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Scientific research involves a series of techniques meant to investigate a phenomenon, gather new knowledge and work on areas that have not gained a lot of focus yet. Scientific research calls for a lot of field work, analytical abilities and concentric observation. To do these jobs, you need to hire an expert researcher who can gather information for you and formulate strategies that provide long term benefits. Just post a job here and get the right person for your organization.;;
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Pharmacology Overview of Narcan I really like pharmacology. Ensuring my knowledge is as up to date and thorough as possible is really important to me, especially on this topic. Unfortunately I find myself working long hours, alone, and in remote medical clinics. This has left me with limited ability to learn from more experienced practitioners and limited access to research resources I'd like to hire someone to ensure my p... 12 Kërkim, Kërkime Shkencore, Mjekësi, Hartim Kёrkimi, Shkrim Materialesh Mjekësorë Jun 18, 2018 Sot6d 16o €8
Cosmetics formulation research 3000 words, 24 hours Budget: $66 UK writers with a chemistry background preferred 14 Kërkim, Kërkime Shkencore, Përgatitje Raportesh, Inxhinieri Kimike, Hartim Kёrkimi Jun 16, 2018 Jun 16, 20184d 8o €88
Food Scientist to create a new product made with honey. Needs to have knowledge of chemical reactions and such I am looking to create something with honey and need to hire someone to find out how to make it consistent and to work well. After signing an NDA I can give more details 4 Kërkime Shkencore Jun 16, 2018 Jun 16, 20184d 7o €569
2000 word qualitative report Psychology (0.2) youll be given two files, one with all the information you need to understand this project and everything that is required to complete this project but please keep in mind I need this project finished ASAP hence the price also there are a lot more projects available if this goes well and you are interested in working on more projects with short deadline! this is a really urgent project and need... 48 Kërkime Shkencore, Përgatitje Raportesh, Hartim Kёrkimi, Psikologji, Qualitative Research Jun 14, 2018 Jun 14, 20182d 7o €343
ethnographic research I require an extensive summary of each of the following ethnographic studies, a writer that has previously studied anthropology is preferred as it is really important that the methodologies that the anthropologists have used (participant observation) is highlighted. I need you to include the similarities of each in relation to the statement “Major social change does not for the most part com... 16 Kërkim, Kërkime Shkencore, Përgatitje Raportesh, Hartim Kёrkimi, Psikologji Jun 14, 2018 Jun 14, 20182d 6o €13
Write a scientific review I need a review on Antimicrobial polymeric textiles, with references from the last 3-4 years. 30 Kërkime Shkencore, Article Writing, Përshtypjet Jun 12, 2018 Jun 12, 20184o 18m €109
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