Data Entry is an essential part of many businesses today, serving a crucial role in organizing, analyzing, and managing large amounts of data. Hiring professional Data Entry Clerks can greatly help your business to effectively process information and save valuable time. These experts can handle tasks ranging from simple data input to complex data manipulation, ensuring that your information is up-to-date and easily accessible.

Here's some projects that our expert Data Entry Clerks made real:

  • Data gathering and management for businesses and organizations
  • Survey responses and analysis for market research projects
  • Virtual assistance with a focus on data entry and organization
  • Excel matrix creation and presentation for better data visualization
  • CEO blog writing, requiring both research and data entry skills
  • Automation of data manipulation processes using Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Data scraping from websites for various research purposes
  • Translation and editing of content involving multiple languages

The diverse range of completed projects illustrates how Data Entry Clerks on have stepped up to the challenge, quickly adapting to various industries' requirements. Their expertise not only revolves around entering raw data but also efficiently organizing, managing, and analyzing it to serve their client's needs best.

If you're seeking reliable professionals to handle your Data Entry needs, we invite you to post your project on Our community of competent Data Entry Clerks can provide the best support tailored to your individual needs. With ongoing collaboration opportunities, you'll be able to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of your data-related tasks. Discover the benefits of hiring professional Data Entry Clerks on today!

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    I'm in need of meticulous assistance with several data entry tasks. This is a three-pronged job involving: 1. Entering Contact Information: You will input a myriad of contact details into an Excel spreadsheet. Accuracy is paramount. 2. Updating Databases: You'll be responsible for ensuring that all existing data is up-to-date. If a discrepancy is noticed, you will correct it. 3. Transcribing Documents: Transcription services are required. You need to accurately transcribe information from diverse documents. In addition to the aforementioned tasks, this job involves email verification for all entries; without exception. Needless to say, your keen attention to detail would be required to spot and correct any errors. The ideal candidate would have past experience with Excel sprea...

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    I'm seeking a diligent freelancer, skilled in Excel data entry, to input a substantial amount of textual data into an Excel worksheet following a specific row and column format. Expertise in using Excel’s basic arithmetic functions is required for a portion of the data input. The ideal candidate must: - Be proficient in Excel - Have solid experience with data entry - Understand and can apply basic arithmetic functions in Excel - Have good attention to detail Please be prepared to work efficiently while maintaining accuracy, as quality is of paramount importance in this task.

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    I'm in need of a skilled web designer to create a classified ads website and publish over 3000 electronic and technology-related ads across various platforms, including Amazon and eBay. Key Requirements: - Design a Classified Ads Website: You'll be responsible for creating a user-friendly and visually appealing platform for the publication of these ads. - Publish 3000+ Ads: Help me to strategically publish these ads across various platforms, with a focus on Amazon and eBay. - Focus on Electronics & Technology: The main categories of the ads will be electronics and technology. Your design should cater to these specific areas. - Implement User Management System: The website should have a robust user management system to allow for easy tracking, communication, and interaction w...

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    The freelancer needs to visit the location and get the form filled, stamped and signed from the HR department. The following requirements are mandatory: We want the questionnaire to be filled and clear the Photographs. 1. Photographs of the Inside and Outside of the facility ( Signboard with IA name on it, Departments). 2. Photographs of the registration document of the facility. 3. Photographs of any other supporting document that is present there. In case, they refuse to provide the information make sure to take refusal in writing. Otherwise, manage to take the name, contact and designation of the person who refused and visiting card if possible

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    I need an acoustician with a high level of expertise in advanced noise mapping. The scope includes creating a detailed noise contour for a factory site encompassing multiple buildings. The main purpose is show areas where hearing protection is required. Ideal acoustician skills and experience: - Expertise in noise mapping and acoustics - Experience in mapping industrial environments Tasks to achieve: - Creating a noise map with detailed noise contours I have conducted the noise survey and have taken 116 one-minute noise grabs and have the data recorded, see attached. I have also been provided with the site plans and have marked up the noise grab locations. I can provide the site plans to help quote.

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    Looking to clean an existing list and remove duplicates. The data I want to be included for each company is name, (validated) email , phone number for the most senior person you can find (CEO's, MD's, COO's, Founder's, Directors, etc.) and whether the company is running Google and/or Facebook ads.

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    I'm looking for someone with excellent English speaking skills to make calls on my behalf and provide support for people owed money. The main goal of these calls is to assist and guide individuals through the process of receiving owed money making it easy. Ideal candidate should be: - Fluent in English with excellent communication and interpersonal skills - Experienced in customer support or similar call-based roles. - Able to follow directions and maintain a high level of professionalism at all times. The project needs to be completed within a month. This is a great opportunity for someone looking to use their communication skills to assist others in financial matters.

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    Estoy buscando un asistente virtual y administrativo para realizar las siguientes actividades operativas en un negocio: Revisar y agregar datos en documentos de Excel. Elaborar reportes en Excel. Gestionar la agenda de proyectos. Revisar y agregar tareas de proyectos en el calendario. Redactar minutas y resúmenes de juntas. Establecer prioridades de actividades. Registrar datos generales como facturas, órdenes y proveedores en el sistema ERP. Crear manuales de procedimientos en Word. Herramientas de manejo: Excel a nivel avanzado. Loop o Notion. Conocimiento de los procesos de un ERP. OneDrive (administración y manejo de archivos). OneNote y Word.

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    I'm looking for a skilled developer who can create a tool that generates 1000 addresses for my Solana token and funds each with SOL for transaction fees. The addresses should be exported to a spreadsheet upon completion. Key Requirements: - Develop a tool that generates 1000 unique addresses for a Solana token - Fund each generated address with SOL for transaction fees - Export the addresses to a spreadsheet Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Solana blockchain and its associated tools - Expertise in address generation and funding - Experience with data export to spreadsheets - Attention to detail and accuracy Prior experience with similar projects and the ability to complete the task within a reasonable timeframe will be highly valued. Please provide relevant examples of your previous...

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    I'm looking for a professional who can help with pre-employment vetting in Denver, Colorado. Key Points: - I specifically need assistance with employment history verification. - The verification process should be based on reviewing provided employment documents, not through direct contact with previous employers or third-party verification services. - The level of detail I'm looking for is comprehensive - I require detailed job descriptions and responsibilities. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in HR or recruitment is a big plus. - Strong understanding of employment documentation. - Attention to detail and ability to interpret complex job roles. - Ability to handle sensitive information with confidentiality and professionalism.

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    Versatile Virtual Assistant Needed 6 ditë left

    I'm looking for someone smart with a good English and a quick learner for couple of purposes, might be dropshiping, no special skills needed, please contact me, automated message will be ignored.

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    I require a quick turnaround on a spreadsheet task. Spreadsheet Link: Currently, all links in column "D" redirect to "pandabuy", and these need to be changed to "hoobuy". You can learn how to make these adjustments via a tutorial video I've provided: For clarity: - The goal is to redirect to a different platform - Aside from changing the links, no additional modifications are needed Skills and Experience: - Advanced Excel - Fast and attentive to detail - Experience with URL alterations in spreadsheets Please ensure you share any similar past projects when making your bid. Quick response is crucial due to the urgency of this task.

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    simple task , PREFER TEAMS 6 ditë left

    simple task , just downloading file, need to be done today Please chech the doc in the description if you san start now start your bid with NOOOW

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    I am seeking a proficient web data scraper to extract specific information from a prominent South African property portal and organize it in an Excel spreadsheet. Key Project Requirements: - Extracting and organizing the following data: property information (e.g., price, location) and size. - No need for continual updates, just a one-time extraction. Filtering Criteria: - The data to be scraped should be from a particular property portal and should extract information like : property type (industrial/retail/office), size, address, price. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in web scraping techniques and tools. - Strong experience with Excel and organizing large sets of data. - Familiarity with the South African property market would be a plus. The goal of this project is to obtain a one-tim...

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    I'm in need of a proficient bilingual (English and Spanish) cold-caller to generate leads within the Real Estate industry, specifically for a regional area. The responsibilities of the role include: - Cold calling potential leads within a specified region. - Talking proficiently in both English and Spanish. - Nurturing leads within the Real Estate industry. The ideal freelancer for this project must have these skills and experiences: - Experience of cold calling in the Real Estate industry. - Excellent verbal communication in both English and Spanish. - Proven ability to generate leads. Your effectiveness in this role will majorly contribute to the growth of my business. Thus, I look forward to a diligent and committed freelancer.

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    I'm looking for a diligent individual proficient in basic video editing to edit 3-4 minute videos on a daily basis. The daily quota would consist of 50 videos. Its a long term project. Responsibilities: - Daily editing of 3-4 minute videos - Trimming and cutting videos - Ensuring a consistent output of 50 videos a day Ideal Skills: - Proficient in basic video editing - Strong time-management skills - Attention to detail - Ability to meet daily quotas The videos must be edited to 1080p HD resolution. Video Aspect ratio 1:1 This is a high-volume project requiring someone with the ability to work efficiently, while maintaining a high level of accuracy and quality. If you're up to the challenge and can deliver consistently, I'd love to hear from you.

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    I'm seeking a highly skilled researcher who can provide me with detailed information on the location of secondary schools with sports facilities within a 10-minute walk of zones 1 and 2 of the London Tube. An example of 2 schools would be expected before any contract starts, please do not provide before being contacted as I will share the list. Key Requirements: - Research: This project demands high-quality research skills. You will need to locate and verify the schools that meet our criteria. - Mapping: Proficiency in using online mapping tools is essential. - Data Management: The final report should be in Excel format. Experience handling and analyzing data in Excel is a must. - Need to confirm they have sports facilities - Data needed is Name of school - distance to tube - add...

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    PDF Download Automation & Scraping 6 ditë left

    I'm looking for an expert who can handle two main tasks; scraping PDFs from specific URLs and conducting web scraping. Key Responsibilities: - Web scraping and download of approx 50 000 PDFs from approx 50 000 URLs - Saving this data on Google Drive in a PDF format Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in web scraping techniques, especially with PDFs - Experience in automating data extraction processes - Strong attention to detail - Previous projects and a detailed proposal will be key in assessing your application. Looking forward to hearing from you and discussing the project in more detail.

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    I'm seeking a skilled and experienced freelancer to assist in generating leads, specifically company information and email addresses, for companies within the healthcare and accounting industries. Key Project Details: - Industry Targeting: The primary focus will be on companies within the healthcare and accounting sectors. It's crucial that the freelancer is able to understand these industries and identify suitable companies. - Emails as Key Data Point: The main deliverable from this project are valid and relevant email addresses of key contacts within these companies. - Purpose of Data: The email addresses gathered will be used for personalized outreach. This means that the quality of the data is paramount, as we will be directly reaching out to these contacts. Ideal Freela...

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    I'm seeking a talented data expert to create a high-quality dataset in nuScenes format. It'll involve both synthetic and real world data, primarily focused on object detection for vehicles. PCD files and tutorial on how it was done will be included. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong proficiency in handling and processing both synthetic and real data - Background in creating datasets for object detection, particularly for autonomous driving or similar applications - Familiarity with nuScenes or similar dataset formats - Attention to detail and ability to curate and label data with precision - Experience in handling vehicle data specifically would be a plus.

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    I'm looking for a freelancer to help me put together a list of small retail businesses in the DFW area. These businesses, despite having a presence on platforms like Google Maps or Yelp, do not have a website. The goal of this project is to identify potential opportunities for web development. Key deliverables: - Business Name - Owner's Name - Email - Address - Phone Number - Facebook URL - Yelp URL - google map URL It should be noted that I am specifically targeting retail stores or any small businesses in this project. The list should be comprehensive, covering as many of these businesses as possible in the DFW area. Ideal candidates for this project should have: - Experience in lead generation or data mining - A good understanding of the retail sector - Excellent researc...

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    bahis sitenizde canlı destek ekibinizde görev almak için buradayım. Kabul ediyorum, deneyim konusunda eksikliklerim olabilir ancak öğrenmeye ve kendimi geliştirmeye son derece açığım. Ayrıca, kumar dünyasına dair biraz bilgiye sahibim ve işimi en iyi şekilde yapabileceğimi kanıtlayabileceğime inanıyorum. Neden bana şans vermelisiniz? Kumar Bilgim: Kumar dünyasını biraz olsun biliyorum. Temel kumar terimleri, oyun kuralları ve genel kumar pratikleri hakkında bilgi sahibiyim. Bu, müşterilere daha iyi rehberlik sağlayabilmem ve sorunları daha etkili bir şekilde çözebilmem için bir avantaj olabilir. Esnek ve Öğrenmeye Açık Yaklaşım: Deneyimsiz olabilirim ancak öğrenmeye ve kendimi geliştirmeye her zaman açığım...

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    Data Entry Specialist Needed 6 ditë left

    I am in need of a skilled data entry specialist who can help me input both text and numerical data from images and PDFs into my digital systems. The project involves less than 100 documents in total. Key Requirements: - Proficiency in data entry, particularly dealing with textual and numerical data. - Experience with extracting information from images and PDFs. - Attention to detail is crucial to ensure accurate data input. - Prior experience of handling less than 100 documents. - prior experience in mortgage lending, real estate, or banking. This is a straightforward task but requires precision and a good eye for detail. I am looking for someone who can commit to delivering the task within the specified timeframe. Experience with similar projects will be highly beneficial.

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    In search of a diligent, bilingual (English and Spanish) virtual assistant (VA) with a reliable internet connection who is well versed in real real estate to join my team. Must speak English, and Spanish fluently very good Key Responsibilities: - Prospecting: Identify potential clients, initiate contact, engage in conversation and maintain relationships. - Client communication: Discuss services, negotiate deals, and provide updates in a clear and respectful manner. - Data entry: Ensure all required information is captured, checked for accuracy and updated on a timely basis. - Lead generation: Develop and utilize strategies to discover and pursue new clients. - Property research: Perform thorough research on real estate properties and compile data for decision-making. - Appointment setti...

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    Trophy icon Excel Data Conversion Specialist 2 ditë left

    I'm looking for an Excel expert to help with data conversion tasks. Key Responsibilities: - Converting text data to numerical values in Excel. - Converting numerical data to text representations. Requirements: - Proficient in Excel, particularly in data conversion. - Experience with converting text data into numerical values and vice-versa. - Strong understanding of data representation. Please share your relevant experience. Share timers of the process. 999 Rows x 100 Phase 1 999 Rows x 1000 Phase 2 999 Rows x 10000 Phase 3 Looking for the fastest performing one. But top performers would still be in contact for possible projects. Due to computer variations I would need to test on my end for performance. You can share a screenshot of yours prior of the timed performance. The fi...

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    I require an accurate and efficient individual to input a combination of numeric and text data into a spreadsheet. This will involve less than 1000 entries. The primary task will be to input shipment data from Bills of Lading (BOLs) into an Excel file (.xlsx). The data must be organized based on specific categories found in the BOLs. Therefore, attention to detail and a keen eye for categorization is crucial. NOTE: BOL's shipped to the same location (multiple BOL's) must be added together on the same line. EXAMPLE: 1/1/2024 (5 Pallets) To Store #2595 2/1/2024 (4 Pallets) To Store #2595 NOTE: There are two types of BOL's a. Multiple Stop BOL"s. These will have 4-5 store location drops / entries to be made. b. Single Stop BOL's. These...

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    I'm in need of a skilled freelancer to help with data entry for my Shopify store. The job involves adding over 100 products to the store, and writing SEO-friendly descriptions for each one. Key Deliverables: - Add over 5500 products to Shopify - Craft SEO-friendly product descriptions for all items Skills and Experience Needed: - Proficient in data entry, especially on Shopify - Understanding of SEO and ability to write SEO-friendly product descriptions - Attention to detail to ensure products are accurately entered - Prior experience with e-commerce product data entry is a plus

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    I'm looking for an experienced lead generator to procure K-12 student leads within the education sector. Key Requirements: - Target Lead Industry: Education - Specific Leads: K-12 Student Leads Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven track record in lead generation - Prior experience in the education sector is a plus - Understanding of K-12 education landscape is preferred

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    I'm looking for a seasoned professional with advanced webscraping capabilities to extract all contact information from a specific website. Key details needed per the project brief: * Extraction of not specified contact data: As this question was skipped during our initial consultation, I'll need the professional engaged to be prepared to scrape all forms of contact data, including but not limited to email addresses, phone numbers, and physical locations. The timeliness of task completion wasn't specified, hence flexibility is appreciated. Key skills and experience required for this opportunity: * Profound experience in web scraping, data harvesting and data extraction. * Familiarity with various contact data types. * Ability to deliver reliable and accurate results. * Fl...

    €18 - €151
    I vulosur
    €18 - €151
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    Buenos dias, busco una persona que rellene los horarios escolares de los distintos grados que tiene la escuela en mi plataforma web. son 8 grados, ya los profesores y materias estan creado, solo necesito que cree los horarios, tecnicamente es hacer click a agregar rutina, selecciona del drop down el: grado, profesor, materia, hora de inicio, hora de finalizacion y darle a guardar, cada grado tiene 13-14 materias. es un proyecto para hacer en 1 dia. dejen sus ofertas.

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    Project Title: Creation of a Labeled Hair Color Dataset Description: The objective of this project is to create a high-quality, diverse, and labeled hair color dataset. The dataset will be used for the development and testing of machine learning algorithms related to hair color recognition and classification. This project will take place in two steps: Step 1: Initial Testing Phase We require a collection of 500 high-quality images, with 100 images for each of 5 distinct hair colors.(Black, Brown, Blond, Red, Gray) This initial batch is intended for quality assurance to ensure our requirements are met. Step 2: Expanded Dataset Upon satisfactory completion of the first step, we would proceed to the second step which involves the collection and labeling of 20,000 images - 500 images eac...

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    I am seeking a freelancer to replicate product descriptions from a manufacturer website to my ecommerce site. Each description is visually appealing, rich with images and videos, and I am looking to match this standard. Basically you just need to copy/paste everything with the same standard. These are all the 10 products that we'll need to copy from manufacturer website to my ecommerce. As you can see, the manufacturer website shows a lot of details, and I'd like to try to replicate this exactly page to my ecommerce. If for some reason it's not possible to copy the exactly thing, I'd like to have as close as possible. My ecommerce is hosted at Loja Integrada (). If possible, I preffer to have the code provided by you, and I'll copy/paste it to my ec...

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    Am nevoie de extragerea unor anumite date dintr-un fisier pdf si exportul intr-un excel. Daca urc un pdf intr-un folder trebuie extrase anumite date si importate in excel, daca apare ualt pdf, va fi extras la fel, daca modific un pdf existent date trebuie sa se modifice in excel

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    I am seeking a freelancer to assist me with a data entry project. Unfortunately, I missed out on providing key details in the survey. I aim to provide necessary information during our conversation. I am anticipating a considerable amount of data to be entered, so attention to detail and accuracy is essential. It would be beneficial if you have prior experience in handling such tasks.

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    I have an Excel file that I'd like to convert to a Google sheet. I need the Google sheet to keep all the formulas that are present in the Excel file. Key Requirements: - The Google sheet should have all the formulas intact from the original Excel file. - Include Data validation rules to ensure the data entered is accurate and meets certain criteria. - Implement Conditional formatting to visually highlight important information. - Custom scripts or functions to automate certain tasks and enhance the sheet's functionality. - Preserve font styles and retain cell borders from the original Excel file. - Maintain the column widths as in the original Excel file. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Excel and Google Sheets, including advanced formula knowledge. - Experience in impl...

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    Emovethings es un e-commerce que ofrece productos de movilidad eléctrica, accesorios de movilidad eléctrica y estaciones de energía portátil. Necesito ayuda de un freelance que posicione mi web en lo mas alto de los rankings en los buscadores españoles a un precio super competitivo. Mi proyecto lleva en marcha desde octubre de 2023 y solo he podido generar ventas a través de SEM, y sólo de manera recurrente en la campaña de navidad. Después de esta campaña solo he tienido varios pedidos puntuales teniendo precios competitivos y buen producto. Al no tener compras recurrentes no puedo invertir en SEO/SEM, es por eso que necesita a alguien que lance mi proyecto, si lo consigue y hay compras recurentes, estaría dispue...

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    Streamers Lead List Compilation 6 ditë left

    I require a comprehensive lead list of streamers from Twitch and Mixer. This endeavor calls for someone who possesses an in-depth knowledge of these streaming platforms. The details to be incorporated into the list include: - Streamer's username - The platform they're streaming on - Number of followers - Email I aim to have between 100 and 500 streamers on this list. Preference will be given to freelancers who display excellent research and data entry skills, and familiarity with Twitch and Mixer platforms. Looking forward to your proposals. I have attached a template for my requirements

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    I'm looking for an expert in data analysis to assist with a project in Excel. The data provided is well-structured and needs extensive examination to extract meaningful insights. Ideal Candidate Skills: - Proficient in Excel and its data analysis tools - Strong analytical abilities - Excellent understanding of data organization Deliverables: - Clear analysis of the structured data - Relevant insights extracted from the data - Detailed reporting on the findings This project is particularly suited to those with a keen eye for data and the ability to utilize Excel's functionalities efficiently. Thanks!

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    I am looking for a dedicated and detail-oriented data entry operator to assist with a large volume of data entry tasks. Key Responsibilities: - Typing, copying and pasting, data validation - Handling a large volume of entries Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in data entry - Expertise in handling large datasets - Proficiency with text documents (Word, PDF) and spreadsheets (Excel, Google Sheets) - Attention to detail and accuracy - Time management skills to handle large volumes of data

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    I need a detail-oriented freelancer to accurately transcribe a scanned document, consisting of simple text, into a Word document. The goal is to maintain the integrity of the content during transcription. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in copy-typing - Attention to detail, ensuring no information is overlooked - Familiarity with Microsoft Word - Prior experience with scanned document transcription Experience with similar projects in the past will be highly preferred. Please present relevant examples of your work when applying.

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    I'm looking for a freelancer to help with the data entry of a combination of text and numerical data into an Excel sheet. The data will be provided in digital text files. Key Requirements: - Proficiency in Excel and data entry - Attention to detail - Ability to accurately enter both text and numerical data Experience in similar projects will be an added advantage. Please include any relevant samples or references in your bid.

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    I have a set of handwritten documents that I need to be transcribed into editable digital format. The content is a blend of text and figures and needs to be accurately transcribed without losing any details. The project has no strict deadline, but I'd appreciate a prompt turnaround. Key requirements: - Strong transcription skills, especially with handwritten material. - Attention to detail to ensure an accurate transcription. - Experience with data preservation & digitization. Please provide your relevant experience.

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    I am looking for an experienced product photographer to take high-quality photos of various hardware items. Your task will mainly involve: - Capturing less than 50 different hardware tools and items - Ensuring all shots are taken with a neutral background The ideal freelancer will have: - Previous experience in product photography, specifically with hardware items - An excellent eye for detail and ability to capture our products in the most appealing way - The ability to deliver high-resolution files suitable for e-commerce use. You will need your own equipment and set-up. Please include examples of similar past work in your proposal.

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    I'm in need of a chemistry booklet that's tailored to high school students, specifically those with an intermediate understanding of the subject. The content should strike a balance between being informative and engaging, ensuring it's accessible and beneficial for this audience. Key requirements: - Level of Complexity: Intermediate, not too basic but also not overly advanced. - Format: Printable PDF, ensuring the content is accessible and easy to distribute. Ideal skills and experience for this project include: - Strong grasp of chemistry concepts, particularly at high school level. - Experience in educational content creation, ideally for high school students. - Ability to present complex ideas in an engaging and simplified manner. - Proficiency in creating printable PDF...

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    We are a busy professional, we need a virtual assistant to manage job posts and messaging for me. Key Responsibilities: - Daily job post: This should be one job post per day on LinkedIn - Sending a one time messages to applicants -Managing Google Drive Experience: - No experience is needed - this is a great opportunity for someone looking to break into the virtual assistant field. Ideal Skills and Qualifications: - Good communication skills: You'll be the front-line of communication with potential candidates, so clear, polite and effective communication is key. - Organizational skills: You should be able to manage multiple job posts and maintain organized records of candidate interactions. - Tech-savviness: Proficiency with online tools and platforms is important, as most of the w...

    €5 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I am looking for a professional who has experience in data scraping to extract email addresses of senior level employees in the Building Industry, specifically from the United Kingdom. This task involves collecting the email addresses of 100 senior level employees. Key Requirements: - I need the first name, job title, and email address of each employee. - All the email addresses should be from the United Kingdom. The ideal freelancer for this project should have: - Experience in data scrapping and data mining. - Proficiency in tools and techniques for extracting data from web sources. - Attention to detail to ensure the accuracy of the collected information. - Familiarity with the Building Industry and the job titles associated with senior level roles in this field.

    €100 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm seeking a detail-oriented professional to perform comprehensive textual data operations. These include data entry, data cleaning, and data analysis on a small scale, involving less than 1,000 records. Your responsibilities: - Data Entry: Accurately input information into the system. - Data Cleaning: Ensuring the data is corrected, consistent, and usable. - Data Analysis: Making sense of the data, identifying patterns and providing insights. The ideal candidate should have: - Proficiency in handling textual data - Expertise in data entry, data cleaning, and data analysis - Ability to manage a small volume of data efficiently. - Renaming file names - Pasting renamed files in proper folders

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    I am personally seeking assistance to build a concise list of influencers within the fitness and food niche on YouTube. These influencers should predominantly be located in North America and Europe, hence familiarity with these regions will be beneficial. The main requirement is for influencers who have a medium-sized audience, specifically between 500k to 1 million subscribers, thus demonstrating they have a significant, though not overwhelming reach. Skills in data collection, an understanding of YouTube's platform, and perhaps previous experience working with influencer marketing or advertising would be ideal for this role. Check out the csv file attached below

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    Attached are the basic excel documents that we need to have made into and an Inventory and Cut list sheets we can use in house. These may need to be started from scratch and the attachments used as reference. For a broader perspective these two documents might be linked since the cut list can quickly determine the amount of material we should have in inventory or that we might want to order in bulk Inventory List – I would like to be able to see what we have available in the shop that is not going to be used for current product. Fill in a column on what just got delivered Fill in new projects and the material they need Change columns into different categories by hopefully sliding them. Example – Project A is about to be signed, Then moved into released, then moved into...

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    I need an experienced professional to help me migrate my Shopify store's products, categories, and product descriptions to Squarespace. Key Tasks: - Copy all products (less than 100) - Transfer categories - Ensure product descriptions/images/SKUs are accurately copied Additional Information: Custom Fields: I'm looking to have some custom fields applied to the products on Squarespace. I need to remove the "Add to cart" and Quantity selection options as it is a display-only website. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Shopify and Squarespace - Experience in product migration between the two platforms - Understanding of custom fields and attributes in Squarespace - Attention to detail and accuracy in data migration Note: Please include any relevant work samples or referen...

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