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    IT Suuport/Web server admin Ka përfunduar left

    Office 365, Wordpress server admin, closed server admin

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    I am looking for someone to install Listmonk on my server. I have already purchased a domain, email and VPS server. You just need to install and setup Listmonk.

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    Safeguard AWS EC2 ubuntu server 6 ditë left

    ...looking for a freelancer who can help me safeguard my AWS EC2 Ubuntu server (Setup). Here are the specific requirements for the project: Security Measures: - Firewall configuration to ensure the server is protected against unauthorized access User Access: - Full access should be granted to users for seamless management of the server Monitoring and Maintenance: - Ongoing monitoring and maintenance are required to ensure the server's security and performance Ideal Skills and Experience: - Expertise in AWS EC2 and Ubuntu server management - Proficiency in firewall configuration and intrusion detection systems - Knowledge of data encryption at rest - Experience in regular monitoring and maintenance of AWS EC2 servers FYI, our server is running ap...

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    Web browser 20 orё left

    I am looking for a powerful and efficient web browser to cater to the general public that has some important features. Specifically, this browser should have tabbed browsing capability, an integrated ad blocker, and a built-in VPN. In terms ...language, I would like it to be developed using Python or what youd advise I believe this will ensure the best quality of service and satisfaction to the users. The browser should be optimized for the best performance and should be highly secured. In addition, I would prefer a web browser that is regularly updated with performance and security improvements. Would like it to have an installer for windows locked to hardware id and locked to a web page where user cannot see link or copy link and if there is no internet browser will close similar...

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    15 ofertat profile) to switch between network adapters on Windows. Functionality: - The extension should provide a list of available network adapters for manual selection for each google chrome profile - It should not automatically switch between network adapters based on certain conditions. Compatibility: - The extension should be compatible with all versions of Chrome and Windows. User Interface: - Basic functionality is all that matters, so there are no specific design preferences or special user interface requirements. - However, the extension should be user-friendly for easy navigation and usability. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in developing Chrome extensions. - Knowledge of network adapter functionality on Windows. - Familiarity with user-...

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    10 ofertat Tasks: Responsibilities include reading emails, preparing shipping labels, saving them as PDF files, and subsequently sending the PDF files back to us. Our in-office staff will then print the PDF files and fulfill the orders. The primary software required for preparing shipping labels is Software/Tools: Excel Word High speed internet Computer with windows 10 or newer. Requirements: Attention to detail Strong work ethics Daily availability, with the ability to work a minimum of 4 hours per day. Extended hours may be necessary when required. Salary: Compensation is $0.5 per shipping label. Estimated hourly rate is $10. The quantity of labels needed for printing varies, typically ranging from 70 to 120 labels per day. Consequently, ...

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    Zammad Upgrade & Server Move I am seeking a freelancer who can assist with moving my Zammad () installation and updating to the latest version (6.1) from version 5.4. We want our Zammad server to be secure and to backup daily to AWS S3 and keep backups for 30 day. Requirements: - Experience with Zammad, particularly with upgrading to latest version - Knowledge of server migration and configuration - Familiarity with Linux operating systems Tasks: - Upgrade the current Zammad installation to version 6.1 - Transfer the upgraded installation to a new server - Ensure compatibility and functionality of the Zammad system on the new server - Ensure new server is secure - Setup daily server backup to S3 Skills and Experience: - Strong und...

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    Software program 6 ditë left

    Project Title: Software program Operating System Compatibility: - The software program should be compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. Features: - The client requires basic functionality only in the software program. Ongoing Support: - The client does not require ongoing support for the software program after it's developed. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in developing software programs compatible with multiple operating systems. - Proficiency in programming languages suitable for Windows, Mac, and Linux. - Strong understanding of basic software functionality and development. - Ability to create a user-friendly interface for the software program.

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    I have a Node.js project that uses graphql, walletconnect, react table, etc. I'm strugging to install node modules for this project on windows. I attached the file. I'll immediately hire and pay someone with good review who send me screenshot of running of this project. It's straightforward and small job for expert. Ongoing task will be happen for successful candidate. Thanks in advance

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    Setup Apache Guacamole server/client on my server

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    Windows app to save images... 6 ditë left

    Hi... I need a windows application (must run on windows 11) App should save some images from a public website (no username/password needed)... I need a GUI ... So basically, I will paste some URLs (from one website) ... Then your app, will just save the images to the local hard desk... That's all... should be a simple task! I suggest C# for this... but can be written in anything else (as long as it runs on Windows and have a GUI). This should NOT be a browser extension Thanks

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    Fix a java windows app 6 ditë left

    I am looking for a skilled Java developer to fix a bug in my Windows app. The specific issue that needs to be addressed is a bug/error. The urgency level for fixing this issue is medium, so it can wait a few days for completion. The app is doing a POST request based on a data introduced by the user in the frontend field or by txt import. Right now it gives an error for the link that is called, which is good actually. I do not have any specific requirements or preferences for the bug fix, as I trust the expertise of the freelancer. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Java programming - Experience with Windows app development - Strong problem-solving skills - Attention to detail - Ability to work independently and meet deadlines

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    There are sections of an invention disclosure that refers to diagrams that do not exist. See below: ---- [0010] Figure 1: This figure provides an overhead view (top view) of the terrain invariant vehicle. It displays the standard parts of the vehicle, each labeled with corresponding numbers. The labels identify components such as the wheels, chassis, doors, windows, and other essential elements. [0011] Figure 2: In Figure 2, you'll find a frontal view of the terrain invariant vehicle. This perspective showcases the front end of the automobile, with numbers indicating various features. These features include the headlights, grille, bumper, windshield, and other components that constitute the front portion of the vehicle. [0012] Figure 3: Figure 3 presents a rear view of the t...

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    SMM Server Script 6 ditë left

    Hello. I want to become an smm service provider. I don't want to be a reseller. I want to have my own service (my own API). I don't want to be a reseller that links APIs to other panels. I want the services needed for many platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, SoundCloud, Spotify, etc. But for now, you only need the YouTube service. Subscribers, Likes, Dislikes, Views, Watching Time For these services to work, many IPs and accounts are required. I want someone who can explain this to me.

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    12 ofertat Read Numbers from Different Websites. For example: The Price of A Stock on Yahoo Finance. Everytime the Number Changes (And that could be 100 Times in One Minute), the Software should put this Number in a excel spreadsheet, for each Change a new Row. A Simple List is fine, the devlopment of the Excel Spreadsheet is my Task. Operating System: Preferrably Mac, if you are Sure you can do it on Windows but can't do it on Mac, its also Okay, but be aware that i will favor Developers who can do it on Mac. Data Extraction Frequency: Real-time (Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in software development for Mac operating systems - Strong knowledge of screen scraping techniques and data extraction - Experience with real-time data processing and integration with Excel - Familia...

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    Quick Setup of SSH for Git Deployment I am looking for a freelancer who can help me with the quick setup of SSH for Git deployment. I need someone with experience in configuring SSH for Git deployment on a Windows operating system. Preferred Hosting Provider: No, I need recommendations Operating System: Windows Level of Access to Hosting Provider's Server: Unsure Skills and Experience Required: - Experience in configuring SSH for Git deployment on a Windows operating system - Knowledge of different hosting providers and their SSH setup requirements - Familiarity with Git and version control systems - Ability to troubleshoot and resolve SSH connection issues - Strong communication skills to provide recommendations for hosting providers and assist with ...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can troubleshoot the issue of MySQL crashing on my WordPress server, even with minimal load. I use a cheap shared Linode server (Nanode 1GB RAM $5/month) on Linux CentOS 7, with aaPanel and LEMP. I’m trying to install a vanilla WordPress+WooCommerce, but the moment I access the admin UI of WooCommerce, the server reaches 100% load, and it crashes MySQL (I need to restart MySQL by hand every time). No visitors on the website, only me working on the Admin panel. I am aware that adding more RAM and CPU cores fixes my issue, but I would prefer to not invest more at this stage (even if that involves a slow server). My main priority is to stop MySQL crashing every time. I have allowed 256MB of memory in PHP to the Wordpress...

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    Project Title: Website infected on server Description: The client is seeking assistance with their infected website on the server. The website is built on WordPress, but they are unsure if any security plugins have been installed. They have also not noticed any specific issues or error messages. Skills and Experience: - Strong experience in WordPress security - Proficiency in identifying and resolving website infections - Knowledge of server security and best practices - Ability to troubleshoot and resolve potential issues or errors on the website

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    Looking for experience centos server admin who can fix mysql issue on server, and make the server running smoothly Regards,

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    vpn software 6 ditë left

    I'm looking for a software developer to create a VPN solution for my organization. We need something that is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems, as well as Linux. We need a software solution that is able to provide us with customizable features and advanced security options - nothing basic or simple. We have a timeline of a month to have this completed. It's essential that the completed project meets our requirements within this timeframe. Experienced developers who can provide a quality product in a timely manner are preferred.

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    I'm looking for a Python project to create unlimited Facebook pages while also extracting loops that will enable me to save the long-lived tokens of the pages in a file. The purpose of this project is specifically for testing and development purposes, so no framework or library is preferred over the others. Furthermore, I require the project to be compatible with the Windows operating system. This project should be able to automatically create a plentiful number of pages quickly and safely while also ensuring that I obtain the full access to each page for future use. If necessary, additional libraries or features may be required to achieve the desired outcome.

    €151 (Avg Bid)
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    Installing VPN server IKEv2/Wireguard/IPSec on an unknown operating system Skills and Experience Needed: - Experience with VPN server installation and configuration - Knowledge of IKEv2 protocol - Familiarity with different operating systems (Windows, macOS, Linux) - Able to make recommendations for VPN server software based on client's needs - Familiarity with dedicated servers and shared hosting

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    All work is done in Androids 4.1 kit-kat or higher Import and export data in XL.s format or raw CSV the 12 columns of calculation and search are made in XLs Each item has its box on display and by touching or scanning or by name, Price, Category, or sub-category item will appear on screen for example 149000049930 Coca-Cola 8.5 oz bottle next row QTY 10500 X Price 1.29 Equal sum = $13545.00 149000049930 Coca-Cola 8.5 oz bottle next row QTY 10500 X Price 1.29 Equal sum = $13545.00 149000049930 Coca-Cola 8.5 oz bottle next row QTY 10500 X Price 1.29 Equal sum = $13545.00 at the bottom total quantity and the dollar value will upload file to with milestone Give us a final price make a video if can be done we approve the design will pay Start...

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    new jitsi server config 6 ditë left

    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me configure a new Jitsi server on Linux. The server is already running on The specific requirement for this project is the integration of the Jitsi server with other tools and platforms. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Strong knowledge and experience in configuring Jitsi servers on Linux - Familiarity with integrating Jitsi with various tools and platforms - Ability to customize branding and UI for the Jitsi server If you have expertise in these areas, please reach out to me with your proposal. Thank you!

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    Trophy icon Design Shop front for PSM Estates 6 ditë left

    I have attached logo and picture of the shop front. I have also attached logos of accreditation What we want Advert Screen Window: One of the windows should feature a prominent screen that will play property adverts and promotional content. The screen should be sleek, modern, and easily visible from the street. Please ensure it is positioned for optimal visibility both during the day and at night. Vinyl Artwork for Remaining Windows: The other windows should be adorned with vinyl artwork that reflects the essence of our business. These artworks should convey a professional, modern, and welcoming atmosphere. Shop Sign: We need an eye-catching shop sign that can be seen from a distance. The sign should prominently display our agency's name and logo. Feel free...

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    ...would like to develop desktop App for Windows or Linux systems to use our backend APIs (send fax document) . Requirements: Please check the attached file API Information: Following are the API details and for more details, please visit this link: POST | https://ictcore/api/contacts GET | https://ictcore/api/accounts -- account phone number will be show as outbound callerID POST | https://ictcore/api/documents POST | https://ictcore/api/accountsdocuments/document_id/media POST | https://ictcore/api/program/sendfax POST | https://ictcore/api/transmissions POST | https://ictcore/api/transmissions/transmission_id/send GET | https://ictcore/api/transmissions . The application should be compatible with both Windows and Linux desktop operating systems

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    I am looking for a skilled developer to build a custom VoIP app for iPhone, Android, Windows, and Mac. The app will have the following features: - Voice calling only - The design elements and branding of the app are open to the freelancer's suggestions - The preferred platform to launch the app first is Android The ideal freelancer for this project should have experience in developing VoIP apps for multiple platforms, including Android. They should also have a strong sense of design and be able to incorporate branding elements into the app.

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    English Placement Test Software for Windows & MAC (Offline Standalone) Purpose: - Assessing grammar skills of advanced English learners Features: - User-friendly interface for easy navigation and usage Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in Windows and MAC software development - Strong knowledge of English grammar assessment - Experience in creating user-friendly interfaces for software applications

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    Secure Server-to-Server Money Transfer System We are looking for an experienced developer or team to create a secure and compliant server-to-server (S2S) money transfer system. This project requires in-depth knowledge of financial regulations, strong security practices, and expertise in API integration with banks and payment processors. Development Language: Primary Language: Java Frameworks: Spring Boot (or similar for Java) Front-end: JavaScript (React, Angular, or Vue.js) Database: MySQL (or PostgreSQL) Security: Strong knowledge of security practices and encryption Required Skills: Expertise in Java development and API integration. Experience with financial technology (fintech) projects. Knowledge of financial regulations and compliance. Strong securi...

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    I am looking for someone who can help me install Android command line tools on my Windows system. I am encountering an error message that says "A JNI ERROR OCCURRED." I have not installed any Android development tools on my system before, so I need someone who is familiar with the installation process. Skills and Experience: - Experience with installing Android command line tools on Windows - Knowledge of resolving JNI errors - Familiarity with troubleshooting installation issues on Windows systems

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    Hi, I would need a new branding /wrapping of a car (little truck) for a company that does roof windows (Velux). Please make it look fancy and modern but stylish and not cheap. Please add the "Velux" logo as well as the logo "hoba" as well as the logo "Velux Experte". The blue (saphire) is Saphirblau R5300 Thx

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    to enable the remote access of SQL sever 2019 on windows server

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    16 ofertat

    I am looking for a skilled developer to build a broadcast for server sockets without using any third-party libraries for my virtual machines (VMs). The project requires the following: Specific Requirements and Features: - The server sockets should have the ability to broadcast messages without relying on third-party libraries, and we have an affinity node this node is the only node in the system that can modify a document, here is the scenario I have built a NoSQL database system each VM(node)have many clients connected to it each client can do NoSQL CRUD operations, When this client create or delete we and do it successfully we need to broadcast the JSON file between all other VMS, and when a client want to do a modification operation on a document we need to send this oper...

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    Signage renew design 5 ditë left

    Project Title: Signage renew design 4 windows to be designed and covered 1100mm width 1970mm height Description: I am looking for a skilled designer to help me renew my outdoor signage. I am open to suggestions and do not have a specific design concept in mind. The project timeline is as soon as possible. Skills and Experience: - Experience in signage design, particularly for outdoor spaces - Strong creativity and ability to provide innovative design suggestions - Proficiency in graphic design software - Attention to detail and ability to deliver high-quality designs - Ability to work efficiently and meet tight deadlines

    €53 (Avg Bid)
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    123 ofertat

    I have a website built in Wordpress and I am looking for a skilled developer who can create a high-performance server capable of handling 10000+ concurrent users for the website. I need someone with experience in high traffic servers and who can give me advice in building high performance servers. I have tried running the website in VPS server with 8 core CPU, 8GB RAM, 160GB SSD but it was not able to handle 200 concurrent users. lmk if you are down to fix my issue.

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    I am looking for an experienced kernel-mode driver specialist to create a driver that will allow user mode access to a process' memory. The driver should be written in ...looking for an experienced kernel-mode driver specialist to create a driver that will allow user mode access to a process' memory. The driver should be written in the C++ programming language and designed for Windows operating systems. Specifically, the driver should be able to read from and write to the memory of a specific process. I have all of the necessary background information regarding the process and its memory that a developer will need in order to successfully complete this task. If you are a driver specialist who is proficient in the creation of kernel-mode drivers in Windows and C++ th...

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    Hi, I need a very simple .exe/program/app When I run it I want it to choose 1 random line from a text file I have set and put that text on the windows clipboard so that when I go to paste it will be there. Example: Zebra Duck Lion Apple Dancing When I run the .exe it would choose 1 line at random and put it in the windows clipboard. So if it picked "Duck" whenever I would go to paste something it would be Duck.

    €22 (Avg Bid)
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    17 ofertat

    I am looking for a server driven UI backend developer who is experienced in Django. The primary purpose of the Android app is for e-commerce. I have a detailed design for the app and would like it to be implemented accordingly. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in Django for server driven UI backend development - Proficient in Android app development for e-commerce purposes - Ability to work with detailed design guidelines for the app implementation

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    We are looking for individuals to search for automotive fuse diagrams. A commitment of at least 10 hours per week is expected. The work will be carried out using custom-made web tools. Requirements: - Ability to research and find useful information on the web - Attention to detail to compare images and text tables - Speed and skill in using web tools and handling multiple windows simultaneously - Knowledge of the automotive industry is appreciated but not mandatory The job mainly involves searching for information on fuse diagrams on certain websites and more generic searches on Google: the aim is to determine the most suitable and reliable information, contrasting it with images from our own database. This task will last for a few months, and our desire is to have trustworthy and...

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    Project Description: Plesk server PHP issue | Ubuntu I am currently experiencing error messages on my Plesk server running on Ubuntu. I am seeking a skilled freelancer who can help me resolve this PHP issue. Specific Requirements: - Ability to diagnose and troubleshoot error messages in PHP - Proficient in working with Plesk server and Ubuntu - Experience with PHP 8.x - Strong problem-solving skills to address the issue efficiently Additional Information: - I have root access to the server, which will facilitate the troubleshooting process If you have the necessary skills and experience to tackle this project, please submit your proposal. Thank you.

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    DNS Api and Web, Server, and Hosting Integration with 3rd Parties We are seeking a skilled developer to assist with the integration of our DNS services with various 3rd party platforms. The ideal candidate will have experience working with Cloudflare as our current DNS provider. Key Requirements: - Full integration with 3rd party platforms: We require seamless integration with our DNS services and various 3rd party platforms for a smooth and efficient workflow. - Strong knowledge and experience in API development: The successful candidate should have a deep understanding of API development and integration techniques to ensure a seamless experience for our users. - Familiarity with DNS management: The ideal candidate will have a strong understanding of DNS management and the as...

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    I am looking for a freelancer to update a Binance websocket trading bot. I have a bot done for Binance Futures websocket but it became non operational due to some Websocket chages. The best would be to update the current code. Skills and experience required: - Proficiency in C#, Windows Forms - Knowledge of websocket trading and API integration with Binance - Familiarity with various trading strategies and indicators Additionally, I would like the bot to keep a user interface as it has now for easy monitoring and control. If you have experience in developing trading bots and are familiar with the required skills and tools, please reach out to discuss the project further.

    €616 (Avg Bid)
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    27 ofertat

    I am looking for a freelancer to edit my website, which is hosted on Go Daddy. I specifically need changes made to the Design/Layout. I have a clear vision for what I want the website to look like, so the ideal candidate will have experience in implementing custom designs. The changes are quick and easy, and should only take around 3 hours to complete. I need the changes made within a few hours.

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    168 ofertat

    ...various locations at Delhi for short term and long term projects. This is onsite role. The ideal candidate should have expertise in providing support for Windows operating systems. Specific requirements for this project include: - Troubleshooting and resolving software installation or upgrade issues - Addressing system performance issues and optimizing desktop performance - Resolving network connectivity issues The client requires immediate support and expects the chosen freelancer to be available within 24 hours. Skills and experience required for this project: - Strong knowledge and experience in providing desktop support for Windows operating systems - Proficiency in troubleshooting and resolving software installation or upgrade issues - Familiarity with optimizin...

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    10 ofertat

    ...freelancers who can assist us in setting up a Domain Controller on an Amazon Web Instance (AWS) and establishing a secure site-to-site VPN tunnel to link it with our network. This project is of utmost urgency due to critical issues with our existing Domain Controller and the need to migrate users to the AWS-hosted solution. Background: Our organization currently relies on a single Domain Controller server, which has encountered persistent issues, including being stuck in a continuous loop. In light of this situation, we have deployed a secondary Domain Controller to serve as a backup in the event of hardware failures. However, to enhance reliability and performance, we have decided to migrate our user base to a Domain Controller hosted on AWS. Project Objectives: Set up a Doma...

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    50 ofertat

    I am looking for a skilled C++ Front End developer to add a screen Share toolbar UI very similar to Zoom screen/window picker and floating toolbar with docking (build with windows 11/WinUI3 style) into an existing c++ WebRTC client Skills and Experience for full time dedicated Coder (not Team) - Strong proficiency in c++ and WebRTC development. - Experience in modern UI development and design. (windows 11/WinUI3 style) - Familiarity with integrating toolbar UI into existing applications. - Ability to work on the Windows platform. - Knowledge and proven experience with libWebRTC is big ADVANTAGE - Knowledge and proven experience with C++ sciter SDK is big ADVANTAGE If you are a talented developer with the necessary skills and experience then this project is for you...

    €4340 (Avg Bid)
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    20 ofertat

    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me deploy my Docker-based Microservices .NET Core project into my Hostinger VPS server. The project is developed in .NET Core 6.0 and I have a Dockerfile for the project available in my local environment. Requirements: - Experience with Docker and Dockerfile - Familiarity with deploying projects to VPS servers - Knowledge of CentOS 7 64bit operating system Skills and experience needed: - Strong understanding of Docker and Dockerfile - Previous experience with deploying projects to VPS servers, specifically Hostinger - Knowledge of CentOS 7 64bit operating system - Attention to detail and ability to troubleshoot and resolve any deployment issues

    €93 (Avg Bid)
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    16 ofertat

    I am looking for a senior python freelancer to develop a system for automatically correcting the eye gaze in video files. The eye gaze correction must be highly accurate and needs to be developed in Python or C++. Additionally, the system should be able to process both high-definition and standard-definition video files. The successful freelancer must meet my precise requirements and...correction must be highly accurate and needs to be developed in Python or C++. Additionally, the system should be able to process both high-definition and standard-definition video files. The successful freelancer must meet my precise requirements and have a proven track record of successfully completing projects. Libraries are free to be chosen and the output code need to work on both Linux, MacOS and Wi...

    €147 (Avg Bid)
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    Hi Md Imam Hasan A., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

    €101 (Avg Bid)
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    1 ofertat

    Project Description: I am looking for a skilled C# developer who can fix my Windows app, which is currently experiencing issues with data extraction from Google search results. Specifically, the app is inaccurately extracting search results, and I need someone to address this issue. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in C# and experience working with Windows apps - Strong understanding of web scraping and data extraction techniques - Familiarity with Google search results and metadata - Ability to troubleshoot and debug code to identify and fix the inaccuracies in data extraction Desired Outcome: - The extracted data should be in the form of an Excel spreadsheet, providing accurate and reliable information from Google search results.

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