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Nënkontraktoni punën e kompanisë apo biznesit tuaj në Freelancer. Ne ju mundësojmë lidhjen me mbi 23.7 milionë profesionistë freelancer me aftësi të caktuara nga e gjithë bota pa pasur nevojë të vendosni njoftime apo të siguroni ambjentin e punës, të paguani sigurime, etj. Qoftë nëse po kërkoni punonjës të kualifikuar apo po përpiqeni të ulni kostot e të rrisni fitimet, ne kemi profesionistët freelancer që ju duhen.

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Ne kemi profesionistë freelancer për nevojat tuaja të nënkontraktimit. Punëdhënësit mund të punësojnë një profesionist freelancer për vetëm 30$ USD, kur projekti mesatar është kryer për 200$ USD. Profesionistët tanë të talentuar freelancer janë të gatshëm për të punuar për ju që tani.

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Javascript mailchimp integration Hi, I have a js/css/html form and need it to work. What I need you is to submit name and email to a mailchimp list. I need you to do this in javascript without exposing or compromising security of api key. 2 Javascript, HTML5, Mailchimp, LESS/Sass/SCSS Apr 29, 2017 Sot6d 23o €23
fix css layout issue for iPhone (Safari) I have an issue only for safari browser as iPhone view. I need to fix this asap! looking for who can start to work right now. 4 CSS Apr 29, 2017 Sot6d 23o €22
Build 5 Small Websites I need 5 small 2-3 page websites on WordPress (Home/About Us/Contact Us). Templates are fine. They to be mobile responsive. Content and images will be provided. Make sure XML sitemap are included. Also need a blog and social media plugins as well. Please provide examples of sites you completed. I need someone who has great availability and fast response time. 24 PHP, Projektim Uebsajtesh, Projektim Grafik, HTML Apr 29, 2017 Sot6d 23o €397
SketchUp and Executive Summary Produce a real life example of Construction being done at the University of Houston. Put together a detailed SketchUp model of the worksite/campus and accompany it with an Executive Summary of the project itself. ___ Use the Sketchup file, .jpg image, and examples that I will supply to develop a labeled 3D model of the University of Houston under construction in Sketchup. Also use the temporary f... 2 Google SketchUp Apr 29, 2017 Sot6d 23o €396
Build an inventory-gambling website for the video game CSGO. -- 2 I would like to set up an online digital skin trading/gambling website for the PC video game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO). About CSGO: The game awards it's players digital weapons skins/camos and things of that sort. About Developer and Website Design: I already have a design and layout conceptualized for the website. I have added a couple pictures (rough draft) of the websi... 2 Javascript, CSS, Çfarë të doni, HTML Apr 29, 2017 Sot6d 23o €406
Research Writing I am looking for a freelancer to help me with my project. The skill required is Research Writing. I am happy to pay a fixed priced and my budget is $30 - $250 AUD. I have not provided a detailed description and have not uploaded any files. 12 Hartim Kёrkimi Apr 29, 2017 Sot6d 23o €225
Robotics and Autonomous Systems I hope you got the idea about kind of person I am looking for, kind of work I am expecting for. Detail will be given on on demand. Please, only bid if you are free to work right away and have background knowledge. 2 Inxhinieri, Matlab dhe Mathematica, Mekatronikë, Robotikë Apr 29, 2017 Sot6d 23o €178
Gaze, Gesture, Voice for menu [url u hoq, identifikohuni për t'a parë] [url u hoq, identifikohuni për t'a parë] [url u hoq, identifikohuni për t'a parë] [url u hoq, identifikohuni për t'a parë] i need someone to involve the above features into my unity app using specific voice commands 1 Programim në gjuhën C#, Unity 3D Apr 29, 2017 Sot6d 23o €20
intergrate affliate system into oxwall/skadate I have a Affiliate system already. and skadate/oxwall - just need someone to add the integration into the platform billing plugins. //////////// those 2 files need to have the completed phase intergrated with this code. $sale_amount = 'Ammount_ variable'; $product = 'Transaction ID'; $recurring = 'monthly'; $recurring_fee = '50'; //percentage ... 1 PHP, Smarty PHP Apr 29, 2017 Sot6d 23o €32
Logo Design I need a freelancer to help me with Logo Design , my budget is around ₹ 600 - 1500 INR and I need this project to be done within 3 days 5 Projektim Logosh Apr 29, 2017 Sot6d 23o €17
Graphic Over Youtube Video I need the html programming to insert youtube videos in a wordpress blog. When you click on the video a png graphic appears not allowing any youtube functions and can't go to the original link. Also not allow to right click to find the link of the video. Above is an example: [url u hoq, identifikohuni për t'a parë] Thanks 3 Javascript, HTML5 Apr 29, 2017 Sot6d 23o €23
Rewrite some Articles for me -- 3 I would like to paraphrase my paper and edit the grammar in the same order number. 6 Shkrim anonim, Artikuj, Rishkrim artikujsh Apr 29, 2017 Sot6d 23o €17
baby fashion Tech Packs for baby clothes 2 Modelim Veshjesh të Modës, Modelim Mode Apr 29, 2017 Sot6d 23o €25
Proofread four cover letters with total 920 words Total 920 words of four different versions of cover letters need to be proof read in Canadian or American English. Sentences are repeated mostly in different versions, so you would feel it is shorter than the total number of words. However, I would like it to be flawless and sound natural since the writer (me) is not a native English speaker. 17 Korrektim, Redaktim, Anglisht (SH.B.A.), Gërmëzim anglisht, Gramatikë angleze Apr 29, 2017 Sot6d 23o €65
research writing 3 research writing 14 Hartim Kёrkimi Apr 29, 2017 Sot6d 23o €79
Machine Learning for Malware Classification Aim is to implement a machine learning framework for malware classification on real time apps. Applicants with prior experience to this area only apply. Please indicate the kind of algorithms you have used to better judge the selection of candidate 5 Python, Programim në gjuhën C#, Testim Softuerësh, Programim në gjuhën C++ Apr 29, 2017 Sot6d 23o €544
Write a Report. using different way to explain the meaning of the word 11 Përgatitje Raportesh Apr 29, 2017 Sot6d 23o €9
Sell on Ebay for me Sell on Ebay for me on german and european plattform 0 Shitje Apr 29, 2017 Sot6d 23o -
Animated Commercial I would like to create a short video/infomercial for a product. Attached is the script and an idea of what the commercial should look like. This video will be posted on a website that is currently being built. The video should have a Boss Baby feel ([url u hoq, identifikohuni për t'a parë]). Aiming for 3 min or less as well as a condensed 30 second version (after full length ... 9 Animacion, Animacion në 3D Apr 29, 2017 Sot6d 23o €469
Marketing Instagram Hi, I am looking for an Instagram specialist who knows the internal workings of Instagram in order to develop an Instagram professional account. The goal is to increase the visibility of our Insagram as well as commitment. Cordially. 9 Marketing Interneti, SEO - Optimizim i Motorëve të Kërkimit, Instagram Apr 29, 2017 Sot6d 23o €65
Ebay seller - sell my items on ebay We are seeking qualified eBay sellers to work with us to market and sell our products. We will provide you with relevant information to make the listings completed with images. You will be required to make the listing on your eBay account. Sellers must be experienced, must be able to make at least 5- 10 listings per day. We have a lot of stock and require at least 3-5 sellers to work with... 0 Marketing Interneti, Shitje, eBay, Postime të klasifikuara, Etsy Apr 29, 2017 Sot6d 23o -
need help with JIRA plugins I need tutoring with writing JIRA plugins. Also help with Confluence would be appreciated. Please bid only if you have fluent English 2 Java, Arkitekturë Softuerësh Apr 29, 2017 Sot6d 23o €105
Fill in a Spreadsheet with Data Customer satisfaction means is a person feeling or Disappointment resulting from comparing a products Perceived performance in relation to his or her Expectation .If the performance is false short of expectation then customer is dissatisfied. If the performance matches the expectation then customary Satisfied. If the performance exceeds expectations, The customer is highly satisfied o... 8 Regjistrim të dhënash, Excel Apr 29, 2017 Sot23o 40m €449
I want to modify my website and to be able to start right now for the next few hours to finish -- 5 Looking for a PHP, Jquery, Javascript, CSS, Professional modify a website that needs a few things to be edits and added. Upload page adding a few parameters, simplify with simple fields with a new page fixing some glitches I want to make a page with php the page will be an upload page it will have values of a position and image then once saved, we will make a function to duplicate a folde... 13 PHP, Javascript, WordPress, CSS, jQuery / Prototip Apr 29, 2017 Sot6d 23o €43
Hire a C Programmer - 29/04/2017 18:58 EDT I am looking for a freelancer to help me with my project. The skill required is C Programming. I am happy to pay a fixed priced and my budget is ₹5000 - ₹10000 INR. I have not provided a detailed description and have not uploaded any files. 4 PHP, Programim C, Programim në gjuhën C++ , Zhvillim Softuerësh Apr 29, 2017 Sot6d 23o €313
Illustrate Something We need an illustration and vector art version similar to the one attached. Please take a look. This is not a comic book illustration please take a look at the attached art. 11 Ilustrim Apr 29, 2017 Sot6d 23o €130
Looking for eBay Seller what i need from you: 1. Good Person (very communicative and to stay up to 3-4 hours online) 2. To be an eBay seller ( to have very good selling feedback or to be a power seller on eBay) 3. PayPal account in good standing (no 21 day hold , limitations or disputes that can affect our work) 4. A person who want to be part of this project and fits with my requirements ! For more info d... 0 Shitje, Marketing Masiv, eBay, Çfarë të doni Apr 29, 2017 Sot6d 23o -
Web development I need a new website. I need you to design and build a website for my small business. Real estate agent 5 PHP, Projektim Uebsajtesh, Projektim Grafik Apr 29, 2017 Sot6d 23o €86
Animation with use of Javascript for 3D Model Animation need to be done for a 3D Model with use of javascript. 1 Java, Javascript, Renderim në 3D Apr 29, 2017 Sot6d 23o €24
ebay seller needed I need ebay sellers with 100% positive feedback. This is open to all members who have ebay seller account. Do not apply if you don't have ebay seller account with positive feedback rate 0 Shitje, Reklama, eBay Apr 29, 2017 Sot6d 23o -
ebay sellers wanted - good project pay I am looking for individuals to sell my items You will sell it, send me the info, and I will send the package to the buyer. What we are looking for from you is the following. • Strong communication skills • Use of a Paypal that has used eBay within the past. • Strong customer service skills • Able to answer customer’s questions and concerns 0 Përpunim të dhënash, Regjistrim të dhënash, Shitje, eBay, Shtypshkrim Apr 29, 2017 Sot6d 23o -
Get a Website Built I need a new website. I already have a design, I just need you to build a landing page. 35 PHP, Projektim Uebsajtesh, Projektim Grafik, HTML Apr 29, 2017 Sot6d 23o €149
Re-Write an eBook with a good layout & design I have 4 eBooks that i need re-writing, the eBooks are like 2-3 pages each, I'd like the e Book to have a smart design that looks professional, the whole eBook will be around 8 pages or so. I will supply everything, you'll just need to re-write it :) Show me examples so i can award the winner and we can work now. 5 Projektim Grafik, Shkrim anonim, Libra elektronikë, Shkrim librash Apr 29, 2017 Sot6d 23o €44
Simple PHP/Javascript Scipt I am looking for someone who can help me create a simple php javascript script. Edit an item, save the changes, store and display it. 20 PHP, Javascript, HTML Apr 29, 2017 Sot6d 23o €43
Design a logo from a sketch Design a logo from the sketch, the sketches have been attached The logo will be used for a financial page 2 Projektim Grafik, Illustrator, Projektim Logosh, Photoshop Apr 29, 2017 Sot6d 23o €72
Ads appearing problem I have a problem with an ads file my project has 3 ad networks admob and applovin and vungle in unity editor i can clearly see the ads works from logs but after exporting the project and testing it on real android device, no ads appear I need someone who can fix the ads file for me fast !!! 2 Telefon Celular, Android, Unity 3D Apr 29, 2017 Sot6d 23o €32
Call for Experienced Seller We are looking for eBay sellers from all over the world. We are here to look for reliable business relationship and will take good care for every new seller. Requirements: - You must be able to sell on Ebay US, Ebay UK and eBay Australia anywhere that Ebay sells you sell. - PayPal must be verified. - We will help you answer some questions which you can't answer - You must speak... 0 Regjistrim të dhënash, Shitje, eBay, Çfarë të doni, Shtypshkrim Apr 29, 2017 Sot6d 23o -
I need a new website I need a new website. I need you to design and build my personal website. I am an early college photography student and I am looking to further my skills and make some money in the process if you want to follow me through this journey follow my instagram and Facebook page! My username is Mgphotography6 26 PHP, Projektim Uebsajtesh, Projektim Grafik Apr 29, 2017 Sot6d 23o €140
Help me with social media affiliate templates We have a day trading membership website with many traders already signed up, and we are now introducing an affiliate program. To make the lives of our members and affiliates easier. We are looking for someone who is specialized in creating advertising content to attract people to click the links from various social media websites and apps to enroll and convert the sales. An example of what ... 0 Marketing përmes Facebook, Marketing Interneti, Marketingu në Rrjetet Sociale , Rrjetet Sociale, Twitter Apr 29, 2017 Sot19d 23o €64
Hire a Salesman analyso is a business intelligence solution aimed to small and medium retail chains able to collect and analyze extensive amounts of retail data in order to better manage their operations. Our clients are able to optimize their product range / merchandising, reduce slow-movers, effectively plan employees, evaluate success of marketing promotions and other processes, which infuence their business. ... 1 Shitje, Info klient-blerësish potenciale Apr 29, 2017 Sot6d 23o €553
adsense full aproved account expert need urgent to get adsense full aproved account i am waiting from you. i have one website too but cant get aprroved before. deatail disscuss if you can.. 0 Google Adsense Apr 29, 2017 Sot6d 23o -
Looking for Ebay Seller - Your eBay account must have Positive Feedbacks (at least 25) (REALLY IMPORTANT) - You must have a valid, working and completely unlimited verified Paypal account which has been used often for transactions (So payments don't get held). - You must not have any sending or receiving limits. (REALLY IMPORTANT) - You must speak fluent English. - You should be experienced in selling; I wi... 2 Marketing Interneti, Ndërtim lidhjesh, eBay Apr 29, 2017 Sot6d 23o €38
help me sell my products on ebay I am looking for an ebay seller with an established ebay and paypal who can help me list my product. Requirements: -Established ebay with positive feedback -Established paypal with no holding time on payments -Good english 2 Regjistrim të dhënash, Shitje, Profesion i lirë , Asistent Virtual, eBay Apr 29, 2017 Sot6d 23o €16
fix my website loading time current time 6.38 sec my website loading speed is too slow i want it to load faster in 3.0 sec 9 WordPress, Ekstraktim të dhënash nga interneti, Testim i uebfaqeve Apr 29, 2017 Sot6d 23o €28
Help me write something -- 2 I need you to write a report for something. Select 3 asset classes (without initially conducting any analysis) that you feel might potentially provide the benefits sought by the client. However, please note that you will need to gain access to an extensive time series of the returns/performance of your selected asset classes to conduct subsequent sections of the project. In particular, you will ... 10 Përgatitje Raportesh Apr 29, 2017 Sot6d 23o €78
Create forms for links, dynamic, equal to these, Form for title and links I already have the website and the theme online, I just need to create a form with space for title and 2 links, dynamic, already have the code ready to just multiply and change the functions. Php, database, javascript. 7 PHP, Projektim Uebsajtesh, Nga PSD në HTML, HTML, Zhvilim bazash të të dhënave Apr 29, 2017 Sot6d 23o €34
eleectrical engineer matlab / simulink required 10 Matlab dhe Mathematica, Inxhinieri Elektrike Apr 29, 2017 Sot6d 23o €25
I would like to hire a Copy Typer copy paste 6 Shtypshkrim Apr 29, 2017 Sot6d 23o €707
Design project I need a logo designed. A bag of dirt 37 Projektim Grafik, Projektim Logosh Apr 29, 2017 Sot6d 23o €22
implement simple GUI in Python 3.0 extremely in hurry, need this to be done in at most 8 hours. Use python 3.0 tkinter functions to code a simple procedure like a user interface for a weather app, the requirements as below: 1:when the main procedure executes, it should display a main-window to let user input a location. 2:when the user input a location, system will verify if it is an valid input(just create a test list as databas... 1 Python, Ndërfaqe përdoruesi / IA, Kodim Apr 29, 2017 Sot6d 23o €105
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