An illustration refers to visualization as in a painting, photograph or other art work. Illustrations aim to elucidate information conveyed in text format (such as a newspaper article, poem or story). The visual representation provided by illustrations greatly aid understanding and comprehension by the reader. You can hire artists, painters and photographers for illustrating your concept article or write-up. Professional illustrators sometimes work as freelancers and you can find them right here. Simply post a job today to find them!

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    I need a cover portrait of the main characters, on minimal or no background - an elf and dwarf, both detectives, and the dwarf's pet magical pig. I picture them in medieval costumes, but possibly with touches that evoke 40's private eyes. The dwarf is on the left. He is blond, bushy bearded, and solid/chunky. He has a two-headed hand axe in his belt with intricate scroll work on the heads. The pig is in the center, either with sparkles to suggest magic, or fading away at the rear to illustrate that it can turn invisible. The elf is on the right. Dark hair, resembles Humphrey Bogart, a head taller than the dwarf. He is wearing a no-nonsense plain sword on his left side. His hat is a cross between the stereotypical elf hat and a deerstalker cap, with feather. He is holdin...

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    NFT Artwork 6 ditë left

    Artwork for NFT for a business

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    I am looking for some artists who are willing to help me create a manga comic. I have the idea for several different stories, but as of right now that is all they are, stories. I will be paying up until we get the first comic done, in which case I will test to see how well it does. Depending on the popularity we may continue working together and the artists will get a direct cut of the money, most likely more than me. Below I have the start of the comic, I do have much more to it, but that is just a brief snapshot of it. If you are interested you can just contact me and we will discuss more over discord

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    Design logos 6 ditë left

    Looking for designer to create our company logos if interested bid for more intel

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    Need to create crypto coin design, Basically Female version of crypto coin shiba inu, have some ideas, it should be female version, pink bow in her fur, exaggerated white closed eyelashes, she look shy or coy

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    Draw a logo 6 ditë left

    I want to design a logo for a language services website (reference logos attached

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    Our logo would be great with a monKey as the character. I have examples. Something fun to use for embroidery and stickers.

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    Hi everyone! I need 2 different video games for my website. Games should be for adults playing i.e Steet fighting or car raching. Multiplayers games are also good to go. Games are not for playstore Just reskin rebrand for me with new name

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    Small(-ish) custom wall art -- 2 6 ditë left

    Hi. I'm looking for an artist to create a piece. I'm not overly concerned with the specific medium, except in that I'd like to be able to hang it on a wall. It's becoming a bit of a family tradition for me to hire an artist to create something as an anniversary gift for my wife. (It's a recent tradition, but it's one I'd like to keep going). I had two potential ideas for this year: 1) This will be our seventh anniversary, so I was thinking of maybe some kind of collage-style piece with a photo or photos from each of the seven years, either edited to sort of... I dunno, fade together in some way, or using painted recreations of the photos or something along those lines. 2) We have two kids now (ages 2 & 4). I don't really have much of a visual d...

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    Monthly Character Illustration 6 ditë left

    We need someone to illustrate our robot character each month with different poses. See 3x examples. Each month, we'll ask you to illustrate the robot doing an action, or holding something etc.

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    NFT Collection (JPEG) 2500 6 ditë left

    -A total of 2500 NFT collection drawings will be made. -Sample designs were attached. -The rarity chart will be given after the meeting. The works will be delivered in the form of 500 x 5. We want the first 50 works quickly. *Our Budget: $2500 *Delivery Time: 30 days We welcome experienced freelancers. THANK YOU!

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    i graphics designer for my voxel project

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    Draw a logo 6 ditë left

    I want to design a logo for a language services website (reference logos attached)

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    Hello, How was everything..... could you make some character models for me? i want to make a game with some demon characters and i was hoping you could make multiple body parts and I mix and match them so i could make multiple varieties Check the inspiration images out??

    €22 - €44 / hr
    €22 - €44 / hr
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    Shrooms Project 6 ditë left

    It's for the new closing brand. "< SHROOMS> Theme: Psychedelic, Neon, Dreamy, Edgy, with the neon/poppy color scheme. The logo should include the wording " Shrooms" and the Image. Examples attached bellow. It will be used for the tags, but mostly for embroidery, so the mushrooms image is very important as well as the colors.

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    Making drawing Pharos gif 6 ditë left

    Making drawing Pharos animated gif

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    i need a nft voxel artist for my voxel project

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    Trophy icon Logo for lone star sports 2 ditë left

    college football game logo for Lone Star Sports

    €88 (Avg Bid)
    I garantuar
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    Trophy icon Create logo concept 2 ditë left

    Hello I will need your UNIQUE concepts for this brief, - Pen or pencil drawings are fine - Please download and read the brief attached.

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    I m doing painting ? and arts work. Designs. Designer. Unique catagarios

    €15 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Main Type : Cartoon / Alien Woman / Attractive Illustration Style :Freestyle Drawing File Format : AI, EPS, JPG, PDF, PNG Delivery Time : 2 weeks Number of Figures : 12 Number of Revisions : unlimited Source Files- supplied High Resolution : supplied Background/Scene- Yes Color : Yes Full Body- Yes Accessories: Yes Commercial Use : Yes, full rights Design Customization : yes Content Upload : yes Responsive Design : yes Source Code : yes Final HardCopies of illistatration required - We will cover the shipping.

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    Trophy icon Logotipo de marca personal 3 ditë left

    Hola a todos, el nombre de la marca personal es "Marissa Arredondo". La página aborda temas educativos sobre bienes raíces / Real states. Se busca un logotipo que pueda usarse en las redes sociales y eventos. Debe ser amigable con el público y sentirse cercano a las personas. Nada de cursivas ni cosas difíciles de leer. Se busca el logotipo incluya el nombre "Marissa Arredondo". Descripción del logotipo: - Legible - hasta el tamaño más pequeño. -Escalable - a cualquier tamaño requerido. -Distinguible -- tanto en positivo como en negativo. -Memorable - que impacte y no se olvide.

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    create gradient and bevel in illustrator

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    i need a voxel art designer who can design voxel art. upto 10k collection price is not fixed

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    hey guys! We need a vector based hand drawn butterfly illustration. You can see attached 2 examples: 1) black/white: We want to have the exact form of this butterfly as its perfect! 2) blue: we like the pattern inside of the butterfly wings. can you match both illustrations into one? The "holes" inside of the pattern needs to be transparent, too. So just outlines. Its important to have an EPS file + an open illustrator file. The background needs to be transparent. Please work with fine and thin lines (but not too fine as it needs to be printed on a yoga mat). Also, can you please create a few examples for a "butterfly wing pattern"? Hope its clear what we would like to have. If you have any questions, please let me know. Thanks in advance

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    Quisiera me pudieran asesorar en una imagen atractiva para mis productos de cuidado personal

    €22 (Avg Bid)
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    Team Name and Logo 6 ditë left

    We have a financial service company and we are in process of deciding name and logo of the company. need some create name ideas and logo

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    I need 4 sketches for best men suits urgent.

    €28 (Avg Bid)
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    Hey there. I am working on a new YouTube project and I am making it an anime style animation. It will be a shonen anime about superhero girls squad similar to justice league or avengers but they are an all female squad and I want somebody to design the main character for me Anyway I am going to be 100% honest I cannot draw anime style very well. But I was hoping I can get you to help me with that. Just remember they must be in the anime style like My Hero Acedemia, Akame ga kill, Dragon Ball Z etc...and she is a female with light skin but other than that you have a lot of creative freedom in this project. Also should have experience designing with photoshop designs should be drawn digital please. if you can send me concept sketches in my message box or link them that would be great. Than...

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    Looking for an artist to create a KDP acceptable book cover, spine, and back cover. I already have the concept. I need an artist to turn it into reality and it put into a PDF format for upload to KDP.

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    Hi, I am a Portuguese Data Engineer that works in the IT sector who, during this pandemic and even though i am employed, i started doing some freelance works for companies in Portugal in Big Data sector to get some extra money. My work relies mainly on the act of collecting, translating and validating data for analysis. To do this we have to create of big data ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) pipelines and create Data Warehouses (DW) the information processed. ETL is the general procedure of copying data from multiple sources into a DW system which represents the data differently from the source(s). This work is a big empowerment for a company to make data-driven decisions. This decisions are typically visualized as reports that are build by Data Engineers as well. On the last couple...

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    Trophy icon Logo for paving and masonry 2 ditë left

    looking for a logo for paving company with interlocked bricks or steamroller or both with white background name of the business is "Firmstone Paving & Masonry" - in royal blue and red PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION ABOVE - IT SAYS "with interlocked bricks or steamroller or both" IT ALSO SAYS "in royal blue and red"

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    logo design for online store illustrator

    €281 (Avg Bid)
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    graphic designer 6 ditë left

    am looking for a professional graphic designer to create 100 nft art, let me know if you are available to work on my projects.....

    €17 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Manga artist 6 ditë left

    I want someone who can draw a four cell story in a manga style based on George Orwell animal farm. Doesn’t need to be hand drawn.

    €133 (Avg Bid)
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    Trophy icon 1 NFT Trait, 40 variations 2 ditë left

    Looking for funny covid mask designs in 2D 3000x3000, 40 variations, different colors don't count towards 40. Please see attached files for reference. I will accept some quotes on masks too.

    €239 (Avg Bid)
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    Hello, I need your help to create outlines for a set of 5 illustrations. Specs: - you must draw black outlines for the shapes/objects/characters that appear in the illustration - you must "invent" outlines if there is a large area of the same color (the sky, for instance) - the shapes you create must have a reasonable size (not too small, not too big - please see the attached examples). Please check the examples before bidding. Please start your bid with "Hello Alex", this way I will know that you have read and understood the specs. I'm looking forward to working with you. Thanks,

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    I cilësuar
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    I want to create a few wall stickers of dogs, but don't want only pure breds like German Shepherd, etc. I rather want mixed races, if possible painted after some photographs I have.

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    wedding pictures 6 ditë left

    Just got married, the people from the chapel took quite a few pictures but they are not professional. Looking to find somebody that can correct a bit the pictures so we can have some beautiful memories to cherish and share with family and friends. We have 80 pictures but not all of them will be included. Will need minimal body shape retouching, double chin removal and other little corrections. There is no rush completing the project!

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    I in need of a professional freelancer to help me design logo for me. I will like to keep good relationship within us.

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    Hi, We need a caricature/sketch of a very notable person who has passed away recently and it will be used on a poster, book cover, magazines, his birthday etc. The theme of the poster would represent STRENGTH, POWER, LOVE FOR NATION, BRAVERY. I have attached a picture as a reference that will be used for the sketch. Thanks

    €44 (Avg Bid)
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    Trophy icon New Company Logo 9 ditë left

    Please Note: No clipart - original designs only No Capital "M" as a design feature No more than 2 designs per applicant The company name is "Methodise" and we are a consultancy company specialising in IT delivery/process automation. I'm looking for a strong & simple graphic that takes the lead. I'll want to include the word "Methodise" but this is secondary and less important to the logo image itself. Themes to work into the design are around process, automation and efficiency, but doesn't have to be literal. I'd also like the logo to achieve what we as a company do - convey meaning/results in a simple easy to understand way. Also, happy to be on the fun/minimal side of the fence rather than boring too serious corporate. Colour palet...

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    I need a logo for a florist called Divine Blooms. Possibly play on the DB. I need this logo to stand out from all other floristry logos and to give the impression of being very high end.

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    Need a creative fashion illustrator for men’s designing

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    Trophy icon Art depicting people helping people 2 ditë left

    I'm looking for a series of 10+ images of people helping people. Any style of art is OK. These could be line-drawings, 3D renderings, whatever works for you. In the series, there could be people building houses, growing food, planting trees, healing the sick - all sorts of do-gooder stuff.

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    The intention is to start an online course for some niche art forms like resin art etc. We need someone who can help design the course. We will provide with entire recording.

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    Trophy icon Cartoonist Transformation 3 ditë left

    I have a photo of 4 individuals that I'd like to have turned into cartoons. The theme of the sketch is "If you hang around with monkeys, your life becomes a circus" The possibility of a carnival / circus background with the individuals being sketched as monkeys, elephants or other circus animals A circus tent could be a possibility. I plan to award the project to my favorite design. I will leave 5 stars after making my decision. The decision will be made after 96 hours from starting this post.

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    Hologram experts/voice ai 6 ditë left

    Need a team of experts that have worked on interactive holograms that can link to voice assistant must have previous experience can show working examples

    €23 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I need to design a logo for my Physiotherapy Clinic named - Aarogya (meaning health) Drushti (Its my name & means vision).

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    We want someone who is good at and is versatile in - 1- Creating Marketing and Advertising Videos 2- Cartoon Animations 3- Whiteboard 4-Graphics, Digital art 5- Illustration * If the individual can create a landing page as well, that would be a plus. * If the person has created paid ads ,as well as previous work in this genre please share that as well. You would need to share your previous work for reference so that we could go through it. You will have to work 20hours/week so please bid accordingly. Also type "For Marketing Videos" in the start of the bid so that we know that you have read the description.

    €6 / hr (Avg Bid)
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