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I'm looking to develop a website very similar to Kasamba, in terms of the email, chat, rating/feedback systems. I've developed the site, but need someone to program the scripts to make the site really come alive. Please use Kasamba as a guide, but I've also included all the key features I need integrated below. Also, I wan't to be able to customize the theme for all of this to match the theme of the site. The programming languages used to develop everything are also negotiable. I'm also working on a tight budget, and hopefully someone will take on the project for what I'm willing to offer. I'm also working on a very tight deadline, and would like this project completed by Sunday, April 30th if possible.

Basically, I'm looking for a system similar to Kasamba's. Members can browse through the profiles of all the experts, and select a specific expert to email or chat with. To chat with an expert, the member must have enough funds in their account to cover the cost per minute of that particular expert. If they do, the chat session will be initiated. The chat window will open, and the member and expert can chat freely. When the expert says so, the member hires the expert, and the chat timer begins counting down. When the member runs out of funds to cover the cost per minute, a popup box will be generated giving the member an opportunity to add more funds and keep the chat session going. If the member clicks "Yes" to add more funds, it will forward them to a screen where they can add more funds via PayPal. If they choose "No", the chat session will end. Once the chat session has ended, another popup will be generated, and the user can rate/leave comments for the expert. Or the member can go back and rate/leave comments at a later time. The expert also has the ability to stop the clock at anytime, and only the member can restart it. The expert can also close the chat session at anytime, and even block a member from contacting them. Both members & experts will also have the ability to upload files in both email and chat sessions.

The email system works in a similar way... The member can browse through the profiles of all the experts, and select a specific expert to email. The member can email an expert even if they have no funds in their account at the time. The member can send their question to the expert, amount there willing to pay, and await for the expert to reply. The member & expert can then agree on a price for the service, and at that point, the member can hire the expert for that price. To hire the expert, the member must have enough funds in their account to cover the cost of the email session, and those funds will be allocated to that session immediately upon being hired. Once session is completed, the Member can request or the Expert can send an invoice. Once payment is confirmed, the funds are automatically deposited in the experts account.

If a member is unable to pick a specific expert, they can fill out a form on the site with there question and amount there willing to spend. After submitting the form, it will be posted to a hidden message board visible to all the experts. The first expert to accept the offer will get it. The message board also has to be developed, and will contain two forums. One for "Member Questions Only" and the other for "General Discussion" where experts can talk about anything. The Administrator must also have the ability to Add/Delete forums, Modify/Delete messages, etc... Experts must also have the ability to

modify/delete their own messages. The Admin must also have the ability to ban users from the message board.

The rating system will automatically rank experts based on number of ratings, positive ratings, etc... It will use a 1-5 star system, and allow members to also leave comments with the rating.

As for Payment, paypal will be the only means of payment at this time.


Super Administrator:

-Those who wish to be an expert apply by completing and submitting a form on the site. Once submitted, the administrator can approve or reject the experts application.

-If Expert is approved, a page is automatically generated on the site under the appropriate category for the expert. This will serve as the experts prodile, and using a browser based wysiwyg editor, the expert can customize their profile anyway they want. They can also add a picture.

-Once an expert account is approved, the administrator has the option to delete an account permanently or suspend an expert account for a set period of time, or simply suspend the account and re-activate at a later time. The administrator can also modify the profile of any expert.

-The administrator can set the earnings percentage to be taken out of experts total earnings per chat/email session. The administrator also has the ability to set a custom earnings percentage for specific experts.

--Ability to modify profile at anytime (profile, email, password, etc...)

-Ability to view the total earnings for each expert.

-Ability to view the site earnings for each expert individually.

-Ability to view the earnings in the last 7 days for each expert.

-Ability to view the balance of each Expert/Member.

-Ability to send email to an Expert/Member.

-Ability to modify the per minute rate for an expert.

-The administrator must have the ability to be an expert on the site.

-Ability to manually deposit money in an Expert/Member Account.

-Ability to manually remove money from an Expert/Member Account.

-Ability to view the chat/email logs for any expert by date & time.

-Ability to modify and/or delete the rating given by a member for any expert on the site.

-Ability to delete a member account permanently or suspend a member account for a set period of time, or simply suspend the account and re-activate at a later time.

-Ability to add one or more "Co-Administrators" who can perform all the actions a Super Administrator can. However, the "Super Administrator" should be able to select from inside the admin interface exactly what "Co-Administrators" can and cannot do on the site, but also allow them the option to have complete power.

-Ability to set minimum amount of money that must be spent during an email/chat session for a member to be able to rate & leave comments for an expert.

-Ability to set the minimum amount of money an expert must have in their account to initiate a live chat session with an expert. For instance, say the rate per minute for an expert is $5.00. The administrator can decide that a member must have atleast enough funds to cover 1, 3, 5, etc... minutes of chat time to be able to initiate a chat session.

-Ability to turn on/off a feature to screen ratings/feedback before there posted.

-Ability to turn on/off a feature to screen messages posted by experts on the message board.


-Ability to modify profile at anytime (profile, email, password, etc...)

-Ability to view Account Balance

-Ability to view Total Earnings

-Ability to view Total Paid Earnings Percentage

-Ability to view/set/modify cost per minute for chat sessions

-Transcripts of chat/email sessions are automatically logged, and visible to the expert under "Session History" within their account.

-Ability to add a picture to and modify their profile using a browser based wysiwyg editor.

-Ability to set a schedule.

-Ability to do Audio/Video Chat.

-Ability to stop the clock during a paid chat session.

-Ability to remove funds from account at anytime, and deposit them into their paypal account. From their paypal account, they would then have the option to deposit the funds into their checking account or have a check sent to their house.

-Ability to block a specific member from contacting them.

-Ability to add members to their "Favorites" List.

-An organizer that allows them to jot down messages, comments about clients, etc...


-Ability to modify profile at anytime (profile, email, password, etc...)

-Ability to view current balance & add money to account via PayPal.

-Ability to add experts to "Favorites".

-Ability to be notified by email when an expert is available for live chat, or has responded to your email.

-Ability to view an Experts Schedule.

-When a chat/email session is completed, its automatically saved under their "Session History" so it can be viewed later.

-Ability to restart the clock during a paid chat session if the expert stops the clock for some reason.

-Ability to add funds to account during a live chat session.

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