Business Cards are commonplace amongst businesses of all sizes and stand as an important part of a successful professional image. A Business Card Designer is a creative professional that is capable of creating visually stunning and effective business cards that conveys the right message to potential customers and partners. They must have knowledge in design software and understand the essentials of what makes a good business card - such as text alignment, font size and colour, typography, placement of graphic elements, use of white space, print finishing options, material choice, logo design etc. Not only that but they also understand the power of brand identity.

Business Cards Designers on are no different. With years of experience in the business card design industry, they hold critical expertise to get you the best looking cards possible.

Here's some projects that our expert Business Card Designers made real:

  • Crafting logo designs
  • Designing layouts for a variety of materials
  • Craft eye-catching email signature designs
  • Utilizing existing logos to create unique business cards
  • Incorporating QR codes for efficiency
  • Illusrtating eye-catching icons for special branding effect

At, our expert Business Card Designers will deliver stellar results to your satisfaction. With years of experience in delivering professional designs and quick turnarounds due to the communicative nature of our projects platform, you are guaranteed to get the results you want in no time at all. Post your project today at and hire the very best Business Card Designers from around the globe to make your project successful!

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    Trophy icon Modern Business Card Design 6 ditë left

    Make my business card looks better I'm seeking a skilled graphic designer to revamp my existing business card design with a modern touch. I'm open to color suggestions and would appreciate your creativity to enhance the overall look and feel of the card. Key Requirements: - Enhance the design of my current business card with a modern style - Propose suitable color schemes that match the modern theme - Incorporate any essential information such as my name, title, contact information and/or social media handles in a visually appealing manner. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in graphic design, particularly with business card designs - A strong portfolio demonstrating modern design styles - Excellent creativity and ability to propose color schemes and layouts.

    €47 (Avg Bid)
    I garantuar
    1195 kandidaturat
    Trophy icon Logo Design 1 ditë left

    I'm looking for a talented and creative logo designer to help me create a unique and eye-catching logo for my business. I don't have a specific concept in mind, so I'm open to your ideas and suggestions. However, it's important that the logo: - Represents the essence of my business - Is visually appealing and memorable - Is versatile and can be used across different platforms (websites, social media, business cards, etc.) I'm excited to see your ideas and work together to create a logo that truly stands out in the market. Key Points: - A mix of text and icon: The logo should be a combination of text and an icon symbolizing reliability. - Brand message: The main message that the logo should convey is reliability. - Versatile usage: The logo should be suitabl...

    €94 (Avg Bid)
    I garantuar
    528 kandidaturat

    IMPORTANT: It is essential to read this text thoroughly. Submissions that consist of prefabricated designs, AI-generated Designs, and mockups without specifically addressing the requirements of this competition will significantly reduce the chances of winning. We are adept at distinguishing between high-quality, tailored designs and generic, pre-made submissions. >>PLEASE UPLOAD ALL 5 FILES IN ONE ENTRY! NO INDIVIDUAL ENTRIES PLEASE. ALL TOGETHER PLEASE (See Point "Each proposal must include:" down in the description)<< DESCRIPTION: DASMO GmbH, founded by Dominik Mess and Michel Walter about 7 years ago, has developed into an innovative player in online trade. We own several brands in the food, feed, garden supplies, and hardware store sectors. More brands to come....

    €2000 (Avg Bid)
    I cilësuar I garantuar I vulosur Konkursi më i mirë
    602 kandidaturat
    Trophy icon Trustworthy Logo Redesign 4 ditë left

    My logo should have a sharp Electric almost metallic blue for any picture/logo as this works on all my colour schemes. The writing needs to have a white option for uniforms, business cards and stickers, and rear of canopy on the car. And also the same blue option for use on the white section of car and business cards etc Logo to be a design like the Icon above with text "ARC'D UP ELECTRICAL" Blue, Black, White Colour Palette Example of the icone for logo attached. I'm looking for a skilled graphic designer to revamp my current logo with the goal of conveying trustworthiness. Key Requirements: - The new design should be a combination of text and icon, incorporating the essence of trustworthiness. - I'm open to simplifying the current design, changin...

    €15 (Avg Bid)
    I garantuar
    191 kandidaturat

    I'm looking for a freelance graphic designer with experience in modern, sleek logo design to help revamp my current logo to improve my brand identity. It should be state of the art (I think gradients are not used in logos anymore). Key aspects of the project include: - Emphasizing on abstract geometric shapes to create a unique, contemporary look. - Ensuring the design stays modern, yet displays a strong, clear identity - Prioritizing brand recognition and impact in the final design Ideal candidates would be those with a strong portfolio in modern logo design and brand identity development. A deep understanding of current trends, especially in the IT sector will be greatly valued. Excellent knowledge of color theory and the psychological connotations of shapes is also crucial. I at...

    €50 (Avg Bid)
    I garantuar
    358 kandidaturat

    I am looking for a freelancer to create a comprehensive branding package for my business. The package should include the following components: - Logo design - Business card design - Letterhead design - Social media banners - Email signatures -Rack Cards - Leafy Accounting(name of company) specializing in cannabis - pink and green colors I prefer a modern design style for my branding. As for the color preferences, I have a general idea but I am open to suggestions from the freelancer. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Strong graphic design skills - Experience in creating brand identities - Knowledge of current design trends - Ability to create cohesive and visually appealing designs across multiple platforms

    €70 (Avg Bid)
    31 kandidaturat

    I'm on the hunt for a talented graphic designer to make the perfect logo for our security guard business. We're prioritizing a logo that encapsulates elements of trustworthiness and safety. It's not just a decoration, it's a key component in representing the essence of our brand. Company details: Name: New York City Guard Service: Security Guard company Colors: Dark Blue: #092265 Yellow: #e3f877 Orange: #fd5921 Design should resemble New York City police logo Key requirements: - The logo must exude the feelings of safety and trustworthiness to anyone who sees it. - The logo must stand out proudly and resolutely when used in various use cases (websites, business cards, merchandise, signage, etc.) - Concise, minimalist design yet impactful would be perfect. Ideal sk...

    €23 (Avg Bid)
    93 kandidaturat

    I'm looking for a talented designer to create a modern logo for a tourism destination. The balneo destination is in the mountains, near a volcano, with a lot of mineral water springs and brown bears. The logo will be primarily used online (websites, social media) and in print (brochures, business cards). The website is - Style: The design should be in a modern style, keeping up with current design trends. - Colors: I envision the logo to predominantly feature the color green, blue or red to evoke a sense of nature and tranquility. - Usage: The logo should be versatile, looking good in both digital and printed media formats. Ideal candidates should possess: - Prior experience in creating modern, versatile logos - A strong portfolio that showcases a variety of styles - Proficiency...

    €51 (Avg Bid)
    I cilësuar I garantuar
    338 kandidaturat

    I am looking for a professional and trustworthy logo design for my online trading company, ATLAS. The logo should convey a sense of reliability and confidence to potential clients. Key Requirements: - The logo should be modern and sleek, but most importantly professional and trustworthy. - It should be visually appealing and suitable for an online trading platform. - The use of modern colors is a must, so please incorporate a combination of blue and gray, to ensure the design is current and engaging. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in logo design, specifically for online trading companies - Strong understanding of color psychology and how it can influence the perception of a brand - Ability to create designs that are both visually appealing and convey the desired emotio...

    €38 (Avg Bid)
    I garantuar
    550 kandidaturat
    Trophy icon Minimalistic Logo & Letter Pad Design 16 ditë left

    I'm in need of a minimalistic logo and matching letter pad design, which will primarily be utilized in digital formats. Key Requirements: - Minimalistic Style: The design should be simple, clean, and not over-the-top. Less is more in this case. - Soft & Pastel Colors: The color scheme should consist of soft and pastel tones, rather than being bright and bold. - Digital-only: As the primary purpose of these designs is for digital applications, they should be optimized for online use. Ideal Freelancer: - A designer with a strong portfolio of minimalistic work. - Proficiency in translating designs into digital formats. - Experience with soft and pastel color schemes. business details are BLOSSOM AND BREEZE VENTURES PRIVATE LIMITED registered office address is 102 Shiv Sqaure, 2 ...

    €5 (Avg Bid)
    I garantuar
    50 kandidaturat
    Trophy icon Modern Auto Coding Card Design 11 ditë left

    ***PLEASE NOTE I AM NOT INTERESTED IN RANDOM DESIGNES FROM OTHER BUSINESSES - I WILL BLOCK THE FREELANCER - ONLY SUBMIT DESIGN ACCORDING TO DESCRIPTION BELOW*** I'm seeking a talented graphic designer who excels in modern, minimalist styles and has a keen eye for cool-toned color schemes. My project involves creating a fresh and engaging logo and business card design for my car coding company (a competitiors design is attached). Here's what I need: - **Logo Design:** - Must incorporate modern, clean lines with cool tones - Reflects the innovative and technical nature of car coding - **Business Card Design:** - Modern and minimalist style - Incorporate the new logo - Must include the following elements: - My logo - Contact information (phone number, email, and website) - A brie...

    €11 (Avg Bid)
    68 kandidaturat

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