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    I'm in need of a web security expert who can help with the following aspects of my project: - Network Security: Securing the network infrastructure of the software being developed - Vulnerability Assessment: Conducting a thorough assessment to identify and rectify any potential vulnerabilities - Application Security: Ensuring the software's application is robust and secure The goal of this project is to develop a software, specifically related to BITRAT, and it's essential that this is done with a high level of security. Your role will be crucial in making sure that the software is secure and resilient against any potential cyber threats. Ideal skills and experience for the job: - Proven experience in web security, network security, vulnerability assessment, and applicatio...

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    I'm seeking a professional who can help me in securing a specific web application through the installation of an SSL certificate on a custom port. Key Responsibilities: - Install an SSL certificate on a custom port to ensure secure communication for a specific web application to work Ideal Skills and Experience: - experience with mern applications - Prior experience in SSL certificate installation. - Familiarity with securing web applications. - Knowledge of working with custom ports on web servers. - Understanding of cybersecurity principles and best practices.

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    I'm in need of a PHP core developer who can implement a robust authentication system, with a strong focus on Active Directory integration. The system should facilitate user authentication and Active Directory password reset, while keeping security as a top priority. Key Requirements: - **User Authentication**: The system should allow users to log in with their credentials against an Active Directory. - **Password Reset**: There should be a mechanism for users to reset their passwords. This includes a verification process to ensure the security of the reset. - **Active Directory Integration**: The system must be able to seamlessly interact with an Active Directory. This includes pulling user data from the directory for authentication purposes, as well as updating passwords on the dire...

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    My Windows Server 2019 is experiencing critical issues, particularly startup errors, and an apparent ransomware infection. Regrettably, there are no backup systems in place for the data. The primary tasks for this project include: - Diagnosing the root cause of the startup errors - Identifying and attempting recovery from the ransomware attack - Implementing immediate measures to safeguard the server and data Ideal Skills & Experience: - Profound experience in Windows Server 2019 troubleshooting - Expertise in dealing with ransomware attacks - Data recovery and system backup implementation experience - Proven track record in network security and data protection - Ability to work under pressure and with a sense of urgency Please understand the critical nature of this task, I am looki...

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    Necesito crear una página web sobre una empresa de turismo Slow travel.

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    I have a Tails OS installed on my device and I'm looking for someone who can help me with the following: - Installing NordVPN on my Tails OS. - Setting up a proxy using terminal & tor Ideal Skills: - Coding - Proficiency with Tails OS - Experience with NordVPN - Understanding of proxies and their setup - Proficient with configuring web browsers - Strong focus on privacy and security

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    I need a talented individual who can help with setting up remote monitoring on a specific device. Requirements: - Remote Monitoring: The key task is to help me establish a system for monitoring the activities of a device from a remote location. This includes setting up alerts and notifications. - Security: Ensuring the setup is secure and cannot be easily breached is crucial. You should be able to recommend and implement advanced security protocols. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in systems security. - Experience in remote monitoring setup. - Knowledge of the latest security protocols. - Strong problem-solving skills. This is an urgent project, so I'm looking for someone who can start immediately and complete the task within a very short timeframe. Please include your experience in...

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    I'm in need of an AWS expert to help me secure video content stored in an S3 bucket and streamed through CloudFront. Key Requirements: - Preventing download: The primary goal is to ensure that the video content remains un-downloadable by any download manager such as IDM. You will need to implement necessary measures on AWS to achieve this. Current Stack: - I'm currently using Amazon S3, AWS CloudFront, and AWS Lambda for the existing video setup. Potential Additional Services: - I'm open to implementing AWS WAF and AWS Shield or any other AWS services you may recommend to enhance the security of my video content. Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in AWS: You should have a strong understanding of AWS services, particularly Amazon S3, AWS CloudFront, and AWS Lambda. Knowl...

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    I'm in need of a general IT vendor security review that focuses on the vendor's compliance with the ISO 27001 standard. Key Project Details: - I'm looking for someone who can gather information on a vendor's adherence to the ISO/IEC 27001 information security standard based on a set of questions that I have prepared. - The primary goal of this review is to evaluate compliance of 35 vendors with this particular industry standard. - There are about 20 questions in 7 areas for which I need a generic Yes, No, N/A answer to. I also need links to any pages that back up the response to the questions. - The template is attached in the proposal. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in IT vendor security reviews and assessments This project is important in ensuring that our IT vendor...

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    I'm going through a personal situation with a technically savvy individual, and I'm beginning to worry about network security in my own home. I need an expert to thoroughly examine my network and identify any unusual activity or potential breaches. As part of your task, you will: - Examine various devices connected to my network which include computers, smartphones, and Smart TVs. - Navigate through my router settings, since I'm not sure how to do so myself. - Figure out why I'm experiencing slow internet speeds. The ideal freelancer would be experienced in Cybersecurity, Network Security, and Network Administration. Understanding of various operating systems (Windows, iOS, Android, etc.) would also be of great value. Discretion regarding my personal circumstances...

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    I'm currently encountering an error message on my Wordfence scan. It states, "mysql server has gone away". This issue came up after I made some changes to my website, notably adding new security plugins. Here are some bullets that will help a freelancing expert understand my requirements better: - Fix the current "mysql server has gone away" Wordfence scan error. - Review the security plugins that were added recently. The error may be tied to these new installations. - Ensure the resolution doesn’t impact the overall functionality or security of the website. - Modify the settings of Wordfence and LiteSpeed Cache if necessary, while ensuring it doesn't bring up the error again. The perfect candidate for this project is someone who: - Has a deep underst...

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    As a sole administrator of my Facebook page, I'm seeking professional expertise in enhancing the security measures. I'm particularly concerned about unauthorized access and wish to ensure my privacy settings are robust. At present I cannot log into my Facebook account and this will need sorting Key tasks for this project include: - Conducting a thorough security audit of my Facebook page. - Implementing measures to prevent unauthorized access. - Reviewing and adjusting privacy settings as needed to secure my data. Your experience with Facebook page security is crucial for this project. Ideal candidates should have a proven track record in social media security and privacy, specifically concerning Facebook. Your expertise will not only protect my data but also ensure my audienc...

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    Web Security Expert 4 ditë left

    We need an expert in Web security - particularly in MySQL, PHP, and JavaScript for 2 years contract. A test is required before we will hire you. Please start your proposal with: "I AGREE TO PASS A 15 MINUTES TEST BEFORE GETTING HIRED" Or your proposal will be rejected. Specifically, I'm looking for a freelancer who can: - Assess and fix existing security vulnerabilities in our MySQL, PHP, and JavaScript code. - Compile their findings and suggested fixes into a detailed report document. Ideal candidates should have: - Extensive experience in web security, specifically in MySQL, PHP, and JavaScript. - A proven track record in identifying and rectifying vulnerabilities such as SQL injection, Cross-site scripting (XSS), and session hijacking. - Strong communication ...

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    I'm currently facing continuous intrusions on my 3 WordPress websites. It seems like the intruders are adding permission pages and similar content. I need a web security expert to thoroughly scan my hosting account and identify any File Inclusion vulnerabilities. Key Requirements: - Comprehensive written report: I'd like the expert to provide a thorough written report of the vulnerabilities found. - WordPress expertise: The websites are built on WordPress, so experience with this CMS will be crucial in understanding the potential vulnerabilities. Your role will be to: - Conduct a detailed scan of my hosting account - Identify any File Inclusion vulnerabilities that may be causing the intrusions - Provide a well-structured, written report on the findings Ideal Skills/Experience...

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    I require an experienced network technician to set up a robust internet network for my small-sized hotel with 30 rooms. The highest strength of internet coverage should be focused on guest rooms. The network should be able to efficiently support streaming services like Netflix and YouTube to meet our guests' needs. Skill in network design, installation, and quality testing are critical. Experience in hotel network setup is advantageous.

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    My travel blog, powered by WordPress, is currently inaccessible. I have it hosted on a shared server. The issue could be related to the hosting setup or a WordPress specific problem. I need an expert to diagnose and fix it promptly. Key Tasks: - Investigate the hosting configuration and identify any issues causing inaccessibility. - Look into WordPress setup, plugins, and themes for potential problems. - Resolve the issue promptly to restore the blog's accessibility. Desired Skills and Experience: - Extensive experience with WordPress, including troubleshooting and repair. - Strong familiarity with shared hosting environments. - Proven track record of quickly resolving website access issues. - Strong communication skills for updating on progress and providing clear explanations of t...

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    Reinstall wordpress site see below 4 ditë left

    I have a WordPress website and I need - Hide the wordpress logo and put in the already available company logo - reinstall this rather simple website. (first delete all website code in ) - check that code to send an email from the contact is working (it has been working fine) $25 budget for the project. Hosted by Cannot specify budget in advert/posting, ignore the range it gives. Budget $25

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    I want to implement a storage application that hides client access patterns from a remote server - otherwise known as an ORAM. The specific variant of ORAM to implement is Path ORAM first mentioned in (Emil Stefanov, Marten Van Dijk, Elaine Shi, T.-H. Hubert Chan, Christopher Fletcher, Ling Ren,Xiangyao Yu, and Srinivas Devadas. Path oram: An extremely simple oblivious ram protocol. J. ACM, 65(4), apr 2018.) which mean to implement the non-recursive Path ORAM variant. Programming (functionality) i want to implement a client and server. Definitions: id - an integer data - a string with 4 characters Requirements: -Server is initialized to support N datablocks -The client can store data associated with an ID on the server by calling: self.store_data(server, id, data) -Given a name, a client ...

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    As a key figure en route to the finalization of my project, I'm sourcing a proficient website developer who'll have an instrumental role in erecting a subscription-based service website. Highlights of the Project: - The site will be centered around stellar user experiences for individuals in particular. - Key features to be implemented into this project include user registration and login, a secure and efficient payment processing system, and a manageable subscription interface. Prospective website developers should ideally have the below skills and experience: - An excellent understanding of UI/UX best practices for subscription-based websites. - Experience in implementing secure e-commerce elements such as Login/Registration, Payment Systems, and Subscription Management. - H...

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    I'm in need of an NGINX or Squid expert who can help configure my web application for access through a forward proxy. The goal here is to significantly enhance the security of the platform. Key requirements include: - Implementation of a forward proxy setup within the NGINX server. - Restricting access to the web application to a single system. All users should access the application by connecting to ProxyServerIP:8443. No other direct access should be allowed. - Considering the expected load, it's crucial that the solution can efficiently handle over 50 users. The ideal freelancer for this job should have: - Profound expertise in NGINX and web server configurations. - Prior experience with setting up and managing forward proxies. - Strong understanding of network security pri...

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    I'm looking for a person who is very skilled in Linux, a good system administrator. He/she must know Plesk, SSH well, and Cloudflare of course. It will be an ongoing collaboration, practically forever, for the maintenance, management and security of my servers. Right now I have 2 VPS on He must also be able to understand what particular problems a website (Woocommerce, so php + mysql) that I host on my VPS has which apparently creates problems for all the others: it is probably attacked by bots. For this reason, for now first task will be to resolve and understand where the problem is. I pay 20 euros for the troubleshooting (then collaboration will continue). Start your bid with "Ciao". No auto bid. No agencies. Only people who will be able to assist me frequently. I wil...

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    I'm in need of an expert Fortinet Firewall Engineer who can assist with review the current setup and security audit of our FortiGate firewalls; checking any issues with the setup and recommend best practice. Please let me know how many years experience that you have with Fortinet? And what functions of Fortinet Firewalls that you have experience in design and setup? Key Requirements: - Initial Configuration: As we have fewer than 10 devices connected, I need someone who can help with the initial setup of our FortiGate 200E. This entails setting up basic configurations to ensure our network security is robust and our day-to-day operations can run smoothly. - Security Audit: A thorough security audit is also required. I need someone who is experienced in identifying any vulnerabili...

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    It's clear my website has been invaded by malicious software. Performance has plummeted, strange pop-ups appear, and the website sometimes redirects to another site involuntarily. Since the arrival of the malware, noticeable deterioration in functionality has occurred; accessibility to several pages and user login mechanism have been immensely affected. I need assistance from an experienced WordPress specialist capable of: - Identifying and completely eradicating the malware from the website - Ensuring full restoration of the affected functionalities; specifically, the accessibility of pages and the user login functions - Putting mechanisms in place to shield the website against potential future attacks. It is imperative that the freelancer bidding for this task have ample experie...

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    Performance Testing Project: Description: Conduct comprehensive performance testing for a web application to evaluate its behavior under various load conditions and ensure optimal performance. Tasks: Load Testing: Simulate concurrent user activity to assess application performance under normal and peak load conditions. Stress Testing: Identify system bottlenecks and breaking points by pushing the application beyond normal load limits. Benchmark Testing: Compare performance metrics against industry standards to optimize performance. Capacity Testing: Determine application scalability by testing user and transaction limits without performance degradation. Tools: Apache JMeter, LoadRunner, Gatling 2. Security Testing Project: Description: Perform thorough security testing to identify and...

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    I've been encountering issues with the health checks on my Target Group and need an expert to resolve them promptly. Key Tasks: - Identify the root cause of the health check failures - Ensure the check parameters are correctly configured - Implement any necessary changes to make sure the checks work as expected Ideal Skills/Experience: - In-depth experience with AWS Target Groups - Proficiency in custom health checks, specifically on port 8555 - Strong troubleshooting and problem-solving skills - Ability to work efficiently and meet tight deadlines

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    I'm seeking a professional who can help me gain access to an Outlook email account created using my name/identity. This is for a personal investigation, as I'm concerned about potential misuse of my identity. Key Project Details: - Purpose: The primary aim of this project is to understand the extent of identity misuse through the emails sent and received in this account. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Ethical Hacking: Proficiency in ethical hacking techniques to gain access to the account without causing any damage. - Outlook Expertise: A deep understanding of Outlook's security protocols and ways to bypass them. - Confidentiality: Ability to handle sensitive personal information with the utmost discretion and professionalism. If you have experience in similar personal in...

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    I need help with a password reset for my 2 Outlook email accounts. The ideal freelancer for this job should have experience in: - Outlook email account management - Password recovery processes - Cybersecurity and email account security

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    Encryption Expert Needed 3 ditë left

    I have a website that I forgot my password to, now I’m locked out. It never used to be encrypted but then I added that layer a year ago so I cannot download the database to view it. Is there a way that I can setup a link system to email me a link to reset my password or can I decrypt somehow? I am the only super admin so no one else can login to retrieve my account either

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    My WordPress website has been hacked, and I need immediate assistance. The hack causes my website to redirect users to inappropriate, unrelated pages that I haven't authorized. Key Points: - The issue is evident by the redirection to explicit pages rather than the expected site. - I have a recent backup of my website's files and database, so I am open to a full restoration if necessary. - Website is hosted on AWS EC2 Skills/Experience: - Proven track record in identifying and fixing WordPress hacks. - Experience in WordPress security to ensure the site is protected after the fix. - Ability to navigate and restore from backups if needed. Please reach out if you have the skills and time to address this urgent issue. Thank you.

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    As someone dedicated to launching an e-commerce website for the sales of physical goods, creativity, and industry experience are key. - Desired Objective: The primary goal of this site is to facilitate the sales of physical products. It isn't a platform for showcasing items but an online store where transactions occur. - Timeline and Expectations: I expect the website to be up and fully functional within the span of a month, hence, time management and efficiency are vital for this role. Ideal Skills: - Prior experience designing and launching e-commerce websites - Strong knowledge of e-commerce best practices - Understanding of online sales strategies - Ability to work under tight deadlines Your experience and portfolio offering proven e-commerce website development will play a...

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    L'application sera conçue pour enregistrer automatiquement des matchs de football, avec un accent particulier sur le suivi individuel des joueurs comme peux le faire les caméra veo ou move n see. Les fonctionnalités clés incluront le suivi dynamique du ballon et la capacité à isoler et suivre spécifiquement chaque joueur sur le terrain et un tableau statistique à la fin de l’enregistrement. **Prérequis Techniques:** 1. Maîtrise de la technologie suivi joueur et ballon pour l'enregistrement et le suivi vidéo . 2. Expérience avérée dans le développement d'applications mobiles pour iOS et Android. 3. Connaissance approfondie des algorithmes d'intelligence artific...

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    Compact Home WiFi System Setup 3 ditë left

    I'm seeking a knowledgeable professional to set up my home WiFi system. This job will involve connecting a variety of devices and giving them optimal coverage within my small apartment. Key details include: - Configuring Wi-Fi connection for 10-20 devices - Devices include computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and smart home devices Your expertise in Wi-Fi setups, networking technology, and familiarity with a variety of devices is necessary to achieve efficient results. The ability to provide a stable connection throughout the apartment is also equally important.

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    I'm in need of a professional deeply knowledgeable in handling Google Ads account suspensions. A suspicious activity, specifically a malware issue, triggered our account suspension even though our WordPress website has been thoroughly cleaned and rebuilt from scratch with enhanced security. This job will need you to: - Review our account and understand the reason behind the suspension - Implement strategies to uplift the suspension - Advise on best practices to prevent future suspensions Proficiency in Google Ads is mandatory along with previous experience in account reinstatements. Having a good understanding of Google's policies will be beneficial for us. Please respond with your plan of action and relevant experience. Looking forward to a successful collaboration.

    €393 (Avg Bid)
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    Description: We are seeking a diligent and tech-savvy individual based in China to assist with a website testing project. The primary task involves checking specific URLs and recording a video to demonstrate what is happening on the site. This project is crucial for identifying issues related to domain migration and ensuring the functionality of our website for Chinese users. Responsibilities: URL Testing: Access and test the following URLs from within China: URL 1 URL 2 FAQ Video Recording: Record a video showing the process and results of accessing each URL, highlighting any issues or anomalies. Live Session: Participate in a live session via Google Meet or Zoom with our tech team to troubleshoot any console issues and provide real-time feedback. Problem Investigation: Help diagnos...

    €11 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    As a client, I’m seeking a professional who can assist me in establishing a robust HTTPS traffic monitoring solution on my 2012 Windows Server VPS. The primary goal for this project is to conduct thorough network security analysis. You will be provided with a VPS with admin rights of 2012 windows server. Your task is to create a Guest User on the VPS and log, decrypt and save 24x24 hour https traffic made by guest user no matter what application is using browser/terminal/other app. The log file should have an easy readable format. The guest user should not have the option to remove the monitoring process. Ideal Candidate: - Network Security Expertise: A professional with a strong background in network security analysis, who understands the intricacies of HTTPS traffic monitoring...

    €41 (Avg Bid)
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    As per attached Delivery within 4 days my preferred topic is power supply for small home appliances: increasing power and range through coil design and frequency selection 2. write code using pandas tool for python programming 3. follow instructions fully 4. don't bid if you have experience in python.

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    We are a small company, and are underdoing a security audit from a global bank, which is a customer of ours. We are looking for an experienced information security consultant to help us with: • Writing policies and procedures • Ensuring we meet standards as we move into a new hosting environment (Azure) • Create new policies around business continuity, disaster recovery, data security • We are not necessarily looking for SOC2 compliance at this time, but that should be considered a future goal • Penetration testing • All required documentation for the audit

    €25 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I'm looking for a professional with strong experience in SAP Netweaver Portal security to assist me in conducting an all-rounded analysis on my system. I am not sure about the version of Netweaver Portal we're currently using, so you need to have a deep knowledge of different versions. Key tasks include: - Identifying Vulnerabilities: A thorough audit needs to be done to find any possible security weaknesses in our system. - Testing Security Measures: I expect you to run comprehensive tests on all security measures in place to reassure their effectiveness. - Providing Recommendations: After identifying the existing vulnerabilities and evaluating the efficacy of current security measures, I need you to provide expert recommendations on improving our system's security. Candi...

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    We are looking for an experienced freelancer to implement a proxy server solution aimed at automating tasks and bypassing website buffering during high traffic periods. The goal is to ensure smooth and uninterrupted automation workflows even when the target websites experience heavy loads. Responsibilities: Set Up Proxy Server: Implement a robust proxy server using NGINX, Squid, or similar software to manage and route automated requests. Traffic Management: Configure the proxy to efficiently handle and distribute traffic to avoid bottlenecks and buffering. Security Implementation: Ensure secure communications by setting up SSL/TLS certificates and implementing necessary security protocols. Performance Optimization: Optimize the proxy server to handle high traffic efficiently and reduce la...

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    Optimize Speed of WordPress Site 2 ditë left

    I'm looking for an experienced freelancer to enhance the performance and speed of my WordPress website. It's currently hosted on a shared server and I'm facing some issues with long page load times. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in WordPress optimization - Experience with shared hosting platforms - Ability to troubleshoot and resolve speed-related issues Key Requirements: - Identify and address the root cause of long loading times - Implement strategies to significantly improve website speed without compromising on quality - Expertise in configuring caching plugins for optimal performance Please only apply if you have a proven track record in optimizing WordPress sites and improving their speed.

    €108 (Avg Bid)
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    169 ofertat

    I'm experiencing an error ": Unable to resolve host" on my website, - The issue is persistent across all users, rather than being location-specific. - I've verified the domain configuration and haven't made any DNS changes recently. I need a network expert who can help me identify and resolve the problem. Your responsibilities will include: - Assessing the current network configuration and the DNS settings. - Troubleshooting the "UnknownHostException" error. - Providing recommendations to ensure the website remains accessible to all users. Ideal candidates should have: - Solid experience with Linux server networking, particularly in resolving "UnknownHostException" errors. - Proficiency in diagnosing and resolving DNS-relate...

    €21 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    With a growing portfolio of small to large WordPress-based sites, I'm in need of a DevOps professional specialized in self-hosting using HestiaCp , CloudPanel , CyberPanel , Coolify . I require someone who can significantly enhance the performance, security, and maintenance of my sites, and who can manage the hosting environment to our specific needs. Key Responsibilities: - Implementing strategies to increase the speed of our WordPress sites, ensuring they load quickly and efficiently. - Enhancing security measures to protect our sites and data from cyber threats. - Setting up automated backup systems to ensure data integrity and facilitate disaster recovery. Ideal Skills and Experience Include: - Prior experience with hosting WordPress sites using one of above panel is mandatory. ...

    €36 (Avg Bid)
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    Urgent: Unblock My E-commerce Site 2 ditë left

    My e-commerce site has been blocked by Telstra for more than 3 days now. My website is showing on virustotal as being classed as malicious or phishing. I require immediate assistance from a freelancer who has experience in dealing with such issues. Key Points: - The website has been flagged by Telstra, likely due to some security concerns or suspicious activity. - I need a professional who has experience with Telstra's network policies to quickly determine the root cause of the blockage. - The objective is to get the site unblocked and ensure that it remains unblocked, with all security issues resolved. - Please include your past experience with similar tasks in your application. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven track record in resolving website blockages, specifically with Te...

    €44 (Avg Bid)
    €44 Oferta mesatare
    18 ofertat

    I'm in need of a reliable freelancer to help enhance the security of my website by incorporating a Text-based CAPTCHA solution. This is a critical measure to prevent spam bots and other malicious activities on the site. Key Requirements: - Text-based CAPTCHA Implementation: Your primary task will be to integrate a user-friendly Text-based CAPTCHA solution on the website. It should be easy for humans to solve, yet robust enough to keep bots at bay. - Security and UX Focus: It's crucial that the CAPTCHA system is effective in filtering out bots, while still being easy and seamless for genuine users to navigate. - Timely Delivery: The project has a set timeline, so prompt and efficient delivery is a must. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in Web Security: You should have...

    €23 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Endpoint Agent Migration 1 ditë left

    I am looking for a freelancer who is well-versed in migrating McAfee Trillex to Crowdstrike endpoint agent on Windows systems. Have about 14,000 endpoints Key Requirements: - Experience: I am keen on seeing your detailed project proposals and your past work. Experience in endpoint security solutions is a plus. Please include your proposed timeline, methodology for the migration, and any challenges you foresee as part of your detailed project proposals.

    €20 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    16 ofertat

    I'm looking for a DevOps expert to handle the responsibilities of continuous integration and deployment. Your expertise in this area will be crucial for the success of the project. Key Responsibilities: - Implement and manage continuous integration and deployment processes in a cloud-based environment (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure) - Utilize and configure GitLab CI/CD as the preferred tool - Ensure the system's performance is optimized Your Skills and Experience: - Strong background in DevOps, focusing on CI/CD - Proficiency in the usage and configuration of GitLab CI/CD - Experience in working with cloud-based infrastructure, especially AWS, Google Cloud, or Azure - Proven track record in performance optimization Please share specific examples of your previous work in this area.

    €18 (Avg Bid)
    €18 Oferta mesatare
    26 ofertat

    I'm in need of an experienced security consultant who can give advice and help implement secure data storage and encryption for my financial records in a MySQL/MariaDB database, using PHP. Key Requirements: - Secure Data Storage: Establishing a secure environment for storing sensitive data is crucial. Your role involves setting up the right conditions for storing financial records. - Encryption: You need to implement encryption measures to ensure that the financial records are properly protected. - MySQL/MariaDB Expertise: Strong expertise in MySQL/MariaDB is a must. Your knowledge of the database system is key in ensuring the proper implementation of security measures. - PHP Knowledge: Proficiency in PHP is essential to help with the integration of the security measures into the da...

    €125 (Avg Bid)
    €125 Oferta mesatare
    127 ofertat
    Cibersecurit 23 orё left

    Preciso de um profissonal na área para um serviço

    €16 (Avg Bid)
    €16 Oferta mesatare
    5 ofertat

    I'm looking for someone to assist with creating a 2-hour online exam focused on Threats, Vulnerabilities, and Incident Response within Networking Security Fundamentals for a service like Testout. The exam format should be purely labs online on Testout Key deliverables: - Design a 2-hour exam with a mix of multiple-choice and True/False questions. - Every question should be focused on Threats, Vulnerabilities, and Incident Response within Networking Security Fundamentals. - Ensure the exam is engaging, challenging, and reflective of the topic. Ideal skills and experience: - Experience in creating online exams or assessments. - Strong grasp of Networking Security Fundamentals, particularly in Threats, Vulnerabilities, and Incident Response. - Excellent understanding of multiple-choi...

    €137 (Avg Bid)
    €137 Oferta mesatare
    19 ofertat
    Database & File Security Audit 19 orё left

    Please only bid if you have experience with security audits. I recently had a freelancer here who did some minor work on a WHMCS module that is about 10 files. I have a reason to believe he may have installed some back door to our database, or inserted something to the database because he was claiming he could delete all the data in our database if he wanted to after we changed all passwords. This happened after being away for a week and he thought I disappeared so he made threats while I was away. I am looking for someone to audit the database and the module files to find if he added anything that would allow him access still or anything else that seems suspicious.

    €30 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €30 / hr Oferta mesatare
    111 ofertat

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