) Include sign up/login (authentication) functionality, with encrypted passwords & an authorization flow Use of axios, local storage, and JWT tokens Use of a CSS framework for styling (Bootstrap, MaterialUI, Skeleton, Tailwind, etc.) Be deployed online and accessible to the public () A file (should include a link to your hosted working website) with explanations of the technologies used, the approach taken, unsolved problems, user stories, and notes to yourself so you can come back to your project later in the course and be able to pick up your train of thought, etc

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    ...Facebook. Nous sommes un restaurant haut de gamme situé à Nice, proposant une cuisine fusion méditerranéenne et asiatique. Nous avons besoin de quelqu'un qui peut nous aider à atteindre notre public cible, qui sont des personnes intéressées par la gastronomie, la cuisine fusion et la cuisine asiatique, et qui sont situées dans la région de Nice et ses environs. Le candidat idéal devrait avoir une expérience avérée dans la publicité Facebook, ainsi qu'une connaissance approfondie des outils publicitaires Facebook tels que Facebook Ads Manager. Il devrait également avoir une compréhension approfondie de notre public cible et de la manière de les a...

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    Promote rFUTURE! 5 ditë left

    We are seeking a creative person to promote a music driven sustainability and leadership film being released on YouTube on May 31st. The expectation is that the promotional campaign will run for a two-month period; April 15th-June 15th. The rFUTURE NYC 2023 film is a collection of original songs with documentary style music videos created by public high school students from all over New York City. In the film, students share their observations about the greatest challenges to creating a sustainable existence in their communities and what they propose as solutions. CGMM, Inc., the non-profit organization which produces rFUTURE, is seeking a promotions person to elevate measurable visibility and viewership of the film upon its digital release. For more information about CGMM, ple...

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    I need an expert HTML/JavaScript/PHP for make a webpage to automatically cut areas of an image that correspond to locations on a campsite map and send pixel and GPS coordinates to MySQL database in PHP. The script must also draw the cutout areas on the plan for check i...automatically cut areas of an image that correspond to locations on a campsite map and send pixel and GPS coordinates to MySQL database in PHP. The script must also draw the cutout areas on the plan for check if it's correct. I need an input to upload a image and the script automatically apply the process. By hand this is a long and tedious job I want a script that automates the process. you can use public libraries such as CannyEdge... or other. But not a framework. The script must work with all filetype jpg,...

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    Blockchain Smart Contract 5 ditë left

    ...meeting or presentation. To make this happen, I want to make this into a smart-contract, so that when they get sent our unique QR code, they will be presented with a PDF (the NDA contract), that they will sign by scanning the QR code, to accept the NDA, through their wallet. Preferably Cardano blockchain. The actual content of the PDF needs to be "off-chain" and kept hidden / not visible for the public eye. The PDF document will change for each presentation /each meeting, so we will have this stored on our server or sent out via email (or perhaps some kind of automatic system through the smart contract?) We are not sure how to best do this, and open to suggestions. After the NDA contract has been reviewed and signed, it would be ideal to have a copy sent to an e...

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    I'm looking for an experienced individual to help me improve my communication skills. Specifically, I need someone who can help me become more proficient with verbal communication. This could include anything from basic interviewing skills to more advanced public speaking. I need someone who can provide advice and guidance to help me become the kind of communicator I desire to be. In addition, I have an idea for a specific communication task I need help with, so the freelancer I hire will also have to be able to assist with this. If you think you could help, please reach out and let me know your experience and approach to communication development!

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    I am looking for an experienced professional with excellent communication and public speaking skills as well as experience with social media management. The project requires someone who is able to speak confidently in public, as well as engage a potential audience of all ages. Additionally, the applicant must have an in depth understanding of social media management, such as knowledge of algorithm tendencies from various platforms and the ability to create an effective digital marketing campaign. The project duration is estimated to last 2-4 weeks. A successful applicant must be able to commit to that timeline, as well start and complete the project as soon as possible. This individual must also be deadline-oriented, eager to take on challenge with a positive attitude, and be...

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    My project is a tutoring software and I need a developer to setup the back end. More details will be given to the developer upon application given the current development stage of the startup public details are limited. We are seeking an experienced back-end developer to join our team and help build the back-end infrastructure for our innovative software. In this role, you will be responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining the back end of our software, including the creation of a RESTful API. Exciting opportunity to gain invaluable experience, and work at a revolutionary and impactful startup!

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    We need data miners who can help us provide a database to us from for all projects registered under the Pune district. Refer to the screenshot attached for how to select the district and type of project. The database should include the details as per the attachment. The data collected is public information and will be used for selecting samples for further analysis and surveys. The database would be around for 10186 projects.

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    AMP BRIDGE . Its Home Flex 50-amp smart charger is similar in operation to its public chargers so there is no learning curve. It can be hardwired into a 240-volt circuit (typically the home’s drier circuit) or an existing 240-volt outlet. The 23-foot cable allows for more installation locations in your garage and the whole charging unit has a sleek design Sometimes you don’t need smart-charging capabilities. Instead, you might need a durable outdoor charger that can withstand tough weather conditions. AMPUSHER is ideal for home EV charging, as well as electric lawn/farm equipment, which is a growing market. There’s no app to this one, just a rugged 40-amp charger. This unit can be hardwired or plugged into an existing 240-volt outlet and the power output is adjusta...

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    Hello, we are a tech company based in Honduras, our core product is an ERP that we commercialize as SaaS, we also provide consulting services for Microsoft technologies such as a Power Apps, Microsoft 365 licensing, Adobe Sign. We also provide ...service development. We recently finished some specialized systems, we have a Hospital Management System, also we have developed an integration to the Texaco systems used in Gas Stations at the pump, nos owners have real time info about their sales and accounts receivables among other things. We just signed a partnership with a company that has a Facial Recognition app for the banking system and public sector. They have different projects in Latin America. We already have a website but the information is outdated and inaccurate.

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    Hello. We are a USA based company with a new android phone running on an MTK chipset Mediatek mt6833v/za. This device has not been released to the public. No other known Lineage devices use the same chipset so sampling is not an option. We have the factory A12 ROM file as well as Kernel sources. We are looking for someone to build a Lineage fork for this device. This is a long-term project to build and maintain our custom ROM. Contractor should have extensive experience with AOSP development from scratch. Please do not make an offer unless your experienced in this field. Contractor must have experience with MTK and new device build outs. The Rom should be fully functional with all hardware features of the phone. We have access to factory OEM support. Contractor will need to...

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    ...quality) 3) For live music (not studio recordings), copies of the same songs recorded at different venues is fine. All dupes from the same venue should be eliminated saving the cleanest and best copy. 4) Find an album database (there are many) and ensure all songs are properly placed in a folder for each album which is under the folder for each Artist. Where album art or lyrics are missing, find a public database to source that information and add it to the respective folder(s) 5) Standardize the song names to all be Sentence case with spaces and not underlines between the words. 6) Ensure track numbers align with the album/CD listing of songs and ensure the track numbers are NOT part of the song name field 7) Run the script or batch commands or whatever that will do the cleanup...

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    Online store 4 ditë left

    Online sales site two parts 1 for the Manager panel 2 to the public In the first part, uploading the products and editing the customer data and adding the salesmen details, also to be able to register the amount of products that the salesman loaded in his vehicle, model and amount, noting time and date of it also. In the second part, the products will appear in two forms for the customer to choose, the one is cubes and the other rows with an add to card button for each At the bottom of the page two buttons 1 place an order without payment 2 order and payment Each time a client set an order, the system informs the office and the clients of placing the order by sending sms message for both of sides with a link that leads to the order document Would like the option of sa...

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    I am looking for a freelancer to extract data from a public database and convert it into a PDF document. The data needs to be in the PDF format. There are no specific regulations that need to be followed. The freelancer must be knowledgeable in data extraction. If you believe you are suitable for this project, please contact me. Task needs to be completed by 28th of March. Thank you.

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    Animated logos attached. Text is be...disappear in some transition, with the text appearing and staying for about 14 seconds. I'd like to see it with the day background and the night background attached please. Here is the text: It’s our 45th Anniversary! PACE-TV is the longest-running, award winning, public access television production company in the United States, producing over one thousand educational, informative, and entertaining shows which are broadcasted locally throughout San Diego County and worldwide across social media channels. As a 501c3 nonprofit public benefit, we thank you for your viewership, participation, and support - we couldn't do it without you! Please click on the links above to learn more about PACE, watch shows, submit a show id...

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    €28 - €231
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    Sales and Marketing Specialist 4 ditë left

    We are supplier of electric vehicle charging station and points Looking for interns and enthusiastic people who can work part time and get results, who can meet client and build relations, who are interested to grow business and themselves

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    Hi Linda, as we agreed and talked over chat as below "Hi Linda we have 1 blog content (1200 word count) to be published in our website and in some other public websites. We'd like to have it gramatically correct and more appealing. Can you make it review it for $20"

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    Python Code 4 ditë left

    ...certificates. You need to create the certificates (self-signed) and include them in the mySSL messages. • The client also informs the server what data encryption and integrity protection scheme to use (there is no negotiation). Pick your favorite integrity protection and encryption algorithms. • The client and server also send encrypted nonces to each other encrypted with the other side’s public key (the public keys are obtained from the certificates). These nonces are then xored to create a master secret. • Compute a hash of all messages exchanged between the client and server and exchange these hashes. Use keyed SHA-1 for computing the hash. The client appends the string CLIENT for computing its keyed hash and the server appends the string SERVER for...

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    I am already a Codeigniter developer and stuck at a place. Here is the scenario include more then two controllers inside the controller function without class extend. How can I achieve this? Controller : class Dashboard extends CI_Controller { function __construct() { parent::__construct(); } public function cron() { include APPPATH . 'controllers/controlpanel_api/'; $dashboard = new Dashboard(); $dashboard->function_test1(); include APPPATH . 'controllers/controlpanel_api/'; $invoice = new Invoice(); $invoice->function_test2(); include APPPATH . 'controllers/controlpanel_api/'; $msg = new Messages(); $msg->function_test3(); } }

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    professional news 4 ditë left

    ...decades-long relationship with Taiwan, while Taiwan’s foreign minister accused Honduras of demanding exorbitant sums before being lured away by Beijing. The ending of ties with Taiwan had been expected after the Honduran foreign minister travelled to China last week to open relations and President Xiomara Castro said her government would start ties with Beijing. China said its foreign minister, Qin Gang, and Honduran Foreign Minister Eduardo Enrique Reina signed the deal on diplomatic recognition in Beijing, ending relations with Taiwan dating back to the 1940s. In a brief statement late on Saturday, the Honduran foreign ministry said it recognised the People’s Republic of China as the only legitimate government that represents all of China and that Taiwan i...

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    Design a logo for Infused Industries, a leading herbal manufacturing hub that specializes in the culinary arts. Infused Industries has a serious passion for the food the public consumes, and their products are crafted with only the finest herbs and ingredients. The logo should reflect the company's commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovation, while also communicating their expertise in the culinary industry. Creativity is encouraged, but the logo should be easily recognizable and memorable. I have a pretty good idea on what the design should look like so please refer to the attachments Key Requirements: *The design must contain two lowercase letter "ii" *The design must incorporate an atom *If possible the design should have a "drip" effect (see...

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    I am looking for someone to help me edit my WHCMS Lagom Template. I want a modern look and feel and different colors that fit my logo. While I would like editing of existing content and layout, I do not require any new functionalities to be added. This project is of high priority as I need it completed ASAP. There is an extensive documentation about the Lagom 2 theme, please read trough ...editing of existing content and layout, I do not require any new functionalities to be added. This project is of high priority as I need it completed ASAP. There is an extensive documentation about the Lagom 2 theme, please read trough it or be sure you can finish the job. Editing the theme requires you to work with .tpl files, HTML css and PHP. Can provide website in private since we are not publi...

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    ...the root called "OLD" (just in case they were needed) The site works. It's fast. No issues on the front end. However, the errors come every 12 hours or so. I have reviewed them but they are beyond my ability to understand what they are and exactly how to resolve them. So I need assistance. For your review, I have attached 1. Veterans Today Error File. It is located in the same area as public-html (above the root) in a folder called LOGS 2. The original old messy WP-Config file 3. The new current cleaned-up WP-Config file My guess is that I messed up or removed a few necessary lines on the WP-Config file and that's why I am getting the errors. But that's an educated guess. I really don't know because I don't completely understa...

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    I’m looking for an experienced PR freelancer in the UK to help boost the profile of our jewellery brand. We need someone that is confident in delivering meaningful, targeted media campaigns. Specifically, we are looking for a freelancer that can help us with media relations and engage with print media in order to meet our objectives. We are open to suggestions and ideas for relevant goals, so it would be beneficial if you have experience in setting SMART objectives. Due to the fact that the jewellery sector is very competitive, it’s important that you are able to make an impact in our target market and come up with creative strategies to make us stand out from our competitors.

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    ... I wanted to create a similar website like with more attractive UI. Our product will be also same. Need to create a same mobile number login and sign up page with OTP verification etc. There is two types of user portal:- 1. For every customer 2. Our B2B lab partner There is arround 600 product list that will be shared in Excel format along with all details. For customer and public view display the product MRP and selling price. You have to create a seprate rate calculator page for the all item For B2B lab partner portal. In which you have to display the B2B and B2C both. Best class admin dashboard which to manage everything. Like orders, form responses, bulk product import or export features etc. Budget - $15 to $21 If you're skills are matching to our project ...

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    ...Ideally, the design should include classical and modern elements, as well as sketches and other such creative designs. The project is located in Dominican Republic, a caribbean country. This is the partial restructuration of a concrete commercial warehouse/ Total area of the warehouse is about 600 sqm. Area to be restructured: 140 sqm approx (7*20) , to create a 3 storeys townhouse. A staircase (public staircase) for accessing the roof will separate (partly) the townhouse from the rest of the building. Attached a proposed idea for level 0 The level 1 should have - 2 master bedrooms with ensuite bath, toilet, and a dressing room, situated on the front and back from the building - A large living area - Optionally, a kitchen, - And staircases to access level 0 and rooftop (on the...

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    I am looking for high-quality content related to Pakistan, written in Filipino language. The targeted audience will be the general public. To begin, I need informative articles on topics that are relevant to the region. But I am open to suggestions; if you have an idea that you think could work well, please let me know. The articles must be engaging and easy to read, as well as accurate and factually correct. They should also avoid any bias in favour or against any particular viewpoint. All content must be original and pass Copyscape as well as any other plagiarism detection software. I look forward to working with you!

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    Project talks about a particular medical facility provided to the general public, addressing that how can they avail the facility and feedbacks of the facilities.

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    Stockopoly 3 ditë left
    VERIFIKUAR you would land on equities in the stock market. Instead of paying rent you pay dividends of the company that you land upon. This would be an educational game that incorporates aspects of economics, finance and accounting. Schools would pay to have the platform for the year and give teachers access for their students. I would also like to create an non student version that anyone in the public would want to play that has social media connectivity, and in game purchases. I have a video that goes along with the attached files that I would love to share but the file is too large. Additionally below is a link to an app that I use that I like as far as functionality is concerned and would like if my version had similar functionality.

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    manmeetvirani 3 ditë left

    I am looking for a freelancer to help me with my project. The project I need help with is a graphic design project for the general public. I do not have existing content, so I need the freelancer to provide all new content for the project. The format of the project should be suitable for a webpage. If you are a creative freelancer with considerable experience in graphic design, I encourage you to submit a proposal and let me know what ideas you have. Thanks!

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    Notre orchestre de jeunes cherche quelqu'un d'actif à Bruxelles pour remplir sa salle pour un concert symphonique qui aura lieu le 12 mai au Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles. Le matériel publicitaire est en grande partie déjà conçu, il s'agira donc surtout de consultance pour la diffusion de la publicité pour atteindre un maximum de monde. La salle fait 600 places, nous en remplisso...d'actif à Bruxelles pour remplir sa salle pour un concert symphonique qui aura lieu le 12 mai au Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles. Le matériel publicitaire est en grande partie déjà conçu, il s'agira donc surtout de consultance pour la diffusion de la publicité pour atteindre un maximum de monde. La sa...

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    I need the following on a Saudi public listed company: 1- Company introduction (mission/goals, brief history, scope of business/products, major markets, and overall performance); 2- Industry analysis, including major competitors; 3- SWOT analysis: Opportunities and Threats in external environment; Strengths and Weaknesses in internal environment; 4- Corporate-level strategies (diversification, means of diversification, and company restructuring); 5- Business-level strategies in major industries (if more than one) (competitive strategy and core competencies behind them); 6- International-level strategies (entry strategies, cooperative strategies, and global integration) 7- Corporate governance (governance mechanisms, top management teams .. etc) 8- Future directions and decisions you...

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    I'm looking for help in building a secure RSA Encryption in Flutter. This project requires generating a public/private KeyPair using RSA, and I do not have existing code for this. I want to use below Package Check ==> Asymmetric RSA Check Source Code ==> Requirement within 2 to 3 Days 1) Don want Login or API Integration in App 2) I want only Running Source Code to implement in my app Step 1) generate Public and Private KeyPair Step 2) Encrypt Plain text data Step 3) Decrypt That Data

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