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    Broker Passing Messages Using Kafka • Apache Kafka is an open-source distributed event streaming platform used by thousands of compa- nies for high-performance data pipelines, streaming analytics, data integration, and mission-critical applications. We need bitnami website to explain the backbones of Kafka I want a functional program showing how 2 servers can interact with each other in bitnami using kafka

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    Biometrics within the Darknet 6 ditë left

    Rewrite Literature Review to make it sound more professional and match the Methodology, Analysis, and Discussion section of my paper.

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    Php project — 5 6 ditë left

    Php project for doctor patient scheduling

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    I have a graduation project ready with all the deliverables and I already wrote a report with 3000 words but i need to add more content to reach 10,000 words. The project is about an app that provides pet health services online. Everything is already stated in the initial report. Requirements: -experience with app development - IT major preferable. - Deliver the project in 2 days Anything else can be further discussed in private.

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    Dynamic system and control -- 2 6 ditë left

    I would like someone to solve problems in dynamic system and control

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    I want someone to Design me both ER and Sequence Diagram

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    I need 3 ppt presentations 5 slides each for a computer

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    Busco personal capaz de escribir documentos técnicos del modelo OSI. La documentación va enfocada a estudiantes de tecnología con ninguna o poca experiencia. La expectativa es explicar protocolos de manera sencilla inicialmente, luego ir avanzando a temas más avanzados gradualmente. La documentación no necesita imágenes o gráficos, si se espera que sea un español neutral, redactado de una forma atractiva para estudiantes.

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    A C++ Programming work 5 ditë left

    A C++ Programming work needs to be completed in next 36 hours

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    Need a Scopus Level Paper in CSE 5 ditë left

    Need an expert to write a SCOPUS level paper in CSE (Cloud Computing/IoT/ML) an also suggests few scopus journals.

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    The solution must work completely correctly and be unique and there is no similarity between it and other solutions . And at the end give me a simple explanation about the solution you done. The price can be raised if I am completely satisfied with the result.

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    hi i have some software enginerring document work / diagram work. i have actually done the diagrams on papyrus eclipse . but i need to make sure the diagrams are correct for the brief of the work and if any mistakes u can change for me . please note the word document they are all screenshot I do have them on the software actually . software to only be used is papyrus eclipse only . please only i need from u is if any mistakes u can change on the software and all diagrams and so meet the criteria from the brief document

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    Semantic Analysis and Symbol Table 5 ditë left

    PAC-MAN language. a) Declaration Checking: For this part, you need to process the declaration. • A variable cannot be used if it is not previously declared. • No two variables can share a name within their declared scope (The scope of a variable is from the point where it is declared until the end). it is legal to have same variable name in different scope b) Type System: PAC-MAN specification also describes rules for statements and ex- pressions type checking. • The left and right side of an assignment statement must have the same type. • Arithmetic operators (+,-,*,/) operate on operands of type integer or double only. The result should be of same type of the two operands, if one operand is integer and the other is double the result should be of type double. • R...

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    Dear, We need a writer from Information Technology or Computer Science Engineering or Electrical Engineering Background who can make a quality report on the topic of Dark Web Analysis. Mention 5 Research Questions on the topic of Dark Web Analysis so that we can select the perfect freelancer in this shortest period. Waiting for the best freelancer for my project. Thanks.

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    an overall picture of the system using a collaboration class diagram

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    I'm looking for a few couple of experts for computer science, information technology, computing department Deadline: 7 days 1. 80 pages 2. Total is 6 chapt-er 3. Plagiarism: less than 18% 4. Progress everyday Project: around

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    I have 5 simple clauses that I'm looking to implement in GNU Prolog on truth assignments for propositional formulas. Looking for someone who can complete these as quickly as possible.

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    This project requires each to conduct a research or development project . Students’ project should belong to the current research areas of Computer Science and provide solution for the real-world problem of the research topic. The report must be accompanied by relevant methodology, analysis, design, development, implementation, testing and evaluation of a project.

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    Create a PowerPoint presentation based on the article attached and follow the guideline when creating the presentation.

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    DDL PROJECT 3 ditë left

    Can someone do a ddl for a project for me

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    Hello everyone, I need someone who knows MIPS and RISC-V architectures in the Computer Organization. You will read a document around 5 pages about RISC-V architecture security and you summarize and document it to me with some rules. I can share the documentation and the need file.

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    I have uploaded the problem statements and the necessary files (input files) in the documents section. Please refer to that and if you can solve it completely, please let me know. Following are the 2 problems: 1. Cache simulator 2. Memory allocation using heap

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    Maths for Computer Science -- 5 2 ditë left

    Its only few questions related to computer science project.

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    Graphical user interface questions 1 ditë left

    I want someone to help me answering some theoretical questions in graphical user interface

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    i need someone to do a programming langauge compiler/parsing/ project for me. one who knows c programming very well and compilers/Parsing/AST trees/control flow/LINUX operating system.

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    My name is Liane and I work with Universal Exam Solutions. We provide test administration and accommodation solutions to test-takers nationwide. For this purpose, we look for professionals who we contact on an "as-needed" basis to see if they are available to assist test takers for their approved accommodations. We provide complete training and assignments pay hourly for the entire scheduled time, even if the exam ends early. We have an exam coming up where a test taker has been approved for a Reader. This is where a person sits with the test taker at a professional testing site and reads the test content out loud to them as displayed on the computer screen verbatim. The test taker marks his/her own answers on the computer. The exam is taking place at a professional test...

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    I need someone that is a professional in MySQL • git • jQuery, Ajax • Go • Linux environments (RHEL, CentOS) • Amazon Web Services • Messaging frameworks (rabbitmq) • Docker • Excellent grades and a track record of success • Knowledge of software programming languages (dynamic languages such as Javascript, Ruby, Python, and Perl are preferred) • Knowledge of relational databases and SQL • Knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS • Understanding of Object-Oriented programming • Fast learner

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    The aim of the project is to have a neat and robust pipeline, where independent engineers can easily try the performance of taylor made airfoil designs. The freeleancer is expected to build a case and the required scripts to simulate a 2D cut of a vertical axis wind turbine. The pipeline is also required to include the pre and postprocessing steps (meshing and data output) The users that are going to be using this setup are new to OpenFOAM, yet used to commercial CFD software tools, this is to be taken into account to build the pipeline. The use of OpenFOAM can be challenged if the frelancer know a better suited solver.

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    Operating system task -- 3 5 orё left

    Operating system task needs to be completed in next 36 Hours

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    I would like to get LaTex macros to easily create visualisation of R-trees R* trees, R+ trees (and B+, B* and B trees) and static R-trees etc. It must be easily reusable that is the main requirement. It could be done by tikz package but that is not so important. For more info please contact me.

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    IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ THE FULL CHALLENGE BRIEF THAT CONTAINS ALL THE CHALLENGE AND SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS AND RULES FULL CHALLENGE BRIEF: REGISTRATION FORM: Apply your network science skills to identify and characterize emerging health threats in the areas of suicide, overdose, or adverse childhood experiences. DETECTING EMERGING THREATS IN INJURY AND VIOLENCE USING NETWORK SCIENCE CHALLENGE Are you interested in working with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) National Center for Injury Prevention and Control (Injury Center) in having a positive impact on the health and safety of Americans? Do you enjoy working with network science, algorithms, and datasets? The Detecting Emerging Threats in Injury and Violence Using Network Science Challenge give...

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    IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ THE FULL CHALLENGE BRIEF THAT CONTAINS ALL THE CHALLENGE AND SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS AND RULES CHALLENGE BRIEF: REGISTRATION FORM: FAQ: WEBINAR RECORDING: Predict project risks using NASA’s lessons from the past. Design a project management tool that extracts past project risk information and uses AI/ML to predict risks on future projects. RISKY SPACE BUSINESS: NASA AI RISK PREDICTION CHALLENGE If you’re an AI/ML specialist or someone who is great at extracting data from past project reports, this challenge is for you! The Risky Space Business Challenge is looking for White Papers and algorithms to help NASA predict risks on future projects. If you’re up to the challenge, you could win a share of the $50,000 purse. To participat...

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    IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ THE FULL CHALLENGE BRIEF THAT CONTAINS ALL THE CHALLENGE AND SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS AND RULES () FAQ: WEBINAR RECORDING: Improve the modeling of flow hydraulics and sediment transport by creating a fast, stable, parallel linear equation solver for computational fluid dynamics (CFD) models. Last updated: Sep. 21, 2021 Updates made:  - Allowed the use of external libraries with permissive open-source licenses. The solver must be written in Fortran but you may use external open-source libraries. If an external open-source library is used, the libraries must have a permissive open-source license and you must be able to provide the source code package that is recompilable into a library. - Changed the phase 1 and phase 2 prize breakdowns. Phas...

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