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    ...and Settings Transfer Wizard" (FSTW) on Windows XP, but for Windows 2000. Just to be clear, I'm looking a wizard not a command line utility. I'm looking for something an end user can run. The FSTW from Microsoft is perfect, except the problem is that when you run it on a Windows 2000 computer it does allow you to pick "New Computer" or "Old Computer

    €26 - €86
    €26 - €86
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    I had edited a SP (SQL2000)? about a month ago. It was quering data for a report deisgner that I use. I am wanting to link? another table to it so that I may query additional data from the DB. Before, I was querying data by TProject.Uniqueid. I now need to query data by [identifikohuni për të parë adresën URL] but only want data from the project I select (project id). Right now...

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    Tampa J++ SQL 2000 Developer Ka përfunduar left

    I am looking for a part time developer in the Tampa area of Florida. We currently support a large J++ application, an ASP website, two small Java and C# apps and a MS SQL 2000 database. We continue to develop on the J++ system, and will be adding new web applications soon. We are currently developing a webservice to replace the SQL client we are using

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    ...passwords need to be stored in the SQL Server 2000 database. All web pages on the site will need check to see if the user has been authenticated before granting access to the requested page.</li> <li>All users will be allowed to see all web site pages.</li> <li>User Logins maintained in SQL Server 2000 Database</li> <li>ASP.Net Pages for a...

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    Discuss your thoughts on the effects of indexes, data types, filegroups, and transaction logs on space considerations. Which of those database constructs do you feel are most important to manage when it comes to database size considerations? Why? What factors would you focus on when determining the actual size of these database constructs? Be sure to cite your sources. ## Deliverables 4-5 Parag...

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    I need a VBA module or routine that I can incorporate into an existing Microsoft Access 2000 database that will search a given local or network folder for any relevant SEARCHABLE PORTABLE DOCUMENT FILES (PDFs) and link each of them to each record satisfying certain criteria in a table in the database. The routine would function in some respects like

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    SQL 2000 - SP-3 Ka përfunduar left

    I need an SP to format a Social Security Field. The field format is 000-00-000 where "0" is any number between 0 and 9. Conditions: 1. change invalid social security nu...components, etc. unless all copyright ramifications are explained AND AGREED TO by the buyer on the site per the coder's Seller Legal Agreement). ## Platform MS SQL SERVER 2000

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    For a Microsoft Exchange 2000 server we need a server side script (that runs without outlook) that periodically deletes all entries in a public folder. The public folder contains calendar items. **Specs** Environment: Microsoft Exchange 2000 Public Folder name: Global Calendar Public Folder location: Public FoldersAll Public Folders Delete

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    SQL 2000 - SP-2 Ka përfunduar left

    convert - optimize eight sql scripts to Stored Procedures. You can create eight separate sp or consolidate them into one. The scripts are bug free....components, etc. unless all copyright ramifications are explained AND AGREED TO by the buyer on the site per the coder's Seller Legal Agreement). ## Platform MS SQL Server 2000, all windows platforms

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    I need a guru who can help me on my SQL2000 & Access 2000 frontend project. I would like it to be one-on-one type, like a tutorial. So let me know if there's anybody out there from the bay area who's willing to do a little travel and would like to share their knowledge ...I need to know how much you're going to charge me, your availability, your experience

    €429 - €4295
    €429 - €4295
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    SQL 2000 - SP Ka përfunduar left

    ...client one point for each day a client has negative toxicology result (ToxicologyAttendance).Name this column "Negative Toxicology". For example: if a particular client at a specific day has three negative results and one posive, he or her will get cero points. On the other hand, if the client has no positive results that day, he or she will get one

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    This proj...deliverables) The project has to be executable in MS Access 2000. The specifications are attached. **In the event if the Requirement is in conflict with the screenshot, use the written requirement as the business rule**. ## Platform It should be executable on MS Access 2000. Any Windows Operating system should be OK.

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    SQL 2000 Ka përfunduar left

    I need a MS SQL 2000 Stored Procedure to find and delete duplicate values from 6 tables. The date columns are formated "mm/dd/yyyy" and "mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss PM". The sp must be able to find duplicate values for both types of formatting in the same table and column. Four tables require to find and delete duplicate values from two columns (datetime and

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    ...development of an existing web site. I will forward you the link and the detail spec after I review your experience. The web site has been developed in .NET using C# and SQL 2000. You must be experienced with the above and send me sample sites as references. We have a person developing the user interface / graphics for the site and most of the UI

    €459 (Avg Bid)
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    ...* Data cleansing * Inclusion of new requirements in the product after formal handover ## Deliverables **Deliverables produced** * Deliverable 1: Two Access 2000 databases, one containing the back-end (data) and one containing the front-end (windows, reports and program code) * Deliverable 2: A requirements document will be

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    2000 WORDS ON CAKE ICING Ka përfunduar left

    A SHORT DESCRIPTION ON TECHNIQUES INVOLVED IN CAKE ICING AND DIFFERENT TYPES OF ICINGS. SHOULD INCLUDE RECIPES AS WELL. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Deliverables must be in ready-to-run condition, as follows (depending on the nature of the deliverables): a) For web sites or other...

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    I need assistance adding a trigger to my SQL Server 2000 table. I have a column in the table that is a data type bit. The column name is 'Completed' I use it as a checkbox on my VB application. Also I have another column in the same table named 'DateCompleted' that is data type DateTime. Every time a user clicks the checkbox and changes the bit to a

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    SQL 2000 Tables Ka përfunduar left

    I currently have two small MS SQL 2000 databases. The first database have 17 populated tables, 17 stored procedures, and 4 user defined functions. The second database is empty, it contains no data. The empty database have 21 empty tables. Your job will be: 1. To populate the second empty database with the data from the first populated database (ten

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    ...several blank emails a day. The reason I know it is the blank email that is tripping me up is because I go into Outlook web access and i delete the email and then after that, everything comes through fine. Does anyone know what is causing this to happen? Do i have a virus or a trojan horse on my server? My server is Windows 2000 server. Or do I need

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    ...incidents to ensure they are being pursued and eventually resolved. All of these functions will be supported by a Consolidated Help Desk System that you will develop in Access 2000. **See zipped files for more information about problem specs.** ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete

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