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Project management is the discipline of planning, organizing and managing resources in order for projects to come to success and fruition. It involves the successful completion of a series of steps in order to achieve project goals and objectives. If your business needs help with project management of general nature or specifically in software project management, then you have come to the right place. You can take the help of project managers and expert freelancers using this site. Start by posting your project management job today.
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Customer Service Rep ( Inbound Caller ) Responsibilities - Performs activity relating to inbound calls and/or emails from tenants, vendors, potential tenants regarding Company rental information, questions and concerns on a daily basis. Provides accurate and timely assistance to the caller and documents activity in CRM database, ensuring proper call handling and follow up as needed. Places outbound calls in order to follow up with cust... 19 Menaxhim projektesh, Kërkim, Telemarketing, Shitje, Përgatitje Raportesh Jun 18, 2018 Sot6d 13o €16
eCommerce Business Manager for Our Drop Shipping Stores This is a completely remote job but we may need in-person meeting once a while. We are planning to launch multiple Drop Shipping stores, looking for a business manager with project management experience to work with us in our startup business. We are looking to hire someone to help us with project management, working with suppliers and hire other freelancers as a team, communicating between te... 22 Menaxhim projektesh, Tregëti elektronike, eBay, Menaxhim uebsajti, Shopify Jun 18, 2018 Sot6d 1o €17
Project management I need a reliable project manager to handle our project. The freelancer will be working remotely with flexible hours. 64 Menaxhim projektesh, Shkrim Teknik, Menaxhim, Hartim Kёrkimi, Planifikim projektesh Jun 17, 2018 Jun 17, 20185d 19o €17
Create Menu for design plot log output in Borland C++ Builder existing code. Skills Required: 1. Fluent knowledge of Borland C++ 2. Knowledge of Geological Graphics plot principals. Single and multi column CVS data plot, Curve and Line graph. 3. Capability to work with Log me in to fix the bugs. The Project: 1. The Current code have working Log Plot Output. This Log settings parameters are hard codded for each log By Name. The log consisting from continuous vertical or h... 12 Menaxhim projektesh, Inxhinieri, Arkitekturë Softuerësh, Testim Softuerësh, Programim Jun 17, 2018 Jun 17, 20185d 19o €526
Menaxhim projektesh, Inxhinieri, Inxhinieri Mekanike, Inxhinieri Kimike Jun 16, 2018 Jun 16, 20184d 21o
Construction project management consultancy project management consultancy services 20 Menaxhim projektesh, Arkitekturë Ndërtesash, Inxhinieri Ndërtimi, Teknikë ndërtimi Jun 16, 2018 Jun 16, 20184d 7o €15
PERSONAL ASSISTANT (long term) I`m looking for a personal assistant for the long run. As time passes you will know me better and can fulfill the tasks faster and more accurate. Both of our sites will only benefit if we share common values, interests and work ethic, so please only apply if a lot is fitting to you. Your personality: (do the test and tell me which type you're!) [identifikohuni për të parë ad... 22 Menaxhim projektesh, Kërkim, Shkrim mbi Udhëtimet, Planifikim projektesh, Writing Jun 15, 2018 Jun 15, 20183d 17o €3
Microsoft CRM Support Microsoft Dynamics CRM Support help 21 PHP, System Admin, Menaxhim projektesh, Arkitekturë Softuerësh, CRM Jun 15, 2018 Jun 15, 20183d 10o €18
Project Management for software project We are looking for a project manager for a 7-month software development project (which may extend further). The candidate should be familiar with JIRA/Confluence and Scrum--based project management style. 9 Menaxhim projektesh, Scrum Jun 14, 2018 Jun 14, 20182d 19o €6726
I need Technology Manager, Project Manager, Asst Superintendent, Project Accountant, Senior PM All of these position are in the Construction Industry - Airport Project, Ball Park and Housing 16 Menaxhim projektesh, Kontabilitet, Menaxhim, Mbikqyrje e ndërtimeve Jun 14, 2018 Jun 14, 20182d 18o €231
Project management presentation I want you to make a presentation 81 Menaxhim projektesh, Planifikim projektesh, Prezantime Jun 14, 2018 Jun 14, 20182d 10o €139
Remote Project Manager In need of a someone that is a project manager to handle some projects remotely. Only apply if you are one. Thanks. 53 Menaxhim projektesh, Plane biznesi, Menaxhim, Planifikim projektesh, Analizë Biznesi Jun 14, 2018 Jun 14, 20182d 7o €188
Menaxhim projektesh, Planifikim projektesh, Këshillues Ndërtimi, Supervizorë Ndërtimi Jun 14, 2018 Jun 14, 20182d 4o
Rockstar Operations Coordinator Big Boost Marketing, a thought leader in digital marketing technology, sales funnels and email marketing automation for health professionals is looking for a bright, energetic junior operations coordinator for immediate part-time to full time hire to join a powerhouse team of ninja marketers, rockstar web developers, graphic designers, and operations gurus. Big Boost is a fun, fast-paced environm... 4 Marketing Interneti, Menaxhim projektesh, Testim i uebfaqeve, Menaxhim uebsajti, Menaxhim kohe Jun 13, 2018 Jun 13, 20181d 16o €21
Project Management Create content strategy for site Project Management Sydney based website Create content strategy for sites blog Content marketing Setup Social Media Marketing & Strategy, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter Find and manage content writers Find ways to Monetize site 28 Menaxhim projektesh, Shkrim Materialesh, Content Marketing, Content Strategy Jun 13, 2018 Jun 13, 20181d 3o €22
Teaching Primavera 6 in Abu Dhabi in 1-2 Days I want a Professional Civil Engineer to setup a training for 1-2 days in Abu Dhabi , 11 Menaxhim projektesh, Inxhinieri Ndërtimi, Planifikim projektesh Jun 13, 2018 Jun 13, 20181d 1o €558
writer CV for PMO Project manger position I'm a senior analyst at project management office. I went to have a modern cv for PMO position, therefore, I looking for someone who has experience in writing a cv, and knowledge of project management and business analysis field and has great skill in identifying the key responsibility and achievements. I understand questioner and interview is essential to have a proper cv 25 Menaxhim projektesh, Shkrim Teknik, Menaxhim, Hartim Kёrkimi, Shkrim materialesh biznesi Jun 12, 2018 Jun 12, 201821o 33m €55
Contact Management Kenneth Y you know what to do. Let me know if you have any question. 7 Menaxhim projektesh, Përgatitje Raportesh, Menaxhim, Hartim Kёrkimi, Analizë Biznesi Jun 12, 2018 Jun 12, 201820o 48m €6
Need US presence to setup business Hello, we are providing computer services and going to expend in US online. for that we need to form entity and to transact with clients need bank and merchant setup as well. we need someone who is familiar with this process like to setup company EIN bank and merchant and able to handle these tasks on behalf of us as they need member presence. I have done a long search which would be helpful in co... 5 Menaxhim projektesh, Kontabilitet, Plane biznesi, Shkrim materialesh biznesi Jun 12, 2018 Jun 12, 201816o 58m €50
Project Management discussion I want some answers to open ended questions on project management issues. 33 Menaxhim projektesh, Shkrim Teknik, Menaxhim, Hartim Kёrkimi, Planifikim projektesh Jun 12, 2018 Jun 12, 201812o 40m €87
Project Management Trainer Looking for an experienced project manager (preferably PMP certified) or firm located in India (preferably Bangalore) to conduct project management training on behalf of my company. This individual or firm must have the following qualifications: 1. Proven and verifiable track record of project management hands-on practice and training 2. Certified in one or more areas of project management, p... 10 Menaxhim projektesh, Trajnim, Menaxhim, Shkrim materialesh biznesi, Punëtorë të Përgjithshëm Jun 12, 2018 Jun 12, 20187o 21m €534
Need Project Manager We are looking for help with project manager for the implementation and maitanance of our software TimeCamp for bigger customer. In the future will will probably have more jobs like this. 24 Menaxhim projektesh Jun 12, 2018 Jun 12, 20183o 13m €19
Business Development Partner needed for IT firm We are interested in exporting our IT services(web & mobile development) to other countries. We are currently looking for Partners who can help us achieve our goals. Our web agency mainly creates websites, e-commerce sites, mobile apps etc. We'll be happy to make a competitive offer to those interested. Our preference of payment would be a share in revenue generated but we are open to a f... 5 Projektim Uebsajtesh, Menaxhim projektesh, Telemarketing, Shitje, Info klient-blerësish potenciale Jun 12, 2018 Jun 12, 20181o 24m €4
Write a detailed Technical document for my web project Refer to attached SRS ( brief project requirement ) I want someone who can elaborate , explain and write detailed complete requirements for every features mentioned in SRS Task will be to write technical , functional , use cases , sequence diagram , detailed functionality of system and every functionality 17 PHP, Menaxhim projektesh, Projektim në gjuhën UML, Shkrim Teknik, Hartim Kёrkimi Jun 8, 2018 Jun 8, 20183d 12o €35
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