eCatalog in Flash and Xml

categorized catalog in flash -

flash into for home (contents coming from xml file)

category selector

new products, hot products, speciality products viewer

categorized thumbnail view with contents (from xml file) and multiple layouts for thumbnails

product full page view with contents (from xml file) and multiple layouts for full page

shopping cart (with all options)

flash driven slide show

member login security ..

feedback form

Data to be saved into xml and retrieved from xml files

While we are receiving bids, and we will like to clarify few more details on specs:

Shoping cart - bidders need to advise the cart used for this catalog (if any third party cart to be suggested, please provide details)

product graphic viewing on full page to be supported by zooming option (and possible three graphic structure - one for thumbnail, one for product page and third one - full size)

slide show structure - (flip view)

product page to support additional multimedia files

product searching option

I had seen a eCatalog tool in flash (which is customized implementation) - If I remember Thai product. I am trying to dig the details of the same, and will provide, if traced.

Bidders are requested to provide URL of similiar catalog done by them, or what they have seen (for specs clarilty purpose)

Critical Issue for Biddling:

Just do not post bid, without getting into detailed specs and provide reference to earlier such flash / xml driven ecommerce enabled catalog. in the event, bidders have not done any such work in past with flash, then provide details of their experience of ecommerce catalogs. and if this has also not been done in past by bidders, please provide me URL of some ecommerce catalog they have in mind. This will help me understanding the specs, at which you are going to work. This UrL reference is mandataory for bidding.

I posted few clarifications as ademdum, and please also state those details in your bid / pm.

I am getting much lower bids as well from other portals, so consider revising bids. I am not looking at the higher side of the indicated price stated.

I have found sample catalog (on www.richfx.com) and this is the finalized theme- I am looking at as concluded one: Just to be more explicit, it has the following :
thumbnail view
double page view
full page view
zoom, rotate
shopping cart
slider driven additional navigation
search / go to
email a friend and feedback
in single page (page flip view) has multiple graphic layout
other misc features
In addition to above - we will need categorized navigation; entire data (graphics / contents / configuration settings etc) to flow from xml file

All bidders are requested to revise their bids and confirm us their understanding of above sample for final consideration. Please respond through PMB.

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