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recordings of the passages we will provide you the scripts and we need the recordings of the passages in british accent in both male and female voice. 21 Shërbime Audio, Zёra tё talentuar, Anglisht (BM), Anglisht (SH.B.A.), Prodhim Audio Jan 15, 2018Në përfundim €98
Scandinavian Interior Designer We are an interior Design firm with a co living project, looking for an interior designer with Scandinavian / nordic experience to assist our design team basically as an consultant. 32 AutoCAD, Google SketchUp, Projektim 3D, Projektim Jan 15, 2018Në përfundim €161
professional group trip reviewer in Yunan,China--experience diverse culture in 2018 invite someone who is passionate about traveling and exploring new places and have an adventurous spirit, also love to record everything and share on your social channels. Why You Might Want to Visit Yunnan(from chinahighlights) Yunnan enjoys a pleasant climate that is mild in winter and cool in summer. It is a good all-year-round vacation destination. Yunnan boasts a variety of natural wond... 9 Shkrim mbi Udhëtimet Jan 15, 2018Në përfundim €871
Design brochure for our products Design individual brochures for our automation and inspection systems. Brochures have to be designed individually for under 10 products and also one main brochure having all products. 37 Projektim Grafik, Photoshop, Identitet Korporatash, Material mbështjelljeje & Paketime, Projektim Broshurash Jan 15, 2018Në përfundim €26
Design a T-Shirt Update: illustration /cartoon/ original artwork Create a t-shirt that highlights geography and agriculture of Northern California. From Tahoe to Turlock, the Pacific Ocean to Oregon border. The theme of the convention is Soaring Over California. (similar to the Disneyland ride, soaring over California) Agricultural ideas: grapes, asparagus, almonds, cherries, walnuts, cherries, and mandarins. g... 31 Projektim Grafik, Photoshop, Skicim në Photoshop, Bluza Jan 15, 2018Në përfundim €41
Hire a VA to fuifill orders I need to hire a smart person with attention to detail to fulfill orders for one of my shopify stores that gets 30 to 60 orders per week. Your responsibilities will be to fulfill dropshipping orders, and then place the proper tracking numbers with the orders. This will require basic data entry skills and good English. Additional responsibilities may be added based on your performance. If this ... 68 Regjistrim të dhënash, Përpunim porosish Jan 15, 2018Në përfundim €22
Do some data entry I have some work, in an Excel spreadsheet. Quality and well presented 111 Excel Jan 15, 2018Në përfundim €93
Small Modular Office Building Architectural Design We are looking at building a simple 12M x 6M transportable/modular office building and need help on the exterior design. Attached is a couple of ideas from other builders that look good - but we would like to see what you can come up with! 98 Arkitekturë Ndërtesash, Renderim në 3D , AutoCAD, Dekorim mjedisesh të brendshme, Modelim në 3D Jan 15, 2018Në përfundim €607
Shopify expert needed I need a shopify expert who can fix few things right now. Also have ongoing work for right candidate. thanks. 37 Projektim Uebsajtesh, CSS, HTML, Modele të gatshme Shopify, Shopify Jan 15, 2018Në përfundim €8
Create a Client Backend system -- 2 - 14/01/2018 19:42 EST -- 2 - 15/01/2018 01:05 EST Looking to create a client backend system that allow them to view, update, response to active order managed by the admin. Client will have a different view, than admin but they will be able to view an running less of the properties the admin manages for them. For example. say admin has an open order to cut the grass at property 12345 park way view.. Client can log into their backend and see a... 37 PHP, Javascript, Projektim Uebsajtesh, MySQL, HTML Jan 15, 2018Në përfundim €139
Create HTML of a pdf form I have a pdf form that i want to be in HTML form. Has to make the form exactly as the pdf. the pdf image is attached. want it today itself. 47 PHP, HTML Jan 15, 2018Në përfundim €16
Pixel Proyect 1 Page - 1 Earth on 3D - Tons of Pixel´s. 11 PHP, Projektim Uebsajtesh, Projektim Grafik, HTML Jan 15, 2018Në përfundim €371
Upgrade and Maintain Development Work This project requires freelancers who are able to independently manage and develop (on our Git platform) a LAMP stack website based on the business needs of our Company. The current development has a complex database structure and is able to manage sales, commissions, point incentives, affiliate webstores among a wide variety of sales channels. Must be able to take current code and add following... 70 PHP, Javascript, Projektim Uebsajtesh, MySQL, HTML Jan 15, 2018Në përfundim €411
Quickbooks data entry Looking for someone to help with Quickbooks data entry. We have a real eatate business and about 6 accounts ans we need someone to help reconcile the accounts. 104 Regjistrim të dhënash, Kontabilitet, Asistent Virtual, Intuit QuickBooks Jan 15, 2018Në përfundim €25
Design project I need a 3D model of something. I need 3D graphics for a car where by parts such as bumper, skirting and bonet could be disseminate and re-assemble. 15 Shërbime video, Renderim në 3D , Gjetje Furnitorësh Jan 15, 2018Në përfundim €19
Internation business Seek help for international business for critically evaluate how international business risks might upon a large multinational pharmaceutical company ,about 3000 words 24 Plane biznesi Jan 15, 2018Në përfundim €119
Mobile development Build gaming app with multi/cross platform [url u hoq, identifikohuni për t'a parë] app must be built from a single source code compiled into android, ios, and windows apps. Flexibility to be exposed on other platforms such as Facebook would be [url u hoq, identifikohuni për t'a parë] game is about a progression of levels through selection of pre-allocated data and ma... 60 Mobile App Development, iPhone, Android Jan 15, 2018Në përfundim €441
Need a Xamarin developer Hi there, We need a Xamarin developer, who will develop us cross-platform mobile apps. Please let me know your experience on Xamarin and your rate. We prefer candidate from India (Odisha). 9 Mobile App Development, iPhone, Android, iPad, PhoneGap Jan 15, 2018Në përfundim €1526
Help me write something Short story writing 44 Copywriting, Article Writing Jan 15, 2018Në përfundim €97
SPECIALIST BLOCKCHAIN TECH/ CRYPTOCOIN WE ARE LOOKING FOR A BLOCKCHAIN TECH/ CRYPTOCOIN SPECIALISTS FOR A SPECIFIC PROJECT PLEASE TELL US WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR US Cryptocoin Launch (ICO) Website coding App Coding Blockchain Coding Design 37 PHP, Siguria në ueb, Menaxhim projektesh, Blockchain, Ethereum Jan 15, 2018Në përfundim €14
Rocks Central I need some help with internet marketing. 11 Marketing Interneti, Marketing në Rrjetet Sociale , Social Media Management Jan 15, 2018Në përfundim €21
Build me a peer to peer lending software. The software script should have these specifications 100% roi in 24hours No email verification No recommitment Auto matching Just like 2:1 matrix 13 Arkitekturë Softuerësh, Zhvillim Softuerësh, Programim Jan 15, 2018Në përfundim €82
API PHH Expert for Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, .... Hello, i want publish content over API in different social media websites. I have a php laravel app that store content (text, images, video, links,...) this must be connected! I look to https://z a p i e [url u hoq, identifikohuni për t'a parë] there. They make first the account with open a dialog on the website where i chose for example in facebook on wich pages I could post.... 50 PHP, Projektim Uebsajtesh, MySQL, HTML, Laravel Jan 15, 2018Në përfundim €16
Event/Exhibition 3d design I require a creative thinking designer, experienced in event 3d design and presentations to come up with creative designs for the following above. 5 days work. Designs needed: High quality 3d rendering of Registration area, entrance arch, directional standees & self standing structures for exhibition event. 3dsmax & Corona must be used and renderings must be realistic and photoshop wo... 9 Photoshop, Renderim në 3D , 3ds Max, Modelim në 3D, Animacion në 3D Jan 15, 2018Në përfundim €1201
Looking for a content writer and copywriter I need to write content for my website and I'm looking for a content writer to closely work with the service industry we are in and represent services we offer to our clientele. You must have a proven track record of the content writing with great feedback score. We have all tools to check weather your content is unique of copied. We want 100% unique content only and not copied from anywhe... 51 Copywriting, Shkrim anonim, Article Writing, Rishkrim artikujsh, Shkrim Materialesh Jan 15, 2018Në përfundim €87
3d Holographic Projection I need someone who is proficient in after effects and 3D modeling. This is for a cosplay I am doing as the character Dr. Strange. I am attempting to create a motion file of the orange spell he casts that can be projected through a Faryuan Hologram LED Fan Projector. I have enclosed a picture of what this would generally look like. Again there would need to be motion. 25 Renderim në 3D , After Effects, 3ds Max, Modelim në 3D, Animacion në 3D Jan 15, 2018Në përfundim €159
Leaflet Expert required Only Experienced with Leaflet will contact. I am looking to have a web map base built using leaflet and leaflet api that can be deployed in PHP. The web map will have ability to have basemaps and data layers and have a widget like framework with 5 basic functions (layerlist, legend, timeslider, attribute table, search). layerlist= Should interact display basemap and data layers. Allowing for ... 21 PHP, Arkitekturë Softuerësh Jan 15, 2018Në përfundim €320
Mysql Database Optimization We need a DBA Expert who has rich experience to optimize the mysql database. 25 SQL, MySQL, Administrim i bazave të të dhënave , Programim Bazash të Dhënash Jan 15, 2018Në përfundim €286
Build Google Sites Website I have the website defined in PPT with graphics and images in a library on Google Drive. This should not take long for someone who is familiar with Google Sites build. 73 PHP, Projektim Uebsajtesh, Projektim Grafik, WordPress, HTML Jan 15, 2018Në përfundim €312
I need SEO for my website I need SEO for my website. i want to rank my website on first page at google Search Results. 41 Marketing Interneti, SEO - Optimizim i Motorëve të Kërkimit, Ndërtim lidhjesh, Marketing, Marketing motorësh kërkimi Jan 15, 2018Në përfundim €64
finance advisior Hi i need finance consulting webiste in wordpress. ref websites is [url u hoq, identifikohuni për t'a parë] 31 PHP, Projektim Uebsajtesh, Projektim Grafik, WordPress, HTML Jan 15, 2018Në përfundim €116
i need a designer I am looking for a designer that can desgin high fashion bookbags and purses for ladies .. my compant is called Latoya Luxe Collection. Im open to many ideas 28 Projektim Jan 15, 2018Në përfundim €80
Complie and configure two Phone Gap apps The two apps work along with my webapp. I need the logo added to both apps and then complied. I have source code for both apps. 13 Mobile App Development, PhoneGap Jan 15, 2018Në përfundim €22
Create a logo for kid`s shop and brand building For my upcoming kid`s store, I need a logo design and brand building on social network sites. 36 Projektim Uebsajtesh, Projektim Grafik, Projektim Logosh, Photoshop, Illustrator Jan 15, 2018Në përfundim €18
document template I need someone who can make a template of a document where i can edit a few lines yet the rest of the document must remain the same. Also need someone who can change 1letter from a document. 38 Photoshop Jan 15, 2018Në përfundim €23
Write a summary of movie synopsis in conversational tone The title explains everything. It should have conversational tone. For example, I want to do [url u hoq, identifikohuni për t'a parë]:_The_Professional I will give you tens of projects if you are good, you will then make hundreds of dollars easily. What number comes next? 1 2 5 10 17 26 Answer what number comes next when you post a bid. Any bid which didn't inc... 52 Copywriting, Shkrim anonim, Article Writing, Hartim Kёrkimi, Shkrim Materialesh Jan 15, 2018Në përfundim €34
PDF to HTML/CSS with bootstrap3.0 I want to hire someone can convert this PDF to General template. Header,Footer, Contents Part should be separated, for each pages, Might have few more page for this project later. 158 Projektim Uebsajtesh, CSS, Nga PSD në HTML, HTML, Bootstrap Jan 15, 2018Në përfundim €133
Bido iOS, Android and Windows PC I am looking for professional team to create my app. Please read the description carefully and place your bid only after you are agree with my conditonons and budget. 69 Mobile App Development, iPhone, Android, Celular Windows, iPad Jan 15, 2018Në përfundim €1802
Logo design Hello, Our Company Profile and Services – Eduglobe India  Eduglobe is one of the fastest growing overseas education consultants and is based out of Bangalore location  12 plus years of experience in the industry  One stop solution for all your international education and travel needs  We have been partnered and cooperating successfully with more than 200 universities across the Globe. ... 45 Projektim Grafik, Marketing Interneti, Projektim Logosh, Kërkim, Marketing Jan 15, 2018Në përfundim €53
Maintenence of website on a hourly basis Need website maintainence on an hourly basis as this would be on a need only basis. Maintenence will also include any changes as needed. Our website is built on magento. So proficiency in magento is a must. 50 PHP, Projektim Uebsajtesh, Projektim Grafik, Instalim Blogësh, Kodim Jan 15, 2018Në përfundim €20
Part Time Sales Executive We are a book keeping firm based in UAE. we are looking for part time sales executive who can find out deals for us. Its a long term permanent position. 1 Shitje Jan 15, 2018Në përfundim €157
Design project Need a logo designed for my wife's baking business. Interested in just the logo, but if business cards are possible as well, that would be great 127 Projektim Grafik, Projektim Logosh Jan 15, 2018Në përfundim €59
WIN PAINT PLUGIN Hello, need a win paint plugin..making Png files editable with fonts and created boxes as editable. Also needs to be compatible and editable in psd.. Thanks 13 Programim C, Programim në gjuhën C#, Windows CE, Programim në gjuhën C++ Jan 15, 2018Në përfundim €138
SHOPIFY DESIGN HELP We are looking for someone to code in designs to my shopify theme. I know exactly what I want it too look like just need help implementing my ideas! My email is withlove@[url u hoq, identifikohuni për t'a parë] Thanks Jodie 72 Projektim Uebsajtesh, Projektim Grafik, HTML, Modele të gatshme Shopify, Shopify Jan 15, 2018Në përfundim €324
New freelancer with Statistics Expertise Needed now using SPSS Correlation NEW freelancer needed. I need a Statistics Expert with good knowledge of SPSS Correlation. I need a serious and hard working person who may work with us for LONG term 23 Statistikë, Matematikë, Gjuhё programimi R, Analizë statistikore, SPSS Statistics Jan 15, 2018Në përfundim €27
Update a spreadsheet and charts in powerpoint I have price data for investment positions saved in excel. These need to be updated every month. I would like someone to update the price information, and then update and format the price charts correctly in the powerpoint presentation. All the price data is saved in one sheet. I would like each investment position to be separated out onto a different sheet as well. 60 Përpunim të Dhënash, Regjistrim të dhënash, Excel, Powerpoint, Word Jan 15, 2018Në përfundim €67
Build me a Website Rising Star Business Solutions Deals in Placement Services, Staff Outsourcing etc 56 PHP, Projektim Uebsajtesh, Projektim Grafik, WordPress, HTML Jan 15, 2018Në përfundim €107
Migrate AWS RDS database to Linode We are currently hosting a massive database inside AWS RDS running on PostgreSQL. The whole database is running live and needs to be migrated. The successful bidder will have to design a migration plan and also execute it properly. Some of the challenges we are facing are: 1) We cant afford any downtime 2) The switch should be done during the weekend 3) The database currently holds more than ... 18 Linux, Cloud Computing, Shërbime Web në Amazon, Administrim i bazave të të dhënave , PostgreSQL Jan 15, 2018Në përfundim €132
Followers needed for Instagram 100,000 followers need 100,000 real followers, please let me know. Thank you. 18 Marketing Interneti, Twitter, Marketing përmes Facebook, Google Plus, Marketing në Rrjetet Sociale Jan 15, 2018Në përfundim €37
Hindi Writing I am looking for a English to Hindi writer. Fluency in written Hindi is a must. Project needs to be completed in a week's time. Rate: Rs 25/100 words. 57 Copywriting, Article Writing, Hinduisht, Shkrim Materialesh Jan 15, 2018Në përfundim €87
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