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    C++ to C# conversion 6 ditë left

    This project consist of converting an existing application in C++ and convert it to C#. Majority of the codes are already converted into C#. Just needs some cleanup and fix some syntax and dependencies. No need to add any additional algorithm. Based on the current conversion, more work would be done for this application.

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    Crowdbotics experience requested: senior,Sk...Native', 'Django'],Certifications: [],Framework: Mobile App,Special Notes: Goals & Objectives: The main objective of this application is to become a financial calculator and recommendation app. Users will pay a monthly subscription to use. It will be web with a mobile-friendly version and we will handle designs. Features include: Users log in and connect checking/savings accounts via Plaid. The algorithm (Quickbooks integration) will take into account how much a user makes and spends, then recommend a certain amount to be transferred into savings. This will be approved, edited, or rejected. The platform then executes the trade. Stripe is used for managing subscriptions. Historical data of what was transferred, where, a...

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    We are developing a weight management platform, and require assistance to improve one of its algorithms. The purpose of the algorithm is to estimate body-weight each day. We would like advice on methods to improve accuracy. Details -------------------------------------------------- Inputs - Daily Food / Exercise log – Used to estimate daily body-weight change in preceding days. - Scales body weight data, samples are taken at varying intervals. Factors 1. Scales data fluctuates due to hydration changes, so no one reading can be relied upon. 2. Periodicity of scales samples will vary – users will weigh themselves some days and not others. 3. Food and exercise log completeness will also vary, so each day has a data quality score. 4. There are limits to how much humans...

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    Yelp Account Improvement 6 ditë left

    We are looking for a help to improve our Yelp page adding better ratings or any suggestions. Due to Yelps bad algorithm and some mistakes in the past, most of our current positive ratings showing as hidden. If you can or know anyone, please let us know. Thank you,

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    I have a python project that requires one modification. 3 AI algorithms were used to build a game of Kalah, alpha-beta pruning, Monte Carlo tree search, and reinforcement learning (ppo2). An iterative deepening search function needs to be added to the Alphabeta pruning algorithm to solve the problem of searching for deeper levels.

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    Hello everyone. It is just a simple web development. So i dont need it to be extra complex or anything like that. The web has been built with all standard features but maybe just need to do two main things. Will discuss more in chat Thanks.

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    Register point clouds from different sources, one from drone and other from lidar. Look at below link . Looking for a python/C++ developer to implement based on below link or direct and well known process apply icp on both point clouds.

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    We are developing a weight management platform, and require assistance to improve one of its algorithms. See attachment for details

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    Problem solving 5 ditë left

    using dynamic programming, Calculating time complexity Sorting algorithm, graph theory ,finite space machine. i have posted the Sample problem below:

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    Hi Dipika S., I have a java project to do BFS and solve puzzle 8. 8-puzzle is a problem where you have total 9 blocks as shown in the figure below. 8-blocks/cells are marked with a number from 1 to 8 Given an initial state and final state below. Write an BFS/DFS algorithm to solve the following 8-puzzle problem. Your BFS/DFS algorithm should create all intermediate states Can you do it? Its all in JAVA

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    From the given raw weighted image you need to measure cortical thickness map. It is the thickness of the gray matter of the brain at every point and it is the distance between the white matter and the pial surface. The output should be a python script with a 3D volume where every pixel not in gray matter is assigned a value ZERO and for every pixel in the gray matter is assigned the thickness value of the cortex at that point. Input data sets will be given. you need to use nibabel libraries to load image. Note: The entire project must be done in python using numpy libraries.

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    selenium error 5 ditë left

    I had to reinstall anaconda and then install selenium to run an algorithm for TDAAmeritrade. It logs into TDA to get quotes but when it attempts to place an order we get error 401. Upon installing selenium I got an error message : "ERROR: requests 2.22.0 has requirement urllib3=1.25.0, [1.25.1, >=1.121.1, but you'll have urllib3 1.26.9 which is incompatible." I uninstalled urllib3 and re-installed urllib3 version 1.26.0. It didn't work. When I run the algorithm I get an error "Authentication Error: list is out of range" I located the origin of this error to the following line of code "parse_url = (('code=')[1])".

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    need to match two point clouds in python. for your reference: Go through this research paper. A coarse-to-fine algorithm for registration in 3D street-view cross-source point clouds

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    We are developing a weight management platform, and require assistance to improve one of its algorithms. See attachment for details.

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    Looking for an experienced Python coder who has in the past implemented automated trading with Kite connect API.

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    using dynamic programming, Calculating time complexity Sorting algorithm, graph theory ,finite space machine.

    €9 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €9 / hr Oferta mesatare
    15 ofertat

    Hi, We are looking for someone who can work with us using Twitter Api. We need to fetch data and store in DB using Twitter API, and create algorithm. The data fetched include historical as well. Please feel free to ping me to discuss more in detail.

    €130 (Avg Bid)
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    10 ofertat

    We have a set of experimental parameters on which we have to predict an output variable. To optimize this problem we need an optimization code in MATLAB so that it could predict the global variable for the problem.

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    7 ofertat

    Hello, I’m needing to convert an indicator on trading view into an automated trading algorithm that will allow automate buys, sells, and stop losses while trading cryptocurrency.

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    49 ofertat

    Crypto algorithm trading software, such as Grid bot.

    €2280 (Avg Bid)
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    Outline: In this challenge you will develop an algorithm to estimate cortical thickness map from a raw T1-weighted image. Cortical thickness map is the thickness of the gray matter of the brain at every point. It is defined as the distance between the white matter surface and the pial surface Tips: • Use nibabel libraries to load nifti image into python • You will probably want to segment the white matter first. This will give you the starting point for your thickness estimation algorithm. • Once you have the white matter segmentation, decide how you will go about estimating thickness. Something like the following: o Find a vector orthogonal to the white matter surface o Cast the vector outwards o Use some heuristic to decide where the vector meets the pial su...

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    Python program and API 4 ditë left

    Hello, 1. We need a python Keyword based searching and matching algorithm using Deep NLP. Tools: pandas-dataframe, flask-application, numpy-arrays, rake-nltk nltk-python 2. We need the working program implemented in our Flutter hybrid app through API (Flask) 3. Any and all Flutter coding to be done on Android studio only. GitHub account review required as part of interview.

    €39 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    29 ofertat

    ...looking for someone who is familiar with crypto trading, python and data science. Could you implement AI based strategy when input for neural network is tens of indicators calculated for each candles updates (5m) and network can auto-learn from past candles and correct itself? And all this should be using SVM algorithm like described in following documents. You can write your custom code or even better - use freqtrade or any other good framework to save your time and concentrate on algorithm itself. 1) 2) 3) If you read this carefully and think you can afford it - write "I'm in" in

    €710 - €1421
    I cilësuar I vulosur
    €710 - €1421
    11 ofertat

    We have an ongoing NFT project. We have all the assets and Metadata recorded, we want a custom fu...function that takes the wallet address and the desired name from the user and mints them the NFT. In general terms the algorithm will be :- - Take the wallet address from the user. - Take the Desired Name from the user ( for eg - if the user enters the name Josephine , the NFT name must be Josephine ) - Mint the NFT in backend with the image uploaded in IPFS and metadata and the name from user and bind all them together - Send the NFT to the address of user. We want a fully developed smart contract to help us implement it on our website. Only Experienced person with knowledge of NFTs and Smart Contracts only Place Your Bids. You must give a detailed rough algorithm to us b...

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    Java Developer -- 3 4 ditë left

    Project will inlclude Gradle, Threads and Protobuf. Have PDF that details the specific request The task is to implement a simplified consensus algorithm between a number of nodes.

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    7 ofertat

    The project is to make a design that uses inexpensive parts that are ready available/in-stock for a power converter/controller to drive three phase motor on 48 VDC. The controller will have a microcontroller to implement the control algorithm, and a power converter to perform fast switching three phases (upon switching signals) handling about 1 kW total. The switching scheme will follow classic asynchronous switching with three states: positive, zero and negative.

    €374 (Avg Bid)
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    11 ofertat

    I have a dataset from kaggle and I need to perform fp-growth algorithm for market analysis.

    €41 (Avg Bid)
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    16 ofertat

    Load balancing - greedy List-Scheduling approximation algorithm, Sorted-Scheduling algorithm and Local-Scheduling algorithm

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    JavaScript knn and OCR programming 3 ditë left

    JavaScript function OCR for handwritten digits using the data from the MNIST database This data consists of 28x28 grayscale 0-255 images of handwritten digits. Each image is labeled with a byte having value 0-9 depending on the digit the image represents. and write function of Parser and Knn algorithm

    €40 (Avg Bid)
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    I need the developer to extract the google reviews for Charles de Gaulle airport and Frankfurt. airport and then extract topincs using bigram and trigram along with unigrams .. using gensim algorithm

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    We are a huge toy brand majorly operating in the US marketplace, planning to add more products to our catalogue as well as expansion of our brand to other marketplaces as well. We need an experienced individual who can Audit our current products and suggest changes to optimize and scale it even further. Th...experienced individual who can Audit our current products and suggest changes to optimize and scale it even further. The scope of the audit includes but not limited to; PPC Audit, Keywords Indexation, Retail Readiness etc. Not only this, the individual will also be responsible for market research of the products that we are planning to add. This job requires extensive experience of the market and how algorithm works. Please do not apply if you do not have experience of 2 years,...

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    Algo trading -- 2 3 ditë left

    Develop program in python for algo trading. This algorithm doesn´t need to be built from scratch, instead, it has been fully developed and need help to get it up running in my laptop. Explanation in the following link: This has to be ready for me to change parameters and input my log in account details.

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    Trophy icon Certificate Design 3 ditë left

    Design us a stock/share certificate. We want this to be unique and to stand out with a representative image of our industry as per the examples represent their industries. We are a Property Technology/ Real Estate Investment Company. Our company colours are: #438845 (Accent/Decorative) #272727 Our tagline is: Algorithm Based | People Driven | Real Estate Investment We have two forms of Logo, one with an icon to the side, and one above. Information needed: - a unique share certificate number - the company’s name and company registration number - the registered office address of the company - the name of the shareholder - the contact address of the shareholder - the number of shares covered by the share certificate - the type or class of shares - the extent to which...

    €23 (Avg Bid)
    I garantuar
    9 kandidaturat

    a. Activity diagrams, describing the algorithm of possible actions, happening in the system; b. Functional diagrams of all components (services) describing a structure of the application; c. Sequence diagrams, describing API calls and low-level access; d. Class diagrams for all the services e. YAML file Use of Swagger Editor I can provide the data model and tables, etc. for reference Please connect for more details. There will be continuous tasks for 1 whole month or more

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    2 ofertat

    I want help with a pseudocode for a hybrid genetic and bfgs algorithm i have, i want it to be coded in python and be able to plot the graph of convergence

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    23 ofertat

    ...pre-processing steps you have applied and why they were needed (e.g. tokenization, lemmatization). Describe the vocabulary and file type/format, e.g. CSV file. 6. Baseline performance Describe and justify the baseline against which you are going to compare the performance of your chosen approach. This can be an already published baseline (e.g. cited in the literature) or the results of a basic algorithm that you implement yourself. The baseline should represent a meaningful benchmark for comparison. 7. Classification approach Identify any features and labels which will be used in your classifier and justify why they were selected. Build a classifier using an appropriate Python library. Describe your chosen approach, e.g. random forest, support vector machine, Naïve Bayes, lo...

    €180 (Avg Bid)
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    18 ofertat

    Make the Moshier AA algorithm (see ) accessible as a Swift framework. Goal is to make the Moshier AA algorithm a Swift Framework that is accessible from iOS, iPadOS and macOS apps, which are developed using Swift (not Objective-C). Provide reasonable methods, classes, structs, enums and everything needed to call the functions and features of the framework from outside. Goal is to calculate ephemeris for a given location (longitude, latitude, altitude) for a given date (Gregorian date and UTC time) for a given planet (like Sun, Moon, Mercury, ...). If you find it easier to migrate the code completely to Swift, that's fine as well. However, I think interfacing with the C code may be less workload.

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    SEO Specialist 2 ditë left

    ...structure and functionality for SEO purposes - Monitoring and analyzing web traffic; generating reports to section staff and internal partners with statistical and quality web-related data - Working with content manager to find ways to increase organic website traffic through SEO, SEM, SMM, etc. - Recommending and implementing SEO changes that impact the rankings - Researching/working on Google Algorithm Updates - High-quality backlinks building and posting classified/other forms of ads on various platforms - Other duties as assigned Desired Candidate Profile - Minimum 4 years of proven SEO experience - Must have a can-do attitude to get multiple keyword combinations ranked on top of search results across major cities in Canada/USA - In-depth knowledge of how Search en...

    €265 (Avg Bid)
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    ...following: - A strategy/ plan for a new TikTok account in entertainment niche. - Provide techniques and methods to build up followers organically - Ways to generate thousands ( or ideally hundreds of thousands) of video views organically for a new band in the rock niche. Essential: - First hand experience running TikTok campaigns that have delivered success organically. - You understand the TikTok algorithm and community guidelines well. - Know what types of content people will be most likely to engage with in the English speaking/ Western markets. - You will have detailed expert knowledge about TikTok and will have built up a successful TikTok account from scratch. - You possess the skills and knowledge to build followers. - Have published video content that has achieved a hig...

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    we need a code developer for sizing of hybrid power system using manta ray foraging technique 1)developer need to provide descriptive file to run and analyse the program. 2) comparative graphs and results with MRFO 3. data used to generate the comparative graphs in tabular form. 4. need simulation code, energy graphs, results on command window. 5. Output parameters : cos...technique 1)developer need to provide descriptive file to run and analyse the program. 2) comparative graphs and results with MRFO 3. data used to generate the comparative graphs in tabular form. 4. need simulation code, energy graphs, results on command window. 5. Output parameters : cost, energy cost, energy production from each source, optimal design sizes. 6. comparative graph with rest of the algorithm like p...

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    MyExamsPrep Mobile App 1 ditë left

    ...availability with some defined conditions • All registered faculty should mapped with the course details along with teaching experience in the app by admin • Faculty can raise a request with relevant documents through the app to update his profile and with a workflow it should be approved and updated by admin • Faculty able to review the feedback and check self-rating which generated from a strong algorithm • Faculty also possess the interface to check the financial settlement and also raise any query to MyExamsPrep Team AS A STUDENT | PARENT • Students should register first and post MyExamsPrep approval access the App • Registered Students can manage their own profile post authentication (same as faculty flow) • Students able to check the old ...

    €1721 (Avg Bid)
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    Hi Gleb P., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over learning algorithm NLP in 6 days

    €189 (Avg Bid)
    €189 Oferta mesatare
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    Looking for an algorithm engineer that for the development of dog activity based on 3 axis accelerometer. Our product - see is installed on the dog collar. We send to our cloud server 3 axis samples with GPS info. Sample rate (for now) are 1 sec for acc and 1 minute for GPS. We want to generate reports where we average the dog activity every hour day and night. For now, we look only for 4 metrics: Rest, Low activity, Med activity, High activity. We are looking for a proven experience in pets/dogs behavior based on 3 axis accelerometer or equivalent. The accelerometer we have today in the Hardware is mCube MC3416. Our server runs on AWS. Our priority is to get python code that will do the calculations. We believe (based on competitive products) that it

    €8138 (Avg Bid)
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    33 ofertat

    A python data expert to help with an algorithm to determine equipment hierarchy paths. Essentially, I need to mimic the DAX PATH() function in Python. I have three relevant columns: ID, Equipment Number, and Parent Equipment Number. For each ID (there are multiple equipment numbers with the same id) I need to build out the equipment hierarchy for each row. The dataset is attached and a sample of the output needed is also attached as an image.

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    Hi Loyid Can you help me to implement a paper's algorithm

    €232 (Avg Bid)
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    The purpose is to make the existing iterative cop-k means algorith into a parallel one, using exclusively PYSPARK on Python. The idea is to translate a code that already exists in python into the pyspark one.

    €162 (Avg Bid)
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    Implement the fastest closest pair of algorithm using brute force and divide and conquer method

    €23 (Avg Bid)
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    i need some simulations and performance improvement using genetic algorithm............................................................

    €49 (Avg Bid)
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