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Civil Engineering is a diverse and essential discipline that deals with the planning, design, construction, and maintenance of infrastructure projects such as buildings, bridges, roads, railways, and more. By hiring a skilled and experienced Civil Engineer, you can ensure that your project is executed efficiently and effectively on all fronts. From preparing detailed drawings and specifications to overseeing the construction process and ensuring compliance with safety regulations, civil engineers can help you transform your vision into reality.

Here's some projects that our expert Civil Engineers made real:

  • Design and structural calculations for residential extensions
  • Revit modelling for structural elements in building projects
  • Roof refurbishment and repair plans
  • Water treatment plant designs and engineering support
  • Investigation of mold issues and solutions for water leaks in buildings
  • Drafting driveway, grading, and drainage plans using AutoCAD

The possibilities are endless when it comes to utilizing's extensive pool of talented Civil Engineers. Our professionals have completed numerous projects across various sectors, providing clients with top-notch technical expertise and creative solutions to their infrastructure needs.

Whether you have a small home extension project or a large-scale commercial development, provides an easy platform for connecting with qualified Civil Engineers who can bring your ideas to life. Don't miss out on the opportunity to tap into this valuable resource by posting your own project today. Join our satisfied clients who have experienced the benefits of working with expert Civil Engineers at

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    *Responsibilities:* - Design and analyze structures for residential, commercial, and bridge projects. - Collaborate with architects and engineers to ensure designs meet standards and client requirements. - Prepare technical drawings, specifications, and reports using AutoCAD for steel structures, trusses, and Pre-Engineered Buildings (PEB). - Provide support to construction teams during implementation, ensuring structural integrity and safety. - Stay updated on industry trends, codes, and regulations related to residential, commercial, and bridge design, as well as steel structures, trusses, and PEB. *Qualifications:* - Bachelor's/Master's degree in Civil Engineering or related field. - 1-2 years of experience in structural design, with a focus on residential, commercial, and bri...

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    I need a skilled individual to swiftly and meticulously draft CAD and printed drawings for an office fit-up and factory layouts. The goal is to secure a permit within less than a month, hence the necessity for a proficient, experienced drafter who can work under tight deadlines. Office will be two floors. Factory needs electrical and drawings for a crane structure 2 cranes 5 ton each. Key Draws Include: - Electrical Wiring System - Plumbing System - HVAC System - structure. These drawings must be stamped with all necessary legal requirements according to Philippine standards. The ideal freelancer will be knowledgeable about the permit process and laws in the Philippines, and can provide guidance and answers to any issues that may arise. Prior experience in similar projects is highly f...

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    [Removed by Admin[ *Responsibilities:* - Design and analyze structures for residential, commercial, and bridge projects. - Collaborate with architects and engineers to ensure designs meet standards and client requirements. - Prepare technical drawings, specifications, and reports using AutoCAD for steel structures, trusses, and Pre-Engineered Buildings (PEB). - Provide support to construction teams during implementation, ensuring structural integrity and safety. - Stay updated on industry trends, codes, and regulations related to residential, commercial, and bridge design, as well as steel structures, trusses, and PEB. *Qualifications:* - Bachelor's/Master's degree in Civil Engineering or related field. - 1-2 years of experience in structural design, with a focus ...

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    I'm seeking an expert in CAE analysis, specifically one who is highly proficient in simcenter 3D. - The primary focus of this project will be on the structural analysis of components, majorly Beams and Plates. - The freelancer must be adept at interpreting and implementing findings to improve structural stability and functionality, based on the analysis result. - Experience with structural engineering projects and a deep understanding of physics are crucial for this task. Your expertise will ensure accurate and efficient structural analysis results, imperative to the success of this project.

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    I am in need of a licensed Georgia engineer to provide a structural engineering letter. The objective of this letter is to help me obtain a building permit. Key Information Needed: - Compliance with Local Building Codes: The engineer needs to confirm that my mobile home meets all the necessary local building codes. Existing Documentation: I have some documentation available for the mobile home, however, it is partial and somewhat outdated. It would be great if the engineer could work with this documentation, filling in any gaps and updating it as necessary. I would like to work with a professional who has experience in Georgia's building regulations and who can provide this letter in a timely manner.

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    I'm looking for a construction estimator who specializes in new constructions of single-family homes. Your task will be to provide a detailed and accurate overall estimate for the entire project. Extensive experience in residential construction, particularly single-family homes, is crucial. Practical knowledge of construction materials, methods, and the sequence of construction is vital as well.

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    Large Two-Story House Plan Design 6 ditë left

    I'm in need of a detailed set of house plans for a large, two-story property. The plans should include: - Floor Plans: The layout of the property, showing all rooms, dimensions, and features. - Elevation Drawings: A visual representation of the property from all sides, illustrating the exterior design and materials. - Construction Details: Technical drawings that show how the property should be constructed, including materials, structural elements, and any necessary details for contractors. The ideal candidate for this project should have experience in: - Architecture and house plan design - Proficiency in CAD software or similar - Understanding of construction principles and building codes Please provide examples of previous work in a similar capacity. Looking forward...

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    As an individual who prioritizes quality and durability, I require a well-constructed 16ft x 40ft reinforced concrete slab for my parking lot over the basement. It must have a thickness of 6 inches to sufficiently bear the weight of medium-sized vehicles like vans and small trucks. Suitable applicants for this project should have significant experience with concrete work, specifically formulating and pouring slabs for medium-scale vehicular loads. Mastery in ensuring proper slab thickness and reinforcement is key. Ability to work within a given timeframe while maintaining attention to detail will be highly appreciated.

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    I am in need of expert assistance to help reformulate our project schedule for Sumruddhi Maha Marg's MSRDC Plantation and Landscaping project. Your tasks will involve: - Timeline Adjustments: You have to ensure that all the necessary revisions are incorporated without disrupting our current deadline. - Scope Modifications: Our project requires some significant changes, including the addition of new elements, removing some existing parts, and making specific tweaks in the existing project aspects. Given the complexity of these tasks, it is essential for potential freelancers to have: - Proven experience in project management with a focus on timeline management and scope modifications. - The ability to work efficiently, adhering to the existing deadline without compromising the qu...

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    I need a professional to attach gutter spouts to my PVC gutter system. The project is time-sensitive, requiring immediate attention. The area where the dry well will be situated is currently grassy. The ideal freelancer for this job should have: - Experience in handling PVC gutter systems - A good understanding of gutter spouts - Ability to work quickly and efficiently, as the project demands urgent completion

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    Hello! I'm currently in need of a highly-qualified Structural Engineer who can offer supervision at the Foundation Stage for my Residential building project. Key Tasks: - Construction Supervision: The professional will be in charge of supervising the construction process, ensuring strict adherence to safety codes, building regulations, and standards. Ideal Candidate: - Has extensive experience in structural engineering for residential buildings. - Shows a strong understanding of construction supervision. - Is knowledgeable about the foundational stage of building construction. Your expertise in structural design and understanding of construction will ensure my project is successful and that all structural integrity standards are maintained. Thank you!

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    I'm seeking a skilled civil engineer to provide comprehensive concrete structural design for a new construction project. The ideal candidate should have experience and expertise in: - Concrete structural design: You should have a solid grasp of concrete as a construction material and be adept at creating structural designs that are both robust and cost-effective for new buildings. - Project scope: As this is a new construction project, you will be required to create a design from scratch. Your ability to envision and plan the structural elements of a building will be crucial. - Compliance and safety: Knowledge of building codes and regulations is essential to ensure that the design meets all legal requirements and safety standards. - Communication: Clear and effective communicatio...

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    I require a qualified engineer to provide comprehensive engineering drawings for a medium-sized (1000-2000 sqft) residential building. These should include: - Detailed foundation specifications - Wall section outlines - Roof structure diagrams I have a floor plan and some specific parameters I would like incorporated as well. The ideal candidate will have significant experience in residential building engineering, particularly with post frame structures, and the ability to deliver clear, precise and valid architectural plans that cater to these specific requirements. If you possess these skills and can deliver as per the project's needs, please bid for the task. Time to completion is also important.

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    I need an experienced engineer who can develop/check/simulate structural designs for a pole, intended to support antennas, surveillance cameras, solar panels, signs, and equipment enclosures. Designs arelady exist. The ideal professional will: - Build wind load models, considering the pole's height of 6.5m. - Check, specify and design appropriate brackets, pole and footings that will uphold against wind loading. - Ensure all design elements comply with AS1170 standards. Desired skills for the job are in-depth knowledge and experience in structural engineering, a detailed understanding of wind load calculations, proficiency in engineering modeling software, with an ability to interpret and apply AS1170 standards. This calls for meticulousness and a high degree of precision.

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    I'm in need of a technical expert in cleanroom design and maintenance. The project primarily focuses on performing essential calculations for a cleanroom design assignment. Your understanding and experience in this domain are critical. Key deliverables and requirements include: - Airflow Calculation: You'll be required to expertly calculate the airflow needed in the cleanroom to ensure the necessary air quality and circulation. - Particle Filtration Efficiency Calculation: Additionally, you'll be tasked with determining the particle filtration efficiency required for the cleanroom setup. Ideal candidates should have: - Extensive experience with cleanroom design and maintenance. - Proven track record of successfully calculating cleanroom parameters like airflow and filtrati...

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    I am seeking a professional mechanical engineer who specializes in structure and material selection for various welding projects. Key Responsibilities: - Assist in choosing the right materials for welding projects. - Ensure optimal structural integrity and longevity of materials. - Provide expert guidance on the best welding techniques for different types of metals. Ideal Skills and Experience: - A degree or experience in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on Structures. - Expertise in Materials Science or a related field. - Proficiency in various welding techniques. - Strong knowledge of materials used in welding. - Ability to ensure quality control in all welding projects. If you possess these qualifications and skills, I invite you to bid on this project.

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    I am looking for a structural engineer with exceptional skills in designing and inspecting large commercial buildings. The ideal candidate should have: - Proven experience in working with commercial buildings over 10,000 sq ft. - Expertise in the development and inspection of foundations, structural walls and roofs. - A firm understanding of engineering principles, laws, codes, and standards applicable to large-scale infrastructure projects. - Strong analytical skills and a detail-oriented approach to deliver thorough and precise findings. Your primary task will be to inspect and develop the structural elements of a large commercial building to ensure stability, safety, and endurance. It's crucial that you're capable of handling the challenges and demands of large-scale structu...

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    I need a licensed Professional Engineer (PE) to review and certify the full set of blueprint plans for a new construction house. The house is 1,000 - 2,000 square feet in size. Key Responsibilities: - Review and certify the engineering designs for the new construction house. Ideal Candidate: - Licensed Professional Engineer (PE) with a background in civil or structural engineering. - Experience with certifying blueprint plans for residential construction. - Thorough understanding of building codes and regulations.

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    I'm seeking a skilled professional to develop an efficient water management plan focusing on controlling water runoff for a commercial property. This project involves: - Creating a sophisticated plan to manage water run-off which optimises usage and minimises wastage. - Implementing strategies for efficient distribution to maximise productivity and minimise the potential for flooding or excess runoff. Ideal skills and experience for this role: - Understand the dynamics of water distribution and run-off - Proven experience in water management, particularly concerning commercial properties. - Familiarity with best practices in water run-off planning - Quality control expertise would be beneficial. Please note, this project is not just about creating a plan - it's a...

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    I require expertise to develop as-builts of existing roadways using MicroStation. The outcomes are crucial for the close out phase of an infrastructure project. The project involves: - Creating final as-built drawings Ideal candidate should be experienced in MicroStation, proficient in GIS data development, and knowledgeable in civil engineering particularly in roads and highways. Familiarity with infrastructure update documentation is an additional advantage.

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    I'm looking for an Autocad draftsman with a focus on architectural drafting for a landscape project. The work involves creating detailed plans for both garden and hardscape design. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in Autocad with a specialization in architectural drafting. - Previous experience in garden and hardscape design. - A strong eye for detail and a creative approach to design. - Understanding of landscape design principles is a plus.

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    For my project, I am seeking a professional who can design detailed structural blueprints for a residential building. You will need to deliver precise blueprints that encompass three main structural systems: - Foundations and basements - Framing and walls - Roof structures Strong experience in structural engineering and a deep understanding of residential construction are crucial for this project. Only freelancers with prior experience in creating residential blueprints will be considered. A keen eye for detail, strong communication skills and an ability to adhere to strict deadlines will significantly boost your chances of securing this project.

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    Projeto de uma barragem, canal e desvio de um rio

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    Hello, we are a builder of affordable single-family homes in South Florida. We need an Architect/Civil Engineer who can do a full set of blueprint plans ready for submission to the building department in Hendry County Florida. The set of plans must include floor, roof, structural with windows, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, grading/drainage plans. Everything must be done in the most economical way, just to meet local requirements. A Land Survey is attached. We need to get outside looks of the house, similar like house in the attachments. Drawings must be certified with a digital signature by an Architect/Civil Engineer licensed in the state of Florida. All plans must get approval from Hendry County Fl Building Department. Timing is very important. Please look at attachments to get an i...

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    I'm in search of professional advice on the necessary calculations to structure a steel footbridge. It's designed for easy access across a small ditch and won't be longer than 10 meters in length. Here are some points to focus on: - I have a design for the bridge and would like to know the size of steel to carry the weight of the bridge and a few people walking on it. - It's intended for infrequent/low pedestrian use by a four person family walking across the bridge twice a day. Ideal applicants will have experience in steel construction, bridge design, and familiarity with urban development aesthetic considerations. Proficiency in mathematics and comprehensive knowledge regarding the durability of different steel types is needed as well.

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    I am in need of a skilled Civil Engineer to devise a grading and concrete plan for an unspecified area size. Given it's not clear if the area is larger than 5 acres, those with experience in both smaller and larger scale projects would be ideal. No permits or approvals from local authorities are required, simplifying the process somewhat. Essential for the role: - Proven history in Civil Engineering - Experience in creation of comprehensive grading and concrete plans - Adaptability to work with varying project sizes While not necessary, a detailed project proposal would be appreciated when applying, to enable me to understand your methods and expected timeline. Your past work and relevant experience must be part of your application so I can evaluate your fit for this project.

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    I am in need of a skilled Civil Engineer to devise a grading and concrete plan for an unspecified area size. Given it's not clear if the area is larger than 5 acres, those with experience in both smaller and larger scale projects would be ideal. No permits or approvals from local authorities are required, simplifying the process somewhat. Essential for the role: - Proven history in Civil Engineering - Experience in creation of comprehensive grading and concrete plans - Adaptability to work with varying project sizes While not necessary, a detailed project proposal would be appreciated when applying, to enable me to understand your methods and expected timeline. Your past work and relevant experience must be part of your application so I can evaluate your fit for this project.

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    We're stepping into an exciting project that requires proficient use of AutoCAD to visualize a pipeline idea through 3 distinct drawings. These will provide a comprehensive overview of our concept, which include: - Aerial View - Cross Section - Field Layout We're open to discussions regarding the appropriate scale to be used for these drawings, given that this question was initially skipped. Ultimately, we’re focused on attaining a set of concept drawing to be used for discussions. Actual design drawing will be a separate project. The ideal freelancer for this project would be extremely familiar with AutoCAD, demonstrating a good understanding of design, spatial awareness, and the ability to work precisely within given parameters. We're aiming to have this project...

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    I am in need of a skilled Architect or Structural Engineer, familiar with New York City's Department of Buildings codes and processes, to assist with the expansion of an existing residential building. Ideally, you should have: - Experience in NYC DOB submissions - Expertise in residential structure modifications, specifically additions - Proven track record in handling new constructions in existing residential buildings Your role will involve planning and managing the modification to ensure compliance with local building regulations. Your guidance throughout this project is essential to its successful completion.

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    I am looking for an experienced professional who can help me with an evaluation, material calculations and parts specification to present to the International Code Council. The product is composed of building materials and must be able to resist hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, flooding, and wildfires for a safe and secure structure. There are more than 20 parts needed for this product, so I need an experienced professional with excellent attention to detail to get this product ready for presentation. If you have any questions or want to discuss the project more in-depth, please do not hesitate to reach out. Thank you!

    €1407 - €2815
    I vulosur MRS
    €1407 - €2815
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    As an innovator in the environmental sustainability sector, I'm looking for an engineer who can help me finish the engineering side of a modular composting system I recently patented. The system must be designed considering: - Using our patented system as the guiding document - Mechanical and structural loads for each module - Systems integration of air, water, emissions and material handling systems - developing a complete set of drawings for fabrication vendors and others. Ideal candidates should have: - Extensive experience in structural and mechanical loads - Proven track record of innovative engineering solutions. - Strong knowledge of systems integration. - Familiarity with material handling systems such as walking or live floor systems is a plus. - Great commu...

    min €47 / hr
    I vulosur MRS
    min €47 / hr
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    We are in need of a knowledgeable and professional civil engineer for an upcoming project. Specific tasks or services required have not been outlined at this time. Therefore, the successful candidate should be comfortable with a multitude of civil engineering tasks including, but not exclusive to, structural analysis and design, site survey and analysis, and construction supervision. The purpose of the civil engineering project has not been specified. Hence, it would be beneficial if the individual possesses experience across residential construction, commercial construction, and infrastructure development sectors. Finally, the location of the project has yet to be determined. It could be either in the city, suburb, or a rural area. Therefore, adaptability and experience in various env...

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    I urgently require the expertise of a licensed engineer in California to conduct a thorough shear stress analysis of my twin 48” diameter dual wall HDPE pipes. The pivotal goal of this examination is to ascertain the structural integrity of the pipes based on upstream water flow. Subsequent findings need to be meticulously aligned with the stipulated Californian Safety Regulations. It's absolutely essential the evaluation identifies potential failing points, consequent ensuring the overall safety and durability of the installations. While time is of the essence, it is imperatively more important that the quality of inspection and reporting adheres to the highest standards. Ideal Skills: - California Engineering License - Broad knowledge and understanding of Californian Safety ...

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    I'm looking for a skilled draftsperson to provide an engineering drawing of a shed. Here are the specifications: - The purpose of the shed is dual: It will house my camper on one side and store household items on the other. - The dimensions of the shed should approximately cover a large area of 1050 sq ft. Exact measurements will be provided once project commences. Ideal experience and skills: - Drafting experience or background in architecture is a must. - Knowledge in structural design especially for storage sheds. - Understanding of local building codes and legal requirements for outdoor structures is essential. Bring your creativity and technical skill to help me build a functional and spacious shed.

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    As the owner of a commercial property measuring between 1,000 – 2,000 square feet, I am looking for an HVAC specialist to provide expert guidance in calculating the heating and cooling needs for my building. The successful candidate must have: - Extensive experience in designing HVAC systems for commercial buildings. - Proficient knowledge in balancing cost-effectiveness and efficiency in system designs. - Ability to accurately calculate heating and cooling requirements for spaces in my specified size range. - Strong understanding of climate control systems, ventilation functions, and general HVAC industry standards. In your proposal, please include your past experience in HVAC design consulting, particularly with commercial buildings in the mentioned size range.

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    I'm seeking a skilled structural engineer to design a commercial building primarily using steel. The project involves the creation and optimization of a complete building structure. - Purpose & Materials: The goal is to expertly craft an architectural design for a commercial steel building, using modern and innovative techniques to deliver a unique and sustainable outcome. - Ideal Candidate: The ideal engineer for this project will be experienced in creating commercial building designs, particularly with steel as the main material. - Skills: A thorough understanding of structural dynamics and engineering principles is essential. Experience in steel building design, familiarity with commercial building codes and standards, and proficiency in CAD software are all key requireme...

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    I am seeking a highly experienced structural engineer to consult on an immediate project. The project involves replacing an aged wooden lintel which is estimated to be more than 20 years old and has visible cracking damage. Its appears to be starting to rot as crumbly in parts. The lintel is (mm) ~1880x100x115 over a ~1550 gap, with ~120 overlap to the left and ~230 overlap to the right. Everything is estimated to nearest 5mm as no straight cuts. The lintel supports directly the wooden joists from the floor above. My understanding is that replacing with a concrete lintel is not possible as the joists are considered point loading. Joists vary at distance apart but 300 +/- 50 is a good range. The composite of the wall is solid brick, the outer layer appears to have had an RSJ previously...

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    As a dedicated architect, I'm seeking a proficient and skilled freelance draftsperson for civil drafting. This project will mainly entail: 1. Site Plans: You'll create site plans including landscaping features, buildings, and surface work. 2. Sewage and Drainage Lines: Design and document comprehensive sewage and drainage systems. 3. Underground Utilities Plans: Develop detailed plans for underground utilities. This project will not only involve the basic outlines, but also necessitate detailed measurements of every structure and utility. Applicants with significant experience in Civil Drafting using AUTOCAD-2D are preferred. Your sharp attention to detail, design acumen and experience in civil drafting will be critical for this project.

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    As a campsite operator, I am seeking the expertise of a competent structural engineer, specifically experienced in the design and construction of steel frames for high-endurance conditions. Key aspects of this project include: - Design and construction of a steel framework for a tent base. Your experience in this field must demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the material's strength and resilience, particularly for outdoor structures exposed to adverse weather conditions. - Durability is a major factor. Our company desires maximum durability for this frame, ensuring it can withstand heavy rains and wind loads. Prior experience developing reliable structures for harsh environments will be essential. - Base Requirements: -Dimensions: The base should measure 6ft x 10...

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    Engineering Technical Drawing 2 ditë left

    I am in need of a comprehensive technical drawing for an engineering project. The drawing will be used as a blueprint for USA PERMIT . Key Elements: - Floor Plans: These are essential for showing the layout of the building and the dimensions of each room. - Elevations: Vertical views of the building that show the exterior design, including windows, doors, and other architectural features. - Sections: These show a cut-through view of the building from different angles, giving a clear picture of the internal structure and layout. Additionally, I require the inclusion of: - Electrical Plans: Layout of lighting fixtures, outlets, and other electrical components. - Plumbing: The location of pipes, drains, and plumbing fixtures. - HVAC: The design of the heating, ventilation, and air conditio...

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    I am in need of a Tekla structure expert with solid experience in modeling precast elements and creating fabrication drawings. Key Tasks: - Precast Element Modeling: The freelancer should be able to accurately model precast beams, columns, and slabs - Fabrication Drawings: The freelancer should be able to create detailed and accurate fabrication drawings based on the models Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in Tekla Structures - Experience with precast elements modeling and fabrication drawings - Excellent attention to detail Please note that the level of detail for the precast elements in the modeling and fabrication drawings will be discussed in further detail with the selected freelancer. more information will dicuss though chat

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    I need a structural engineer to deliver structural drawings for my two-story wooden garage. These drawings should primarily detail: - Framing: Highlight the gaps, placements, sizes, and arrangement of frames involved in the construction. - Cross-Sections: Show these to give a clear picture of how things come together and the end result. As the garage will be constructed from wood, the drawings should reflect the considerations and specifics for this material. Prior experience in wood construction projects and structural drawings will be invaluable for this task. Strong understanding of construction codes will also enhance the quality and accuracy of the deliverables. In summary, I am searching for a professional who can turn my wooden garage concept into a set of detailed, accurate str...

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    More details: What type of AutoCAD drawing do you need assistance with? Scan to cad What type of scanned documents do you need to convert to CAD? Architectural plans What level of detail do you require for the architectural plans? Full details including elevations and sections

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    DO NOT BID UNLESS YOU ARE AN ARCHITECT or CIVIL/STRUCTURAL ENGINEER THAT CAN DO STRUCTURAL CALCULATIONS, and have STEEPLY SLOPE EXPERIENCE + REVIEW +++ PLEASE READ ENTIRE POST BEFORE SUBMITTING A QUOTE +++ !!!! FOUNDATION STRUCTURAL CALCULATIONS WILL BE NEEDED FOR BOTH BUILDINGS !!!! If you submit a fee, then increase it after we discuss, I will say goodbye to you!!!! **** ALL TASKS ARE STATED HERE ***** VIEW ALL ATTACHMENTS BEFORE YOU BID!!! +++ DELIVER DWG and PDF files in ARCH D 24" x 36" format, Scale is 1/4 inch = 1 foot +++ 1. CREATE TWO (2) NEW Foundation Plan with STRUCTURAL CALCULATIONS plus Elevations (in relation to land contour/slope), Section and Roof Plan with STRUCTURAL CALCULATIONS for 2(TWO) Buildings :: EACH drawing should have a Comprehensiv...

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    I am in need of a draft person with intermediate level experience in Australian Building Regulations. The right freelancer will be able to take survey, structural drawings, and a 3D CAD model (Google SketchUp) from a civil engineer and prepare full working drawings for a building permit application. Key Details: - Experience: Intermediate level - Regulations: Comply with relevant Australian Building Regulations. - Design Style: Modern - Deliverables: Full working drawings for a double garage, and a gazebo with adjacent retaining wall. Please provide evidence of past projects that demonstrate your familiarity and compliance with Australian Building Regulations. Ideal Skills: - Intermediate level drafting experience - Knowledge of Australian Building Regulations - Proven experience in pr...

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    My project entails the planning and design stage of a commercial construction project. I'm currently seeking a skilled professional to: - Create a thorough and detailed programme for the construction phase This task requires exceptional proficiency in logistics, strong communication abilities and an in-depth understanding of commercial construction processes. Previous experience in handling similar projects is a strong plus.

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    Draftsman's drawings for a 6m x 4m steel balcony, with a roof. Require a quote for ONLY the draftsman's services, and all the requirements needed before building starts. I do have a builder. Building quote not required here. Council permit, etc link below (Click on link, then the dots, then select "download") !Agln2BuMQWnQgpVpDcKTk02WJCH6VA

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    I'm seeking an experienced environmental draftsman or cartographer to assist in carrying out contamination monitoring for a small urban area of less than 1 square kilometer. This work entails creating environmental site base maps, plume maps, and bore logs. This project involves multiple jobs and this will be ongoing work. I'd like a continued relationship to where they make maps every time I get a new project or do additional work. Average job will be 3 maps each. Only focus is on a gas station located on a city lot, less than .25 acres Key tasks; - Produce detailed environmental site maps. - Create plume maps that follow any possible contamination spread. - Chart detailed bore logs. Please note, this role requires exceptional attention to detail and accuracy d...

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    Mechanical Engineering: Cross flow turbine Vortex flow turbine Footsteps power generator Wind Turbine Electrical Engineering: Solar tracking system for efficient power of use Civil Engineering: Complete 6 Bedroom Estimation. Tender Documents. School Complete project incuded Drawings,

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