Chemical engineering involves the design and maintenance of processes involving biological or chemical transformations used in large-scale manufacturing systems. If your business needs help with chemical engineering tasks, you can outsource a part of the tasks to expert chemical engineers who also do freelancing. You can outsource your chemical engineering tasks to experienced freelancers using this site. Simply post your job today! Punësoni Chemical Engineers


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    We r looking for a chemistry graduate for more knowledge in chemistry and to take my business in next level

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    Physics freelance work tutoring 6 ditë left

    I need tutoring help in physics for my son

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    Mechanical engineering -- 3 6 ditë left

    I want to design an Instrument

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    I am looking for a mechanical engineer or researcher working in a combined cucle or thermal power plant )

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    The problem involves physics, mechanics, in specific, and a basic understanding of physics formulas.

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    we make water storage tanks using rotational molding processes need to optimize our product to ensure top qaulity and effective production with out any damaged pieces or tanks failing after few years and also thereafter we also need to get the correct procedure and steps for the machine to follow and this we would get from a fluid simulations linked with Machine learning to to trial and error to get the best way to manufacture the tanks to the specifications we want. we manufacture large verity of sizes like 100,125,230,300,460,500,920,1000,1500,to 10000,16000,24000

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    Our company is one of the leading peanut oil producing company in South East Asia. We require a filter to reduce the quantity of FFA in oil without using chemical processes, as per our research activated carbon should be talk of the town. Commercial requirements:- >Filter 20 tons in 24 Hrs. > Cost of filtration should be less than 500usd for 20 tons of oil. >Should be user friendly and economically viable. >Total budget for the project is around 50000usd. I expect the interested candidates to have a elaborate discussion about the same with me and briefly explain the principles and process of the filtration. Any other ideas regarding improvement of oil quality and reduction of FFA are most welcomed. Waiting to hear from bright minds soon!!!!!

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    i have four trials to conduct collision i'm not to sure on the data to measure the data...Looking for an expert who can help me with it

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    Dynamics of Machines 5 ditë left

    i am looking some one good in mechanical engineering will share complete details via chat

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    Mechanical engineering project 5 ditë left

    Stress & strain piece of work will be available 3rd December with deadline 5th December

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    VS Perfume 5 ditë left

    Monthly Data For Export Raw material in Rajasthan Report (Make in Excell File )

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    Chemical engineer 4 ditë left

    To work on a biodegradable substance

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    Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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    Smart Battery 3 ditë left

    High quality battery wilth long bqck up

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    We are a hazardous waste processing facility in South-East Melbourne. Our customer's existing supplier has failed them, and they have approached us in dire straights - they need a solution to their waste ASAP otherwise they will need to shut their plant. We need to make modifications to our existing assets to allow us to process their waste safely. The changes are not significant, but in order to deliver quickly, we need another set of hands to help us come up with the design solution, HAZOP, and implement. Must be available on site in Melbourne.

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    We are an electrical contracting company in project Electrification works for various Industries / automotive / moulding machines. The company is being headed by a professional having 23 years of experience in the project Electrification Field . Ours is growing electrical contracting organization with a team of qualified engineers and skilled technicians who have well experience in the field of project Electrification. We undertake all kinds of electrical works. We assure you of a Quality & Timely electrical Installation being carried out in the event of an order from your good selves.

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    I am looking for a person with a basic understanding of MATLAB and control system

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    I have this research paper where I had to replicate the graph by solving the differential equations using MATLAB. I just need a MATLAB code that can replicate the graph in the research paper. Below is the research paper (Page 6 to Page9) and the graph is at the end. I have also added screenshots of the equation that needs to be minimized and the graph.

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    we are looking to find a supplier that can produce top quality metal hardware for dog collars and leads. We are looking for a pin buckle, d ring and a lead clasp. A budget and photos of the current product can be given but only once we agree on working together.

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    ELASTICITY & PLASTICITY Mechanics of Material:-

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    I need an expert for my project. I'll share the details in PM

    €26 - €220
    I vulosur MRS
    €26 - €220
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    Researcher is required for Chemistry task.. You should have an idea about references.

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    Dye-sensitized solar cells research report should contain, basics of solar cells, types of solar cells, history, the background of methodology in photovoltaic cells & DSSC and its general history. Also, The DSSC's attractive features; should be stated such as; it is simple to make using conventional roll-printing techniques, is semi-flexible and semi-transparent which offers a variety of uses not applicable to glass-based systems, and most of the materials used are low-cost. The project should be written in 10% plagiarism and referencing should be stated for each Info given in APA 7 referencing format. Project should be less than 18k words and no more than 20k words in MS Word format. Typing should be limited as 12pts Times New Roman.

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    I want to hire a chemical engineer for my company

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    I need some one who is experts in chemistry and rheology

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    Hi. I am looking for an individual having strong grip on thermodynamics and polymerizatio , to work with me on a project where we have to write down a report on any specific problem of polymerisation and how thermodynamics helps to solve that problem. Length of the project varies from 10-20 pages and most important part is the mathematical equationing involving gibbs free energy, euler theorem and durhem etc. Anyone with strong chemical engineering background is encouraged to contact.

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    Dear all, I am looking for a physics expert for tutoring, which could be online or PDF-based. Please only bid if you are located in the EU or UK. I prefer someone who is graduated in physics. Please in your bid why you are the best candidate? Thank you. Thank you.

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    I'm looking for this easiest synthesis pathway for a molecule that will be used in incense: 5287-45-6 Here are all the important criteria : - the synthesis must include purification - the synthesis must be done using minimal lab equipment - the synthesis most not use any chemical that is dangerous for health, as residues in the final product may be harmful for customers (please remember the final product is an incense) - the chemicals used for the synthesis must be easy to find and not too expensive Please be extremely clear, and provide a STEP BY STEP method with : - chemicals - quantities - equipment - duration - anything that seems useful Remember that a synthesis, in its most basic form, is exactly like a cooking recipe. Here is some useful information:

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