Physics is the fundamental science of energy, matter, force and motion. Everything in our world is based on the interactions of these elements and a physicist is at the helm of mathematical equations and formulas to fully comprehend them. With an expertise in Physics, one can create solutions to everyday problems as well as provide insight into complex problems.

Physicists have a unique ability to look at things differently, examine puzzles from both a theoretical and practical perspective, and find connections between seemingly unrelated ideas. For example, computer simulations are proving to be invaluable tools for investigating the behavior of physical systems by providing quick, cost-effective solutions to simplify production or design processes.

For businesses looking to combine the power of computer simulation with physics analysis, an expert physicist can make all the difference in improving products or inventing new ones. With their enhanced skillset and knowledge, we can explore beyond what a single traditional science can offer and make real advancements in our world.

Here's some projects that our expert Physicist made real:

    - Creating structures based off physics equations

    - Deciphering scientific videos

    - Tutoring on Physics subjects

    - Developing calculations on Chemistry topics

    - Editing mathematics related to General Relativity

    - Analysing stresses and deflections with ANSYS models

    - Introducing fluid mechanics through ANSYS tools

    - Presenting equilibrium in Chemistry classes

    - Solving physical chemistry questions

    At, our physicists are pros at combining physics and computer simulations to develop algorithmic solutions that better solve problems and lead to more useful outcomes. If you are looking for someone who can tantalize your scientific curiosity and bring concepts to life with their creativity, then a freelancer from our platform will meet all your needs—post your project today!

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      As a teacher, I'm looking for an expert who can help me in adding hints to multiple-choice questions in a 10th standard Mathematics textbook. - The current MCQ format consists of questions with options for students to choose from. - The hints should be brief, providing students with an understanding of how to approach and solve the question, without giving away the solution. - The hints should be added directly to the MCQs. Ideal skills and experience for this project include: - Strong understanding of Mathematics at a 10th standard level - Experience in teaching or creating educational content - Ability to write clear and concise hints that guide students without solving the question for them. - Familiarity with the education sector, particularly in the field of Mathematics...

      €12 (Avg Bid)
      €12 Oferta mesatare
      22 ofertat

      I'm looking for an expert in bio-mathematics to help me create a set of questions. Here's what you need to know: - Level of Difficulty: The questions should be set to an easy level - Specific Topics: The question set is expected to cover mathematical biology - Expected Format: The question set should contain a mix of short answer and problem-solving questions

      €25 (Avg Bid)
      €25 Oferta mesatare
      21 ofertat

      I am seeking a professional mechanical engineer who specializes in structure and material selection for various welding projects. Key Responsibilities: - Assist in choosing the right materials for welding projects. - Ensure optimal structural integrity and longevity of materials. - Provide expert guidance on the best welding techniques for different types of metals. Ideal Skills and Experience: - A degree or experience in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on Structures. - Expertise in Materials Science or a related field. - Proficiency in various welding techniques. - Strong knowledge of materials used in welding. - Ability to ensure quality control in all welding projects. If you possess these qualifications and skills, I invite you to bid on this project.

      €422 (Avg Bid)
      €422 Oferta mesatare
      29 ofertat

      I am seeking an experienced professional skilled in electromagnetic simulation to help me investigate the behavior of two interlocking magnetic fields between two magnets. This includes examining the attraction and repulsion forces between them. Especially, I am interested in receiving detailed simulation outcomes at minor intervals. These outcomes should offer comprehensive prediction and modeling of the varying distance and rotation speed between the two magnets. The ideal candidate would have: - A strong understanding and experience in electromagnetic simulation - Good knowledge about magnetic field strength and electromagnetic interference - Ability to deliver detailed and accurate results in a timely manner.

      €411 (Avg Bid)
      €411 Oferta mesatare
      29 ofertat
      High School Tutor Needed 2 ditë left

      I am looking for a tutor who is experienced in teaching high school-level physics, chemistry, and mathematics. The purpose of this tutoring is primarily to prepare for exams. Key skills and experience include: - Proven track record of tutoring or teaching in physics, chemistry, and mathematics - Deep understanding and knowledge of high school curriculum in these subjects - Prior experience in exam preparation and familiarization with exam patterns, tips, and tricks to ace the exams - Ability to make complex topics easy to understand - Patience, clear communication, and a passion for inspiring students to love STEM subjects

      €4 / hr (Avg Bid)
      €4 / hr Oferta mesatare
      41 ofertat

      I am looking for a Modelica expert to help me optimize the pressure drop calculations for a liquid system. Requirements: - Strong experience in working with Modelica - Proven track record in optimizing pressure drop calculations for liquid systems - Ability to work with input parameters such as flow rate, temperature, and viscosity - Understanding of fluid dynamics and thermodynamics The aim of this project is to create the calculations in a way that will optimize the pressure drop in our liquid system. Your role will be crucial in identifying inefficiencies and suggesting improvements. Please only apply if you have the mentioned skillset and experience.

      €82 (Avg Bid)
      €82 Oferta mesatare
      14 ofertat
      Physics Tutor for JEE Aspirant 2 ditë left

      I'm looking for a JEE aspirant with solid knowledge in Physics to help me with some task . I have MCQs and I need freelancer add Hints and sub topic names to it. Need data entry in Microsoft Word. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong foundation in Physics - Experience with tutoring or mentoring - Familiarity with the JEE Physics syllabus - Ability to explain complex concepts in a simple manner Please provide your relevant experience and how you plan to help me succeed in the JEE Physics exam.

      €64 (Avg Bid)
      €64 Oferta mesatare
      14 ofertat

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