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The term Product Sourcing means finding products to sell through your business. It can also refer to finding sources for products which you would like to buy or import into your country. This is done through a process of enquiry/request for quotes etc. Business owners can take some help in the product sourcing arena by employing freelancers for the same. You can find freelancers to help with your product sourcing activities simply by posting a job today!
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Event Production freelance We are an Event Management company ,we do events, product launch, exhibition ,conferences, brand activation, Artist Management ,In film Branding etc we want production freelancer for my projects . 0 Furnizim produkt-prodhimesh Jun 19, 2018 Sot6d 12o -
I need a china sourcing agent I need a china sourcing agent who will negotiate and talk to a few manufactures regarding my project as well as give me a written report of all quotes given. I need a foam shoe cleaner shown below for my company which can be private labeled, maximum price of 50 cents a unit for 1000 units. 17 Kërkim, Furnizim produkt-prodhimesh, Shkrim Teknik, Përgatitje Raportesh, Inxhinieri Kimike Jun 19, 2018 Sot6d 10o €142
Find me Cheap Indian Clothing Suppliers/Manufacturers in India I would like you to get me a list of Cheap Indian Clothing manufacturers in India. You must provide me with their email, phone number and website. The company needs to ship to Canada. I am particularly interested in Indian wedding clothes suppliers/manufacturers. Reply back ***604*** so I know you have read the job description. 21 Regjistrim të dhënash, Furnizim produkt-prodhimesh, Prodhim, Kërkim në ueb, Gjetje Furnitorësh Jun 18, 2018 Sot6d 1o €24
Thailand Supplier sourcing Hello. I’m looking for someone to work with in Chiang Mai, Thailand, to be a purchaser and co-ordinator. You will be working with existing suppliers and finding new sources of manufacture. You must speak English and Thai and be able to occasionally visit suppliers, to source local trade prices and make things happen as an ongoing project. 5 Kërkim, Furnizim produkt-prodhimesh, Prodhim, Gjetje Furnitorësh, Studim Tregu Jun 18, 2018 Jun 18, 20185d 16o €9
ALFALFA GRASS Recruitment Service WE ARE LOOKING FOR ALFAFA GRASS, with Below Specification . below are the specification . We are Looking the price of around 180 Euro but you are Welcome to quote your price. GRADE A QUALITY DEHYDRATED ALFALFA HAY (PER EU STANDARDS) TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: Relative Feed Value (RFV) 155-175 Crude Protein 18% - 20% Acid Detergent Fiber (ADF) 25% - 28% Neutral Detergent Fiber (NDF) 34% - 3... 4 Furnizim produkt-prodhimesh, Shitje, Marketing, Prodhim, Studim Tregu Jun 16, 2018 Jun 16, 20183d 15o €37
Virtual Assistant, eBay Lister and Product Researcher I am looking for a Virtual Assistant to help me List items to Ebay from my sources: amazon, walmart Home Depot... I am looking for someone that has experience with Title Optimization. I need a minimum of 70 listings per week. I use software called DSM Tools. If you have experience using it, that is a plus 38 Furnizim produkt-prodhimesh, Asistent Virtual, eBay Jun 16, 2018 Jun 16, 20183d 8o €3
we need someone to help us to find good wholesalers (or suppliers as some would call them) for our niche We’ve just recently started an Amazon storefront My 2 Loves, selling retail items, with the objective of getting the BuyBox (not drop-shipping). We’ve had great success using a proven method and detailed analysis tool to choose products that meet our criteria. Now we need someone to help us to find good wholesalers (or suppliers as some would call them) for our niche. Our niche is heal... 12 Furnizim produkt-prodhimesh, Amazon Kindle, Shërbime Web në Amazon, Projektues Produkti, Shёrbimet Ueb Jun 14, 2018 Jun 14, 20181d 12o €476
Manufacture furniture I am a Startup entrepreneur of both listed and Privately owned orgs in South-africa. Ferreira Traders a Furniture/beds/couches distribution co to end consumer ( manufacture beds "Ferreira ' branded beds ) with 11000+ customers - have expanded our product line with a 3 WAY ADJUSTABLE CORNER couch - For 6 months used an outside manufacturer and demand is unprecedented - Started Ferreira Ma... 23 Furnizim produkt-prodhimesh, Prodhim, Renderim në 3D , Gjetje Furnitorësh, Modelim në 3D Jun 13, 2018 Jun 13, 201820o 4m €13
Product Sourcing Looking for an experienced individual to source a number of products in China. Would prefer China based. Source qualified Manufacturers Only. Looking for Manufactures with the following: Preferably Government owned but will accept others ISO Certified: • TQM System • Environmental • OH&S Local or international certifications International experience Professional Must have a... 22 Kërkim, Furnizim produkt-prodhimesh, Prodhim, Gjetje Furnitorësh, Studim Tregu Jun 13, 2018 Jun 13, 201817o 41m €8
Sourcing Heavy-Duty Strapping Machine from Taiwan (looking for manufacturing partner) We are looking for Taiwanese manufacturing-partner for heavy-duty strapping machine. The taiwanese company should have long legacy in manufacturing strapping machines and other packaging machines. The manufacturing-company from Taiwan should be interested (or ready) in signing marketing agreement with our company for Indian market. If you think you can help on this please message. 4 Furnizim produkt-prodhimesh, Gjetje Furnitorësh, Gjetje Blerësish Jun 12, 2018 Jun 12, 2018Ka përfunduar €29
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