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Scrap booking script

1. Technical Requirements

1.1. Platform: Linux

1.2. Database: MySQL

1.3. Scripting language: PHP

1.4. Web Server: Apache

2. Introduction

2.1. The 3 main functions of the website are as follow:

i ) Member upload photo for editing service.

ii) Member upload photo for sales.

iii) Provide image hosting services.

Other services involve sharing of image with friends and etc.

2.2. This website involves intensive handling of digital image, therefore image upload/download speed and efficiency is crucial. Images for sales SHOULD NOT be downloadable by member to their local Pc by right click on a picture and save.

3. Requirements for admin control panel

3.1. As much dynamic as possible with the site content.

3.2. A rich admin area from where almost all site content is manageable.

3.3. The use of Smarty tech. to enable editing to all pages with online WYSIWYG editor, so all the pages can be seen with preview and edit quickly. Besides enable add/edit/delete new pages to insert into the site easily. At the same time every page can setup all the meta tags, title and descriptions for SEO.

3.4. Three type of members Admin

• Login to access backend area.

• Manage designer account (create, edit, delete, suspend etc) – set on design fee. Admin can assign username and password to them to access their assigned work. All the history about assigned work to designer and completed work will be available to administrator. Admin can assign submitted photos to available designer according to workload and designers mastery. View performance of available designers (average days to complete assigned work, number of edited photos rejected by customers and etc). Admin will set

• Manage member account (create, edit, delete, suspend etc) – set on photo editing cost.

• Template (frame, font style etc management) – site management.

• Payment transaction history (payment data management- add, edit, delete).

• Approve photos submit from member for sales.

• System setting like no. record of list, paypal setting, style setting, email setting (mass mailing or selected members mailing) and etc.

• Manage photo category to allow member post photo for sales.

• Manage photo sample category to allow member to choose sample photo for editing service.

• Sample Gallery

Admin have to manage the sample gallery. This will be displayed at member site to choose the sample for editing their photos. Admin can Add/Edit/Delete photos from this sample gallery.

• Image Gallery for sales

After submitting photos from member to display on the sales gallery, admin will approve the photo to display in sales. Also admin will set the charges in percentage from member after sale. Admin will set the period for the photos to display on sales. Admin also determine when the reminder mail to be send to the member before the due date. Member can renew the listing and all the renew listing no need approval from admin but start count as day one. Photo which achieve sales volume set by admin will auto grant continuity in listing after the due period, but reminder mail will send to remind the member when the sales volume fall below the target for the subsequence period.

• Image hosting

Admin will set number of image hosting package available to member namely Free, Gold and platinum plan. Each plan admin will set subscription price on monthly, per 6 months and yearly. Details setting such as bandwidth (MB per month), disk space (MB) and either on or off for branding, portfolio, spin and slide show.

• Quick site statistic to show

Total current active members and website hits which including to date people visited the site and total visitors currently on the site. Designers

• Edit photo and resubmit for approval.

• View account history.

• Allow request cash out if over minimum payout set by admin.

• After period set by admin (number of days after edited photo was downloaded by member) without comments from the member on designer job, payment will credit into designer account.

• View targeted date (number of days from the date of received the assignments from admin) fixed by admin.

• Update designer profile such as e-mail, name, username, password, address and phone etc. Members

• Upload photo for edit – select template (sample photo), select font style.

• Upload photo for sales – fix selling price – all the member payment is pay to system admin.

• Upload photo to share with friends

• Upgrade image hosting service.

• View current sales photo history.

• Allow request cash out if over minimum payout.

4. Section of the site

4.1. Member Registration

If anyone wants to be member of the site then he/she can be free of charge. Confirm e-mail address before continuing signup process. He/she have to fill up the form containing basic details like username, password and other details like name, address, email, phone etc.. and member can change them anytime by login username and password. These details are available to admin and admin can manage them like edit/delete details or can set status active or inactive. Member has all history about his submitted photos for editing and completed photos also he can check his payment history.

4.2. Photo upload for editing

Member can select sample category, browse directory and sub-directory (directory will be two-levels) for choose sample. Each sample category consists of directory and sub-directory. Search box at preview site for member to key in sample code and view the sample. Member will give more then one photos for editing named as one task, and will get one or more photos as results as desired completed task. Photo editing will be charged based on per photo basis. After choose photo member can add additional info for photo like as: text, font, placement of text and etc. Member need pay money. After payment admin can download photo enclosed in folder. Folder with auto assigned name: username_date e.g. john_2mar06. Each photo will be having next name: username_samplecode_uniqueid.jpg. After edit photo by graphics designer, he can upload photo to admin site. After admin approve, system will send mail to member. Member then can download edited photo from member area. After some time the photo will be deleted from server. At unsatisfied site, member can upload the unsatisfied edited photo to admin but need to fill in description / comments on unsatisfied. Refund to member only after approval from admin.

4.3. Photo upload for sales

Member goes to site, select area “Add Image for sale”, upload images. Member can upload photos for sale. This will be displayed category wise on the site. Means member have to upload their photos in respective category of the gallery. Member can set their pricing. When member upload images member will be added additional info : title, description, list of keywords and cost. After approved by admin image will be showed in search results. By entering the keywords, all the photos related to the keyword will be displayed. If any surfer want to buy this image need to register as member the 80% money will go to balance of member and 20% will go to balance of administrator (percents will set by admin). Images for sales are not downloadable by member to their local Pc by right click on a picture and save. Admin will create free hosting plan to upload photos in sale gallery, but if exceeding provided disk space upgraded image hosting plans are available for some fee.

4.4. Buy photos

Only registered members can buy photos.

4.5. Share images

Members can share their images with friends for free, but invited friends need to register before can view the share images. Image hosting for share images is provided free as long as not exceeding the disk space, or else need to upgrade the hosting for some fee.

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