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    I am seeking a skilled designer with experience creating effective, attractive packaging with an eye for branding. For this assignment, the chosen freelancer will be designing packaging for my underlayment product line. Here's what I'm looking for: - Material: The packaging will be constructed from durable, environmentally-friendly cardboard. - Color Scheme: To match my company's branding, the packaging should primarily be red and white. - Information: The packaging must include the brand name and logo, concise but comprehensive descriptions of the product functionalities, and all necessary safety instructions. The ideal candidate will have a great sense of color coordination and layout design. Experience in designing packaging for industrial products will be a significant...

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    PHP Cake Developer for Bug Fixing 6 ditë left

    I have a PHP Cake project that requires a skilled developer to address functionality errors. Here's a rundown of the issues at hand: - The main problem is with an API that isn't functioning as expected. - As a result, the user experience is affected and the overall functionality of the project is compromised. Ideal candidates should: - Be proficient in PHP Cake development - Have experience troubleshooting and fixing bugs - Be knowledgeable about API integration Please provide examples of similar work you've done and your approach to resolving such issues.

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    I need help setting up a monitoring system using APC NetBotz to ensure the conditions in my server room are maintained. The system should be configured to send me email alerts when the set thresholds are exceeded. Key requirements: - Configure the APC NetBotz system to continuously monitor the temperature and humidity in my server room. - Set up alert thresholds for temperature and humidity that align with the recommended operating conditions for servers. - Ensure that when these thresholds are exceeded, the system automatically sends an email notification to me. Skills and experience needed: - Prior experience setting up APC NetBotz monitoring systems. - Proficiency in configuring alert thresholds for temperature and humidity. - Ability to integrate email notifications with APC NetBotz ...

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    quiero un logo 6 ditë left

    quiero un lago para inciar un negocio de venta de productos de cocina como cucharas, triturados de pollo, cucharones de mader etc... necesito algo basico pero genial

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    I am in need of competent telecallers with UK accents to handle sales calls in the technology industry. The ideal candidate should have a good understanding of this market and solid experience in sales calling. Key Requirements: - Previous experience in sales calls, ideally in the technology sector - Must have a pleasant UK accent - Mid-level experience preferred The project is centered around selling technology solutions, hence knowledge in this area would be a plus. Successful candidates will be required to engage in calls with potential leads, explain the product features, and close sales. A sound understanding of the UK market is crucial, as well as a proven track record in sales. Please only apply if you have the relevant skills and experience.

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    I need a skilled professional in Photoshop to edit two of my PDF documents. The main task will be to modify some texts and replace a few images inside the files. Requirements: - Proficiency in Adobe Photoshop. - A good understanding of PDF editing. - Attention to detail to ensure the new text and images integrate seamlessly. The purpose of these edits is to make the PDFs suitable for sharing digitally. Your expertise in optimizing the documents for this purpose will be highly valued.

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    I'm in need of an experienced photo editor who can take my images to the next level. The main tasks will include color correction, retouching, and background removal. Key Requirements: - **Color Correction**: I'm looking for someone who can enhance colors of the images while also adjusting the brightness and contrast to make them more vivid and eye-catching. - **Retouching**: The images also need to be retouched. This includes removing blemishes and wrinkles, as well as smoothing the skin for a flawless finish. The ideal candidate should have: - Strong experience in professional photo editing - Excellent attention to detail for color correction and retouching - Proficiency in background removal techniques Please provide examples of similar work you have done in the past when ...

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    I'm in need of an experienced photo editor who can take my images to the next level. The main tasks will include color correction, retouching, and background removal. Key Requirements: - **Color Correction**: I'm looking for someone who can enhance colors of the images while also adjusting the brightness and contrast to make them more vivid and eye-catching. - **Retouching**: The images also need to be retouched. This includes removing blemishes and wrinkles, as well as smoothing the skin for a flawless finish. The ideal candidate should have: - Strong experience in professional photo editing - Excellent attention to detail for color correction and retouching - Proficiency in background removal techniques Please provide examples of similar work you have done in the past when ...

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    I am seeking a professional with hands-on experience in digital sales to not only identify but also address the challenges our users are facing. These might include difficulties they encounter when trying to book our services online, despite us rolling out numerous marketing initiatives. Key tasks included in this project are: - Evaluating and troubleshooting our existing online booking system currently hosted through a third-party provider. - Fully understanding our system to identify and repair any loopholes. - Revamping the UI/UX to be more streamlined and user-friendly. Ideal candidates should have a strong background in: - Understanding different stages of online customer journeys, specifically the sign-up, service selection, booking, checkout, and payment processes where our us...

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    Northern Ireland Evidence Law work 6 ditë left

    More details: What specific tasks do you need assistance with in relation to Northern Ireland Evidence Law? Legal research, 4500 word essay What is the main focus or subject of the 4500-word essay on Northern Ireland Evidence Law? Sexual history evidence and burden and standard of proof Which approach would you prefer for your essay structure? Analytical 2 questions that need answered within 4500 words using referencing (references are included in word count. Seeking advice on hypothetical real life circumstances to gain experience.

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    Healthcare Chatbot Development 6 ditë left

    I'm looking for a skilled developer who can create a healthcare chatbot for my platform. Key Responsibilities: - Develop a responsive chatbot capable of answering frequently asked questions - Implement a symptom analysis tool - Provide a comprehensive detailed project proposal detailing your approach to building this chatbot Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in chatbot development, machine learning or AI - Experience in healthcare chatbot development will be a plus - Strong communication and problem-solving skills. Please provide a detailed project proposal to demonstrate your understanding of the task and how you plan to tackle it. Your proposal should include a rough timeline, technology stack, and any relevant prior experience.

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    Sales Representative Cover Letter 6 ditë left

    I'm in need of a compelling cover letter for a job, I will post job requirement and my resume to you

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    Custom Apparel Manufacturer needed 6 ditë left

    In need of a proficient manufacturer to create a small batch of various types of clothing. Here are the intended items and details: - Types of clothing: T-shirts, Hoodies, Tank Tops, Hats - Quantity: 10-25 pieces each - Material: Polyester One with good craftsmanship and familiar with fabric for the job is perfect. Experience in small batch production is a plus. Looking forward to creating beautiful apparel with you. We are still working on our first design so it is still going to be a little bit before we 100% move forward with a manufacturer!

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    I have a VCPP codebase written in C++ that needs immediate debugging work. This code requires an enhancement to support Https protocol too while using VC++ 2015 distirbuables. Key project requirements and expectations: - I am looking for a skilled developer who has a deep understanding of C++ and VCPP. - This project primarily involves debugging, so the ideal freelancer would have a strong track record of troubleshooting and resolving bugs in C++ codebases. - Experience working with unmanaged code and fixing memory leaks is a definite plus. - Due to the urgent nature of these issues, a prompt and efficient turnaround time is highly desired. - Knowledge of version control systems, particularly Git, would be beneficial but not a strict requirement. If you are confident in your C++ skills...

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    I'm seeking a diligent freelancer, skilled in Excel data entry, to input a substantial amount of textual data into an Excel worksheet following a specific row and column format. Expertise in using Excel’s basic arithmetic functions is required for a portion of the data input. The ideal candidate must: - Be proficient in Excel - Have solid experience with data entry - Understand and can apply basic arithmetic functions in Excel - Have good attention to detail Please be prepared to work efficiently while maintaining accuracy, as quality is of paramount importance in this task.

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    I have the article content ready now, and I need someone to publish these contents on my LinkedIn page.

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    I'm seeking a talented designer to create an innovative visual document that showcases the risk and protective factors affecting various demographics. I will provide the demographics for each group, along with the specific factors to be included. Key Requirements: - Design a visually engaging document that clearly distinguishes the risk and protective factors for children and adolescents, adults, and the elderly. - Ensure all selected risk factors (physical health, mental health, and socioeconomic status) and protective factors (supportive relationships, access to resources, and education and skill development) for each demographic are included. - Utilize creative and colourful visuals to enhance the overall presentation and make it more engaging for the reader. Ideal Skills and Exp...

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    I am developing a secret key encryption system on Ubuntu. The primary goal is to safeguard sensitive data and enable secure communication. The encryption mechanism should provide a standard level of protection, not too basic yet not overly complex. The system will undergo frequency analysis against monoalphabetic substitution cipher, which requires a certain level of encryption strength to be effective. Key Requirements: - Implementation of a secret key encryption system on Ubuntu - Encryption strength must be set at medium level - Must be able to prevent unauthorized access through frequency analysis against monoalphabetic substitution cipher. -encryption using different cipher and modes -encryption mode - ecb vs cbc -padding, initial vector and error propagation -programming using the...

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    I'm urgently seeking an experienced digital marketer specializing in SEO and social media marketing. This person will focus on enhancing the digital presence of my business on Facebook and Google. Responsibilities include but aren't limited to: * Maximizing visibility and customer engagement on Facebook and Google using current best practices * Implementing SEO strategies to drive organic web traffic * Regularly monitoring, reporting, and improving performance metrics Ideal candidate must: * Be proficient in Google advertising & Google SEO and looking for a specific marketier in Home interior and renovation industry * Have a unique blend of creative and analytical skills * Provide examples of previous successful campaigns that resulted in measurable growth The project...

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    I'm in search of a skilled web designer and developer to bring my design mockups to life. The ideal candidate should be proficient in both front-end and back-end technologies, ensuring a seamless blend of aesthetics and functionality. Key requirements include: - Translating 1-5 pages of mockups into a user-friendly and visually appealing website, optimized for both desktop and mobile. - Implementing clear and concise navigation, ensuring visitors can easily access information about my business and products. - Intuitive design that engages users and encourages them to explore further. If you are confident in your web design skills and have a portfolio that showcases your ability to create engaging, informative websites, I'd love to hear from you.

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    I am looking to revamp an existing piece of Python code and add more functionality to it. This project requires excellent understanding of Python, along with a knack for writing efficient and readable code. There are 5 scripts that need either improvement or enhancements There are two main aspects of the task: 1. Improving existing functionality: The existing code needs refinement to increase its performance efficiency and readability. This is where proven past experience in Python coding will come in handy. 2. Adding new functionality: Successful improvement and enhancement of the code would require addition of an input validation and ensuring that the program workflow works as intended. This again underscores the importance of being well versed in Python, including strong understandi...

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    I'm on the hunt for an experienced designer to construct an elevation for a modern retail store. This elevation should be on par with current architectural trends as we're opting for a modern aesthetic. Key Project Details: - The project primarily involves creating an elevation for a retail store - The design must be forward-thinking and modern Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in architectural design with a portfolio showcasing retail store projects - Proficiency in designing modern commercial buildings - A good understanding of modern retail branding would be a plus Missing Details: - The main elements to emphasize on the elevation design were not specified. Kindly request this information during your initial communication before starting the project.

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    Online Lumion Expert Tutor Needed 6 ditë left

    Seeking an online Lumion expert tutor to refine my existing skills. My aim is to deeply enhance my understanding and application of Lumion within my projects. The successful freelancers should: - Be proficient in Lumion, with credentials to prove their expertise. - Have excellent online tutoring capabilities. - Be experienced in advanced Lumion techniques and ready to raise my level of proficiency. This role is focused on skill enhancement, thus, the tutor should tailor the words, homework, and feedback to advance my Lumion skills.

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    As an established Jiu-Jitsu & Martial Arts business, we're looking to optimize our existing social media accounts (Facebook and Instagram) to continue our growth. We're turning to you, a skillful and resourceful social media expert, to help us reach our goals. Previously we have found that posting regularly on socials isn’t enough to drive traffic to our website or bring new clients to us. We are looking for someone that understands the idea of creating ads that have a call to action. Our objectives are: - Building our brand awareness - Increasing website traffic - Generating meaningful leads We trust you will leverage your expertise in data analysis, content creation, SEO and, most importantly, your in-depth understanding of our platforms (Facebook & Instagram)...

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    I'm seeking a creative and flexible designer to create an inclusive logo that includes my company's name along with a tagline, in addition to web designs. The logo should be versatile, capable of adapting to a minimalistic style, detailed and illustrative styles, as well as abstract styles. The chosen designer should also demonstrate: • Creativity and an understanding of diverse color schemes, as I am open to monochrome, vibrant and colorful, as well as specific color palettes. • Experience in graphic design and website design. • Responsive and communicative in understanding and implementing revisions. The aim is to obtain a logo and web designs that accurately reflect my brand while demonstrating flexibility and creativity. Each applicant should exemplify a pas...

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    I need to migrate a large WordPress website to a newly designed site. A professional digital agency is currently designing our site. After the design is completed, we'll need someone to rebuild/migrate the new content. Key Points: - Need to move a WordPress site with more than 50 pages and posts. - The main goal is to execute a smooth, hassle-free migration, ensuring all data and structure remain intact. - The site should have absolutely no downtime during the process. Ideal Skills: - Comprehensive experience in handling large-scale WordPress migrations. - Proficiency in server management. - Strong attention to detail to ensure no data is lost or corrupted during the migration.

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    I'm in need of a skilled developer to troubleshoot and fix a bug in my online game. The game, which operates on a website, uses JavaScript as its main technology stack. The specific issue lies within the payment merchant integration; when a member makes a payment, there's no recall, no confirmation of payment, and most importantly - the paid funds are not added to the member's wallet within the game. The right candidate will have: - Solid experience in JavaScript - Proven experience in online payment systems - Excellent problem-solving skills Your main duty will be to investigate and resolve this bug. This will involve assessing the existing payment integration, identifying the problem, and implementing a solution that ensures successful transactions are reflected in the...

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    I'm seeking an expert to revise an annual financial model for a Saas Startup. The successful bidder will be tasked with modifying revenue projections, adjusting expense figures and adding new financial metrics. The final version of the model should be delivered as an Excel spreadsheet. This project requires deep knowledge of financial analysis, Excel forecasting tools and financial metrics. Familiarity with financial models and proven track record in creating or modifying them is essential.

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    I'm looking for a skilled fullstack developer with a strong background in JavaScript to help me with a web application project. The web application will need a database (preferably a SQL database) integrated into it. Key requirements include: - Proficient in JavaScript - Experience building web applications - Ability to work with databases - Previous experience in fullstack development Please detail your experience and provide examples of similar projects you've worked on.

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    I need an embedded firmware C specialist in IoT to offer expertise on a project featuring a wearable device by enhancing/debugging our current code base. Key Requirements: - Implement and enhance the device's capability for LTE, Wifi, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS). These components are vital for the functionality of this advanced wearable device for pets. Deliverables: --Enable the device to continue to be used if in range of Wi-Fi/BLE and not LTE -To transition workflow away from one cloud broker to another -Refactor GNSS calls on the device -Retrieve RSSI/RSRP information from cell modem of the device Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in IoT applications, particularly regarding network and satellite technologies. - Proficiency in workin...

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    Ju lutemi Regjistrohuni ose Identifikohuni për të parë të dhënat.

    I cilësuar I vulosur Konkursi më i mirë MRS

    Preciso de uma landing page de alta conversão sobre planos de assistência funeral. Plano individual 78/ano Plano Familiar 138/ano Plano Senior individual (76 a 85 anos) 258/ano Assistência completa, translado e opção de cremação.

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    I'm in need of an innovative and compelling logo for my health business. I'm after a look and feel that radiates a sense of fun and energy while harmonizing with the chosen color scheme, which is green. The logo should ideally combine elements of flat and 3D designs. Key qualifications: • Expertise in creating energetic and engaging logos • Proficiency in implementing a combination of flat and 3D designs • Versatility in utilizing color schemes, particularly green • Prior experience in logo design for health businesses is a plus

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    I garantuar
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    I'm looking for an experienced writer who can produce high-quality news articles in different domains. Please published on various news websites, and organize which news websites did you posted on. Key Requirements: - News platforms: The articles are to be posted on leading news websites. - Topics: The articles should cover a variety of topics such as health, business, and pet care. - Tone: The desired tone for the articles is informative and factual. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven track record in news writing and publishing. - Ability to cover diverse topics without compromising quality and accuracy. - Understanding of the appropriate tone for a news article. If you're someone who can create engaging, informative articles across a range of topics and are familiar with...

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    I'm seeking for ready-made side load APK for Big Nox for GPS Spooling with live tracking. It's able to upload the route history to run on it with speed settings, and geofencing. It's must be able to run on android, ios or emulator Please read seriously before you put in your proposal.

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    Are you a passionate sports fanatic who loves watching or participating in sports activities? Do you have a betting success? Do you stay up-to-date on breaking news and athlete biographies? Would you love to share your sports experiences and ideas with different people across the world? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then you could be just the right fit for our writing team. From basketball to football, table tennis to hockey, and from golf to auto racing, you’ll be writing content on any of your favorite indoor or outdoor sports activity. All we need are well-researched, well-written, entertaining and pieces that will keep others sports lovers asking for more. These are relatively simple articles that range between 300-500 words with deadlines of between 24-48 h...

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    HTML5 Game Control Enhancement 6 ditë left

    I am looking for an experienced javascript developer to implement control enhancements in my HTML5 game. More specifically, I am interested in adding additional control options to the current format. While it's open for discussion, the focus will be primarily on enhancing player usability and elevating the gaming experience. Here's what I need: • Advanced knowledge in JavaScript and HTML5 game development • Proven experience in implementing diverse control schemes • More responsive and intuitive control options • Innovative ideas for potential control systems – I'm open to discussions Please note, additional control options do not specify gamepad support or gesture-based controls, as this question was skipped. This implies a level of openness ...

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    I'm looking for an experienced developer to create a smart contract for an ERC20 token with a vesting feature. The contract should be integrated with a frontend interface that will allow users to view contract details and their token balance. I am okay with using a template for contract and frontend. Need it in 1 day Key Requirements: - Develop an ERC20 smart contract with a vesting feature - Implement a frontend interface - Display contract details including total balance, contract address, contract creator, and creation date, transactions - Enable users to sign in to view these details Ideal Skills: - Solid understanding of smart contract development on the Ethereum network - Proficiency in Solidity programming language - Experience in developing frontend interfaces - Understand...

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    Developing a unique tool to track performance indicators related to my sports game. The application should focus on collecting statistical data for both player and team performance. graphical representation ok, but need numerical and tabular format to accurately depict game stats especially for goalie saves vs. goals against. Ideal Skills and Experiences: - Strong technical expertise in developing gaming applications/ tools - Prior experience in creating statistical data applications for sports teams - Good understanding of sports metrics Key Tasks: - Implementing a feature to track and calculate player performance statistics - Including specifics for tracking team performance data - Creating the system to generate data tables and numbers for easy analysis

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    Trophy icon Professional Course Flyer Design 27 ditë left

    I need a professionally designed course flyer that includes all necessary information about the course and its units. - The flyer should be in PDF format. - Design should be professional and formal. - It must include the course name, description and the list of course units with their locations. Please click the link below Ideal freelancer for this project should have: - Proven experience in graphic design and specifically in creating course flyers. - Ability to design in a professional and formal style. - Familiarity with creating PDF files for professional prints.

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    I'm seeking an experienced Python developer to work on an open source project. The task involves: • Bug Fixes: The open source project currently has some bugs that need to be identified and rectified. • Adding Features: There are also some valuable features to incorporate into the project. While the specifics haven't been clarified yet, these features revolve around support functions so past experience in this area would be ideal. Ideal candidates should exhibit superior problem-solving skills, a keen attention to detail, and proficiency in Python. Previous experience with open source projects is a bonus. Please include samples of past work or bid proposals detailing how you would approach this task.

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    I'm currently facing issues with my emails being delivered to the recipient's inbox. This has led to a significant drop in conversion rates and is affecting my business. I've tried adjusting my email content and sending frequency without success. I'm looking for an expert who can assist with the following: - Diagnosing and solving the deliverability problems in my current email service provider. - Setting up DMARC properly to ensure that my emails are delivered to the recipient's inbox in the future.

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    As a Python developer, you'll be tasked with rectifying an ongoing issue within my AWS Beanstalk environment where deployments are failing. The cause of the issue is still unknown and I'm receiving error messages when attempting to deploy. Specifically, your tasks include: - Investigating the root cause of the deployment failures - Providing detailed solutions to correct the deployment failure issue - Applying required corrections and finally successfully deploying the application on AWS Beanstalk You should have: - Strong expertise in Python, Flask, and Requests - Proficiency in Docker - Experienced in working with AWS Beanstalk - Ability to troubleshoot and rectify deployment issues Experience in diagnosing and rectifying ambiguous deployment error messages would be highly...

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    This project requires the creation of an informational website intended for the general public (Concert Diffuser and promoter). The website will center around the presentation of data through engaging, clear, and high-quality images and infographics. Key requirements are: - Strong capability in website design and development - Expertise in infographics and image presentation - Knowledge of best practices in UI/UX - Ability to make complex information easily understandable to broad audiences. Ability to innovate in terms of design would be a valuable asset. Please provide example work when bidding if possible. I look forward to working together.

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    I'm in need of a professional video editor who can compile and edit 12 lacrosse game films, each lasting 60 minutes. The focus of the editing should be on the saves made by our team's goalkeeper according to the NCAA guidelines. These elements should be highlighted in the film alongside goals made against the goalie we already have a breakdown of suspected saves and need confirmation. The ideal freelancer for this project should have: - Proficient video editing skills and experience - A good understanding of lacrosse, especially the key guidelines for goalkeepers - A keen eye for detail and ability to highlight key moments in a game

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    NO AI based response please, i will ignore your proposal. I'm seeking a skilled Flutter developer to build a new featured from a existing semi built social media app by another team. The app is desired to be user-friendly and interactive, operating smoothly on both iOS and Android platforms. The app needs to pass google and apple standards and need featured like content sharing and market place and integrate AI/ML use case. Experienced developers with a strong understanding of Flutter and previous work in social media application development will be given priority. Ability to deliver high-quality work within a set timeline is essential. I am looking for a direct freelancer who is passionate in coding and solving problem not a outsourcing team.

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    I'm looking for a modern, single page landing page designed to generate leads for my product/service. Your task will be to design a landing page with the following key elements: - Contact Form: The landing page should have a prominent and user-friendly contact form that allows visitors to easily leave their information. - Testimonials: Including some testimonials from satisfied customers to build trust and credibility. - Product/Service Showcase: A section dedicated to showcasing my product/service, making it visually appealing to potential leads. I will provide content for 5 different sections, such as testimonials, FAQ, etc, which should be integrated into the design. Ideal skills for this project include: - Proficiency in modern design principles - Experience in designing effect...

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    I'm seeking a talented developer to create an Ethereum-powered case opening/battle site. Summary: Case Gone Wild is a case opening and case battles website run using the ETH (Ethereum) network for payments. It involves users signing up for an account (confirm email) then deposit ETH to their CGW account to use the account balance to open cases and create / join case battles. The concept is straight forward in that users have a provably fair random chance to open a high value item or a low value item. At the end of each opening or case battle the user who opens and/or the winner of the case battle can choose to sell back what they opened / won or keep it and continue. We have attached a detailed projcet objective. But in theory we are looking to create a website like and but only...

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    I'm in need of a professional who can flex their skills in lead generation across various markets in Ireland, Belgium, Iceland, Malta, Italy, France, and Dubai. The industries that are on target for this job are: - Technology - Oil and Gas - Mining - Steel Production - Renewable Energy - Engineering Experience in these sectors is essential and a successful track record in European markets is crucial. If you are adept at researching, identifying and contacting potential leads in these fields, you're the ideal candidate! Fluent English and familiarity with the respective cultures, industries and key players within these countries is a big plus. Efficiency, tenacity and accuracy are key for this role.

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