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    Basic C programming 6 ditë left
    VERIFIKUAR UOW bank"); -After 3 time printf(" Wrong password contact UOW bank"); 2. Write a program which outputs and // - User in puts 5 / // /// //// ///// 3. Array user inputs 10 numbers - loop and find the maximum value 4. Assume a 4 floor flat - program a lift assuming a user picks a floor use pointer to pick which floor We can discuss

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    I want to talented javascript developer to change my chart data array. You should only to change current data array. Please feel free to contact me if you are confident. Budget is $50 and you can discuss with scype. Thank you.

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    Hi there, I am creating an online site that allows for customers to contact our consultants for an array of personal concerns via chat, video, or audio calls. THe concern is how to integrate the timer to the payment software so the customer, who would've been informed of the rate and agreed to pay prior to, will be charged automatically at the end of

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    This is Php array error fixiing task. the project was finished 70%. You should complete in in a week. Array experienced developer needed.

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    ...commands and responds serial data exp: sensor response is: 11 03 08 00 64 00 3E 00 0D 00 55 9C. I need this response to an array then send to the server, then the server sends that data to the html file and converted back to an array to display each byte value! I would like to use xml and Json format. Also detailed explanation how it was done! I want

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    ...various sums and products needed for your calculations, a function to compute the coefficients, functions to read the file and fill in the data, function to compute y array given x array etc. Once your class has been completed and tested (without the use of GUI). Create a variable in your GUI of the class and fill in and create the user experience for

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    ...when I make checkout, and I need to Fix it urgent Response code: 401 message: [401] Error connecting to the API ([identifikohuni për të parë adresën URL]) headers: Array ( [0] => HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized [Strict-Transport-Security] => max-age=31536000 [v-c-correlation-id] => d121383d-e3cc-41b6-92e4-0bf615c8495a [Content-Type] => application/json

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    Hello, I need a logo for my company called Breemy. We are a general store that sells a wide array of goods from many industries. Requirements (3): 1. 1x transparent, high resolution png of logo (1080x1080) 2. 1x favicon image file of logo (32x32) 3. Source project file Logo Details: - The name “Breemy” with a logo icon to the left/right of it

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    I garantuar
    79 kandidaturat

    ...the current function uses jquery to create a vibration when the user clicks a button in task 1. The new task (task 2) website is mostly complete, and involves displaying an array of javascript buttons. There is an existing back-end function that delegates values to each of these buttons. *What I need is to integrate the vibration from the task 1 into

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    In Amazon lex the user input information to a slot variable. I have a perl script that gets an input, calls URL and returns a ...lex user input as the parameter. The returned value from the lambda function (string separated by commas) should be handled as an array, so I will be able to show the suitable information, for example: array[0], array[10] .

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    Convert PHP snippet to C# API 2 ditë left

    ...Classroom ORDER BY [identifikohuni për të parë adresën URL]", null); $result = array(); $rowsBooked = array(); foreach ($bookings as $booking) { $rowsBooked['name'] = 'Booked'; $rowsBooked['data'][] = $booking['Total']; } $rowsCapacity = array...

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    I need a flash with actionscript 2.0 files converded to Html5.

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    This should be a very quick job. I have a single page that plays an array of IP camera webstreams (MJPEG) and MP4. There are filters, timers and other stuff that are too difficult to explain here. Everything was working a couple of years ago but it no longer plays the MP4 files. My guess is that Chrome and Mozilla have updated something so that the

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    Lookup Project in Excel 1 ditë left

    I have a spreadsheet that I want to lookup information using the first row and data table of an array and return the left value. The highlighted columns are what I want calculated using the subsequent tabs filled with data. download file [identifikohuni për të parë adresën URL]

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    You will be implementing the code below or something similar on my WordPress site. It will have to be verified as working before we complete the project. <?php $phones = array( 'default' => 'xxx-xxx-xxxx', 'adwords-ppc-option-1' => 'yyy-yyy-yyyy', 'adwords-ppc-option-2' => 'zzz-zzz-zzzz' ...

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    €27 - €227
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    Create a HTML5 page 1 ditë left

    ...image to a PHP file. - PHP file will return a JSON response. - based on JSON response - a graphic / result will be displayed on the page. • JSON will be a one-dimensional array - If JSON response has failed then the system will ask the user to make a recommendation. • if the user decided to make a recommendation then a small popup form will open. the

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    ...need of each and every customer. Giving attention to every detail, the company further strived to make every type of tyre available as well. Today, the company provides an array of tyres that the customers can choose from. These include passenger car tyres, off-the-road tyres, Passenger car radials (PCR), Truck & Bus radials (TBR), off the Road (OTR)

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    Mailchimp expert 1 ditë left

    ...mailchimp, which works perfectly. During the calculator steps, the clients clicks on different options, and based on these options I create a php array on my site. I need a person to help me, how to get this php array to output in the mailchimp email like I have in my design. I have already designed it, but I need help to how to output it in the email and

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    Hi, I need what someone freelancer to create a php file to handler method/function from "mgp25/Instagram" API, each function needs to receive an array param, where I send the data to be handled. *** Note, this task uses the: [identifikohuni për të parë adresën URL] *** Note, the directory structure to this task must contain: root>[identifikohuni për t&...

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    I have a project of Job portal, when i run it on local host then it throws me the error of "Trying to access array offset on value of type null " Can any one install it on my local system, I had attached few of my screen shot of errors which i am getting right now

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    I am the CTO at a softw...have this process built into a docker container but would consider a lambda solution if that would be possible. A successful project would provide an api endpoint that an array of image urls could be sent and the process would stitch these together, post process the image and then save the final image back to an s3 location.

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    Trophy icon House Design- In Sketchup 11 ditë left

    ...similar spec suitable for teenage and young adults with the others suitable for occasional guests. 11South facing roof - We would like to maximise solar PV so need a large array. Thought needs to be given to a separate assumed detached clinic room on the site for an acupuncturist- 30sqm incorporating a small waiting room (one client)- toilet and

    €237 (Avg Bid)
    I garantuar Vulosur
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