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Directly hiring a freelancer

The Hire Me option allows you to directly offer a project to a specific freelancer. You should have a verified payment method on your account first to be able to use the Hire Me feature.


   1.  Go to the freelancer’s profile page.


   2.  On the right side of their profile is the Hire Me form. Edit the private message that will be sent to them once your invitation is sent.



   3.  Choose the type that fits your project better, fixed-price or hourly, by indicating either a fixed project budget or an hourly rate.


   4.  Indicate the currency under which you wish the project to be posted. All payments for the project will be incurred under your selected currency.


   5.  Tick the Please send me bids from other freelancers if my project is not accepted. option to get the project posted publicly for other freelancers to bid on, in case the freelancer you are offering it to does not accept it.


   6.  Click the Hire { freelancer's username } button.



You can also hire a freelancer directly when browsing for freelancers on the Browse Freelancers page by clicking the Hire Me button beside their profile card.



The freelancer will then have the option to either accept the award, decline it, or make a counteroffer. It is best to contact them directly to have the project’s work and payment details discussed and finalized first before the project is started.


The Revoke button will be available on the project’s Proposals tab if you want to cancel the award before the freelancer responds to it.


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