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Information Technology professional with over eight years of experience managing, analyzing, designing, developing, and maintaining a broad spectrum of applications. Technical experience spans several platforms including Windows, Unix, Novell and MVS. I have worked extensively in project management, business and technical analysis, design, development and support. The primary emphasis has been business and technical analysis, designing and programming using ASP, VB Script, Java Script, XML, Visual Basic, Access and SQL. Most recently, I have played multiple roles in the project lifecycle to include project manager, business analyst, technical lead, lead developer, and mentor to other project team members. One of my strengths is the ability to join a project mid-stream, which requires coming up to speed very quickly. I feel that I am a dedicated professional who is aggressive, eager and quick to learn new tools and systems, have a keen ability to take on various project roles, and take the time to fully understand the best solution for my clients. Technical Experience: E-Commerce: Business to Business, Business to Consumer WEB: HTML, VB Script, Java Script, XML, Visual Interdev, Ultra Edit Client Server: Object Oriented Analysis, Design, and Programming, UNIX , Visual Basic, Microsoft Access, Crystal Reports, Active Reports Mainframe: PL/1 Database: Microsoft SQL, Oracle, Sybase, DB2, Access, IMS, Adabase using Natural to view and update data. ODBC databases Operating System: Windows 2000/98/95/3.x/XP, Windows NT, MVS, Unix, Novell Industry Experience Aviation, Insurance, Manufacturing, Financial, Transportation and Logistics, Aerospace, Veterinary, Medical, Nursing Home Application Experience: Accounting, Quoting, Freight Claim Management, Order Processing, Contact Management, Forecasting Simulation, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Various Web-Based, Claims Management, Veterinarian Management, Nursing Home Billing and Accounts Education: Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics Master in Applied Mathematics with an emphasis in Numerical Analysis ACCOMPLISHMENTS Business Analyst/Design/Develop/Testing Responsible for Analysis, Design, and Development of a large Internet Order Fulfillment Web site. Duties included gathering user and client requirements, development of the Web site code (HTML and ASP), and maintaining the data within the related SQL Server Database. Tools: Microsoft Visual Interdev, Microsoft SQL Server, VB Script, Java Script, and ASP Duration: 8 months Business Analyst/Design/Develop/Testing Responsibilities included: Analysis and Design to enhance a City web change. They wanted to have a viewer profile page set up. The users of the web site will be able to set up a viewer profile for themselves. The user is able to select what meeting, documents and announcements they would like to receive e-mail notification on when there has been a change made. The user has the ability to select specific meetings, documents, announcements or an entire department. The administrative users for the city want to be able to have e-mails be generated when they add, edit or delete a meeting, document or announcement for a particular department. The over admin user will also be able to update what meetings; documents and announcements can be used for the viewer profile notification. Tools: Microsoft Visual Interdev, VB Script, Java Script, and ASP Duration: 2 months Business Analyst/Design/Develop/Testing Responsible for analyzing how to post to UPS's website to obtain rates. This consisted of merging to XML documents together to obtain a request string. Then had to code to post to the UPS URL with the request string. By posting to UPS a response string was returned. Had to create a recursive function to loop parse the response string to obtain the rate information. Tools: Microsoft Visual Interdev, VB Script, Java Script, and ASP Duration: 2 months Project Manager/Business Analyst/Develop/Trouble Shooting – Nursing Home This was a challenging project since initial application was designed coded by other individuals and handed off to a company’s client. The original task was to make bug fixes and any enhancements that the user may ask for. However as the changes kept coming the problems got worse. The original task got changed to project manager and Business Analyst to verify the business requirements and development. In the end all the essential requirements were gathered. The system was redesigned, recoded and tested. Due to the hard efforts a once hostile client for this company has now signed on to do a phase two with this company. Tools: Microsoft Access, Microsoft Word for documentation, Microsoft Excel for test plans Duration: 9 months Project Manager/Business Analyst/Trouble Shooting – Veterinarian Clinic Responsible for project management, business analysis and design of a client server application for a veterinarian company to do accounts receivable, accounts payable, invoicing and client and patient history. Terri was also responsible for doing the data conversion for the veterinarian clinic. She had to map the data and then create logic to convert the data from being stored in a single table to a relational database. Tools: Microsoft Access, Microsoft Word for documentation, Microsoft Excel for test plans Duration: 9 months Consultant/Developer/Analyst/Mentor – Major Medical Insurance Company Initial responsibility was in mentoring/teaching team-mates Internet development. This project was challenging because the individuals that were being trained were all mainframe developers. The only experience they had outside of mainframe development was information they learned in formal training sessions. I was also responsible for analyzing, designing and developing new web applications to handle major business functionality on their Internet. The client connected to a third party software to generate estimates for their customers and the third party software connected to their internal programs to gather some of their customer information Due to her organizational abilities and her attention to detail, Terri was also responsible for creating Business Requirements Documents, Design Documents and Technical Specifications. She was also responsible for both Business and Technical Analysis, directing co-workers in various projects, and being a focal point for answering client questions. Tools: ASP, Visual Basic, VB Script, Java Script and XML, COMM objects, APIs Duration: 6 months Consultant/Developer – Major Logistics Corporation Responsibilities included the maintenance and development of a locations management program. This included making ongoing enhancements using C and Embedded SQL. Also enhanced and maintained their system for planned load pickups/deliveries for existing customers. In addition, created and maintained a new batching process for customers with specific needs. On a separate project was responsible for managing and working with a team in the development of new enhancements for the clients Claims Management System. This was necessary due to the “on-boarding” of new customers; handling their product invoices, enhancements of detail screens, creation of cross reference tables to allow for the integration of client and corporate code, simplifying corporate action for customer needs. Tools: C, Embedded SQL, Visual Basic, Access, Sybase, Unix Duration: 16 months Consultant/Business Analyst/Developer/Tester - Aviation Designed and developed a three-tiered purchasing, inventory and order processing system. Primary responsibility was for developing a middleware and client components. This middleware component had interfaces to various external components to allow the client access to pertinent information. It also contained a forecasting simulation component. Tools: Visual InterDev 6.0, ASP, Crystal Reports, Visual Basic, MS SQL Server, Stored Procedures, HTML, Java Script Duration: 6 months Consultant/Business Analyst/Developer/Tester – Paper Manufacturing Responsibilities included maintaining and developing new Web pages in CPITS, Measurement Science and Health Services Intranet web sites. Also required to obtain the business requirements, design and implement solutions on these systems as well. Responsibilities also included the documenting of the Standard Test Method Search Viewer for FDA validation. Tools: Visual InterDev 6.0, Crystal Reports, MS SQL 6.5, ASP, HTML, Ultra Edit, VB Script, Java Script Duration: 6 months Consultant/Business Analyst/Developer/Tester – Logistics Management Responsibilities included reviewing and documenting the existing system as well as the client’s warehouse management process. Also created carrier, distributor, and member websites to simplify the load processes allowing for additional efficiencies throughout the organization. This allowed each piece of the sales process the ability to track loads throughout the distribution process. Tools: Visual InterDev 6.0, HTML, Crystal Reports, MS SQL 6.5 and ASP, VB Script, Java Script Duration: 6 months Team Lead/ Analyst/Developer/Tester –Publishing Company Was responsible for the management of 6 different mainframe systems while still doing the analysis, maintenance, enhancements and testing of her two systems. Additional responsibilities included keeping individuals on track and on time with the completion of their projects. An integral part of the outsource team get SEI level 3 certified. Tools: PLI, JCL, Ad abase, Natural II, Pascal Duration: 12 months Programmer/Analyst/Developer/Tester – Insurance Underwriting System Was responsible for writing and maintaining code in the individual administrative/underwriting system. During this project, responsibilities were continually increased as management recognized her abilities and commitment to excellence. Tools: PLI, IMS, IMS On-Line, JCL and TELON Duration: 12 months Researcher/ Analyst /Programmer/Tester – Aerospace Was responsible for deriving and interpreting mathematical equations for simulating lightning strikes. These mathematical equations were then formulated into three-dimensional models. Mathematica was used to develop a program to use various combinations of equations on various azimuths. The data from the program was then graphed and analyzed to determine a new site for the lightning and detection. Tools: Mathematica, Excel, SAS, Basic Duration: 12 months
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