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Why Your Business Needs a Content Marketing Strategy

Why you need a ghostwriter

No time to write? Build your professional profile by hiring a ghostwriter to help you create great content for platforms like LinkedIn and Medium.
21 jan 2020 • 3 minutë lexim
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A ghostwriter can help you position yourself as an expert in your field

Good content is vital to building your brand and online presence. You need to reach your target audience. Consumers want to know who you are, and information about your goods and services.
Trying to write your own content is all well and good. But do you have the time? What sort of writer are you? And do you understand the importance of content that positions your business as a leader?
When consumers land on your website and cannot find what they need, they leave. Then they click on to a competitor’s website to find what they are looking for. That is a lead you could have converted into a sale for your business.
A website full of useful, informative content builds trust. It helps consumers make buying decisions. Ghostwriters are the solution. They create a constant flow of high-quality content that drives your website up search engine ladders.
Producing content is a vital part of your marketing strategy. Why? Good content is a crucial part of your SEO . Ghostwriters are the masters of creating content that engages your target audience. Their work can position you as a thought leader and expert in your field and a business to trust and turn to in times of need.

Ghostwriters get you noticed

Reposting your ghostwritten posts to platforms like LinkedIn and Medium gets you noticed. It spreads your message in all the right places, and boosts engagement and brand awareness. Ghostwritten content helps position you as a thought leader in your industry. That is why many businesses hire ghostwriters to capture the essence of their business. It also drives traffic right back to the source: your business and website.

Freelance Freelance Writing Experts

Avatari i Përdoruesit
Flamuri i Saminakiran @saminakiran2
10 USD / hour
4,8 (590 përshtypje) JavaScript Website Design Graphic Design Translation Internet Marketing
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Avatari i Përdoruesit
Flamuri i Mark H. @perthuniversity
30 USD / hour
5,0 (1422 përshtypje) Copywriting Legal Project Management Engineering Research
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Avatari i Përdoruesit
Flamuri i Pratiksha J. @TechnoWritesAcad
50 USD / hour
4,9 (550 përshtypje) Copywriting Blog Powerpoint Financial Research Technical Writing
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Avatari i Përdoruesit
Flamuri i NovaStudios @NovaStudios
40 USD / hour
4,8 (661 përshtypje) PHP Java JavaScript Adobe Flash Website Design
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A ghostwriter can create your messages professionally to share on social media platforms. They help craft your tone and voice to create blog posts that represent you and your business. Ghostwriters have the flair to create blogs for social media platforms that strike a chord. They get people talking and thinking about who you are and what you offer.
Ghostwriters write all types of content. Web content , blogs , ebooks , social media posts and third-party guest posting. And you only engage and pay them when you need their particular talent.
While they may not be an expert on your business, provide a list of topics and links to content you like. Even give your ghostwriter a rough draft of the points you want included and let them run with it. Don’t worry, good ghostwriters ask questions when they need to.
The best thing is, you can put your name to the work produced and you own the work ghostwriters produce. A ghostwriter enhances your image and captures the thoughts you have trouble expressing. 

Ghostwriters help build your brand

Ghostwriters help you build awareness and trust in your brand. This is vital to get search engines to notice your business and come up in search results. The only way to do this is to create loads of quality content, from social media posts that go viral, tweets that get you noticed for the right reasons to thought-provoking articles for sites like LinkedIn and even print publications.

Ghostwriters are professionals

Professional writers know what angle and tone to use to communicate messages in different ways. They understand the industry and what it takes to create good content. 
Not everyone can write well, so think about giving this vital part of your marketing strategy to a skilled writer to get it right. This frees you up to focus on your core business competencies.

Ghostwriters know how to get noticed

Once upon a time ghostwriters were only hired to amplify the voice of a company. Now most have a good understanding of writing for SEO. They use keywords in the content to drive your website to the top of search engine rankings.
No longer is SEO only keywords and backlinks. It is top quality content with a byline (yours) that turns you into an authority on the subject. Using a ghostwriter will make it easier for people to find your business and read what you have to say.
Hiring a ghostwriter to write your content, social media posts, newsletters and articles to educate consumers has enormous benefits for your business. Writing good content that converts is not as simple as it seems. It takes experience and in-depth knowledge.
A good ghostwriter can help you build brand awareness to engage your target audience.  

Freelance Freelance Writing Experts

Avatari i Përdoruesit
Flamuri i Daniel Carey @dancarey
35 USD / hour
5,0 (175 përshtypje) Copywriting Project Management SEO Research Proofreading
Visit profile
Avatari i Përdoruesit
Flamuri i Rashid Q. @topacademics
30 USD / hour
4,8 (1766 përshtypje) Copywriting Legal Project Management Accounting Blog
Visit profile
Avatari i Përdoruesit
Flamuri i David Dundas @ProWriterHalDog
35 USD / hour
5,0 (1221 përshtypje) Copywriting Legal Internet Marketing SEO Research
Visit profile
Avatari i Përdoruesit
Flamuri i Mac Wheeler @LeadMonger
30 USD / hour
5,0 (137 përshtypje) Copywriting Internet Marketing Research Proofreading Blog
Visit profile

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